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Atul Prakash/RamanThakur/Sanjay Bhat SOP on Reporting, Systems & Executions High Priority

This has been observed in past that despite several reminders team have not been able to execute systems which we have been discussing time and again. We get assurances but same is not executed in the field. Other than this we have serious issues over MIS as well. We are mentioning below all the points and expect immediate adherence from your level. In case we find that these systems are not getting implemented than STRINGENT action will be taken against RSM/ASM/ASE/SO. 1. Miles stone report must be ready before SR/ISR leave for market. 1. All retailers name must be written with their type (GM/CH/COS/OTH/BAK). 2. Sign must be given against the name of retailer which was unproductive during last visit. 3. DRCP must be utilized for Product/SKU placement drive. E.g. DRIVE: PROMO PACK at CHM + COS outlets. All CHM+COS outlets must be given unique sign in the miles stone format so that SR can use those unique signs as a reference.

2. New outlet opening forms must be filled in the market and one copy for RDS & another for their self reference. 3. Every SR/ISR will have to report his/er MILES STONE report to his/er reporting manager latest by 8pm and on same day Delhi office must receive compiled report by 9pm(will keep track on reporting time). 4. In daily reporting format all columns of the format must be dully filled along with Secondary SKU tracking (SR wise). 5. If there is any leave of any SR or any holiday in that case Line Manager will find out way to cover that market in any other alternate day but in any case market booking must be done. 6. All front line field force will send electronic TVR to his/er line manager on weekly basis and Managers will also take RDS will electronic reports of each party under any SR/ISR. 7. RDS management formats must be always available and dully filled in SR/ISR office bag (all formats). 8. Summary sheet of DRCP must be always available with SR/ISR. 9. Detailed DRCP(Route wise retailers name, address, contact details, type, category) must be prepared by 20th Aug’11 and one set(Hard copy + Soft Copy) should be with State ASM, one copy with RSM and another copy must be sent to Delhi office by 25th Aug’11.(any delay must be reported in advance in writing with justification for delay).

In Delhi we shall not process any employee expense whose reports and expenses are not signed by Delhi ASM. 22. Coverage. This will be basis many factors like 1. Town does not worth secondary support etc etc. RSM/State Heads need to study all reports sent on any frequency. 18.Q. Town RDS does not submit claims on time 1. Punjab RSM. 21. Any CFA related matter must be reported in writing to Delhi office. 16. . 13. Claims must be properly checked before sending and over utilized budget will not be approved if not informed Delhi office and obtained approval. RSMs to conduct BAs meeting once in a month of each state along with state heads. Delhi ASM needs to call weekly meeting. Secondary scheme budget allocation details must reach to Delhi office by every 4th of month. 24. All supervisors will provide all information required in their reporting format and same must be signed by his/er line manager along with monthly expense statement. 15. 23. Every H. MRF. Monthly. Any non availability of stocks matter first needs to checked that what Indent has been placed for the month and than a written letter must be written to Logistic team which should be marked to RSM and Delhi office. Party Claims must reach to Delhi office as per earlier communication sent by Delhi office. (Format attached separately). This is supervisors meeting only. Any mail written from Delhi Office desk (Which is operated by Amit Verma & Arun) to any supervisors once received by supervisors than she/he is supposed to reply back with status RECD. Every SR/ISR will first visit RDS in the morning take stocks than will proceed for market working and on return. Daily. In case matter is not sorted than same should be sent to VP Sales. Every manger will keep RDS claims summary details with him and same must be updated on regular basis. 14.10. ((Saturday: South + West)) ((Monday: East+Central+North)) ((Wednesday: MRF)). 19. he will insure that bills are cut in his/er presence before leaving town. Delhi BA meeting must be called under ASM supervision. 12. 11. Retail. Any employee is making any changes in Journey Plan for the month than same must be informed to Delhi office via electronic mail/fax/letter and same must be marked to RSM or state Head. This must be finished by 7th of every month. TVRs. “Party Goods Return” will be sent to depot with prior written approval from Zonal Head.UP RSM & Gr. RSMs need to conduct at least 2 meetings in a month of his region supervisors. BA tgt vs achv. party must have SR/ISR route plan details along with separately weekly target and achievement details of each route. Weekly. RSM needs to decide that in which towns secondary schemes will not be operated. Deadline by 10th Aug’11. In case of violation that party claim will be sent back to state. Gr. He may decide to call his meeting separately with states or call them at one location. 17. This information must be mentioned in CHART PAPER and properly pasted in Party office wall. 25. 20.

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