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Food Idioms.

Look at the sentences below. Can you guess what the phrases mean? 1. I was very nervous before the IELTS exam, but my best friend was as cool as a cucumber. I think that leaving our children at home together is a recipe for disaster I got 100% on my spelling test it was a piece of cake! My friend wanted to keep his engagement a secret, but I accidentally spilt the beans. Now he wont speak to me. Mike often exaggerates take what he says with a pinch of salt. I slept really well last night and Im full of beans! I cant wait to get home tonight Im so hungry I could eat a horse! Football isnt my cup of tea I much prefer Rugby. What are you cooking up for this weekend, then? Im in a bit of a pickle: can you help me?

2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Match the idiom to its meaning.

1. As cool as a cucumber 2. Recipe for disaster 3. Piece of cake 4. Spill the beans 5. Take (something) with a pinch of salt 6. (be) Full of beans 7. So hungry (I) could eat a horse 8. Not (my) cup of tea 9. Cook up 10. (be) In a bit of a pickle Really hungry Really easy Something that (I) dont really like Dont necessarily believe everything Not nervous at all confident and relaxed Phrasal verb make a special plan for an event or a specific time Tell a secret or give out information that might be private To be in trouble / to have a problem To have lots of energy A situation that could cause trouble

Can you fill in the gaps?

1. 2. 3. Whens tea ready? Im ____________________________________! Dont worry about tomorrow the test should be a _________________________. To be honest, Id __________ what William said ________________________. I dont think he knows what hes talking about. 4. Terminator? Hmmm Do you mind if we watch something else? Action films ______________________. 5. 6. What happened last night then? Go on - ______________________________! Under pressure from two defenders, Messi stayed _____________________________ and struck the ball in to the corner.

7. 8.

What are you doing later? Michaels ____________ something ___ for the evening. Brian broke down on the M1, and realised that his phone had no battery left. He was _____________________________.


My kids are always ____________________ - I can never get them to calm down when its bedtime.


I think itll be ____________________ if we put Emily and Joanna in the same class. Theyre both very loud and they dont like each other.

Can you write some sentences of your own?