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7 million square kilometers. you can find snow covered on the peaks of Tasmania and secondly you may also come across large deserts and tropical forests. It has a diverse range of climate zones that vary from tropical regions in the north througharid expanses of the interior to temperate regions in the south. For instance. . It is located between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean. The total area is about7. but is the sixth largest country.COUNTRY INVENTORY: AUSTRALIA2 Introduction Australia s formal name is the Commonwealth of Australia and is considered the smallest continent in the world. It is full of diverse geographical features that are very beautiful and intriguing.Australia also has some of the oldest geological features in the world and the oldest known rocks dating more than millions of years ago.

Australia has no official state religion and people are free to practice any religion they choose as long they obey the law. which is used by deaf people.COUNTRY INVENTORY: AUSTRALIA3 Australia: Cultural Geography The current cultural scenario in Australia has a perfect blend of Australian Aboriginal Culture and the European influence. They possess a rich culture with distinctive mythology.000 of the population. flocked to this rich island during the Australian Gold Rush and as refugees of World War II looking forward to rehabilitation. Similar to that of the United States. Settlers even from nonEnglish speaking countries in Australia have adopted the Australian English as their language for communication at home. it prohibits the federal government frommaking any law establishing any religion. as long as they do not incite religious hatred. The national language of Australia is English. For about eighty percent of the population.especially the British. languages and lifestyle. Australia has one of the most diverse cuisines in the world thanks to Asian and European migrant influences. . or prohibiting the free exercise of any religion. there are other major religious faiths also practiced which greatly reflect Australia¶s culturally diverse society. Prior to the arrival of European settlers there were around 200-300 Aborigine languages spoken.Some traditional foods like fish and chips still remain popular. The second most common language is Chinese due to the large presence of Chinese population. The natives of Australia follow their own indigenous cultural traditions and evolved their own arts and crafts before the immigration of the Europeans. English is the main form of communication. It is popularly known as ³Australian English´. Citizens of European nationalities. Australia has also adopted a sign language known as Auslan. They are also free not to have a religion. Individuals are free to express a diversity of views. imposing any religious observance. Other languages that are spoken as well are Italian and Greek.The Aborigines of Australia were the original inhabitantsbefore the settlement of the Europeans and are believed to be about 450. but is written in a distinct manner that distinguishes it from the English spoken in other countries. When it comes to foods.Australia is a predominantly Christian countrywith around sixty four percent identifying as Christians. However. beliefs.Religious freedom is safeguarded by section 116 of the Australian Constitution.rituals.

They may also recognize the day with a holiday for everyone or celebrate the day as a nation with special events. the climate is not uniform in every part of the country. For instance. In some smaller towns. seafood. including Asian greens. If invited to someone¶s home for dinner.Western Australia and Queensland for example.It lies in the Southern Hemisphere and the seasons occur at different times of the year than in Europe. Amazingly. it is custom to bring a box of chocolates for the hostess or a good quality bottle of wine. The summer months are November through March while winter occurs in May and lasts throughout August. many new industries have been established to accommodate the growing Australian taste for exotic foods. Most states and territories observe some public holidays on the same date. In addition. it produces highquality vegetables. Australia: Physical Geography Australia is for the most part a flat plateau with large desert areas central and west with only a few mountain ranges. lychees. meat.There are other events that are not public holidays but still celebrate an aspect of Australia. As one of the world¶s most efficient agricultural nations. most shops. fruit and grains. Customs are very important in Australia. A low coastal plain encircles most of the country and much of it is fronted with miles of sandy beaches.experience almost scorching summers and pleasant chilly winters while Victoria and Tasmania . and cheeses and other dairy products. Meanwhile they have others on different dates or have some days that only their state or territory celebrate. Australians hold certain days each year as special days of national meaning. the shops and restaurants close. Many vineyards cover the land from north to south with the varietals ranging from Coonawarra and Viognier to Shiraz and Grenache. olives and herbs.The shape of Australia is due largely to tectonic Earth movements and long term changes in sea level and most of its topography is a result of prolonged erosion by wind and water. In larger cities.COUNTRY INVENTORY: AUSTRALIA4 but it are the wines of Australia that will astound you. poultry. Christmas and Easter are two of the main public holidays. nashi pears. restaurants and public transport continue to operate on public holidays as we do in the United States. A couple of events are Australian Citizenship Day on September 17 that celebrates the importance of Australian citizenship and Harmony Day on March 21 whichcelebrates their racial respect and community harmony.

