Giordano Bruno PHILOTHEI JORDAN CAN-BRVNI Nolan TVS TO THAT CIRCÆVS ordained to the remembrance of practice judiciary

which he himself calls. TO-Prince ALTISSIMVM 500 HENRICVM fat 'ANGOVLESME great Prior of France, in the ProLieutenant defeat at the hands of the king, & c.

Paris, In Giles Gill, the way St. John Lateran, under the three-homer urn persons sign. M. D. 82.

ILLVSTRISSIMO the highestPrince Henry D'MOQVE ANGOVlesme the Great Prior of France, prouinces pilot, and Locumtenenti general, and of the whole of the sea toward the east, the Royal Majesty for Admiralio Jn. Reg nault By His Secretary, Counsellor of the same. When my hands, the prince of the Most High, there are two of the art of memory t o the application of dialogue and his singing MANDRAKE came and when he had the excellence of his art, and fruits, not hidden from me: be communicated to the ge nius of the noble and most worthy of that noble amiss. For matter is not at all vain, and took hold of the most desirable. I leave aside that beyond the title, and elements of art has nothing in common with other published up to now: his ow n and admits that Jordan not only economical but also responsible for inuentorem testificabuntur. At these words of art of this edition to its reputation, and b elongs justification for it happens to have been vitiated by his copies of a cer tain success, and carried about defiled: and in so far as the author of commonly rendered an object of suspicion, and art is less commendable. Advice for me, th en, was that this very title of the art of having PRELUDE (in which proposed tha t can be promised) with its progress of which he was the cxemplar with me, some how once that lesson had been most faithfully, MANDRAKE vtque dialogue with its applications to increase the glory and ornament and not a little facientibs afte rwards by Ior. is formed, for a light to eat. Now it is the advice of a friend a nd the sentence, as most willingly consent to a pair of Jordan was roqauit as me (with heavier traffic is to be the intent) to undertake the care of and I compl eted it. After the art of another, then, through him published, and dedicated to King Christian, what shall the shadow of intitutatur of ideas: the drawing up o f this I accept it, which indeed it has a special, and own suppositions as the m emory of thousands of words or of words between the arts than other images, and a hundred thousand places and filled the difficult: this in the hundred, and twe nty-forms of the principal things (as he himself who speaks) subiectiuandis: iux ia the terms and thoughts easily the number of perfect, marked with specific ope rations, circunstantiis, and stood near him. Which makes these things as the art of remember the words much less labor, industry, and exercise: all the things t

hat the law can be in need than the rest. So as more easily, and certainly the w ay this came a procession of blind quatuorue three months, other than the course of pursuing, you quatuorue is able to offer the three years. This comes out to compare this art that other powerful can not be doubt. That of opinion with rega rd to the memory of things and enough of that as soon as was opened after having heard the precepts of art: each according to his own can use the same capacity, and who is excluded from its control of the court is not progress. When therefo re I have received in the very uniqueness of these terms and conditions as consi dered worthy of the splendor of your name would be running under Insofar as the service from the eternal servitude, which also I am addicted to you because of t he whole heart, that even you can perceive the sign: as also if any of this frui t of the canons of art emetent, on the part of itself to the you, in whose secon d is published under the auspices of, let. scantiness loftiness of your office i n the meantime., I beseech thee make up the greatness of the mind affectúsque. Goo d-bye, and the king's quamdiutissimé Ma. Country, and of thy admnistrationi, and y our happy and live in safety.

The grandeur of thy addictiss. And obedience to traditionmost servant of Jn. REGNAVLT.

BOOK IORDANVS. Shalt see the daughter of the great Sun, witch, É proceeding these dark recesses, Circêum you will go free in a dwelling-place, No more closely shut up more closely the terms. Bleating sheep, and oxen mugientes, Crissantes kids fathers Shalt see, vniuers' of the field and cattle, Syluæ all his beasts. Errabunt harmony of various birds of the air, In the land of, in vnd 'in the air. And without hurt to leave fish of the sea, The natural silence; Beware At last, when the house Appulate, Find domestic: For before the door, aditumqu 'ant' of the court, MOORISH himself præsentans Meet the pig, and if perhaps adhæseris: Limo, the teeth, the feet, It will bite, shall I defile, inculcabit, And GRUNT t 'obtundet. To them at the door, in the adituqu 'the court, Moraes kind of barking: A grievous baubatu manifold shall be done, Terrible and the mouth. This had not ONE'S MIND, and it left to himself Fear of teeth, and a rod, You are not it will bite, not thou shalt cut off,

You shall go, nor you præpediet. But when she was seriously revolving in euaseris industry, The interiors of subiens: Sun's SWIFT to the cock will receive, Sun, committing daughters. PHILHOTHEI JORDAN Nolan BRVNI CANTVS MANDRAKE to mind ordained practice.

DIALOGVS PRIMVS Interloquunt. CIRCE and RIM. CIRCE. A sun which illustrate all alone. Apollo, a song I hear, quiver, HOLDING A BOW, sagitti-powerful, the Pythian priestess, LAUREL, fatiloque, a shepherd, a sooth sayer, augur, and the physician. Phæbe, rose, a blazing, pulchricome, united to a fair, elegantly, with his gentle, become a singer, singer, and speaks truth. Tit an, of Miletus, the Palatine, Cyrrhæe, Timbræe at Delos, Delphi, Leucadice, Tegæe, the Capitol, Smynthæe, Ismeni, and Latialis. Those who impart wonderful natures eleme nts: the dispensation of which tumescunt, and appeased the seas: they are troubl ed and clears the air and clouds: viuida also intended, reprimitúrque of fire, for ce and power. The compactness of the ministry of this thrives al men, unfathomab ly strength from the ideas of things through the accounts to the soul of the wor ld down with vs vnto and below, whereupon the many and various herbs, other plan ts, lapiduinque the powers that the rays of the stars by the worldly spirit they are powerful draw to him. Be with thy daughters Circe sacred vows. If the intended castóque mind I am here for you, if my presence worthy of the rites according to his means. See how easy altars built for you. They are present thou hast unto thyself fragrant incense, the smoke of red sandalorúmque. Behold, the third and barbarous secrets whisper s ongs. When are Guided. Seven for the seven kinds of incense with the prince of t his world are expedient. Solutions and ligaments been executed in the usual way. Sygillauimus all things. præcationum which should have been run before as far fro m one, which also constitutes concupita express to their numbers are repeated. M oeris look into the line, and see whether the sun still high, the air must do. RIM. Nothing is absent. CIRCE. To convert you, then, to the midday sun, one by a wonderful power by whi ch he so many you do. Through the course of your horses concitatorum, who al men in discovering the hidden you run through the two hemisphere. I beseech thee, t o enforce moderation is Who? Behold, under the bark of a wild beast's human mind s. Agreed not to blind and deceitful as the dwelling of the bestial soul inhabit the human body? Where are the rights of things? where lawful, nefásque nature? If repetiuit Astraea heaven, of which not a trace of the land, indeed, see: Why wa s not it appears at least Astraea heaven? Behold subiuimus Chaos by no means sec ret. Why do they not mixed with the seas, fires, and limpid black stars on earth : if there is no reason on earth to them by governments and their show his face? The very nature of the mother of us not deceive? I would say nouercam or Mother ? Nothing ought to be very hateful falsehood truth: the goodness of malice nothi ng very annoying. It is not is not certain a little while, O bright lamp of the world, and that visible, and not talent, circumueniamur sensible reasons. Why, t hen, like in the very nature was our duty to try hypocrisy? If very few are effi

