Forest Policy, Legal and Institutional Framework Information report

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September 13, 2007 Dr. Jinlong Liu Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF). Beijing, 100091.


On the basis of the information Mr. Lu De:Division Director, State Forestry provided by: Administration (SFA) Mr. Zhang Zhongtian: Deputy Division Director, International Cooperation Department, SFA Ms. Li Shuxin: Division Director, Policy Division, SFA Dr. Xiao Wenfa: Director, Research Institute of Forest Environment and Protection, CAF; Dr. Cheng Xiaoqian, Program officer, TNC; Dr. Jiang Chunqian: Professor, CAF Dr. Cui Wushe: Project officer, Forestry Resource Division, SFA Mr. Chen Jiawen, Division Director, Finance and Planning Department, SFA Dr. Jiang Zeping, Professor, CAF. Information related to forest law Missing information

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P3 Main guiding principles or instruments for policy implementation To mobilize the entire nation. economic and social benefits. alleviate the conflict between supply and demand of forest products and establish a comparatively functional forest ecosystem and relatively developed forest industrial system.1.Inf P1. with a top priority on ecological benefit. to increase and sustain the forest cover to and at 26% by 2050 to build a picturesque landscape. and optimization of forestry structure. to increase forest cover to over 23% by 2020 to solve the major ecological problems in some key regions. To harmonize among strict protection. and classified management of forests according to the purposes. 2003 by (governmental body): The Central Communist Party Committee and the State Council Additional information (if any) no Forest Policy Documentation – electronic copy or web link http://lky. To integrating making decisions according to local 2 . scientific management and sustainable use of forest resources. To respect natural and economic laws. further strengthen overall functions of forest ecosystems. thus remarkably improve ecological conditions nationwide and enhance forest industrial strength. increase effective supply of forest products and income of employees and farmers by means of good management of existing forests.ourhost. To combine government’s dominance and market regulation. active development. expansion of new plantations. FOREST POLICY P1 Forest Policy Statement Name: Decision on Accelerating Forest Development Date of endorsement: June 25th. The specific objectives are: to raise forest cover in China to over 19% by 2010 to alleviate soil and water erosion on major river basins and desertification in the key areas suffering from sand and wind.Do c Main objectives of the Forest Policy P2 China’s forestry overall objective can be summarised as: to increase forest resources.pdf P1. thus bring overall deteriorating conditions nationwide under initial control and rationalize the structure of the forest industry. thus bring ecological condition into a favourable cycle. society and people to participate in forestry.

Z1. Tax and forestry charge exemption. To revitalize forestry by science and technology.58% 2000-2001 3. P3.06% Note: In 2006. dollars).87% 2003-2004 4.Mechanism initiated by local government: compensation for environmental service. Support on research and extension of technology innovation and information services.conditions. 2006. 2.73% 2001-2002 3.6 billion US$) has been allocated to forestry sector annually in recent years.Mechanism initiated by the Central Governmental: Compensation for environmental services. Source of information www. Additional information (if any) Inf Forestry Law Enforcement and Governance in China Forestry Revenue Policy in China--What Has Happened and Why FOREST FINANCE Forest sector contribution to the economy Z1 Year % Share of Forestry in GDP 1999-2000 3. rational composition of arbor.31% 2006-2007 4. the total output value of China's forestry industry exceeded 900 billion Yuan (118 billion U.06% of 2006 GDP. Chinese Forestry Publishing House. Contribution of the public budget to forestry Z2 From the Central Governmental. 3 . about 50 billion Yuan (equivalents to 6. Beijing.S. which is about 4.Do Source of information c China’s Year Book on Z2. Natural Forest Protection Program.sfmchina.85% 2002-2003 4. and coordinated development of urban and rural forestry. shrub and grass species. To perfect legislative system and manage forests by law enforcement.Do c Mechanisms used for financing forestry development Z3 1. Large afforestation programs such as Grain for Green Program.

Doc 4 . Source of information no Z3.3.Market mechanism: ecotourism development.

6 F2. decentralization of responsibilities and devolution of powers to local actors Other elements – to be specified Yes F2.5 F2.Do c www.3 F2. LEGISLATION Current Forest Law or equivalent Name: na Date of enactment: by (governmental body): F1. Policy on Tenure and Ownership of Forest Land Policy on Forest Harvesting Quota management Policy on Forest Ecological Benefits Subsidy Fund Policy on Forestry Taxation and Fees F3 Regulations documentation F3. 2.Inf F1.Existence of adequate planning tools (in particular management plans) . ecological values and social interests) Yes . with provisions for accountability . certification schemes) .4 F2.g. recreation and tourism.2. as well as biological diversity and resources.Doc F1 Additional information (if any) na Relevant document on forest law or equivalent na F.sfmchina. 2 Main elements of the forest law Please indicate – with YES or NO .Existence of environmental and social impact assessments/audits ( 5 . fuel. protection of ecosystems and watersheds.Integrated approach to forest management. and other environmental services such as carbon sequestration) .Management to entail sustainable multiple forest uses and benefits (including timber.Transparent forest concessions and other contractual arrangements.if the current forest law makes provision to implement the following forest policy elements: .Community-based arrangements. 4.2 No No Yes No F2. food and other forest products. conservation and development F2.7 Regulations of the forest law 1.1 (including sustainability concerns. 3.

