com/doc/14150423/Service-Marketing h+level+of+service&source=bl&ots=ufP8MI3aPY&sig=ioLFuVRfxdFH_qPMPXaqPFo Gmcw&hl=en&ei=k9ZETv_CLITQrQe_0K3uAw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&res num=6&ved=0CD0Q6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q=adequate&f=false Q. What provides information to customer on how the service production process works? A- Physical evidence Q. Consumer judge the quality of services based on their A- perceptions Q. The key elements of NPV of future earnings model are A- Financial forecasting, role of branding, brand disk Q. Three components of service offering are A- Core product, core delivery process, group of supplementary services that augment the core product Q. Services are said to be intangible because they are – A – Performers Q. The ideal benefit to claim has the following qualities – A- Extremely important to the target customer, organization is uniquely suited to delivering it, competitors are addressing it Q. Ways to increase net value of a service are – A- Adding benefits to the product, reducing financial costs associated with purchase and use of the product Q. The main don’ts in case of face to face contacts with customers are – A – blame the colleague, show favouritism, promise what you cannot perfom, Q. Keeping promises made by the employees of the company is – A – interactive marketing Q. Brand extension is performed by – A –Brand asset, concept testing, brand associated studies Q. Consumer differ to over which service/products they see as important A –True Q. idea generation is a part of ____ A- Front end planning

Q. understanding the customer is making the effort to know customers and their needs A- True Q. Brand ____ enables the reinforcement of the image capital of the brand and fuels it A – image Q. Service culture can be developed quickly A- False Q. The brand and its products and services must exceed customer expectations A- True volatile Q. in Flat-rate pricing ____ is transferred from the customer to the supplier, in case of the late delivery A- risk Q. There are alternative ways of testing the response to marketing mix variables A- True Q. Brand equity is an asset A – True Q. Creating ____ is the ultimate objective behind building a brand A- apostle Q. Services cannot be ____in the same manner as goods A- stored Q. product differentiation is the least in case of consumer products A – true Q. Example of services where supplier visits the customer are – A- tiffin services in office, mobile coffee shop Q. application of brand valuation are A- brand management and development, benchmarking of competitors, balance sheet Q. A ____ brand gives a variety of products and services A. corporate Q. Brand Extension – amul butter, amul ghee, amul Line extension – lays tomato flavor, lays Accumulated brand image capital – reliance industries Coco Coal – Fanta Assignment 3 question 26

Strategies used to implement a culture of internal service quality are A. Creating metaphors that are tangible in nature makes intangible claims more accurate. Brand strength is a combination of differentiation and relevance A – True Q. Service Industries have to focus on service employee because – A – they are the service. they are the marketers Q. they are the organization in customer eyes. The second objective of commercialization is to monitor _____ aspects of service during complete service cycle A – all Q. Recently established consumer service which is taken to the customer’s doorstep is A – in-home catering. A – True Q. mobile sofa cover cleaning. In case of services technical quality cannot be correctly evaluated ____ is used as a signal of quality A – Courtesy t Q. the customer expects to receive a set of ____ A – Value Q. internal customer service audits Q. investments In insurance companies Q. process re-engineering. The price ____ can be justified by higher level of performance by the company A – discounts Q. Q. line extensions may lead to the brand name losing its specific meaning A –False . Assurance as a service dimension plays an important role in customer’s mind – A – Involving high risk Q.Q. Brand positioning can be changed even if the product remains the same A – True Q.internal service guarentees. Relationship research does not involve comprehensive approach on all aspects of customers relationship with the service A – True Q. In purchasing a service.

Which of the following are brand signals – A –product name. Top management’s support is not crucial to brand’s success A – False . what considerations will they bear in mind – A – innovation. press Q. diversified product. interest.Flat rate pricing Q. When firms try to access their brand portfolios to decide which brands will be advertised. Individualised attention given to customer refers to ____ A – empathy Q. economies of scale on an international level Q. Brand building with respect to corporate brands extends beyond a product A – True Q. Desire and Action) A – Desire Q. Beyond the endorsing brand. The skill and knowledge necessary to do a job A – service competencies Q. This pricing is effective in industries where service prices are unpredictable A.selling a product/service. price leadership Q. price bids. article. D in AIDS stands for (Awareness. Advantages of umbrella brand are A – Capitalisation on one single name. Functions of corporate brand advertising are A . it is an alternative to business format franchising A – licensing Q. mobilizing funds Q. awareness building. An organizations profits and revenues result from ____ A – Consumers Q. money terms Q. Various value based pricing are A – Flat rate pricing. A satisfied employee makes a satisfied A – customer Q. Stimulus response approach and formula approach take into consideration costumer questions and individual customer needs – A –True Q. there are no common codes of expression which appear independent in form and intent A – False Q.Q.

