1. There are 2 types : 1a. Primary and secondary Isolation only. 1b. Isolation with shielding. 2. Purpose of isolation without shielding : 2a. For patient and operator safety. 2b. Most, if not all medical equipment have in-built isolation transformers. One for each equipment. 2c. The only exception is perhaps the PC or printers. Some have and mostly do not have, especially for general applications. 2d. Isolation is also use when the operating voltage of the medical equipment is different from available mains supply voltage at site. Example : If a medical equipment operates at 380V 3p but available mains is 415V 3p. Then a step down transformer with isolation is used. 2e. In some sites, where the grounding is not acceptable, very costly to re-do, resulting in high floating voltage between neutral and ground, one can use an isolating transformer to remove this floating voltage by grounding the SECONDARY winding neutral and normal mains ground. This is subjected to the medical equipment can allow such grounding. 3. Isolation with shielding. 3a. All mains supply, besides other power related problems, have electrical noise to prevent. Level of these noises varies from location to location, time to time. There are many contributing factors to these noise. 3b. If the level of these noise are high enough, beyond the tolerance of the equipment, the performance of the equipment can be affected. 3c. A normal isolation cannot remove these noises. 3d. A isolation transformer with shielding can reduce the level of these noise to a safer acceptable level.

Example : Equipment operates at 380V 3p but available mains is 415V. and up to 60KVA. but available mains is 415V.. Mush lesser users of transformers with isolation and shielding. A isolation transformer with secondary neutral grounded is the fastest and cheapest solution. This is. If the UPS is overloaded of fail. If you use a normal standard UPS system (without isolation) to protect a complete medical system. will be achieved. are present in the neutral of the mains supply and UPS supply. some level of safety. 5b. free from noise. 20KVA. 5d. That is. In this case.4. etc. One major area is that need isolation is because the operating voltage of the equipment is different from mains supply available. the mains normal supply directly to the medical equipment. other than for stepping down voltages.. Base on our past installations of UPS for Medical equipment and about 20 years in this field : 5a. the neutral is shared. the mains supply neutral. the UPS neutral and the medical equipment neutral all linked up together. 5c. if any noise. these noises will get into the medical equipment. the UPS will transfer electronically. with or without shielding. However. 4a. ONLY the live voltages (Red. 5. Too expensive to do new or re-do existing grounding. and all other power related problems. User would use a step down transformer with isolation. Yellow and Blue phase) are completely isolated with the mains supply WHEN UPS is in operation and running. . Equipment from Japan uses 208V 3p. very few of our customers uses isolation transformer. Very poor normal site grounding resulting in high neutral and ground voltage which equipment cannot tolerate or accept. none of our users asked for isolation transformers for UPS. 30KVA. etc. User would use a step down transformer with isolation. so far. each phase is completely isolated. For 10KVA. By using a isolation transformer. automatically. Other than above.

The main reason isolation was included was because the 12-pulse rectifier module. This is due to technology limitations of local made. For the 125KVA UPS installed at a Hospital in Kuching. 6a. look nicer. for years. 6b. 6d. You can have isolation transformer built in as a package with the UPS. used to be 25% + 10% duties + taxes. 6c. we decided to provide isolation. You can upgrade the UPS with isolation if the need arises. If you choose to have separated Isolation transformer. will be better if comes with the UPS because of full integration and no taxes and duties if shipped together with UPS. If import transformer only. compared to local make. by itself. imported version from developed countries are much smaller in size. with or without isolation. You can have isolation transformer separated from the UPS. Because of this small price difference (approx RM 1. you can buy locally or import. I do not know present duties and taxes because. If you decide to include isolation. In this case. 6.8K only). but space must be plan ahead. we have not imported transformer as stand alone unit. price difference was only 5%. more efficient. 5e. the UPS will be separated from the transformer.Neither have any of these users complained that their equipment have problems because of no isolation. In most cases. .

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