"All goodness arises out of love, all love arises from the soul, all souls arise out of God's eternal and undying love and creative power, the love and power that creates everything."

Are you aware of the mechanisms of your personality? Our personality is the mental and emotional interface with which we interact with life. We need to be aware of the way it works, of the attitudes, beliefs, and opinions that we have towards each of the seven centers of the human form. Don't take personality traits personally! They are generic and changeable human qualities and are not something to get attached to or take personally. Instead of thinking "I am greedy", we can reframe this to "There is

Soulful. obsessive. and obsessive behavior in each center. greed. depressed. underactive. Excited.greed. manic. denied. This will help us overcome addictive. unconscious. It is this "personality interface" that we aim to become aware of and make adjustments to so that we can enjoy a happier and more fulfilling holistic life. addicted. balanced. By understanding the seven center system of the human form. Sattvic: . We can take control of the expressions of the seven centers with the aim of taking charge of our personality. and holistically healthy. repressed. over-active. GOODNESS. the love and power that creates everything. THE GOLDEN BALANCE: LOVE. SELFISH DESIRE. spiritually aware. all love arises from the soul. These qualities are represented by the seven chakras." This creates a space between the soul and the personality traits and it is this space that allows us to objectively review and modify our personality. dharmic.gunas . attachment. selfish lust. All goodness arises out of love. Dull. It does not matter how knowledgeable we are concerning life if our personality does not change to match our opinions and beliefs. Each chakra can be in one of three modes (corresponding to three qualities . all souls arise out of God's eternal and undying love and creative power. WISDOM. A human being is an expression/experience of a combination of Universal qualities. and THE GOLDEN BALANCE. we can understand our personality and mind and make the appropriate adjustments.of human temperament) which are: Tamasic: Rajasic: SELFISH AVERSION.

The normal curve of statistical averages shows that imbalance and disease occur at the extremities Wisdom says "Avoid the extremities and remain holistically balanced" THE GOLDEN BALANCE Avoid the extremities Behaviour and experience in the tamasic and rajasic modes is always delinquent and selfish. .

depressed) and rajasic (too much = lust. neurosis.Tamasic (too little = denial. Egoism and personality imbalance. sattvic experience is ALWAYS POSITIVE for All sentient beings. holistically healthy. The balanced.if it becomes habituated to either of these 2 states . The table below shows each of the seven centers of the human form and the experience of each center corresponding to the mode of nature that it is operating within (tamasic. discomfort. or sattvic). the seven chakras and personality TRANSCENDENT TRANSCENDENT CONSIDERATIONS TAMASIC (AVERSION) Excess Yin Dull & Damaged Under-active Depressed SATTVIC (BALANCE) Golden Mean Balanced Integrated Healthy RAJASIC (DESIRE) Excess Yang Manic & Mayhem Over-active Addicted . delinquency. rajasic. over-excitement) experiences always lead to a negative outcome. If a chakra remains in a tamasic or rajasic state . deviation.then eventually disease will occur in the system. Extremity is the source of all vice and unhappiness for everyone. and disease occurs when one or more of the centers are in a tamasic or rajasic state.

" Will not participate in or experience worldly life Neglects other centers Tendency towards irrelevant mysticism and the occult Ungrounded • • MIND INTELLECT/LOGIC/IMAGINATION/WONDER TAMASIC (AVERSION) SATTVIC (BALANCE) RAJASIC (DESIRE) . and worldly life Has no time for “materialists” Scorns materialism and "worldly folk. Appreciation of the variety and multiplicity that is the Creation • • • • • • Evangelical Celestial type The preacher type Denial of material. emotional.” Strong attachment to material and mental life Can only perceive life on the level of the life of the ego Experiences the diversity and variety as the only expression of life Has not realized the Unity of Life on Earth Suffers deep sorrow.Denial • Spiritual • • • Grasping • • • • • • • • • Scorns “transcendent considerations. fear. cognitive. and attachment Takes their worldly part too seriously at times Lacks transcendent considerations Soul realization Spiritual realization Balanced spiritual and worldly life.