Employee motivation – social skill. Which brand strategy ahs the ability to provide a two tiered sense of difference and depth A – Endorsing brand strategy Q. Many companies have adopted the idea that employees are also ____ of the organization A. Reflection Q.service orientation – consistent service delivery . Brand strength multiple is the most crucial component in _____ A. personnel and written material refers to A.relationship. leadership.Customers . advances in ____ are leading to a shift to services delivered from a distance A –Internet Q. The difference between the teo level of expectations is called A – the zone of tolerance Q.True Q.Tangible Q. New core products for markets that have not been previously defined include – A – major product innovations Assignment – 2 Q.Empowerment – authority to customer . Which of the features are on the left side of the hexagonal brand identity prism? A. A brand should exhibit admirable human qualities A – True Q.tangibles – dress and employee appearance Q. likeability . ____ plays a important role in promoting products to customer A –Retailer Q.Valuation Q. Against which key attributes is brand strength measured A – Market. topography Q. Appearance of physical facilities.Q. The characteristics of services are similar to that of goods A. This method is mainly used when business is acquired for the brand name of its product A –market value method Q.

Reliability. Adequate service is also known as – A – Lower level of service Q. The line of ____ separates contact employee activities from those of the other service support activities and people A.Brand Awareness Q. Human preferences are same everywhere in the world A – False Q. a Brand must stand for something A – True Q. Service Quality dimension includes A. assurance Q. Service ____ accurately reflects the type and level of the service provided A – Consistency Q. competitor’s database Q.Visibility Q. the type of facility based failure that is most likely to occur is – A – Cleanliness issue Q. Delivering the services as promised is called A. ____ is defining aspect of a brand A. The approach based on the assumption that all the customer can be persuaded byt the same message is called – A – stimulus-response . responsiveness.Reliability Q. ____ are the real capital of a company A – Brands Q.Q. This approach involves setting prices relative to financial costs – A. customer insights can be gained through A – Online survey. In ____ the potential for clear feedback channel exists A – personal selling Q.Price promotion Q. ____ is useful for adjusting demand and supply fluctuations A. ____ is set of assets linked to a brand’s name and symbol that adds to the value provided by a product/service A –Brand Equity Q.cost based pricing Q. customer service feedback.

When a majority of the population is illiterate. The role of advertising at social level includes A – family planning. eradication of polio Q. ____ means tangible or visible clues due to the nature of service A – Physical evidence Q. symbols have special importance in offering service in markets A – True Q. Brands gain their independence and their own meaning eventually with time. which two facets of the brand identity help to define the recipient A. Which statement is ‘The value of trust’ A.reflection. For a retailer brand is a means and not a necessity A – True Q. physical possession of tangible object refers to – A.Immovable physical item Q.Q. even though they may start out as mere product names A.Vision statement Q. non selection of right service standards Q.True Q. The gap exists in service quality due to A.True Q. self-image Q. Technical skills – technology is n on-routine Interactive Skills – Effective training Team work – customer service Service jobs – frustrating and demanding Q.Sampling Q. What relates to the number of exposure and length of time each exposure requiresA. then the service will possess negative net values A. prevention of AIDS.difference in customer expectation.goods Q. The supplier visits the customer is an approach which becomes necessary when the object of service is A. Unused capacity of services cannot be ____ A – reserved . difference in receipt of service by customer. If the perceived outlays are less than the perceived benefits.

mails Q. cost of launch is low. process Q. Who has written the book on Brand management “ Nets out” A –Bred Van Auken Q.relationship. The willingness to help the customer and to provide prompt service is calledA. age of competitor’s brand.Cost to the provider. 1 to 4 statements give score for – tangibility 5 to 9 give score for – reliability 10 to 13 gives score – responsiveness Sum of statements 14 to 17 and 18 to 22 – Empathy and assurance Q. . physical evidence. Which two facets of brand identity bridge the gap between sender and recipient A.age of the brand.Malls Q. People are moving to ship in ____ for a wide range of both goods and services A. Dominating a niche market is more profitable than being fourth in a larger market A – True Q.people. Factors that have changed the way people shop now days – A.False Actually the statement is . competitor. it is a measure of brand’s potential profitability A. The 3 additional p of services are – A. Foundations of pricing strategies are A. brand opacity Q. internet.Earnings Q. Access to service is approachable and easy to contact A. value to the customer Q.TRUE Q.Responsiveness Q.creates brand capital.Q. Delivering quality service means confirming to customer expectations on a random basisA. Advantages of a range brand policy are – A. The value of brand equity is a function of – A. culture cumulative advertising Q.Delivering quality service means conforming to customer expectations on a consistent basis Q.