ncti the minds of men, why are so many men, I beseech thee bodies formed? O, the n, to convert to the parts of your sun, great nature and dignity as well as prej udice and Works. Around the other Thou hast marked the all-powerful gods, the sa me as the neighboring bodies of these spirits formators ministerial power by whi ch to govern more effectively. I adjure you by the looks of errors liars ministers, the governor through his l ofty nature of the power, as a single individual dumb animal species withdrawing the human face, with their very truthful, and do come forth extrinsic figures. If at any time growth had been checked the course of the rivers must die. If at any time should be high to grasp his fires. If there is no violent eternity. If at length to the ends of all things should be his call. Moeris lest anything sho uld be changed? RIM. Nothing at all. CIRCE. I charge you again what a panic? hæretis what the passengers of forms, nat ure sygillorum falsifiers. True, O Jupiter, whose majesty by you is wounded, you commands. Compels you the father of men, in virtue of which you three times, fo ur times, and scope. Even this unto you throughout the other command to the gove rnment that is above the other animals do have the kinds of gods, as the sophist ry of men face is not removed from every one in the light impediatis forth consp icuous figures. Look Moeris. RIM. Nothing is present to the New. CIRCE. Third, therefore, adjuration aggrauabo. A second time to try my hands of you, O the sun. See, for you the whole'S STAND . I beg you, explain your lions, your lynces, goats, DOG-FACED BABOON,] aros, ca lves, serpents, elephants and all other things belonging to you of these kinds o f animals. Alciones, swallows, quails, north, a Crow, goats, CICADA, and scarabe os, hovering and other of your family. A tortoise, pholim. tunnum, raiam, Cethim , and other that kind of your. Who Vbius, Alexicacus, Phan, of these, the day Ap ollo, Dionysius of the night, Jupiter, and you be called. The power of gold, hia cinthus, the ruby, and carbuncle supply me vicarage. In the midst of the planets reuerendè of governance, and the course of præmonstrans commonstrans of all, drew a , produces, and maturans al men, of kings, and councilors, O Lord, celebratedly glittering rays. If you prince of the world, the eye of heaven, a mirror of natu re, architecture and soul world, and the high sygillus architectoris. You also a ppeal to the moon. STAND & Lo, to thee. Bring out (I pray thee) thy cormorant, c ranes, Buteo, cyconias, JACKDAW, ducks, geese, other birds of pure water. Lumaca s, ligurinos, palmipedes, salpas, spiders, ictices, iuersas, arms, accoutrements let all thy apples of this kind: TOAD, frogs, Cancer, limacas, ossolas, let all thy apples swimming all other things. I appeal to you: 'How Hecate, after, Dian a and Phæben, Lucina, Triuiam, TRIPLE, Deamque TRIFORM we say. If active, omniuaga , very beautiful, clear, white, chaste, unmarried, modest, pious, merciful, and inviolate. FEMALE SHOOTER, an honorable, spirited HUNTRESS, the queen of heaven, hands gubernatrix, goddess of the night, ruling the elements, nurse of the eart h, and of cattle lactatrix, the sea, lady, the mother of dew, air nurse should b e the guardian of the groves, syluarum ruler, FEMALE BREAKER of hell, the larus insectatrix powerful and a partner of Apollo. Menala present, Sea, Pisæa, Latona, on the Aventine. Behold Saturn by both you old man the armed forces. Bring (I ask thy power) you r asses, ox, camels, the Hart, moles, rabbits, mice, and swine, basilisks, cat, apes, hiene, Silures, mice, bufones, ORIGIN, and other earthly things of your fa mily. Bats, owls, chickens, flies, Bruce, locusts, cuckoo, and other birds of yo ur family. Anguilla, octopus, will hedge up, a sponge, and the rest of your fami ly aqueous. Falcipotens, grandæue, early morning, slowly, slowly, the nakedness, s

cythe, sad, wise iudiciose, deeply, penetrator, rimator, the searcher, in though t, and a contemplator. Age my lord, the worshiper of the fields, the inventor si ckle, times the moderator of the rudder, the current minister of eternity, shoul d reap has run his race, duration intransibilem COMPOSED eternity. Gods father's father, adportans, and under the greedy al asportans time, their pie that is do ne, is kept of those things that last, and spent of those things that perish. Fr om whom, I am the serpent-tract so often lent the chariot. Who æthereóque fiery heav en Jupiter, Juno air, sea, Neptune, and Pluto have begotten gods hell. , Be the father of the age of gold. Leucadie, Crete, Italy, Latium, on the Aventine. Ó tribunal also turn to your Jupiter, tell me (I beg you) your eagles, percnopter os, pygargos, partridges, vulture, cyconias, anthos, ROMULUS, thrushes, bees, ot her birds of your family. Elephants, subulones, the Hart, satherios, oxen, camel eontes, and other living beings of this kind. Dolphins, the Silures, MULLET, gra y and other things that they dwell in unto thee flaming waters. Fulminator, invi ncible, the judge, the court, the teacher's duke, prince, king, emperor, and Mon arch. Rica, presents, hospital, truthful, and religiously. Cheerful, free, right eous, royal, magnificent, merciful, and are justified. Gods by fortune. Fate of the whole contracting happiness, a lover of truth, the promoter of power, is kep t of treason, the source of al gladness. The state of the best way, the legislat or of the people, the promoter of the gods. Who called the father of all gods. T he advance of the double hinge of the world tremble. Olimpice present, Dodonaean , Pæanomphe, Ida, Phrigie, Tarpeia, Lybice, Pysæe, Gnidie, Molossians, Ausonia, Elys ium, Latialis. Mauortem aduoco you also, lest thy scorn uttered here scorpions, serpents, asps , vipers, goats, kids, leopard, dogs, MAGIC PLANT, wild boar, panther, wolves, w ild ass, horses, hyppelaphos, foxes, wild beasts, and beasts tuasque quantities. Hawks, Falcons, sabbuteones, the owls, the griffon, bass, GURNARD, other wolves and birds of the forerunners. Fucam, the dragon, the crocodile, chroneum, torpe linem, persons, and for you for other things that live in the waters. Journeys, of war, male, a sharp and terrible, collilatum, shaggy, menacing, imperious, sav age, belliparentem, bloody, unlucky, impauidum, prancing, is doubtful, the appea rance of a savage god, walking in broad steps, and the strong, dread, iron, RESO UNDING WITH ARMS, raging, savage a savage, raw, a murderer, crazy, restless, hos tile, greedy, and fatal. With burning eyes terrible, efflantem fire from the nos trils, of gravity of the great leader, truculent faction glorious prince, full o f subtlety of the heart incensorem litigants, euaginato Be opened by the sword a ll the force of a powerful, all mighty men of valor and invincible powers dissip atorem, IRRESISTIBLE enersorem throne, to whom no one resists obsistenti, whom f ear and precedence of discord, to whom the ministers of the fury and anger of, a nd whom death follows, most of all formidable. Scythonie present, Threiicie, Bis tonie, Strimonie, Odrysie, Melyte, Getica, Quirinus. Tertij goddess of heaven, be thou and Venus, and than Esperum, Bosporus, and we say that the day-star. I beseech thee, thy promised doves, turtles, pauones, FI GPECKER, galgulos, sparrows, pelecanes, harp, pifices, a swan, swan-pigeons, sta rlings, chenalopices, and not named your birds. Hares, agreeable fawn, mares, th e ant, you, of these species and other living beings. Phocas, ruticillam, curtai n, and a calf swimming vndicola for you. Venus, attend the beautiful, very beaut iful, friendly, friendly, gracious, sweet, verily, white, starry, dionea, RANK, humorous, aphrogenia, fruitful, gracious, generous, active, peaceful, luxurious, clever, fiery, FEMALE greatest, the best susceptrix , the Lord's love, the mini ster of harmony, musical MISTRESS with caresses placed, dance of the moderator, which produced the ornaments, the whole joint, the bond of things. You with all of the gods of the first parent Cælij the power of propagation that came, allowing you continuous succession of animals, you of all the joys and pleasures Univers al propagatrix, you penetratrix inaccessible arduorúmque of all, you mighty gods o f all triumphatrix. Paphos, be a goddess, Cyprian, Ericina, Calydon, at Samos, C YPRIAN, Guidi, Cytheræa, of the Capitol.

