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Hello dear pharmacist, wish you a happy independence day. The profession of Pharmacy in India has grown in India to a very huge success. India ranks second in production of bulk drugs. India is third in production and export of generics all over world. India is only country where there are largest number USFDA approved plants are outside US. Pharmacy in India has grown up to its adult age. The first pharmacy college started in IT-BHU in 1932. Now, there are so many colleges running D.Pharm. B.Pharm. M.Pharm. and Pharm. D. courses. Once upon time in India Pharmacy was unknown to peoples but now a days many people is aware of Pharmacy. But, Today Pharmacy is only faculty in India is governed by two regulatory bodies AICTE and PCI. There are so many conflicts in interests and scope between these two bodies. If we compare other professions like Medical education is only governed by MCI and Engineering is only governed by AICTE.

Due to these conlflicts so many problems arised in pharmacy profession

1. The approval for starting new course or college of pharmacy is given by AICTE while registration for practicing pharmacy profession is given by PCI. If degree is given according to rules of AICTE then why registration is according to rules of PCI? Only one body preferably PCI should involve in both the said jobs. 2. In some state Pharmacy faculty is under Medical Education and somewhere it is included in Technical Education. School of Excellence in Pharmaceutical sciences NIPER is established under Dept. of Chemicals and Fertilizers. Pharmacopoeial Laboratories are established under Dept. of Health and Family Welfare. It means, exact status Pharmacy profession is not clear. It is like that ball is sometimes in one court and sometimes in other court. In most of policy making decisions for Pharmacy related issues consultation from non-pharmacy (especially from medical) people is taken. People treat our profession as they want.

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This year approvals to degree and postgraduate pharmacy colleges are given through AICTE online approval system without physical verification of basic facilities and faculty. Moreover, there are so many colleges in M.P., Karnataka, Andhra and Tamilnadu which runs only on documents. The basic facilities like

building infrastucture, instruments and other necessities required in coursework are deficit or not available at all with so many colleges. So, colleges are becoming a medium to distribute Pharmacy degrees to students. Let us see one example of approval of seats for M.E. and M.Pharm.

Fig 1 Seat distribution and UG to PG ratio for Engineering

ME IT 18 ME Civil 18

MEMech 18 ME ETC 18

BE Civil 60


BE Mech 60


Fig 2 Seat distribution and UG to PG ratio for Pharmacy

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M. Pharm Pharmacognosy

M. Pharm PharmaChemistry 18 M. Pharm Pharma -cology 18

M. Pharm Pharmaceutics 18

B.Pharm 60

In Engineering faculty students intake of BE is 60 for each faculties like Civil, IT, ETC, CE etc. and for ME it is 18 for each subjects. It means students passing students passing M.E. (18) are less than students passing B.E. (60) every year which is logical PG (ME) to UG (BE) ratio. But in pharmacy faculty students passing B.Pharm every year are 60 and passing M.Pharm are 72 as depicted above. How and where these students will be accommodated after passing? There will be ultimate unemployment and degradation of profession immediate coming future. 4. This year the minimum qualification criteria for D. Pharm. and B. Pharm. is reduced to 45% from 50% in H.S.C. for General category and 45% to 40% for SC/ST candidates. Think this will lead to admission of academically poor candidates to Pharmacy. What will be the future of pharmacy with such poor basement? Can we build up our profession? Will pharmacy profession survive with such poor quality people? 5. The administrative posts in India are filled through civil services examination like UPSC and MPSC. These examinations offer various subjects from agriculture, medical and engineering as optional subjects.

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But there is no optional subject from Pharmaceutical sciences. So, no pharmacy student can opt for civil services examinations taking Pharmaceutical Sciences as optional subject.

What we can do for this? Share your precious thoughts here

Deepak Gadade