The décor of the Hard Rock Café is designed to show that this café will provide a memorable experience when patrons walk into the restaurant even before they sample any of the café's amenities. By providing evidence of the type of service that will be had prior to consumption.he correct answer for each question is indicated by a 1 CORRECT Top of Form . LO 3 2 CORRECT Framed diplomas on the wall are ways that physicians can try to deal with __________. one of the unique elements of service. credence A) tangibility B) search C) experience D) evidence E) Feedback: Tangible goods have search properties. the Hard Rock Café is exhibiting __________ properties. Page: 323. inflexibility A) intangibility B) inconsistency C) . The guitars donated by famous musicians are enough to draw some people into the service.

cannot be felt before she buys it. B) inventory costs. She believes a massage would loosen her back muscles and make her feel better. She is concerned because a massage. When she goes to make her appointment. The use of certificates of training and customer testimonials is one way the service provider is trying to deal with the service characteristic of: incongruity. touch. C) inseparability. . Page: 317-318. LO 1 4 CORRECT Inseparability in services means: consumers see little variation from one service provider in an industry to A)another. Page: 317-318. heard. or felt before purchase. E) Feedback: Services cannot be seen. and she carefully reads a brochure that contains testimonials of satisfied customers. A) inconsistency. but evidence of how good they are can be used as tangible examples to lessen customers' concerns. D) intangibility. she examines the training certificates on the wall.inventory D) incongruity E) Feedback: Diplomas provide tangible proof that the physicians have the training to perform the services they offer. LO 1 3 CORRECT Sarah has a backache due to overexertion. unlike a pair of shoes.

a load factor of 20 percent. has a capacity of 120 passengers. the consumer cannot and does not separate the service from the deliverer of the service or the setting in which the service occurs. the flight has averaged only 24 passengers. B) consumers cannot evaluate a service until it is being utilized. LO 1 5 CORRECT Western Airlines operates five flights daily between Chicago and Phoenix during the winter. A load factor of 50 percent (60 passengers) is needed for the flight to break-even. the customer actually participates in the delivery of the service. in some cases. Western Airlines can either . a Boeing 737. One flight leaves Phoenix at 12:10 AM. What unique aspect of services does this situation describe? incongruity A) intangibility B) inconsistency C) inseparability D) service inventory E) Feedback: This is an inventory or capacity issue. The plane. Also. D) all of the above. Page: 318-319. E) Feedback: A third difference between services and products related to problems of consistency is inseparability. C) consumers cannot separate the service from the deliverer of the service.consumers are unable to differentiate price from quality. During the past month. In most cases.

g. Page: 319. Page: 319. change the flight time. or eliminate the flight to reduce excess capacity on that route. LO 1 6 CORRECT A nutritional counselor has a morning in which she has no scheduled appointments but during which she plans on being available in her office. if possible.develop a marketing program to attract new demand (e. LO 1 7 CORRECT Which of the following is the best example of a people-based service? movie theaters A) airlines B) appliance repair C) vending machines D) . Which unique element of service best describes what it happening in this service example? idle production capacity A) the tangible nature of service B) the separability of service provider and consumer C) an equipment-based service D) the incongruous relationship between service provider and service receiver E) Feedback: Idle production capacity is a situation where a service provider is available but there is no demand. off-peak pricing).

taxis E) Feedback: An appliance repair service depends more on the ability of the service provider's employees than equipment. LO 2 8 CORRECT Which of the following is the best example of an equipment-based service? midwife A) speech therapist B) security service C) nutritionist D) wedding consultant E) Feedback: A security service would use the tools of the trade such as surveillance tools and vehicles in which to transport these tools. Page: 320-322. LO 2 9 CORRECT Which of the following organizations is a service provider? the local fire department A) a utility company B) a dentist C) the Salvation Army D) . Page: 320-322. You may want to refer to Figure 12-4.