Mercury to me to convert. Hermes who, and Stilbon, the son of Maia, and Athlant is you be called well-born nephew. Call a conference, that I request your vpupas , bees, nightingales, BEE-EATER, orchilos, DAW, ardeolas, Penelope, your Philome la and other birds. Also set, a panther, ligurinos, herinaceos, weasels, a she-m ule, and other things of that class. Trochilus, aquatinam, rails, lampreys, pars nip with the rest of the same species. Mercury BEARING A HERALD'S STAFF, galerat e, FEATHERED, WING-FOOTED, young, beautiful, virtuous, strenuously, be diligent, active, the birds are diligent, conuertibilis, wise, the scribe, painter, singe r, poet, inuentiue, a debater, numerator, geometry, astronomy, divine. Penetrato r stored up, hidden elucidator, dimly, DISTINCT, the interpreter of the gods, me ssengers facundissime, most reasoner, a notary of the sun, the gods, and the pro moter of the hells, foecundissirne either sex, the male males, females, woman, j udge of the gods, inventor of lute, arts all sufficient. Arcadian, be, Tegæe, Memp hitice, for the Egyptians, and the Athenians, Palladie, Olimpice. Come here at the same time all the seven princes of the world, and in your CIRC UIT take heed to, as it lent the power of your (your vicars than in the juices o f herbs, and of fire, smoke, and stones appensionibus'S WAY) administrators are able to bind the figures, as we were forced to make another type hidden species alive (ementita the receding figure of man) from the light to go forth into open secret. Then again and again you TAKE AN OATH, and confirm, spoilers of the wicked, impu dent people, impij, stubborn, not me you shall flee. Depart, and go his spite us or by a beast of the human countenance. RECKLESS powerfully of the sun of this command to you, by Jupiter altitonantern, and by the gods and all that dullness tergiuersationem your viciscentur. Gods it is not to take care of you believe th is? Holy See, the letter of the gods, which in this plate show. Lo, whom I expla in characters into the air. Lo, the trace of the great sygilli. Grief, explain t he well-known membrane in which there are powerful, of which all men are hidden mysteries. Thus there are some, we believe that we can to change the very laws o f nature, why not by themselves profaned the wicked will be permitted to re-esta blish the same? Add to this the fires of incense, fumigiorumque quantities speci es, while hæcque submurmurauero, look what him the multitude may be made out of a window: RIM. Unseen in connection with wonderful, marvelous, out of so many men whom we have seen, the three quatuórue only, who remained fled in confusion to the safe. Into the neighboring others of which all the others at their disposal caverns, a nd still others aduolant in the branches of trees, and still others let them dev ote themselves to the next precipites the sea, our doors more to the other membe rs of the household adproperant: I see in the cattle of several sorts, was trans figured. CIRCE. Indeed, explicauere their own forms. Shall come to pass as inculper Moer is: CIRCLE beneficent wicked and address of foolish men. Are men who still remai n two of truth: them or wishes to, nor can our chant touched. RIM. Sift the terror of my goddess and queen, that terrible sight of the beast threaten us. CIRCE. A little before we dread? RIM. We do not. CIRCE. Now, therefore, is given to you, less an occasion of fear. RIM. Why that?

CIRCE. For it is not dumb and now I see the beasts of the same things which the y differ (as you know and she herself) by those who were a little before the men saw, in addition to vngues than that they now have opened, teeth, stings, and h orns that lay hid. Yes, you are not ignorant of this and want to, because with h im lack the organ, which is the most effective ledenda intimate to the soul itse lf: much less have injured them, and the effects are formidable. RIM. Why Him? CIRCE. Language. RIM. Dij love me I am afraid of what they have done more than what they say. CIRCE. Therefore less you have none. But I will show you this and that and now, instead of him in the kind of the fear as you live the less you ought to be sol icitous. They enirn, some of whom had two horns, others aculeatus, so others wit h teeth, others see vnguitos KILLING: they were all at the same time each and ev ery one wing and sting, and tooth, and vngue terrible. Now diverse and singular which to defend themselves, and others may be able to ledere Having got possessi on of arms, when they had before they had all things. RIM. How will persuade me? CIRCE. You do not know him that armed the hand of all that they are arming more ? you do not know all the hand to be without arms, as all can be powerful weapon s? to himself and not know it stings, poisons, and the horns, teeth and adaptant em, invasions of wild beasts to fear for himself by no one, and only living thin g of all things which are seen to command the instrument consuenisse? Are, there fore, rashly and imprudently made timid. Therefore, all fear of skin from the he art, drive all the ambiguity, and go on your way with me in their examination. RIM. I can not not be afraid of things present, into account, turned against us , and the horns of the weak and unarmed, and other instruments of death that I s ee. CIRCE. Tutor, make haste, song easily overcome all things. RIM. If able to promise a goddess, nothing hesitans continue. CIRCE. At the beginning of these things track the domestic animals. Lo, the roo fs of our neighbors took us towards the pigs, who were put to flight, most easil y of all these under human cognouisses bark. RIM. Very easily indeed.

CIRCE. For the pig is an animal A, greedy. B, a barbarian. 100, MUDDY. 500, is hard. E, erroneous. F, filthy. G, glutton. H, tardy. K, Kapitosurn. 50, Li bidin osum. 1000, troublesome. N, nequitiosum. Oh, ociosum. P, stubborn. Q, quærulum. R, rustic. S, it is foolish. T, swollen. 5, went for nothing. 10, lunatic. Y, auri culatum. Z, and movable,, unless there is no good dead. RIM. When elemental swine's determined to Circe necessary element of one of the more forgotten. CIRCE. Not for the thing without consulting it came to pass, because he himself is also implicit in the other all the elements, as well as their element and it

