1. Sharp knives are actually safer to use____________________ A. as dull ones B. as ones that are dull C. than dull ones D. that are dull ones 2. Daniel Webster, Thadeus Stevens, and many

others______________prominent in public life began their careers by teaching school. A. they became B. once they became C. became D. who became
3. As coal mines became deeper, the problems of draining water, bringing in fresh air, and_____________ to the surface increased. A. transporting one B. to transport one C. how one is transported D. one is transporting 4. _________________because of the complexity of his writing. Henry James never became a populer writer, but his works are admired by critics and other writers. A. It may be

understand 8.000____________Florida’s largest city. A. is understood C. A. to be C. by B. that was B. Key West.B. A mastery of calculus depends on ______________ of algebra. that 6. when C. with a popularation of 18. As late as 1890. Besides D. to understand D. ______________He was not a musician himself. an understanding B. Why is it 5. Although . Piedmont glaciers are formed____________several valley glaciers join and spread out over a plain. was D. A. it was 7. Perhaps C. from D. Lawrence hammond developed an electronic keyboard instrument called the hammond organ. A.

A. Under the control B. Indoor heating systems have made_____________for people to live and work comfortably in temperate climates. In 1837 the university of Michigan became the first state university ______________by a board of regants elected by the voters of the state. being controlled D. and Dance. to combine successfully D. a successful combination C. successful combining 10. Not D. For 9. No B. Not only a C. to be controlled 12. That C. Agnes De Mille’s landmark musical play Oklaboma was___________of story. it was controlled C. music. Nor a 11.B. Successfully B. ______________single dialect of American English has ever become dominant. A. . A. Despite D.

Measles D. d. B. possibly 13. they are allowed D. That measles B. Many of the buildings at Harvard University were designed by Henry Hobson Richardson. Considered America’s first great architect. it possible D. Certain fish eggs contain droplets of oil. allowing them B. As measles C. A. ______________to floatv on the surface of the water. allows them C. Harvard university has many buildings that were designed by Henry Hobson Richardson. this allowes them 14.A. _____________ A. possible C. It was Henry Hobson Richardson who designed many of the buildings at harvard University 15. A. ____________is caused by a virus was not known until 1911. C. What if measles . It is possible B. Henry Hobson Richardson designed many of buildings at Harvard university.

The Yale Daily News is oldest than any other college newspapers still in A operation in the United States. A B C D 21. finance. A B C D 17.The Dave Brubek Quartet. Today successful farmers are expert not only in agriculture. C D 20. a capital is the top portion of a column. Dreams are commonly made up of either visual and verbal images. and accounting. In the architecture. A had a particularly B loyal following on campuses college. A B C D 19. C D B . but also in A market.You must identify the one underlined expression that must be changed for the sentence to be correct. Mary Rinehart was a pioneer in the field of journalist in the early twentieth century. 16. B C D 18. one of the most popular jazz bands of the 1950s.

ventilated. In the early days of jet development. jet enginers used great numbers of A C D 23. River transportation in the united States consist primarily of barges pull by A D towboats. D 24. Georgia has too many types of soil that virtually fuel B any temperate-zone crop A can be grown there. and equipped with A D B C B C . 26.22. The sum of all chemical reactions in an organism’s living cells are called its C A D B B C metabolism. Most modern barns are both insulated. 25.

and transparent. but they are very relatively difficult to A D make. C D 29. . Needles are simple looking tools. Many bridges in New England were covered with wooden roofs to protect A it from rain and snow. race walkers must always keep some portion A B C of their feet in contact with the ground. brilliance. Unlike competitive running. C D B 28. A B C D B C 31. 27. Ducks are less susceptible to infection than another types of poultry.electricity. It is their nearly perfect crystal structure that gives diamonds their A B hardness. 30.

Some critics have called Theodore Dreiser’s book Sister Carrie a first modern novel because it . and saw blades. many of which became classic folk A D songs. Runner Wilma Rudolf win three gold medals at the 1960 Olympics. including cowbells. One of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the united States is the A C wildly and lovely Magnolia Gardens near Charlesten. 35. Woody Guthrie wrote thousands of songs during the life time. D 34. Composer John Cage used many unusual objects as instrument in his music. B C B C 36. South Carolina. and she set the world record A D for the 100-meter dash in 1961. D 33.32. tin cans. A B C B flower pots.

Abigail Adams’ letters to her husband present a graphic picture of the age which she lived. More than 10. Viscosity is a measurement describing the relative difficulty or easy with which liquids flow. A B C D B C 39. A D 38. D B C B C .A C broke so many traditions. glaciers moved across the Minnesota region four time travelling A most of the land. The discover of gold and silver in the rugged mountains of Nevada in 1858 attracted many A fortune-seekers to that area. D 40.000 years ago. D B 37.

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