style. For example. inconsistent A) search. That is. services are difficult to evaluate or compare until after the purchase decision. consistent C) experience. Specific features such as size. and laundromats only during or after the purchase. can be accurately determined in the show room or on the retail floor. consistent. Indeed. See page 320-322 to learn about nonprofit and governmental service providers. color.all of the above E) Feedback: All of the alternatives are service providers. LO 3 11 INCORRECT Which of the following products have high experience properties? a pair of athletic shoes A) . beauty salons. Services have what marketers call experience properties. experience B) inconsistent. consumers can evaluate services such as restaurants. while services have __________ properties. LO 2 10 CORRECT One of the primary differences between tangible goods and services involves the consumer's ability to make prepurchase evaluations. tangible products have __________ properties. Page: 323. On the other hand. automobiles. search E) Feedback: Consumers can actively search for and make comparisons of tangible products before making a purchase decision. search D) consistent. and appliances before making a purchase. consumers can quite easily make comparisons and evaluations of clothing.

Page: 323. LO 3 12 CORRECT The two basic components of a customer's evaluation of services are: expectations and customer contact. D) inconsistency and inseparability. C) experience and credence. Which service quality dimension caused Hailey to decide to get her mother a different gift? . Page: collar B) surgery to remove a polyp C) a massage D) all of the above E) Feedback: Experience properties can only be discerned after purchase or during consumption. When Hailey went to look at the facility she had selected. E) Feedback: Once a consumer tries a service. LO 3 13 CORRECT Hailey was planning on giving her mother a weekend trip to a local spa. B) intangibility and inconsistency. she saw dirty towels laying on equipment and half-eaten food on a counter. A) expectations and actual experience. it is evaluated by comparing expectations to the actual experience a consumer has with the service.

and personnel. Page: 324. To see definitions of the five service quality dimensions. LO 3 . equipment. LO 3 14 CORRECT When the women asked. "Are you sure the driver of this limousine knows where he is supposed to be taking me?" she was expressing concern about which service quality dimension? assurance A) tangibles B) reliability C) responsiveness D) empathy E) Feedback: Reliability is the ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately.assurance A) tangibles B) reliability C) responsiveness D) empathy E) Feedback: Tangibles refer to the appearance of the physical facilities. Page: 324. see Figure 12-6.

assurance A) reliability B) responsiveness C) empathy D) sympathy E) Feedback: Empathy is one of five dimensions which also include reliability. Page: 324. C) countermeasure used to implement improvements in the service quality D)dimensions. E) . LO 3 16 INCORRECT Gap analysis is the: points in the service process when there is no contact between service provider A)and consumer. responsiveness. and assurance. B) difference between forecasted service demand and requested service supply. The five dimensions of service quality are defined in Figure 12-6.15 CORRECT The dimension of service quality called _____ is caring and individualized attention provided customers. tangibles. difference between the customer's expectations and experience. measure of difference between tangible and intangible.

Feedback: Gap analysis asks consumers to assess their expectations and experiences on dimensions of service quality such as reliability. internal marketing A) employee development B) service marketing C) . In order to maintain the restaurant's reputation for putting the needs of the customer first. the marketing manager at Edinberry's has developed marketing activities that are directed at the waiters and waitresses. tangibles. E) Feedback: The customer contact audit is a flowchart of the points of interaction between a consumer and a service provider. The restaurant is famous for fine steaks. offers a variety of foods and entertainment opportunities to its customers. Page: 326. Page: 324. B) is actually a flowchart. spicy chili. exceptional barbecue and outstanding customer service. These marketing activities are an example of __________ and are designed to help the restaurant employees to develop a marketorientation. a restaurant in located in south Texas. C) is a matrix that compares people-based and equipment-based services with D)levels of tangibilities. assurance. responsiveness. is a continuum that starts with no contact like an ATM and goes to complete contact like with a physician. A) resembles an inverted pyramid in shape. LO 4 18 INCORRECT Edinberry's. LO 3 17 CORRECT The customer contact audit: looks like a perceptual map. and empathy.

product development D) marketing development E) Feedback: The concept of internal marketing suggests that before a firm can successfully adopt a marketing orientation in the marketing efforts it directs towards its customers. pricing plays two major roles. LO 6 20 INCORRECT Setting different prices during different times of the day or days of the week to reflect variations in demand for the service is called: off-peak pricing. E) Feedback: Many services charge different prices during different times of the day or days of the week to reflect variations in demand. Page: 328. C) determine competitors' reactions proactively. It is argued that employees will be influenced to develop a market orientation if marketing-like activities are directed at them. D) eliminate service gaps. A) increase the number of service encounters. The two roles are to affect consumer perceptions and to: be used in capacity management. the firm must engage in marketing directed at its employees. B) maintain a socially responsible objective. LO 4 19 INCORRECT In services. A) idle production capacity pricing. Page: 327. .