seems the elements. In one, therefore, bring all things, as one was brought in all. A ungrateful. B unclean. INCONSIDERATION 100. Infidelity, 500. E inconstant . F impaciens. G indiscreetly. H inciuile. 1 impudent. K the impetus. 50 off his guard. 1000 unlucky. N unsuited. Oh unfair. P inhuman. Q ruthless. R inuerecund um. S restless. T was mad. 5 intemperate. 10 mean. Y neglect. Z inhospitable. fo rgetful. RIM. And I will consider very by the numbers from the natural. J. Who hath his eyes and outrage, there is nothing but gluttony hosque waiting. two. has sharp e ars. iij. fauices colossal size. fourth. the nostrils of all impurities to the s et. v. læsiuos teeth. six. August. I wish to say a narrow forehead. vij. pinguiusc ulum the brain. viij. the tail is always mobile, always adnodantem, but never no dantem, negociantem almost always, and never progressing. ix. and one has a larg er belly. x. never more to lose teeth. xj. no or little you will find within the marrow of his bones. twelve. difficult to change hair of all four-footed animal s, or loses it. xiij. kind of my family has lice. fourteen. has its own voice to the sexual intercourse. xv. vocalior him the sea is his woman. sixteenth. sænit a very sharp time of coition. xvij. foecundissimum of many animals. xviij. one fo od is not constant. xix. easily in all kinds of food grown accustomed to doing. xx. change of forage, and possesses the utmost variety. xxj. bullets of the one who is fed the flesh, more, better and more wise. xxij. syluestre kind of divide d and in his city. xxiij. where the clay found there, the day pleasurable. xxiii j. brute animals at all. Has, therefore, so many tokens of his pores, who being more easily (no matter h ow much is hidden from the under man) will not know? If It seems to you, lady, a ll other things vnico, and the more adapted avenge the sign: For it seems to she w much lighter touch than two to comprehend, or one. CIRCE. So to do so. FIRST QVÆSTIO. RIM. Of many kinds of dogs that I see, as other troops, laying aside that this is CORROSIVE and properly CYNIC, which itself is of no less illustrious pig: how to acknowledge this cowardly dogs have been able to kind of under the figure of human? CIRCE. This is the kind that the barbarians, condemns, and does not understand that whatever flesh: and she herself carried the figure known as the cowardly wa y in the unknown allatrant dogs and all, too liberal, in the most wicked acquain tance lost again and less aggressive. QVÆSTIO 2. RIM. Prætormittam asses way: n. of them other more serious, and earlier in the ye ar concerned. For instance, the children of these asses mules, which known to ha ve been able to discern? CIRCE. There are those who would be philosophers as eloquent and two: they were neither philosophers nor eloquent. as an orator and poet boast of: they were ne ither. as you have read, and scholars under the title: Nor are such might not be such. as grammarians and had: to fail, either in the office. as merchants and n oble: they might incur secretly kind of ignoble. esquires and as the garb of pea ce: war letters and they were inept. as religious and courtiers: etherocliti gen eral, pay an animal. beautiful and terrible as: eat neither woman nor the man. m other ass and a mare, as it were only from the Father, nor horses are not an ass , and ruditum have mixed with the neighing. QVÆSTIO 3. RIM. Hyrcos what have I indicated?

CIRCE. Or the smell of hyrcinus, or that so long as live, so long together. or that which they desire to lay with condensing see a woman with his partner, then crissant for joy, and rejoice as rams. QVÆSTIO 4. RIM. How apes have been able to observe? CIRCE. Or by the nose, or from the fact that with the best things of affectaren t, as the best or poetry, or wisdom, or prayer, or stories: infælicissimé in all thi ngs, however, met. From this, I say that they have fallen into the worst bend to what is best. as you now see, that when they imitate the most beautiful man of animals, most of all the very fact they become deformed. RIM. Notwithstanding the fact that an ape APE fair. QVÆSTIO V. RIM. How have drawn a distinction from this to that other kind of an ape? CIRCE. They are in the late grauibúsque useless things, ma son flattery, and hyst rionando, and parasites acting his fancy: as present, while we are not able to b ear burdens, with the donkeys, with horses as a soldier, to plow with oxen, with the pigs to feed rnortui: Only in this way vsuueniunt laughter as they can do. QVÆSTIO 6. RIM. Kept separate and the third is kind of a monkey, look on the banks of the river, what it showed? CIRCE. Parents to see was kind of barbarous, WITLESS, inciuiles, and the childr en of educans ill children, while an irrational affection and excessive indulgen ce in their manners: by embracing the strict sense as the way you see in its pro per form to their young ones to kill. QVÆSTIO 7. RIM. Note: For this aspexisses camels? CIRCE. I'll tell you. When latitarent under him that the man's is, by no means pure things were pleased, but all defiled with their custom to the approved of; of the monument to the race of whom the wise are those who are infected with fil thy childish and adjectionibus prefer to receive, or undertaken: as preference f or a camel to drink the whole way mininie rejoice, except when feet treading dow n the water is troubled. QVÆSTIO 8. RIM. These are the kind of neighbor and head do not know where thoroughly alike . For ceruix clings to the head of a camel, horse, tiger burning spots dipped ba ck does it matter, and ox feet. CIRCE. Cameleopardales call them, whom he had been able to perceive from thence , because the worshipers of the gods were in a certain rite, with the voice of t he executioners, the life of different kind of vices unclean, Bubulcus the grave s of the writing. QVÆSTIO 9. RIM. They who were hiene gesture? CIRCE. know to eir own QVÆSTIO Blandiebantur service, as in the destruction of the draw: that way they relate the human voice, that men are that they have heard the name of th advocates, whom discerpant. X.

RIM. It would seem kind of stand near the other hiene. CIRCE. Agnouisses the same thing under different actions. adcurrant as you see, to man's excrement, which, if they were atius (as they can not touch) suspended : weary, stretched out of the body were destroyed. Carry it back again with the same men, foulest things were sweet, and very worst of the best interest to rece ive. Just as in wine may be cultivated with sackcloth, which appears: for they t hat shed wine, only to himself, keep it down. QVÆSTIO 11. RIM. Stag celebrations so this kind of two horns? CIRCE. These were hidden under the cover of some of the princes, and if what it pleased them, that perceived at a distance: if they did not understand what cou ld have less arrisisset quamtumuis claimed. manner, if arrigant as the ears, mos t acute in the hearing they have sound: if a hot bath are surdissimi. QVÆSTIO 12. RIM. What do we have brought with him in the perspective of an elephant? CIRCE. That the nose had this for your hand, or that lack of hands, vtebantur n ostrils: for there is nothing to do with nescireut: only seized upon the decisio n of judicial deeds of others. QVÆSTIO 13. RIM. Who vrsos olfecisset these? CIRCE. Anyone who had experienced their bear: which the bringing forth, fouendo, is quantumuis the tongue and other mouth om the infigurato rudíque birth: savage, QVÆSTIO 14. RIM Who had heard of lions? CIRCE. Who considerasset that with the Prince being, from the lowest strength c onuitiis they had feared, as it were, now they are compelled to the very nature of Christ, and the voice to fear cock. RIM. Will you proprea are changed in the wild beasts? CIRCE. No, but we were the addition of the very fury of lions. QVÆSTIO 15. RIM. I leave all other things must be considered that other greater. Istricem k nown to me which could tell him? CIRCE. Spinásque their ears of corn, you see is not only stirred by, accepted by ABETTER, and driven iaculari? RIM. I understand. QVÆSTIO 16. RIM. SEA-URCHIN cognouissem easy, way for as thorns, thorns contecti go in abou t every way: so long ago in the bitterness of all traffic kept, within the mind rough indulgences. CIRCE. Truly a kind. QVÆSTIO 17. stubborn nature, barbarous, and I will nourishing, and lambendo promouerit. Th improvement for the animal is formed fr however, grows up, is hard, and alpestre.

