Sexual Development

Cycle of Human Sexual Response • 1. 2. Fantacizing during the desire phase and foreplay ( petting and fondling of erogenous zones or areas of the body that are particularly sensitive or erotic stimulation) 3. interest and willingness to receive sexual stimulation.Desire  Described as the ability. Excitement/Arousal Phase  the result of physiological stimulation  eg. Plateau  A phase wherein intensed changes in individual’s emotion and body occur in response to stimulated erogenous areas of the body .

Resolution Phase  The final phase of sexual response. Orgasm Phase/ Climax  Shortest stage in the sexual response cycle. . in which the organs and body systems gradually return to the unaroused state.  Occurs when stimulation proceeds through the plateau stage to a point where a body suddenly discharges accumulated tension.4. 5.

persistent genital pain thus interfering with sex (dyspareunia) The individual experiences a recurrent. Sexual Desire Disorder    The individual lacks of the desire or has low level of sexual interest. persistent inhibited orgasm after an adequate phase of sexual excitement in the absence of any organic cause.Sexual Dysfunction a. Orgasmic Disorder  e. Sexual Arousal Disorder c. There is difficulty in doing or achieving sexual excitement during sexual activity due to a medical condition. Sexual Dysfunction due to a Medical Condition  . b. Sexual Pain Disorder d. The individual experiences little or no subjective sense of sexual arousal. The individual experiences a recurrent.

c. h.Paraphilia are unusal acts or bizarre enacted to achieve sexual excitement. i. e. d. Sadism Masochism Fetishism Transvestic Fetishism Exhibitionism Frotteurism Voyeurism Pedophilia Necrophilia Bestiality or Zoophilia Telephone Scatalogia . b. k. j. a. g. f.

• Sadism Sexual gratification is achieved by inflicting pain .

• Masochism Sexual gratification is achieved by receiving pain .

.• Fetishism Individual achieves sexual excitement through inanimate objects or articles.

• Transvestic Fetishism Individual usually male achieves sexual excitement through wearing the clothing of a woman .

• Exhibitionism Sexual gratification is achieved through intentional exposure of the genitals to strangers. . usually women or children who are involuntarily observers.

.• Frotteurism An individual achieves sexual excitement by touching or rubbing against other people.

• Voyeurism An individual achieves sexual excitement by looking at persons who are undressing. naked or engaged in sexual activity .

which can be an actual sexual act or fantasy. .• Pedophilia Sexual gratification is achieved through the use of prepubertal children.

• Necrophilia Sexual gratification is achieved by involving the use of corpses .

• Bestiality or Zoophilia Sexual gratification is achieved through in contact with the animals .

.• Telephone Scatalogia Sexual gratification is achieved by telephoning someone someone and making obscene remarks or conversations.

Planning • Nurses must examine feelings about their own sexuality before they are able to provide care for these clients whose problems are related to sexuality. • Respect the client’s cultural and religious preferences. • Planning should focus on the client’s specific problems and complaints. .

• Provide methods to rechannelsexually unacceptable behavior.Nursing Interventions • Should be individualized according to the client’s sexual concern or disorder. • Provide adequate rest. . • SAFETY is the priority in dealing with these clients by providing a structured and protective care. exercise and nutrition to promote sexual health.

especially the children from being victimized such as inprostitutes.• Provide techniques or strategies that would reduce oxygen consumption. family or sex therapy areused in treating these clients. • Incarceration may impose legally in an effort to protect the public. • Interactive therapiessuch asindividual. . cardiac workload and reduce or eliminate pain during sexual activity. pedophilia and other paraphiliacs.

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