B) customer contact audit pricing. LO 1 2 CORRECT Jane West is just graduating with an MBA and is being recruited by a financial securities brokerage as a sales representative. Not every restaurant in the chain can have a guitar signed by Pete Townshend. B) intangibility. These provided visual characteristics that could be captured in the . but is worried that selling financial instruments may be more difficult. She has had 10 years of sales experience in selling industrial supplies to the steel industry. In this case. customers could be disappointed with their visits to a Hard Rock Café because they did not see memorabilia relating to their favorite rock stars. Page: 318. West sold tangible items that could be seen and touched. What factor could be the major reason for her worry? inseparable A) the problem that her services and the products she sells are B) the fact that services are intangible and. She was quite successful in her previous experience. the dvaries from restaurant to restaurant.Feedback: The quality of a service is often inconsistent--for a variety of reasons. Conceivably. E) Bottom of Form 1 INCORRECT Hard Rock Cafés are decorated with rock memorabilia donated by famous and notso-famous musicians. C) incongruity. E) inventory problems. very C) the marketing program of D) the cost inventory different from her previous experience financial instruments is very inconsistent management system for reimbursing her when she sells the securities E) all of the aboveFeedback: In the past. D) capacity inventory pricing. D) inflexibility. therefore. C) differential value pricing. This inability to make sure that every café has an autographed picture of Madonna is an example of service's: A) inconsistency.

In this case. B) the channel from service concept. visitors are often disappointed when they come to see a particular star. Page: 318. the Opry has an unpredictable list of performers. to ultimate consumer. Country music entertainers have a certain number of weeks that they must perform at the Grand Ole Opry in order to be a member. which of the following would be the best example of a service-dominated offering? service B) a lawn mower repair shop A) a full-service landscaping C) a fast-food restaurant . This disappointment is indicative of which unique element of service? A) inconsistency B) intangibility C) inflexibility D) inseparability E) incongruityFeedback: The quality of services varies because the people have different capabilities and also because people who provide the services vary in their job performance from day to day. E) all of the aboveFeedback: The services described here involve very different degrees of interaction between the consumer and the service provider. but the consumer cannot separate the deliverer of the service from the service itself. C) a concept that a service is inseparable from the service D) a range of tangible to intangible or good-dominant to service- dominant offerings.Feedback: See page 320 for a graphic representation of the service continuum. Page: 317-318. to service provider.sales presentation more easily than trying to sell unseen and untouchable future benefits of financial securities. provider. Page: 318-319. LO 1 5 CORRECT The service continuum is: A) the points along the customer contact audit. LO 1 3 INCORRECT Visitors today to the Grand Ole Opry are sometimes disappointed because their favorite performers are not on stage the week they are visiting. Since stars can earn much more at concerts than they can make singing at the Opry. LO 2 6 INCORRECT According to the service continuum. E) the range of organizations from nonprofit to forprofit. Page: 320. LO 1 4 CORRECT In which of the following examples would a consumer have difficulty separating the deliverer of the service from the service itself? A) a dental visit B) a golf lesson C) a university marketing class D) a haircut.

Like the Girl Scouts." says Georgia Guy. E) equipment-based services are not really services at all but highly specialized products.Feedback: In recent years. The Girl Guides. information. Page: 322. can provide services without frequent personal contact with customers. Page: 320. a Canadian institution for more than 90 years. A) this for-profit organization needed to adopt a harvesting B) this nonprofit organization needed to develop a marketing C) it needs to adopt a mass marketing strategy. for example. LO 2 9 CORRECT In 2001. See Figure 12-3.Feedback: Electric utilities. nonprofit organizations such as the Girl Scouts and Girl Guides have increased their use of marketing practices. B) equipment can be easily serviced if something goes wrong. and the ability to communicate the state of the company to shareholders.D) an accounting firm E) a building contractorFeedback: An accounting firm would provide advice.: strategy. LO 2 10 INCORRECT . "We were the largest invisible girls' organization in Canada. C) people are removed from D) equipment-based services generally deal with industrial firms and rarely with ultimate consumers. Girl Guides' manager of the organization's external relations. realized it was in trouble. Page: 321-322. LO 2 8 INCORRECT Equipment-based services do not have the marketing concerns of inconsistency because: A) equipment comes with warranties. provision of the service. program. LO 2 7 CORRECT Which of the following is the best example of an equipment-based service? a service for cleaning fire-damaged buildings A) B) a management consultant C) a Broadway singer D) an architect E) a lifeguardFeedback: There is a great deal of equipment involved in this cleaning process. This alternative is equivalent to the dry cleaning example in the text. Page: 320. E) this nonprofit organization realized it was not a service provider. D) this nonprofit organization needs to avoid marketing and get back to its basics.

