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Micro expressions, paralinguistic factors and Body language in Interpersonal relationships Let me first explain the terms first.

The facial expressions which last only for one fifth of our face are called micro expressions. Paralinguistics is analysis of ones language in speech and written manuscripts which convey the emotion of the person writes it. And in the end Body language is highly obvious and we all know about it. As far as microexpressions is concerned, the human face basically shows 7 emotions viz. happiness, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, contempt and surprise. All the expressions we show are only a combination of these 7 basic emotions. There are facial muscles which move involuntarily when we show a certain emotion. Happiness is showed by widening of lips, pupil constriction and some wrinkling involvement in the forehead. For a common man, if no involvement is taking place in the forehead, he is faking the smile. When your foe hears that you are under trouble you may expect a concealed smile from him. Regarding sadness, it is accompanied by drooping eyelids, lips slightly open and drawn downwards. The sadness smiley we often use in texting and chatting with people resembles the true sadness micro expression. Sometimes eyebrows are drawn up ant together. One of the oldest emotion is fear. Fear is accompanied by gulping of the throat, brows drawn up and lips partly open and body backing off. If physical contact could be made and his skin shade is somewhat white, you may notice the colour fades in his face, legs ready for fleeing from the scene and blood supply to the vital organs reduces, which makes the palms cold. This is physiologically and psychologically accepted and attributes the fight or flight response. This is carried down from the hunter-gatherer man to the modern web surfer. Most common noticed thing include Goosebumps running throughout our body. For an early man whose body full of hair, Goosebumps helped him in showing him bigger than his enemy. The modern goosebumps is the genetical residue. Anger is also the oldest and most important one. Anger is accompanied by clenching of fists, eyebrows drawn down and together, tightening lips, nostrils flaring. Subtle anger is shown by nostrils flaring and tightening of lips only. Disgust is the language of hatred. Disgust is shown by narrowing and drawn down lips. One of the difficult one to notice in peoples faces Contempt is shown when you think somebody is not worthy of what they are, in crude when you think somebody an idiot. It is identified by a lip movement on one side alone. It is easier to notice. I myself saw this from people when I speak to them about these things. Surprise is shown by raising of eyebrows and lowering of jaw and widening of face. Subtly you may notice only raising of eyebrows.

Moving towards paralinguistics speech is often not that much important and necessary, as details can be gathered from facial expression itself, but writing is concerned here. Apart from handwriting it is possible to deduce whether the writer is masculine or feminine. Women use more pronouns than men. Men often denote people by name in their writings. When the person uses more negative words, he is in a psychologically depressed state. Also when writing about a person negative words can denote lack of respect and literary contempt to a person. Paralingiustics is less used scientifically but useful though in impressing people Body language is most important in observing people. The personal space he takes tells about his self confidence and the impression he has upon himself. This divides the body language into two 1. Open posture 2. Closed Posture People with open posture are more approachable than the others. The open posture show open legs when sitting, eyes straight. But closed Posture signs are chin boss lowered, legs crossed and hands placed so as to guard the abdomen. Closed posture people are less approachable and less social than the others. Their stance and posture often to guard their vulnerable parts i. e their throat, abdomen and gonads. There are a lot of signs. When lieing these closed people try to avoid eye contact so as to be not o find guilty. But the open counterpart make more eye contact than usual and show concealed smile expression, when their lies are believed. A sigh is a sign of relief. When we accuse somebody else for a crime before the real culprit, he will show either concealed smile or relief. Raising the chin boss is a sign of embarrassment. When some embarrassing subject is discussed, most people will show this raising the chin boss. One of the good signs of lying is classic one sided shrug; verbally translating the speaker doesnt believe a single word he said. Looking down and away means shame and more important manipulator is touching the forehead or hair in the front. Aware when constant playing with hair also mean flirting, especially in the matter of women. Guilt is often combined by the same manipulators, guilt is rather severe one. Supposing you are hearing a speaker in the stage, if he constantly touch his nose, forehead or ears, he is lying and he is not believable. Also suddenly backing off physically while speaking may denote the same. He not even believed a single word he said. But these cases are solely limited, to analyse a person completely, you need to establish a baseline. Put him through a series of questions for which he will answer the truth. This baseline helps to avoid mishaps and reading errors. Moving on the group behaviour, the angle they make with you, leaning toward/away from you can know what he thinks about you. Also when somebody

keeps distance from the group, it may mean that they dont like to be a part of it or they are not particularly happy about the groups activities. Constantly tapping something is a sign of impatience. When somebody doesnt want them to be questioned, theyll create a barrier like placing an object between you and him or by keeping their hands inside their pockets or folding their hands. When somebody keeps closing their mouth with their hands or shielding their mouth somehow, it is a self hushing emblem. They have something secret, which they should not tell to anyone. All the things mentioned above are universal, but they are culturally affected. So before using them be clear of your cultures rules and regulations to a certain extent!!!!!