the Convention on Biological Diversity 5.1 A1 6 .cn/english/ The International Tropical Timber Agreement (ITTA) 3.sfmchina.Other national laws and regulations impacting the forestry sector F 6 Law of the People's Republic of China on Environmental Protection Provision Law of the People's Republic of China on the Entry and Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine Law on Energy Conservation of the People's Republic of China Law of the People's Republic of China on Water and Soil Conservation Law of the People's Republic of China on Desert Prevention and Transformation: 1/200705/t20070515_103633. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora The Convention on Wetlands F9. Public institutions Forest Administration Ministry responsible for forestry matters State Forestry Administration under State Council Forest Administration’s name State Forestry Administration Date of issue Links China National Report On The Implementation Of United Nations Convention To Combat Desertification And National Action Programme To Combat Desertification China Biodiversity Conservation Action Plan April 2000 asia/national/2000/china-eng.unccd. INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK a. Convention to Combat Desertification 6.biodiv. The Convention on Climate Change 4. http://english.D International conventions – country reports – web links oc Country reports .pdf F9 International conventions relevant for forestry signed by the country 1.sfmchina.pdf June 1994.htm 3.asp?id=176&did=355&downid=274 Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Wildlife: http://www.

asp?id=193&upid=174 A1. and is the highest government agency responsible for forestry affairs.3 Forest Administration Structure – level of subordination A2 The State Forestry Administration is an agency responsible for forestry related work directly under the State Council.2 Planning & Finance Department of Forest Science & Technology Department of International Cooperation Department of Human Resources & Education Party Membership Committee State Council 7 .Jia. which was set up in 1949.sfmchina. 1 Forest Administration – Central level General Office Department of Tree-Planting & Afforestation Department of Forest Resources Management Department of Wildlife Conservation State Forestry Administr ation Department of Forest Police (Forest Fire Management Office) Department of Forest Policy & Legislation Department of Development.Mr.Head of Forest Administration Zhibang. The State Forestry Administration was established in 1999 to replace the Ministry of Forestry. A2. Administrator Mandate of the Forest Administration please go to the following webpage: http://www.

cn Nanjing Forestry University www. A large number of universities across China have a college on forestry.csfu. including South China Agriculture University. For instance.100 % > 50 years old 1% 5% 8% - A3 % of female 5% 10% 25% - (With best estimation by a few informants) Forestry Education E1 Forestry education institutions Institution Contact details Beijing Forestry University www.zjfu. Central China Agriculture University.A2.Inf Additional information There are 2 colleges subordinated under SFA.nefu. North West China Agriculture University.njfu. called Nanping Polytechnic School on Central South Forestry University www.yn.bjfu. there are 2 polytechnic forestry schools in Fujian province.2 Forest Administration – decentralized level see annex Number and qualification of staff in Headquarters and in decentralized offices Year: Staff Master degree and above BSc degree – University level Technical staff (school) Forest guards Centre level 150 600 100 provincial and country level 2000 20000 College of Forestry Continuing Education and College of Forestry Policeman Training. There are many polytechnic schools on forestry in most provinces in 8 and Sanming Polytechnic School on Zhejiang Forestry University Northeast Forestry University E1.000 Total 2150 2600 Yunnan Forestry University www.

Staff of forestry research institution(s)/centre(s) Year: 2005 Name of Number and qualification of research staff institution/centre Technical staff BSc MSc PhD China Academy of 1500 260 Forestry Forestry research programmes Name of institutions/centres Chinese Academy of Forestry R3 Main research areas R2 371 seeds.Number of graduated students at different levels of education Year : 2005 Name of Level of Education provided Institution Techn % F BSc %F Beijing Forestry 509 40% 3602 60% University Chinese Academy 0 0 0 0 of Forestry Northeast 344 50% 4013 60% Forestry University (With best estimation with a few informants) E2 MSc 325 24 303 %F 20% 20% 40% PhD 72 26 86 %F 10% 30% 30% Forestry Research R1 E mail address (web site) and location www. Other institutions/departments doing forestry research 1 Name of institutions E mail address (website) and location Forestry research institution(s)/centre(s) Name China Academy of Forestry Forestry Economic and Development Research Centre Sichuan Provincial Academy of Forestry Research Additional information insects and 9 .caf. seedlings and One academy or research institute has been established in each province.In f www. and in most prefecture located in forest regions.fedrc. forest plants.