RIM. Diuinassem for them is why tortoises. The quality and kind of a tortoise ( neglecting all the others) is that? CIRCE. These courts existed to the magnificent drawn by the expectation of the princes, of which they were able to delight in pleasures, as far as them afterwa rds as freely in time, that he would rest, and was not permitted to receive: now , as it were, laying aside the veil of the human, and his bark apparent veiled, delighted with the heat of the sun the south, all of that excalfaciendum back ex posed, so much so their bark exsiccauit power of the sun, as it were the same as the suppression of the floating you to undertake: to the more secure they can n ot, interiorésque adnatare withdrawal, whereupon captari and hunters can now with no trouble. Indian call this kind of a tortoise. QVÆSTIO 18. RIM. What do you say of these cancer pinnoteras call whom? CIRCE. Do not you see how he hide under the empty shells witness: under the les s adapted to children, but under the capacioribus ancestors? Now it was allowed to see themselves through with many that were worth nothing: despaired of his ow n sufficiency, dominorúmque of our ancestors were defending their titles. QVÆSTIO 19. RIM. CROCODILE have seen? CIRCE. On the other hand clapping their ferociebant, they granted that, however , and notwithstanding anything to despise: in the fleet as the only extant terri ble, terrible in the fleet. QVÆSTIO 20. RIM. Adders also? CIRCE. These were in the parents, teachers, and liberal: an injurious, ungratef ul, murderers: as only sons, mothers kills the bite. QVÆSTIO 21. RIM. How chameleontibus light for these? CIRCE. Or, because of all the followers and flatterers except onesta and of tho se things that seem clear: as it was now besides the red, and white, all colors imitate. Or, because he was popular not fed them for something other than the pr aise and glory of human aucupabantur. Look at the mouth is always open-mouthed t hem, other than air vtque not to be fed. Or, because within the capacious lungs, and have the greatest of whom possess nothing: now, except the wind as it were, nothing could have been boasting in them notomistæ minds to contemplate. QVÆSTIO 22. RIM. One say the word, any appearance of a man, to be conuicisset aquaticus the se? CIRCE. I'll tell you. Hearers and followers of those who willingly considerasse t turpiurnque of evil: so. n. Sycias found, which will only be in the body that is the worst, and insuaue powerfully attract. Octopus had heard of them, if they saw how different he adcommodando morals, and of several sorts of animals (as f owlers accustomed to do) by feigning words: cam thing domesti knew simulando to increase, as the way of color change of the hunt. QVÆSTIO 23. RIM. Of these other species were forgiven, considering the other: that these bi rds at the next light to the eyes Circe Syluam aduolare and eminence. They who w

ere in them nidulantur hyrundines that house? His figure is said to have enough to face them the very good fortune of his friends who were present serenante his face: the face of which obnubilante be calm and inconstant. they gave their bac ks: the time of truths to us as the way they are here, vrgente winter, however, they fall away. CIRCE. Well. But they could be known and in this, with the man under the cover of the sirnul conuersarentur with the truths of men, and they should approach th e human of his countrymen, and homes, of throwing away the chaff, and beam their adcommodantes: If, however, could not be used to: as to assemble, and mice can not be with men, quantumuis I will live, and live under the same roof. QVÆSTIO 24. RIM. Pauones cognouissem also easy, for I saw the glorious altigrados, his ampl antes colorésque wings, puffed up and breast swelling. CIRCE. Certainly. But by the pauones ought to have to understand them, who did nothing but praised: that way, when a man laudauerit them, they make themselves wings notable for the explanation. QVÆSTIO 25. RIM. Nightingales also do not ignorant. There were a talkative race of men, but they have very much to be wise as they said might be seen: indeed he fed the op inion of fools: the wise fools, and equally contemptible, which it is not hid th e thing spoken. KIT VACVVM MVLTVM reads. CIRCE. The best. Poets and was a garrulous race, which is empty music abounded. QVÆSTIO 26. RIM. Whom does it matter that the voice of small bird imitates bouis? CIRCE. Cognouisses those with the country, the small and the subjects, sufficie ncy, mind, and the nature of the outcast: the voice (speaking of great things, a nd decree that) they glorified. QVÆSTIO 27. RIM. Coccices to the New, they might do to the children of mothers with their w iues of others: as we now see eggs in the nests of other men's stand. CIRCE. You have judged correctly. QVÆSTIO 28. RIM. The eagle, whom they call the royal bird, rapacibúsque fingers tangled enoug h to declare itself, had heard of who does not? under man who cried out it is no t heard? CIRCE. It is certain that many eagles and their faces on the side under some of the powerful. All the eagles they are powerful, but not all powerful, eagle. Fo r it is not from this point of your eagle CIRCUIT you say, with the goddess of t he boards, and the Queen. RIM. We do not, but what to injuries? not the father of the gods and Jupiter hi mself under the notice of the eagle? CIRCE. You are receding from the proposal, now with eagles, which were hidden u nder the man we speak, not of gods, men and animals who are usually under the ea gles, and other side. QVÆSTIO 29.

RIM. Auemn after that which is to attack the eagle, it seems, do not know. CIRCE. NIGHT HAWK call. NIGHT HAWK lay hid under the guise of an eagle and the emperors that consererent with each other, from the third inuadente subuertebant ur: vnguibus cohere as way as far as the beak and so dilacerantes: the conflict of one another as to lower the earth sank down, seized by others. QVÆSTIO 30. RIM. Never seen so great auim Dij the best I remember. CIRCE. OSTRICH This is the camel, birds are the greatest, and senseless: And wh en the neck concealed bush, think that he side. Such are and pheasants, and such are MULLET, in the waters. When a man laden with a great body, and had been abl e to look at it in bulk, having the least presented the court. QVÆSTIO 31. RIM. For many over the fowl of the common and appears to have been carniuoracit atem rapacity of, in what Circe vultures (if vultures are the ones I see for the mselves what the darkness came up there I see them I can not well distinguish th e black birds) cognouissem sign apart from the others? CIRCE. They are vultures. Captabant the very rich and imminent deaths, which se veral years preceding olfaciebant: aduolant as in to the bodies, which for three days before the præsentiunt future. But we do not hunger future news, and the bir ds of these attentive too, feel the darkness in the very end of twilight, which of us to give back the sight of the stars, with a view to separate us from these animals. The roof of coenaturæ then repeat. RIM. To the following day, then the whole day if you inspected the rest destine d for. CIRCE. Thus, if A is not more vrgentibus auertar. QVÆSTIO 32. RIM. SHINE BY NIGHT of several sorts, but these do not delay to signify the Lor d about me I beseech thee, under which hid the faces of the can? CIRCE. These are the learned, the wise, and of distinction: between the ordinar y persons, asses, and obscure. QVÆSTIO 33. RIM, who were this is so charming, courteous, the human, conuersatile, and an o fficious animal genus: which night to a perch of domestic aduolauit vrgente befo re us? I say these cognouissem how the Gauls? CIRCE. French is an animal with the most beautiful, MELODIOUSNESS, noble, gener ous, magnanimous, console, and almost divine imperious: himself, however, abuses , & for the better one is put off the form, and that with a similar mate, as for the vile and ociosis plurinium hens die in the battle, RECREATION other spectat ors who were conquered and delayed his escape, singing himself bears witness to the higher ground. Have seen this side in them, who were accustomed to waste eac h other mutual discord, and who boasted of how ridiculous his other crimes of hi s own slaves. ULTIMATE. PHILOTHEI JORDAN BRVNI Nolan DIALOGVS 2. applicatorius to the art of