services such as dog grooming and vocational rehabilitation have __________ properties. LO 3 14 INCORRECT Andrea Arena is the owner of 2 Places at 1 Time. Her regular customers describe her as caring and willing to treat each of the jobs they need done as if it were the most important job she had to perform. design. LO 3 13 CORRECT Which of the following is NOT an example of a service quality dimension? A) assurance B) homogeneity C) empathy D) responsivene ss E) reliabilityFeedback: The five service quality dimensions are reliability. and empathy. LO 3 12 CORRECT Which of the following products is high in credence properties? entertainment for a birthday party B) a car wash A) C) a box of chocolates D) surgery to correct a faulty heart valve E) a painting of your motherFeedback: Even after the service is performed it is impossible to evaluate. Page: 323. and going to the post office for people who are too busy to perform these simple acts for themselves. which can be determined before purchase. Page: 323. A) direct B) capacity C) experience D) continuum E) customFeedback: Services such as dog grooming and vocational rehabilitation have experience properties. LO 3 11 INCORRECT While tangible goods such as cars. Page: 323. a concierge company. which are discerned only after purchase or during consumption. size. such as color. waiting for the repairman. tangibles. which can only be discerned after purchase or during consumption. lawn mowers. and color. and style. assurance. Page: 324. She and her staff of 60 perform everyday services such as walking the dog. does Arena excel? A) reliability and credibility B) assurance and . and gas grills have search properties. responsiveness.Which of the following products is high in search properties? picture frame B) a wedding photographer A) a silver D) C) a caterer a cleaning service E) a piano player for a weddingFeedback: Tangible goods have search properties like size. picking up cleaning. In which dimensions of service quality.

In which service quality dimension was the medical center lacking? A) intangibles B) empathy C) responsiveness D) flexibility E) assuranceFeedback: As a service quality dimension. serving Southwestern food? Food server discusses wine list. B) service relationships.Feedback: A customer contact audit is a flow chart of the points of interaction between a customer and a service provider. Page: 324. LO 4 17 INCORRECT Which of the following is a point in the customer contact audit for the Arizona Grill. LO 4 18 INCORRECT Which of the following statements about internal marketing is true? A) Internal marketing begins with an audit of all service encounters. LO 3 16 INCORRECT The various individual steps in the customer contact audit are collectively called: A) contact points. C) service encounters. She had to leave and find another facility to perform the procedure. D) Manager stops by the table to ask if the meal is satisfactory. Page: 324. The doctors were not knowledgeable about the requested technique. D) customer resolutions. assurance is concerned with having knowledgeable employees. LO 3 15 INCORRECT When Moira went to the medical center. Page: 325. B) Internal marketing is based on the theory that service creativity is more important . A) Host/hostess seats customer. E) All of the above are points in the customer contact audit for the Arizona Grill. she was disappointed when the doctors at the center told her they did not have training necessary to perform the technique she had requested. Page: 325. E) service processing points. B) C) Food is delivered to the table by kitchen staff.tangibles C) responsiveness and empathy D) empathy and credibility E) tangibles and responsivenessFeedback: She is willing to help customers (responsiveness) and she is caring and provides individualized attention (empathy).Feedback: The customer contact audit is a flowchart of the points of interactions between the consumer and the service provider. All of the events represent customer contact.