Constitutional because the powers and procedures defined by a written constitution. Murchison and Ashburton rivers. The governor general generally acts on the advice of the prime minister and other ministers but. gold. The eastern highlands.Australia also has the world¶s largest resources of recoverable brown coal. nickel. The resources in Australia involves exploring. uranium and zincand ranks second in the world for bauxite. the Republic of Korea. coastal weather and harsh. zircon.COUNTRY INVENTORY: AUSTRALIA5 endure extremely cold conditions during the winter months. India and Singapore. uses domestically and exports to countries around the world. Australia: Political Geography The form of government established in Australia is a Constitutional Monarchy. extracting. known as the Great Diving Range. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state and has been Queen of Australiasince 1973. and monarchy because the Head of State is ran by a queen. rutile. China. The major markets for Australian mineral and petroleum exports are to Japan. The landform is a low plateau with a fertile plain to the southeastern tip. separates the eastern coastal plain from the rest of Australia and receives the most amount of rainfall. The Queen is represented federally by a governor general and in each state by a governor. Australia has large quantities of these resources. tantalum. which it mines. liquefied natural gas.The northern parts are more tropical while the south and east enjoy moderate weather. It also has the Great Barrier Reef. copper. The dry and barren desert regions make up most of inland Australia. The western plateau region is generally flat but you can also find the presence of mountain ranges in the same region as well as big rivers like the Victoria. Coal. inland climatic conditions. copper. which is the world's largest coral reef. The lack of high mountain ranges hinders the prospect of a heavy rainfall. The precipitation of Australia is extremely low when compared to other continents and landmasses. lead. iron ore.Western Australia is made up of the western plateau and on the eastern coast are the Eastern Highlands. the governor general has reserve powersincluding the power to dismiss ministers. Australia¶s two self-governing . There is an extreme variation between the pleasant. processing and exporting minerals and petroleum. ilmenite and silver. diamonds. zinc and many other minerals provide growth for many neighboring nations.

the executive which is responsible for enacting and upholding the laws established and the judiciary which is responsiblefor enforcing those laws. Australia has been an active participant in international affairs since 1901and has fought beside the United States and other Allies in every significant conflict since World War I. I think the future of Australia is forever growing and changing with the times. From reviewing all the information about their natural resources. I also . I believe Australia will become an even more powerfulcountry and may surpass Canada¶s percentage in the production of oil in years to come. ninety percent of the land mass seems to be grasslands and deserts.Australia is part of the Asia Pacific partnership on clean development and climate which also includes the United States.Both Australia and United States have ties covering the entire spectrum of international relationsfrom commercial. Three political parties dominate the center of the Australian political spectrum. New Zealand. The country has devoted particular attention to relations between developed and developing nations focusing on the 10 countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the island states of the South Pacific. There are three divisions of Australian government consisting of the legislature which is responsible for debating and voting on new laws.COUNTRY INVENTORY: AUSTRALIA6 territories have political systems similar to those of the United States andeach territory is headed by a chief minister who is the leader of the party with a majority or a working minority in the territory's legislature. United Kingdom agreement and the FivePower Defense arrangementswith Britain and New Zealand to ensure the security of Singapore and Malaysia. Australia: The Future In my opinion. If there isn¶t enough precipitation each year I think that percentage may rise over the next thirty years. The country has been active in the Australia. It was also one of the founding members of the United Nations and the South Pacific Commission. Australia also participates in a Trilateral Security Dialogue with the United States and Japan. and environmental contacts to political and defense cooperation. Third is the Australian Labor party representing workers and trade unions. cultural. Then the Nationals who represent rural all interests. As shown on the map. The Liberal partyrepresents the urban business interests.

COUNTRY INVENTORY: AUSTRALIA7 think Australia is one of those places that most tend to forget about because of its location. . As the years go by it may well become the center of world attention for all that it has to offer to neighboring countries including the United States.

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