ULTIMATE. Memory. Interloquunt. ALBERICVS BORISTA. ALBERICVS. A FRIENDLY WAY Borista, Circæi in the reading of a tune, the maker thereof hath p rosperous successes, and its scant of time triuisse part of which is permitted t o use, it can not metedere. There he did not gaze upon a small variety of things , there is an explicit sense of many in the very bark of the words: marrow of in tentions also involved, I infer to be innumerable, of all which that which is se rious matter and excellent thing, I admit to be ignorant of me. BOR. Are not easy to understand. ALB. Concerning those in whose taken promoueri I could, that is only one burnin g desire in his mind. BOR. What? ALB. As soon as he is by that very variety that is in the face of the dialogue may be able (as far as can be done by art I hear) the order was won in the same place where, without negocij difficult to obtain fixed to retain in memory. For labilémque impatience and by labor (which by nature is) to keep the faculty, to be able to LACK CONFIDENCE me to do otherwise. I hear that you can not istrionicam been found from the Jordan to a kind of boast, what manner of others, from the shadow of the ideas expressed path to reflect the art of how many very difficult . proprióque study unapproachable judge. Some of those who seem more learned than the common people, concealed, lest their insufficiency, and with them should be ashamed to confess his poverty, which they assert that any of them do not percei ve to be a confused reference to the art. BOR. Unapproachable, indeed, the art, but without Salem conceded easily. I admi t also difficult, but worthy of an accusation does not come here: we wish to ref use all for the best, difficult to be situated in the decree of the gods, is not him whom hid from it. Moreover, that many doctors do not understand it and of t hemselves, are not among those of ignorance, confusion or art be attributed to: nothing less, without the understanding of this art can be learned. for that whi ch pertained to them, it is in the cause, that more occupied with other matters in the nogotiis, read the opinions of a small quantity of art of this attention. For it is not that the members of intentionúmque it is sufficient to understand a ll the parts, but judge him worthy of them and, moreover, it is necessary, consi der and contemplate about the same as, nor the intentions of the other does not have reference to the other, so relatásque contribute with others, as simple as it were, from the intentions, be put together combinations of the terms, and of th emselves and the things that can be deduced in the present case lead to memory a nd invention in the court. But for those who so far to submit to so much labor a nd not at all able to attain perfection; only captivate some kind of practice: h is edition of a certain extant, communicated to a few of his friends, to those w ho are versed in the study of the arts of this kind, easy to understand. been fo und from other men's added what where, and what he adinuenerit the whole, you wi ll be able easily to see through you. ALB. Dij Propitij to me: I shall be most desirable thing to me to be obtained t hrough you, if what has been said made answer.

BOR. Lo, a copy of the open mind you are attentive, and was heard but consider, and if not for intellexoris man. It has a petition with the title of his proæmium . ALB. The Law.

STRETCHING AVTHORIS. BORISTA. Is our intention, making a sign to divine divinity, to pursue metodicámque to art the way: to correct a defect, strengthen our weakness, memory and the power of n atural subleuandam: in so far as any (as long as it is of reason in possession o f and a participant in the trial the average) can come in it, so no one such as existing conditions , is excluded from the been deprived of this art. This does not have an art by itself, nor of the industry of those who went before, from wh om the invention in raised up as: we are long promoted his thoughts to be added, as well as on this side, and the certainty of which they do business from the f acility, as well as to the brevity. Since the long sought which is according to the way of other exercise of power, intense attention, and studies by others qua dammodo abdication, so much so that disdain to the study of such characters are better than them: so now through the grace of the Most High would easily surpass both illustrious and worthy of the task is set before us: that no one is of sou nd mind, who let alone the art of ought to love, but also influenced the whole, and sinews, to devote themselves in the desire of his. Since all the other art o f this helps, and shows the way, and opens up access to other invention in Brita in. For so shall he do to mind, as even the most is to confer to judgment. But w hat in the praise of, and holds a moment of this art? Approves of success, the t hing itself. Only one is difficult, there might be some these same things by its elf, can understand. A teacher all understand. And this could not happened from the fact that we should try to eliminate the difficulty: but from the novelty of the thing and celebrity terms. Plato in the most solemn and most things, howeve r, as he exhorted them Euthidemo archanae with himself and a few are to be held by the philosophers, and worthy to be communicated to. For water, he says he bou ght the price of a most wretched, most precious of all things is when yet. The s ame we do our friends, and intense: for the occasion of a greater purpose in tha t Plato is led by a led. The same all those in whose hands this deuenerint, cons idering: Do not abuse the grace and the gift of the same distributed. And consid er that Prometheus was figured out in the fire of the gods to men who, when he e xhibited, he incurred their wrath. Proæmiis and all other things that is in the ve ry beginning ampullatis are wont to be proposed, as it was. For it is sufficient and necessary to bring the present intention to the complement of the things th at they do. BOOK DIVISION. "It has in the business as the present is divided into Theo"Riam and practice of, vtpote in the nature of art, and principles "Cipioruin himself: And that from which the precepts of the greatest "Me proximeque operation he started. "Theory has three parts: Another of which is "Governing the way the inquiry in the art and imagination "Thought, which are the remembrance of the gate, and another which "Belongs to the nature or places are subject to the other,

"The nature of which is added or images. "The Practice, however, has two parts: one second that "Regards the memory of things; Alterain that looketh towards the "The memory of the words. PRESENCE OF THE THEORY PERFECT FIRST PART TEORHIÆ. Chapter. I. "The manner of governing of the senses and natural internal "And to instruct the building of memory. "§ 1 The order of powers and organs. "Famous enough, and was granted, four "To be cells, for the four senses of internals, which"Of: The first, called the common sense, situate "In the front part of the brain. The second, vnto the ce"Rebri half, the phantasy-domicile CALL BY NAME "Is. The third contingent that cogitatiuæ doinus-gods "Is said. But that the fourth memoratiuæ. This is a little while "As regards to the consideration of this present: for"Thrice and the cause for that, as the order of operation, we have "Accounts of these powers, to complete the "Menieriæ operation, § 2. The order of operations or actions. "Then, is so, they are directed these operations, as by "Another, to advance to another we may not, even to the "The remembrance of last bed, unless successiué came on"Saying from the one into another, and by his own order in which the same "Organs, from the mother and the nature of the dwellings were in"Stitutæ, and the ordinates according to the situation. Imagine "For as four cameras or not, indeed, beds "Must put aside but as an the other placed within another, "So be open about that in the fourth went in through a third: "Into the third by the second: the first into the second by "The house. I say in the present case that it went into the me"Memory of, except by the court cogitatiuæ: no-think "Tiuam, unless the imagination by the court: no imagination, "By the court unless the common sense. The comparison of § 3. "So the nature to be held in the art of this is the same as the "Perapicimus to have that which nature itself: as "To wit, and imitate the art itself, and should follow, emu"Happy, and help nature. And this very blind "In two respects. Then evidently do things in that which "The memory. Then, also, in that which the same or"Dinaté render memorable, and readiness. The first"Imaginatiuæ the benefit of the house is made, according to "The benefit of imagination. For imagination perfects the i"Magina with the reasons his imagination, however, for-

"And the particular places, and especially the seat of images. Chapter. 2. Inquiring about the way in art, in governing the imagination. "The thought, therefore, is formed (as they will naturalea) "Through the species is not man of understanding, that teachings from the speci es"Except taken out. The door was, and the entrance, and nails "Vnica bed memory. Belongs only to them is why "Remember, at the solicitation of which the impulse of thought "Had been (I mean universally thought in the said "Kind of reasons: for thus-ability of the Brú "Except from the estimation of those who it is said the solemn-PHI "Losophantur) by means of love, hatred, fear, hope, "Sorrow, joy, abbominationem, the delight"Of, and affections of other species of animals, who"Things-even in the memory is rendered fit for the reception of "The sensible species, and species of sensible "Most appropriately by the same act are received. "Behold, how species are rendered and memorable "Formable. According to this faculty-only so far "Happily succeeds us this way: That those things which by virtue of"Dimus remember when we saw occur. "The second is necessary for the use of doctrine, or as"Dinate and recall the same at pleasure. And-i "God in the Scripture as a picture, and that extrinsic "Extrinsic serve the eyes of two things are required: the reason "-To wit, beauty, and the lowest figures and characters "Ginum, and the subject of the matter, and in which for"Mae photos and they may be able to subsist, and to remain "Last out. So also in the Scripture, and intrinsic "A painting, which serve the eyes of intrinsic, there are two "Necessary. Second, which has the nature of the figure"Of, and images of letters: the one that he should have "The nature of the book, page, the stone, and the wall, whereupon "Depends on the reason of our neighbor to be said.