brand name or identifying logo of the service organization is particularly important in consumer decisions. C) place (distribution). internal marketing should always pays more attention to the customers that provide it with the greatest proportion of business. Page: 327. LO 6 Composite Models of Brand Valuation A group of brand value measurement indicators has established itself parallel to the focus on psychographics values. The Interbrand model seeks to estimate the risk and inflation-adjusted benefits—the current and future earnings or cash flows—flowing from brand ownership. and there are many competing places to eat at major stops along the highway. and a friendly staff. Page: 329. AC Nielsen’s brand balance sheet and brand performancer. B) price. LO 5 19 INCORRECT Cracker Barrel is a leader in the market of family restaurants located alongside major highways. the brand’s strength is the measure of its reliability of its future .Feedback: Little attention has been paid to distribution because of the inseparability characteristic of services. E) Internal marketing focuses on creating long-term relationships with a service's suppliers and distributors. LO 5 20 INCORRECT Historically in services marketing. Its marketing mix includes a down-home atmosphere. A) D) positioning. Under this model. C) According to the 80/20 rule. The Interbrand’s brand valuation approach. little attention has been paid to: product. Gfk brand power model. While the brand’s earnings are a measure of potential profitability. D) Internal marketing is based on the concept that a service organization must focus on its employees before successful programs can be directed at its customers. the value of a brand is a function of two factors: its earnings and its strength. a menu of American home cooking. a shop through which customers pass on the way to and from the restaurant.Feedback: This is the text's definition of internal marketing. Page: 327. Consultancy firms and academicians have proposed many composite models of brand valuation. Semion brand value approach and Sattler brand value approach are a few of the famous composite brand valuation models.than service regimentation. Which aspect of the product component of the marketing mix will be particularly helpful to travelers looking for a place to eat lunch? A) capacity management B) pricing strategy C) brand name and identifying logo D) exclusivity E) all of the aboveFeedback: Because services are intangible. Interbrand consulting firm’s brand value system considers an earnings-based approach. E) promotion.

market. The model calculates the brand value by multiplying brand earnings with the brand earning with the brand strength multiple. AC Nielsen felt that the brand balance sheet is not the absolute model for brand valuation and in search of better brand valuation model. adjustments need to be made to the earnings estimates. The brand balance sheet relies on six criteria groups containing a total of 19 individual criteria that are deemed good indicators of brand value. The seven determinants of the brand value are: • Brand leadership—which stands for the ability of the brand to influence the market. Based on these parameters. • Marketing support—the quantity and quality of the investments made to support the brand and • Legal protection enjoyed by the brand are the protection received from the legal system. brand trend 10%. This stems from the desire to ensure that the value arrived at is auditable. patents. earning that would have accrued on a basic unbranded version of the product is eliminated and the historical profit at present day value is restated and adjusted for taxes. This brand strength multiple is a function of multiple of factors like leadership.. the Interbrand approach does not explicitly measure consumers’ perception of the brand. Some of the IT companies like Infosys.e. Schulz and Brandmeyer. trend. stability.earnings. international presence of the brand 25%. national and international brands. trademarks. • Brand stability—the characteristic that has made the brand the inherent “fabric” of the market. it has developed an advanced model based on Brand Performancer. The Brand Performancer attempts to deliver an integrative consumer and company-oriented brand valuation system. The greater the brand’s strength. Since it is difficult to attribute all the earnings to the brand per se. The fundamental idea of the brand balance sheet is to relate a correlation between complex market environments. marketing support 10% and legal protection enjoyed by the brand has 5% weighting. Further from a marketer’s perspective. especially in an acquisition and merger context. • Market—the structural attractiveness of the market. Interbrand consulting determines the value of brand. Interbrand has given weighting to all these seven parameters like brand leadership has 25% weighting. support and protection. its projected growth. This provides the discount rate that needs to be applied to the adjusted estimates of the brand’s earnings for determining its present value. based on a detailed audit would determine a brand’s strength. which is critical for marketing decision-making. Rolta and Satyam are following a similar practice of valuation for their brands. of AC Nielsen have used scoring model to develop a brand valuation model called “The AC Nielsen brand balance sheet”. et al. Measurement of the seven variables. • International presence of the brand—the brand’s attractiveness and appeal in a multiplicity of markets with a view to distinguish between regional. In this model first of all the unbranded profit i.. BV = Brand profit x Brand multiplier The Interbrand approach while being valuable. internationality. • Brand trend—the brand’s ability to remain contemporary and relevant to the consumers. These factors have been evaluated on a scale of 1 to 100 to calculate the brand multiplier. It provides tailor made data to the decision-makers for any specific . To calculate the actual brand earnings the profit attributable to other intangible associated with the business of the brand is deducted. etc. greater is the reliability of its future earnings and lesser is the risk. especially on brand extension. the significance of long-term brand cultivation and successful brand management. brand stability enjoys 15%. suffers from an accounting focus. market 10%.