heart and mind working together Mental Wealth Focus Development Enjoyment Can choose thought forms Can watch the mind Command of the Thought Process Able to visualize and imagine Able to simulate events in the mind and calculate probable outcomes Contemplation and meditative mind Relevant Logical. organized. clear. reasonable.” Dismisses the mental and intellectual faculties Psychological and perceptual difficulties Learning difficulties and disabilities Difficulty planning and thinking through procedures • • • • • • • • • • • • • Mental Health.Dull & Damaged Under-active Depressed Denial • • • • • • • Balanced Spiritual Healthy Integrated • Manic & Mayhem Over-active Addicted Grasping • • • • • • • • Dull Depressed and negative thinking Thinking disorders Unimaginative Stagnant Stuck Will not entertain ideas outside the habitual repertoire Sloppy and unorganized Focuses on the negative in life Cannot or will not entertain high thinking Scorns “intellectualism. rational Enjoys the intellect and the imagination Can guide and control both intellect and imagination • • • • • • • • • Manic. over-excited and uncontrollable thinking Ungrounded Perfectionist Can’t calm down mental activity Impractical Bound to overintellectualism Scorns “stupid and earthly” people Happiness is dependent upon mental capabilities and achievements Undirected thinking and imagination Lives in mental fantasy world Celestial dreamer • • • .

Gossip. Feels guilty and afraid to genuinely express themselves so hides behind a social mask Unnecessary negative communication. inconsiderate Uses others as a ‘monologue audience. always depressing and tragic news Cannot express themselves Afraid to communicate Dull. slander. able to express feelings and opinions in a mature and adult way Able to listen to others and consider their views Appropriate. boring. and manipulative. robotic voice Dislikes own voice Unable to • • • • Health Balance Cooperation Enjoyment Assertive. exploitative.COMMUNICATION SELF EXPRESSION AND CREATIVITY TAMASIC (AVERSION) Under-active Depressed Passive dependent Denial • SATTVIC (BALANCE) Balanced Healthy Integrated Spiritual • • • • • RAJASIC (DESIRE) Over-active Manic Addicted Grasping • • • • • • • • • • • Masked selfsyndrome. relevant and quality Communication Ability to speak objectively about life issues Can change timbre of voice appropriate to moods and occasions • • • • • • • Lying Cruel speech Sarcasm Mockery Verbally abusive.’ Talks because of agitation or uneasy with silence Overbearing and tyrannical Monologue Gushes without . Uses words to hurt and to create fear in other Noisy.

Love. Rarely finishes that which is started Creatively competitive and egocentric: Only interested in own creations • SOCIAL AND COLLECTIVE Intuitive. Wisdom of the Heart. Soul TAMASIC (AVERSION) SATTVIC (BALANCE) RAJASIC (DESIRE) .• • • • participate in conversation Lack of normal self-assertion: great difficulty in asking for things or verbally defending themselves Submissive in conversation Will not speak Always backs down in discussion or negotiation Creative dullness and difficulty • Good and appropriate conversationalist Enjoys being creative • • • • • • • • • • • • sensitivity to others Gives orders and asks for too much Can only speak subjectively personal likes and dislikes Talks incessantly about themselves Happiness is dependent upon self expression Dogmatic Hyper-critical Difficulty in listening to others Arrogant Hostile and chastising Flamboyant and/or agonized creativity.

Under-active Depressed Passive dependent Denial • • • • • • • • • • • • • Balanced Healthy Integrated Spiritual • • • • • • • • • • Over-active Manic Addicted Grasping • • • • • • • • Selfish Inconsiderate Mean Problems with hatred Jealousy and envy Demand love but fails to give it Hard hearted. cannot forgive Holds onto past hurts Resentment Manipulative Mercenary Dutiful but not loving Pathological disorders – no feeling for others Few moral or behavior codes of conduct Lacks conscience Inability to express normal emotional responses Inability to understand others needs Bitterness. empathy.” Considers others but does not consider themselves in a normal balanced way Unnecessary martyrdom Has problems receiving love Wrath • . warmth. mockery. and scorn Fears feeling or acting upon love Hides feelings • • • • • Love Considers others Health Cooperation Enjoyment Social skill Affection Care Kindness Affinity. and ethics based upon love and respect for life Forgiveness Mercy Wisdom Balanced giving and receiving of love Loving service to the collectivity of life on Earth • • • • • • • • • Heart and mind not working together loves but fails to see others faults Has difficulty balancing the heart center with the rest of the system Ungrounded and unwise Ungrounded romantic Will forgive without following through by analyzing why things go wrong “Healer heal thyself. principles. cruelty. compassion Morality. tyranny.

