Behavioral Patterns of Different Market Segments in Hilton Hotels.


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Preface :
Radical changes have occurred in Indian economy since the year 1991. Liberalization, Privatization & Globalization has helped our country to become one of the fastest developing countries of the world. Currently we are rising at a galloping rate of around 8% where the inflation rate is just a minimal 3.02% which is a very good sign for the country to grow. Liberalization led to quicker operations & development of different industries in the nation. Now, it has become very easy to set up any entity & carry out various activities with minimum government interruption or delay. The entry barriers for any retailer have been decreased by the government. The retailers are also given opportunities to go ahead and export their products in the foreign markets. Due to globalization, more & more foreign investments & retail organizations are coming in our nation day by day. The biggest walking in India is the Walmart in connection with Bharti which will change the face of Indian retail industry. This has led to increase in per capita income of the country. Also, people get number of options to choose from for almost everything due to competition. Now, customer has become king of the market & the marketers are striving to attract maximum customers along with providing them maximum satisfaction rather, they delight customers. The basic mantra for success in today’s dynamic market is “Delight your customers as the 20% of the loyal customers will give you the 80% of the revenue”. Currently there is a boom in the hotel industry and the main target for the hotel industry are the corporate people as they are more and more involved in traveling for the business purpose. CRM is the concept which make this hotel to take competitive advantage and earn more revenue by converting frequent vaster customer to loyal customer.

offering guests and customers the finest accommodation. amenities and value for business and leisure. all-suite hotels. for more than 80 years. The brand is owned by Hilton Hotels Corporation in the U. as well as many of the most famous hotels to be found anywhere. Hilton is the world´s number 1 hotel brand. Hilton Hotels Corporation is recognized around the world as a preeminent lodging company. Hampton Inn. services. in 50 states and the District of Columbia. Embassy Suites Hotels and Homewood Suites by Hilton. extended stay.000 team members worldwide. owning. Embassy Suites Hotels. managing and franchising hotels with several of the world´s most recognized brand names. Doubletree. Hilton Hotel Corporation employs approximately 78. Doubletree. the acquisition in 1999 of Promus Hotel Corporation expanded the family of brands to include such well-known and highly respected brand names as Hamton Inn. Homewood Suites by Hilton and Conrad.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Hilton Hotel Corporation is recognized internationally as a preeminent hospitality company. comprising of 334.704 rooms. While the Hilton brand has. Hilton offers four-star city center hotels. vacation ownership. been synonymous with excellence in the hospitality industry. including Hilton. and Hilton International in the rest of the world. Approximately 2058 hotels.S. . mid-priced focus service. convention properties. airport hotels and conference centers. destination resorts.

In this project different types of market segmentation. segmentation strategies as well as the benefits and limitations of market segmentation are explained and illustrated. better communication methods and enhanced transportation opportunities. even on a national scale. Cultural differences are a logical barrier to standardization of the marketing strategies on a global scale. In this project I put my focus on behavioral patterns of different marketing segments in the hotels. .INTRODUCTION In today´s market place managers are constantly seeking to find the best ways to reach and serve their customers. is also discussed briefly. and branding products and services plays a major part in marketing activities. Cultures are believed to move closer together as a result of increased travel. Market segmentation plays a major part in marketing. a topic which is often linked with market segmentation. brand policies and the benefits the supplier as well as the consumer can have when selling and buying branded goods. Companies try to anticipate this change by offering standardized products to a global audience. as all marketing activities depend on precisely defined and carefully chosen market segments. dividing the market into submarkets. Globalization is one of words used nowadays to describe the convergence of cultures. there are many different types of consumers. who need to be treated differently. as a lot of global companies offer different brands to different market segments. Branding. However. Market segmentation.

upscale and luxury hotels as well as a brand for extended stay. The last part is a conclusion of the entire project. around 21 hotels in the IHCL portfolio will join the Vivanta brand. is the newest brand within the Taj group of hotels. Even Indian chains like Oberoi and ITC Hotels have separate identity for different hotel segments. “As part of the rebranding exercise. Ginger. I decided to introduce the Hilton Hotels Corporation. . but lower than Vivanta by Taj. As I worked a during my internship for a Hilton Garden Inn in New Delhi. Marriott. positioned well above the company’s economy brand. operating within the definition of upscale/premium brands.Indian Hotels Company Limited has re positioned its hotels as per the changing trends of the market and various behavioral patterns of the market segments. Among other brands under the IHCL portfolio include the Gateway hotel which is an upscale brand. All hotels under the luxury segment would have the prefix ‘Taj’ to it while the leisure and business hotels would have a new brand name and endorsed using the Taj name. Vivanta by Taj. which offers different types of hotels to different types of travelers. Hilton and Carlson hotels. Hilton´s brand family includes mid-priced. which was incepted in the second half of 2009. This move by Taj Hotels is much akin to global practices as followed by Starwood.

refine. • • To find market share • To find attributes. customer. To find the service quality the hotel offers at reasonable prices. generate. • • . To study the potential of customers – people who are planning to stay or give business to the hotel. and public to the marketer through information Information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems. To find the people’s willingness to pay in order to stay and the and brand awareness. features importance of various segments in the hotel.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY RESEARCH DESIGN • Marketing Research is the function which links the consumer. and evaluating marketing actions. monitor marketing performance and improve understanding of marketing as a process. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY • To find out the marketing and sales strategies adopted by HILTON Hotels to attract customers.