marketing activities. brand protection determined by product classification. which combines a consumer-based perspective with a company-based perspective is proposed by Bekmeier-Feuerhahn model that operates on the assumption that brand value is derived from brand strength and brand earnings.information needed. The four modules are brand steering system. Multiple Choice Multiple Answer Question Advantages of a Generalist approach are:Correct Answer . Correct Answer True Select The Blank Question ________ is the main focus of brand advertising. The modular structure makes it possible to supplement gauges of brand value with analyses for the purpose of brand steering. market influence. Product functions . brand value system. which is determined by earning before taxes and earning trends. Correct Answer Reservation system. BV = financial value x [financial value factor + brand protection factor + brand strength factor + brand image factor] The market-oriented system of brand valuation. is ‘Semion brand value approach’. brand strength that is determined by market share. distribution rate degree of familiarity. BV = [Annual sales of respective brands x Net operating margin x Relative brand strength x Perpetual annuity NPV discount factor] One approach. The other well-known composite brand valuation approaches are Sattler brand value approach. Product features Select The Blank Question The strategy used to reduce fluctuations in demand is to implement_ _______. and the central element – brand monitor. It is a comprehensive. identity and potential. financial brand valuation and tracking of brand leadership. Correct Answer True Multiple Choice Multiple Answer Question Which of the following are poor differentiators of profitability? Correct Answer Price . which relies strongly on behavioral and image data in addition to financial values. integrative approach to build brand valuation that takes into account the special requirements of brand appraisal and yields a tangible monetary value. Gfk brand power model and brand rating valuation model. Correct Answer Personality Multiple Choice Single Answer Question It is the satisfaction linked attractiveness of the brand in its relationship with society :Correct Answer Ethical True/False Question Brand stature is a combination of esteem and knowledge. brand environment and intern protection and brand image determined by consumer association. brand control system. image position on market among consumer and vis-à-vis product. He defines four brand values – financial value of the company. both assessed on the basis of market prices.

Allows for existence of two separate dealers Who has written the book on Brand Management "Nets Out"? Zeithaml and Bitner Brad Van Auken Sir Michael Perry Lord Puttnan Match The Following Question Correct Answer No brand Extension Murphy brand Disadvantages of Line Extension Brand name losing its specific meaning Innovation Brand up to date and respond to changes in customer tastes and expectations Brand Extension Results from concentration of efforts on a few brands Match The Following Question Correct Answer Element of effective research programme Customer Panels Customer Satisfaction Consumers fulfillment response. Correct Answer False Multiple Choice Single Answer Question Which of the following concepts questions how time will affect the unique and permanent quality of the sender or the brand? Correct Answer Brand identity Multiple Choice Single Answer Question What does 'H' in CHAOS mean? Correct Answer Havoc Match The Following An attention paid to customer by waiter Satisfied hotel customer. Criteria for effective research programme Includes qualitative & quantitative research Match The Following Service operation Service personnel & physical facilities. Research objective for service To monitor & track service performance. Customer loyalty . Packaging .Maximises advertising synergy . Good customer encounter Increase in brand loyalty. SAS Customer driven airline. The inanimate environment All the non living features of service encounter. Socialising True/False Question The inanimate environment do not constitutes of all the non living features that are present in the service encounter. Multiple Choice Multiple Answer Question Various uses of the company's physical evidence are:Means for differentiation . . Servuction Model Visible & invisible factors FedEx Corporation All the sides of a triangle well aligned.. CIT Methodology Collecting critical incidents data.

Intense brand . Intense brand . Unique brand Your AnswerAdmirable brand . Correct Answer Courtes . Correct Answer True Your Answer True Multiple Choice Multiple Answer QuestionPeople are emotionally connected to a brand for following reasons:Correct AnswerAdmirable brand . the closer the relationship.Question The interest of employee's in doing service related work which is reflected in their attitude towards serving customers is known as :Correct Answer Service inclination QuestionWhat is defined as the sum of all the perceived benefits minus the sum of all the perceived service outlays? Correct AnswerNet value True/False QuestionThe greater the number of different services a customer purchases from a single supplier. Unique brand Select The Blank QuestionIn case of services whose technical quality can not correctly evaluated_ _______ used as signal of quality.

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