THE FRUIT OF LIFE ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.

1. God - body/host i/all (on,off/0,1/=,!=/who: is/it) instinct, earth ☮, North, Iron/Blue/UV/Black Pleasure (sex) vs Pain (violence) Particle physics: Strong/Weak Forces, point, physical, matter, a cycle, atom, proton (mini black hole), solid, need, ego, child, silence, order. 2. Lord, Angels/Demons - mind i am/me vs us/them (+,-/why: what/that) intelligence, water ☮, East, Copper/Green/Turquoise Good (conscious, innocence, virtues+) vs Evil (unconscious, fear, sins-) Electro-Magnetism, high/low points projection, psychic, mental, curve, molecule, electron, math, liquid, want, persona (mask), parent, responsibilities/rewards, knowledge vs believe, senses, plan/design, to know. 3. Spirit, space my/our (x,y,z/in,out/where: here/there) intuition, air ॐ, South, Silver/White/Yellow/Orange Peace (life) vs War (death), wave length (from crescent to crescent), recurring cycles, sound, guardian, gas, neutron, geometry, Order (in) Chaos (out), move/animate, resources, execution, to dare. 4. Soul - time self/us (when: now/then) intent, fire ♥ West, Gold/Red Love (symbiosis) vs Hate (parasite) Quantum physics, positron, frequency, use, rhythm, pattern, E8, plasma, light, Chaos, experience, to act. 5. center, seed, flower, fruit of life energy out of void/ether/zen: trope universe. "The universe has its center everywhere and its circumference nowhere." cubeoctahedron, vector equilibrium. >> 0. Conception - Birth (Seed of Life) 1. Freedom baby ☼ > 2. Unity Love child ♥ > 3. Beauty teen ☆ (Flower of Life) > 4. Wisdom adult ☯ > 5. Happiness mature ॐ (Fruit of Life) > 6. Peace of old age ☮ > 7. Death >> the parents are the body (earth/matter) and the spirit (air/space), they are as old as the universe and are here to care for their twin children; the mind (water/senses), and soul (fire/time), who are as young as now and are here to play, to grow, to learn, and to have fun.

Minister of Foundation, Propaganda, and Membership Idiosyntactix Strategic Arts & Sciences Alliance. G.A.O.T.U. The Last High Priest Of The Universe

* if good things can happen, then they will happen. * art is in, science is out. * I am this I am, not US vs THEM. * The universe is a playground and the earth is where we learn how to share it.

Alexander Braun (ATUM _\|/_ TEM)