forest pest control. Undertake multidisciplinary. system engineering and information network. landscape gardening.Forestry Economic and Development Research Centre Beijing Forestry University Nanjing Forestry University animals. forestry inventory and management. soil and water conservation. remote sensing. global positioning system. construction of ecological environment and economic management. Ecology. chemical processing of forest products. biotechnology. biotechnology. wood industry. Wood Science and technology Chemical Processing Engineering of Forest Products Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding 10 . application of new and advanced technologies. and wood pulp and papermaking. forest ecosystems. geographical information system. and offer support for the decision-making of the State Forestry Administration and the key activities of its departments. such as gene engineering. open and integrated research. Forestry. utilization of forest products.

county governments. proposing recommendations to the State Council on approving new national nature reserves of various kinds. X1 Contact details Main activities Implement and supervise national forest policy in local area. X1. organize activities of nationwide water and soil conservation in the designated priority areas. supervising the management of national nature reserves. wild life and species conservation. to organize the protection of capital farmland . supervising and inspecting the environmental protection in various kinds of nature reserves.Inf Additional information no Code Other public institutions related to forestry I1 Other public organizations involved in forestry Name Mandate related to forestry Ministry of China Land To develop policies and regulations concerning cultivated land. spread forestry technology. wetland environmental protection. State Environmental Supervising the development and utilization activities of natural Protection Agency resources with impact on natural environment. organize the monitoring of water and soil losses. Ministry of Water undertake nationwide water and soil conservation and Resource coordinate the overall control of water and soil losses. and serving as the head organization in charge of biological species resources (including biological genetic resources) management and exotic invasive species management. major ecoenvironmental construction work and rehabilitation of ecological damages. scenic spots and forest parks. and Natural resource especially those that protect and encourage the development of cultivated land . and supervise the implementation of relevant laws and regulations. formulate plans on engineering measures for water and soil conservation and organize the implementation of the plans. to enforce the control over the different purposes of land used for agriculture. organize local forestry related training and other forestry management undertaking. to administrate and supervise the development of unused land and cultivated land. land revitalization and reclamation so as to ensure the increase instead of decrease of cultivated land . supervising and inspecting biodiversity conservation. and desertification combating.Forestry extension and outreach services Forestry extension Services Name State Forestry Technical Extension Station and in line agencies in provincial. 11 .

Hepingli. Hepingli. indigenous people organizations) Name Contact address Area of activity/interest China’s Society of Summer Palace . forest industry associations) Name Contact address Area of activity/interest China National Forest Building 25. and funds for technological innovation and new product testing. To carry out the strategy of sustainable development. NGOs. to coordinate environmental protection.g. managing central government funds for comprehensive development of agriculture. China collaboration between members of Postcode: 100714 the association S2 Civil society organizations (e. put forward policies of resource conservation and comprehensive utilization.R. Non public institutions S1 Private sector organizations (e. P. Provide information . Beijing To organize the foresters to promote Forestry 100091. associations. 18 East The objective of the Association is to industry association Street . The objective of the Association is to Product Industry Block 7.establish forest Dongcheng District. b. study and formulate plans for resource conservation and comprehensive utilization. protect the common interest of Association Beijing. China national forest Address: No. industry regulation and promote Beijing . improve the public awareness of environment and involvement in China's forestry 12 . to provide the country with scientific data and advice for governmental decision-making Administering and supervising the central government expenditures for economic development. participate in the formulation of ecological improvement plans. formulating and supervising implementation of “General Principles on Enterprise Accounting”. Post member enterprises. and coordinate the solution of major issues of ecological improvement and resource conservation and comprehensive utilization.Chinese Academy of Sciences Ministry of Finance Committee of Development Planning and Reform To conduct research in basic and technological sciences.g. promote the growth of forestry personnel. popularize the forestry science and technology. China the forestry development and professional exchanges. to Code: 100013 wholeheartedly provide service for member enterprise. to undertake nationwide integrated surveys on natural resources and ecological environment. the appropriation for central government financed projects. and to promote the development of both the economy and the technology of the whole trade.

Hepingli. Dongcheng District. Dongcheng District. production and sale.development. To assist the government to further the industrialization of floricultural industry and maintain its sustainable To develop communication regarding forestry economics . work division and cooperation. China’s Flower Association Address: No. 18 East Street . 18 East Street . Hepingli. Beijing . Beijing . China Postcode: 100714 To publicize the role that floricultural industry plays in the material and spiritual civilizations To organize and coordinate floricultural researches. providing consulting services China’s Society of Forestry Economics Address: No. and to promote the general application of science and technology. China Postcode: 100714 13 . To protect and improve the legal rights and benefits of our members.

Annex – decentralised organization Key: Administrative control Technical oversight S ta te C o u n c il S ta te F o r e str y A d m in is tr a tio n P ro v in c ia l F o re s try D e p a rtm e n t P re fe c tu re F o re s try D e p a rtm e n t F o re s try B u re a u S ta te F o r e str y T e c h n ic a l E x te n s io n P r o v in c e P ro v in c ia l T E P r efe c tu r e P re fe c tu re T E C o u n ty C o u n ty T E T o w n s h ip F o re s try S ta tio n T o w n s h ip T E 14 .

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