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PHARMACOLOGY Detailed knowledge of following topics mandatory (NOT in order of importance) 1. Muscle relaxants 2.

GA mainly ADR and emergencies in GAs. Halothane shock, hyperthermia, cardiac emergencies etc. 3. special relevance to pedo patients (since some LA procedure for adults may have to be done under GA for the children due to lack of co-operation) 4. LA-detailed knowledge..for all oral and perioral uses. formulations, dosage in terms of cartridge and volume. Special significance to cardiac patients, maximum dose, toxicities C/I and all!(exhaustive reading is mandatory and no excuses) Include a brief study about the LA procedures in other parts of the body including spinal anesthesia. Exhaustive reading may not be required. 5. Chemotherapy-all drugs effective against the common oral infections and dosage adjustment in compromised patients, pregnant and lactating women. Prophylaxis in cardio patients etc. important to read about MTB. 6. HIV is an important disease and everything about HIV and associated oral diseases...and Rx of HIV patients including precautions for the patient and the dentist is important. 7. Epinephrine and its use in dentistry and emergencies(1 in 1000, 1 in 100,000 where why when how etc) 8. General emergency (like hypotensive crisis, shock, cardio emergency, epilepsy), casualty management and dental emergencies (LA hypersensitivity, dental syncope etc.) 9. Anti viral therapy of common oral viral infections. And of course AIDS. 10. Anti fungal therapy special reference to HIV patients. 11. Sterilization and disinfection 12. Rx for Hemophilia, drugs taken by hypertensive patients are important. their interactions etc. 13. Drugs with toxic potentials are a must know! 14. Inducing agents 15. Insulin and precautions in diabetic patients 16. Corticosteroids and opioids. 17. Pulp medications. Drugs regulating calcium levels. 18. Drugs given for the oral side effects of cancer chemotherapeutic agents. 19. Teratogens and fatal drug interactions 20. General pharmacology principles (it has importance in understanding the drug interactions, dosage and contraindications. so a thorough reading will be beneficial.) 21. Vitamins and minerals.specially

Moderate depth of study. 1. Drugs on ANS(some with dental significance must be studied full) 2. Diuretics(indications and c/i) 3. Arrhythmias(management) 4. Drugs in Asthma(special reference to emergency) 5. Endocrinology 6. Drugs in Epilepsy(emergency management) 7. Cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy with special significance for oral cancers. Dental pharmacology (just an insignificant list of topics because dental materials will include an exhaustive list) 1. Mouthwashes. 2. Sialogogues and saliva substitutes.

3. Denture cleansers and dentifrices. 4. Fluorides.