PART SECVNDA theory Chapter. I. Of those things that they do and are subject to the theory of forms. "We must, therefore, as a basis and foundation of this, "Page as if we were to preparing for, and then the nature of "Attributed to characters, and appanendarum "Images and to bring other things to convey to the way in which "Other certificate. Easily from time to time will be small "And conceived to reflect, to go forth to the works of"Of. § I. Of the subjects, and what the subject of the first. "So the nature of the subjects, must be considered the first oc-

"Runs, before it, to insert promoueamur "Which to them adueniunt. The subject in the present case, therefore, "Not to be taken according to the intention logic, or "Physical, but according to the intention-suitable "That the technical is called, the second in-vtpote "Intention of the artificial, and is the subject of not-for "I would, preaching that differs from the "Preached. Not a substantial form, that the gods-GUTS "Is said, which is the primary matter. Forms, and Nan"Cidentalium, which is composed physical. Not "Artiticialium forms inherent in the heart of natural"Bodies. But is the subject of forms-phantasiabi "Apponibilium things, and remobilium, wandering, and "Ran at will of the operator's imagination, and "Cogitatiuæ. His reasoning taken from the time that the definition of "Belonging to this art of the subject in its general "Ralitate: it is distinct in its species, means "What follows. § 2. The subject, that is the present intention. "The subject, however, this (which is fit for vtpote "Born-to gain possession of me as memorable forms "Delay are) or can be for the comforts of com"Placed the natural, or semimathematicum, or spring"Bela position. But him the natural, Or it can be "To be most common, according to the breadth stretched out "The limits of its al men, according to the breadth of common "Geography, or any common according to the breadth"The right of the container, or a property according to the breadth-power "Liticam, or proper according to the breadth of the household, "Or economic, or many, according to the most special"Greatness, and the number of parts of the house, and a pair"Ticularum the same thing. "So many existing species of the subject: the very things which "Are below the breadths of property: to the are of the greatest "Vsum adapted to this present, although these are the things that "Are below the vse of the breadth of the community to come "People's thinking. And the practice of them, together with the practice of su"Biectorum semimathematicorum can to run. The Those "to whom, perhaps, something in the rules of practical com"Will show. But now conseuens in me"Midst to bring conditions in subjects, by order "The. Chapter. 2. The conditions are subject to. § I. "Sensible, and, therefore, subject to material things, judge the "Well-judgment of all that has hitherto been said about this art"They: the first are to be chosen so as to subatantiam, "As they are sensible to the eye: The other of which are "As natural stones, the trees and the like. The other are "Artificial, as the hall, the pillar, the corner, and statue

"The like. The other way they are either having, as "That part of His nature, and partly consist of art. § 2. "The same to the quantity of their continuous, subject to "Proper ought to be not very great, that no"If it seems advisable obtundant and destroy, nor a very "Small, as it were, it seemed not to flee, but to the mediacria "The greatness of such a man, according to what is the al"Titudinem eleuatorum stretched out and the breadth of "His arms. § 3. "The same as there are so many are to the quantity of discrete "Species especially memorable. Is a little at"And things which a few sentences are sufficient to me"Memory of: many of the words to memory and re"Quiruntur. "This is also with regard to the abundance of subjects, which"Since we are wont to do sometimes is not enough for itself which is of "One house or the building can be chosen and taken: "Proportional to the act of refuge to him, "The one whom writers extrinsic to the eye to make con"Sueuerunt. When one page is not enough for them 'To the entire business expression, pages "Attached, and sowe: not from the table that asThe "first, free to express. Thus consulted about us "In the present operation, as the institution of proper places "Common bonds of common topics. And O"I am lost of our thought, and imagination, the things that matter "They themselves are divided, separated, and one from another DEPART"Ta: vniantur, be united, and aproximentur. Be done "And in this way. And the end of one term, ADHERE"The principle of another may stand or understood "Is. For nothing stands in the way, and the less you can end "The term of thy house, and it is in one part of the city "Charity, to add the principle of one dwellings and that "On any other part of the city. In like manner, there is no objection which "Less than the end of your health to the local Roman"He contrived the first places of Paris, provided that "Is fixed with thee, and sanctioned, as is always such a "Understand the end of such principle, to succeed. § 4. "The same to the quality of. As they wish subject to all "Should not be too much to be illustrious, nor a very "Obscure, but are not meant such things as excel"Linz seemed to disturb his, or his lack of sight "To move less. § V. "The same to the difference. They want only as caueatur "Than by the ignorant from the plurality of similar places, but "Recommended variety in every election. Undo-gods "Send (they say) more similar between the columns, if-

"A soldier of the windows, let the empty spaces. In these "However, if it please to place something: you can institute a "A receptacle such as is the altar, the table, "Throne, and the other of this kind. § 6. "The same to the Report. Must be understood subject to "Formed, moved, altered and the arrival of images: as "Please be able to represent the same. Meant "I say affected, as in fact is affected by page "The letter arrived, or if possible, and better, "As affected by the new wax impression of the image"The. And this is valid noted at that which should be known "Which to the action and passion. § 7. "The same with the ordination. From the opinion of all lo"Ca without the assumption of selection are not: but ordered: "As it was by the order of parts succeed one another, and memory"Bra of the building. § 8. "The same to the site. Should not be too much for"Pinqua nor be too much distance, but to the corresponding "Interualium must put aside. Otherwise so-confundeut obtui "So the imagination and intuition, as in the Scripture "OPTIC, the letter on the letters cause confusion "Inscribed, and letters by letters inhering in it. "In like manner disturb it (though not so) letters from "Moderately letters more than remote. BOR. Not received the Alb. subject to reason. ALB. Perceived, and to the modes and conditions to be chosen in the very places that are concerned, it seems nothing more than to bring up to now, besides that which was brought from the other extant. BOR. Thing down to the surface considered. But we have agreed is no sensible ch ange him out of those things that belong to the places. What wilt thou say wheth er those things were, which previously had been considered dead, gives life thro ugh those things which is next the following chapter we will have him teach, sub jects brought the notion of making the greatest? Certainly, if applicueris soul: thou shalt have a renowned art species, and order to the intentions of the arts , and perpetually retained. ALB. Well, do to advance to the proposed application. BOR. So shall it be. You have, therefore, from the art of preparing a draft are as common subjects. Sensible things. Natural. Artificial. Mixed. Average spacij . Average clarity. Memorable According to the number of species. Different. Diff erence. To set the proper forms to the relations retained. Sorted by. Meeting must put aside intervals. ALB. I have.