Laziness. controlling. manipulative. . withdrawn. ENERGY OF DOING. lonely. DETERMINATION. selfish. AND DRIVE TAMASIC (AVERSION) Under-active Depressed Passive dependent Denial • • SATTVIC (BALANCE) Balanced Healthy Integrated Spiritual • • • • • • RAJASIC (DESIRE) Over-active Manic Addicted Grasping • • • • Sloth. and Procrastination Hyper shy. EFFORT. ENDURANCE.• • • • Difficulty crying Fears rejection due to past traumas and hurts Conditional love only Tragic unloved and unloving personality Persistent self-pity • VITALITY AND DRIVE WILL. isolated Resentment of others Health Wealth Cooperation Balanced Physical heath and vitality Enjoyment Hyperactivity Anger and frustration problems Always competitive.

Always wants to be the leader Actively will not share Blaming others for own problems Happiness is dependent upon name. and status Superiority complex Hyper(over)-active Hyper-sensitive to opinions of others . Uses others to build up own sense of importance. Puts others down to make themseves feel "on top" Always needing to prove oneself Needs the limelight all the time Inflated sense of importance Rejection from groups as these types are "socially unbearable" Often irritated by others Intolerant and impatient with others Always wanting to be best or first.• • • • • • • • Lack of Confidence with and in others Lack of endurance and determination Lack of social and assertive skills Inability to fit in with groups Inability to share or cooperate with others Inferiority complex Hypo(under)-active Difficulties with digestion Unconcerned about the opinions of others • • • • • • • • Good energy level Good digestion Works well Determination and endurance Healthy will power Can apply effort Patience Can wait • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • exploitative. social power. and mercenary The jealous and competitive star.

.SEX AND REPRODUCTION SEX. THE FAMILY (Part 1) TAMASIC (AVERSION) Under-active Depressed Passive dependent Denial • • • • • • • • • SATTVIC (BALANCE) Balanced Healthy Integrated Spiritual • • • • • • • • • RAJASIC (DESIRE) Over-active Manic Addicted Grasping • Sexual repression Uptight Clingy relationships Bitterness Frigidity and impotence Sexual dysfunction Denial Martyr Tendency towards sexual fantasy rather than reality Denies healthy sensual experience • • • Health Wealth Cooperation Enjoyment Sweetness and pleasure Ability to share wisely Appropriate. content. and addictive Lust . satisfied Healthy relationship to sex Ability to let go of certain appointments and expectations Healthy relationship to sensual pleasure and intoxication Temperance: The ability to manage sexual and sensual • • • • Compulsive. selfish. REPRODUCTION. loves and leaves Seductive: Uses sexuality to control people and get what they want Does not want to deal with disappointment or failure. PARTNERS. uncontrolled.Selfish and addicted attachment to sex and sensual pleasure with little consideration concerning others Irresponsible in partnerships. PLEASURE.

GROUNDING TAMASIC (AVERSION) Under-active Depressed Passive dependent Denial • SATTVIC (BALANCE) Balanced Healthy Integrated Spiritual • RAJASIC (DESIRE) Over-active Manic Addicted Grasping • Miserliness Health Greed .desires and aversions in a mature and considerate manner • • • • • Ability to say "yes". or "no" to desires and aversions • Emotional infantility based upon uncontrolled id Selfish and greedy relationship to sex Addiction to pleasure Controlled by strong desires and aversions Happiness is dependent upon the state of their romantic relationships Addiction to intoxicants • PHYSICAL BODY HEALTH. SURVIVAL. WELFARE. “unsure”.

Pain and Dissatisfaction Self destructive behavior Dislikes their body Health problems Rejects the world Hypochondria Ungrounded Constant problems with work and money Aversion and denial of physical body and material/physical life Suicide • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Practical Cooperative Enjoyment Knowledgeable concerning the body and it’s functions Healthy diet Looks after their material needs without greed Resourceful Takes care of their body Attends to needs and avoids greed Provides and maintains the material necessities of life Holistic health Prevention before cure Secure. and stable Strength. clinging. and attached to physical body and material/physical life Bully Narcissistic Physically vain Wasteful • . and Anxiety Weakness. and Disease Hardship. vitality. firm. and flexibility Comfort and Contentment Come to terms with death Unattached to the physical body • • • • • • • • • Hording Selfish Hyper materialism Happiness is dependent upon wealth and material possessions Grasping. Rigidity.• • • • • • • • • • • • Stubbornness Insecurity. Fear.

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