Online Learning should be imposed in the Philippines

W.A. Garcia

This generation is ready to experience the new realms of education, and therefore it must be introduced to online learning primarily because it promotes self-learning which can be one step away from spoon feeding. Spoon feeding per se, not only exists in education, but in the modern society. This is because technology provides human necessities in an instant. With this, it is believable that now is the time to twist the equation. It is the time to dichotomize human leniency into independence. On that note, education would be one of the finest avenues to start eradicating this culture. In reality, there is no actual field that can prove whether or not it is effective, but that can be just the right reason to promulgate e-learning for the most reason that, given the context of the Philippines, classroom learning in public schools cannot anymore facilitate a learning environment wherein these children are actually in their classrooms. Even though it is arguable that it cannot be affordable, it is not a problem to allow e-learning per se to be in the hands of most people in the society. It is not, and cannot be a problem for the most reason that these children, by and large, know how to use computers effectively. This is reflective with the ratio of 7 out of 10 public school students know how to use the computer, and the internet per se primarily in internet cafes. Moreover, in the status quo, this would allow children to spend more time with their family, and at the same time, these children wouldn¶t be sacrificing their time for school commitments. These commitments involve their child¶s social life and involvement in school activities which are, however, achievable even if a child is in home-based learning. In fact, elearning will allow the child to be exposed in the modern world and find his own interest. It will allow the child to choose his own events of aspiration; it will allow the child to be more competitive because in this type of setting, his study style does not suffer. He will be free to choose his learning style in his own way; he can be free to learn visually and kinesthetically,

teachers cannot actually stick with the deficiency of one student, they confront it as a whole, and
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unlike in the classroom set up, his learning individuality will suffer because in classrooms,

they consider the class as a whole. That is why, in the developmental aspect of learning, elearning advances in this argument because it does not only teaches a student to be independent, but it also teaches him multi-tasking, learning style implementation and time management. Let us characterize the school commitments children commonly have. First, the organizations ± these are considerably related towards the interest of the student, which can also be a factor to distract a student towards his studies. Scenarios, in reality, appear to show organizations to be an improvement aid in nature, however, it can create damage towards one¶s individuality. In fact, these are one of the breeding grounds of bullying, other than classrooms, or institutions per se. Unnoticed, the harms of bullying are drastic and intensified from time to time. These can cause traumatic disorders, and what¶s worst, neglect of education. Another would be their actual social life. This is reflective in one¶s academic and extra-curricular performance. We have to admit that parents don¶t actually know what kind of people their child meets at school. They don¶t actually even know what their child does when they are with their friends. Peer and social pressure is now at hand. At worst forms, peer pressure is destructive. In the status quo, children ages 12-16 nowadays involve themselves in liquor and cigarette smoking. At bizarre ranges, some students even expose themselves to illegal drugs to ironically do their task at school. These activities gravely affect students¶ performance in school. Common cases would be a drinking session which would end up with a teenage girl pregnant. This is known as unwanted pregnancy. And this is one of the harms your children might encounter in the future if you would not support e-learning, which, however, should be properly monitored by parents¶ discretion. And therefore, this is why interactive learning is not actually helpful in nature. E-learning, however, has its imperfections. To sum it up, this harm is known as Mass media proliferation. This is where the issue of fornification lies, this is where social violence is seen by children, this is where children actually become targets of misconduct, cyber bullying, and sexual abuse. All of which, at the end of the day, can be actually controlled by the parent. It is not primarily because you can device the internet settings, it is because in e-learning, parents can actually monitor their child¶s learning activity. They can actually be the very

teachers. And well, in fact, other than that, there is one factor, which to be exact, is how they raise their child ± it is practically why computer usage is an issue between the parent and the
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child, and not with classroom vs e-learning. It is because at the end of the day, computers are inanimate objects, these are mediums to be used with great responsibility, as quoted in the famous Spiderman movie. To sum, it can be just the right time to debunk the traditional style of education. Online learning is as flexible as it seems and the character it inculcates in children is without a doubt beneficial in contrast to classroom learning. The issue has been safety, and this is one of the reasons why children should be in home-based learning. It does not, however, deprive social life from these children, because these children live in communities wherein there is still room for them to socialize and get involved. And this is why there is no way that online learning is not an effective tool of learning; this is why the modern society is ready for e-learning. There is nothing constant in this world than change, and I say, with all the arguments presented, it is indeed time for a change. Online learning should not just be an alternative, it can be the very innovation the world needs today. References: Online vs Classroom Education How Computer Affects Children¶s Lives Internet Dangers

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