BOR. At present, how they ought to be regarded as viuificata perceive. ALB. The Law. BORISTA. Chapter. 3. Cautions for the forms to the subjects, the firmness of retention, which was kno wn to few and lightly touched. And it is that may be due to the nature of subjec ts, as for the last category is that I have. § I. "Subjects of another substance, are another addition. "Subject to appeal to the substance of the things about which hacte"Remember the Lord. Subject, however, are the things that adiectina"Certain places aforesaid which can be added to the difference "Substantiuis in the fact that that for ever from their ma"Immovable and do they spin the same: to be sure although these things constant ly "Ought to remain, and remain therein: for, however, "Aduentantium on the occasion of forms, and images "Are moved, altered, and in divers colors, and different "Experience are undertaken when there is anything through them or to the "Are inserted to the action of the same in any way. This had not"The virtue of the places they are able to add as much of a wonder"Nima the body, so much so that without those places as dead-ha "Bean: But they had when alive. Add to this, therefore, an "GOURMAND cap I sat down dagger, windows SHOT, heavenly "Terásque vtensilia the like, and movable: "Since nothing so little while, that for the "Innumerable innumerable Experience is unable to have and re"Required to traverse. Now when beaten in a corner of Albert "HAT activity, experience came to the function of the shield. Now, while pin"Git Ideus: CAP abandoned for continence colors. "Now while he dug a peasant: spade cap is cut into, "And so other successiue other agents, and fa"Cientibus: CAP operations of different ways "Is inserted. Hence future time, if the place does not occur ap"Set, as from reuelatore faithful, you can from him "Adjective was added to the subject of a thing made more certain, since "You ask, how is it out of the cap? what has been done "Is a dagger about you? ALB. Dij Borista love me, the more praiseworthy industry of this command, I arg ue, believe me, the most celebrated of the ancient places viuificatione and caut ion of the earlier over these kind of touch, but not comprised considering. BOR. Now you have an incomparable invention, of which not a trace of conjecture , although, indeed, the former arts. ALB. For this matter? BOR. Semimathematicorum the arrangement of subjects. ALB. Let me hear semimathematicorum novelty to the subjects. Chapter. 4. § I. Semimathematicorum of the nature of subjects.

"Purely mathematical subject to vse can not come "Are, since they are abstract and abstract his"Can not move or knock at the imagination of, "Belongs to the higher abstraction since fa"Faculties, which is the very imagination. § 2. "Therefore, that which they are able to shew the mathematical"Gives the name of itself, is the only order, and this in two "Can be inquired into (one in whose success, however, the successive "Yields) to wit, in the figures and numbers. In the shapes of which "I give it by proceeding from the triangle to the square: a "Four square, a pentagon to the: on the one side to the hexagon: "Hence to eptagonum, and so on in innumerable "Shall be made smooth by the figures. Similarly, in the solid figures, from the heart"Trilatero to the quatrilaterum time, from the very fact that is "Three of the surfaces, to the fact that the four su"Is fulfilled: and so on to other things. Those who progress "Difficult to vsum can be formed in the presence of art. § 3. "In numbers, however, by proceeding from the monad to the two"Litatem: a duality to the Trinity, and so on in the "Innumerable. And yet they are not valid numbers "Represent the order but only to insinuate. "Some things natural, therefore, be applied, and "Colored by the same means, and they may be formed. Destinen"A penny is, therefore, for the first line, for the second li"Gnea, for the third of iron, the fourth for things of brass, but for"To the silver, the gold for the sixth, the seventh for sericea, "For the eighth pannea, leathern for the ninth, for the tenth "Leather. Or for the first agricolturæ organs for themselves and for"Organs of the second art blacksmith, for the third general of the army, for "Vestiarias the fourth, the fifth for lanionicæ, for the sixth "Hortensis, coquinariæ for the seventh, eighth for the me"Dicinæ, BARBERSHOP for the ninth, the tenth for funerariæ, "For vndecimo of sacrifice, and so on. § 4. "These and ordered tens specified or "Of this kind, or by other means: or, according to this "Mode, or in another: some small "Differences you will decide, and defined differ"Ferentias, fingers, to insert numbers in the if"Particulars of tens. For in wooden, gold, sea-monsters"Risque the like, are instruments of difference, ", And things. Similarly, in the coquinariis, and garden "Similar. § V. "Therefore can be applied to the intentions of me"Morabilium those things his own order: whereupon not only "And the memory of the order of things, but also the number and "A mere situation, and the country, with the intention of the parties

"And it is possible to retain the chapters: more at length, but the thing "How far does the dignity of art seems to be explained. ALB. Than was found with child without any declaration perceive your Dij beni: more clearly. n. could not be opened nor owed. BOR. Him, indeed, considered the more mature and more excellent the trial earli er in the year will appear. Him also not very inspiring to the great vse doth no tably offers the greatest occasiouem. ALB. That also, in a matter proposed to consider what I desired: that not only local, but the nature of f cundissimam images and unfolded, and where, through ima ges of places, and taught in various places gives life photos. Here also the mar k of engraphicé of holding the look of the arts. ALB. Of Those enough of this. The Law. BORISTA. § 6. Verbal positive out of that place. "The verbal passages to positive, it is not for"You feel to handle the business, and treat it only by force"Ri pessent in part of this art, of them for con"Nails in the book of great desires, which is found of"Of, and the trial of the sciences, and of the secrets of retention "And fixione. Let it be enough, therefore, in the present case, nearly the same said "Semimathematicalia, the heads of which, sentences, "Laws, or the paragraph or of any "Can be subjects, but also are able to this "The utterance of numbers in the photos are as"Things, and other of this kind. § 7. "That also, it should be noted that for different "Matters and occasions, from different genera, it "Mimathematicalia places can be should be rich"Simodé formed, whose two enumerate, and others"Many of which can be enumerated in like manner. ALB. You have not the nature of verbal Borista places? BOR. No at all, it would not be here if I had brought the same place nor time. ALB. How such a judge if they do not know it? BOR. This escape thee, therefore it is not, to its application to the number of MANDRAKE, as the capital, according to the multitude of terms, places sensible objects, is opening a practice in which you are, machine; soon in the memorable things, which of places and order, and then follow the order from the places, th e signature intendas mind. ALB. Right. Now as a page in which to write, or I have a table in which the pai nting is disposed. Soon, therefore, be inscribed, explained the nature of figura tidique BORISTA.

PART THREE: THE theory of RELATIVELY ADIECTORVM SEV of forms. Chapter. I. What is the form of, and quotuplex. "The form also in the present case is not taken according to "Plato's as able as long as the intention of Methaphisicam "For the idea. Nor according to the intention Methaphisicam "Peripatetic, as authority for the essence. Nor, according to "The nature of physical, as much for the substantial form "Accidental or informing the matter or subject. "Nor is according to the intention-art technical vtpote "Added ficialem things actually existing physical "Which stands. But in the sense of logic is not "Indeed rational, but imaginary (as far as no"More logical name is taken) in response to intention"Of the subject, which equally diuidendo above, and the gods"Stinguendo by others, diffiniuimus. § 2. "It is, therefore, some form of thought in the present case , "Either the work of the imagination and COGITABLE cogitatiuæ 'ruleAnd "places or subjects according to three-fold above those "A wide difference, in triple: to some representative "At last, and retained for the information, and perfect "Memoratiuæ of faculty. § 3. "Therefore, other forms are natural, they are different "Positive. Natural intrinsic vse do not come "In the theme: Siquidein (as is clear) are not imaginations "Bile, but the extrinsic, which objections in the senses, "Not all can use to come, but only those, "Which by the sight, hearing and entered the internal senses"Diuntur, selectissimæ forms are visible. Gu"For stus and feels from the depths of objects, touch is "Supporters on the outside, smell a little distance, "Distantiora hearing, he was seen by them, however, distantissima "Of the world conceives Photos objects. Therefore, all "Spiritualissimus, and diuinissimus, as naturally "Surpasses, who determine the purpose in the present "Extrinsic forms of visible things, which, indeed, although it is not "Form of which we are speaking are: yet they are the sources of "From which they emanate, and those which birth-mothers "Riunt. And therefore if she called the traces of the outer "Ida: a shadow called the interior of the same "From the shadow of us in a book entitled. § 4. "Again, form is other things that are intrinsic, extrinse"Dear to streams, and daughters, who by vehicles and hoary"Les of the external senses, they retreated to the imaginary fa-













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