Research Approaches: • Survey / Descriptive research. . Contact Methods: • Personal interviews. 3. 5. 2. • Sample Size = 100 • Sampling Procedure People are selected / approached randomly.RESEARCH PLAN 1. Data Sources / Type: • Primary data specially gathered for this research project. Research Instrument: • Questionnaires (Disguised) 4. Sampling Plan • Who is to be surveyed? People belonging to the age group of 20-30.

• The Hilton Family • Company’s Market Segmentation and Branding Strategy • Hilton Marketing Strategies • Contracting methods and rates • Hilton’s Sales and Market Share. . Vision and Quality Statements.COMPANY PROFILE • Mission.

PURPOSE Vision Statement “ To fill the earth with light and warmth of hospitality. which they make possible." OBJECTIVES Management Objective “To fuel initiative and foster activity by allowing individuals freedom of action and innovation in attaining defined objectives. team memebers and owners alike.” People objective “To help HIlton people share in the company’s success.” . to provide job security based on their performance.” Mission Statement “We will be the pre eminent global hospitality company. Quality Policy Statement "From Commitment to action.the first choice of guests. to recognize their individual achievements and to help them gain of satisfaction and accomplishment from their work.” .

CORE VALUES • • • • • • H.Now .Leadership T.Teamwork O.Integrity L.Hospitality I.Ownership N.

has exclusive properties strategically located in capital cities and exotic resorts in Europe. Such levels of excellence have allowed Conrad hotels to continue to receive numerous awards in prestigious leisure and business travel publications around the world. Barron. began another chapter in the innovative history of Hilton Hotels Corporation with the founding of Conrad Hotels in 1982. award-winning restaurants. resorts and casinos in major business and leisure destinations worldwide. his son. Conrad Hotels More than 60 years after Conrad Hilton opened his first hotel in Texas. In the following each brand is explained and illustrated.HILTON HOTEL OVERVIEW The Hilton Family The Hilton family consists of seven individual brands which all belong to the Hilton family. Conrad has earned a reputation for first class service and style as well as the highest standards of architecture. Australia. But each brand has its own marketing and branding concept and strategy. . comfort and cuisine. Conrad hotels offer outstanding service and a luxurious environment for both business and leisure travelers. They provide the finest entertainment. which represents the luxury tier within the Hilton family of brands. a wide range of recreational activities and the most sophisticated conference and meetings facilities. Asia. Since then. South America and the Middle East. Conrad Hotels was established with the goal of operating a network of luxury hotels. Conrad Hotels. stateof-the-art health centers. design.

Doubletree is one of the fastest growing upscale hotel brands with over 160 locations throughout the U.S. complete meeting and banquet facilities and comfortable guest rooms with luxury amenities.950 hotel rooms. Mexico and Lima. you´re among friends” Double Tree is the informal. contemporary brand with a casual business attitude of Hilton Hotel Corporation. Resorts and Clubs became a member of the Hilton Family of hotels. health club. This upscale hotel brand primarily serves major metropolitan areas and leisure destinations. swimming pool. which each reflect uniquely the local or regional environment. It was formed in 1993 by combining Boston-based Guest Quarters and Phoenix-based Doubletree Hotels to create the first new national upscale hotel chain. Doubletree includes 160 hotels with 42. Doubletree includes unique-designed properties to meet both business and leisure travel needs..DoubleTree “Relax. Meanwhile. room service. Suites. . Doubletree Hotels. and internationally located in Monterrey. Typical properties offer a full-service restaurant and lounge. In 1999.

. Embassy Suites Hotels was the first brand to offer upscale all-suite hotels. all-suite hotels with more total suites than any other of its competitors. This brand helped create the all-suite segment of the lodging industry and maintains the commanding presence in this segment in terms of system size. brand-name recognition and operating performance. As a pioneer in the hospitality industry.Embassy Suites Hotels “More of what you want” Embassy Suites Hotels is America´s largest brand of upscale. Embassy Suites Hotels properties. There are approximately 170. geographic distribution.415 rooms. 41. located in 37 states and 4 countries. featuring two -room suites with separate living and sleeping areas.

Targeting value-conscious.192 locations. which includes Hampton Inn and Hampton Inn & Suites. with 1. Hampton Inn and Hampton Inn & Suites do not expect you to pay. is a midpriced leader in the lodging segment in America. Hampton Inn & Suites offers both traditional rooms of a Hampton Inn. This brand is a value –based product specifically designed from market research results. quality-minded travelers. along with flexibility of suites.Hampton Inn & Suites “We´re with you all the way” Hampton. which means if you are not satisfied with your stay. Hampton hotels are located in rural. Hampton Inn hotels provide a consistency that is the envy of the industry. . The hotels offer value-minded travelers a comfortable stay with free breakfast bar and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. suburban and urban areas throughout America.

Worldwide there are 499 hotels with 147. Hilton continues to be leader in the hotel industry by providing innovative products and services that enable travelers to make the most of their hotel stays. The Waldorf Astoria. among others. 1 leased property. and 6 joint ventures. Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort and Spa and The Palmer House Hilton. Flagship properties include.Hilton The Hilton brand features approximately 231 full-service hotels and resorts in cities throughout the United States. Hilton guests can expect an experience made special through quality accommodation and superior service. 170 hotels under franchise agreements. Whether traveling for business or pleasure. This includes 55 owned and/or managed hotels. . Hilton can be proud of a 98% brand awareness internationally and 78% customer satisfaction.667 rooms under the Hilton brand.

each with two phone lines – to make conducting business from your room more productive. For the business-minded traveler. the Hilton Garden Inn brand is positioned as the leading. By focusing on precisely what guests say they need and want. each hotel offers a complimentary 24hour business center. Right where you need it” Hilton Garden Inn. Hilton Garden Inn hotels deliver the highest degree of service and cost saving without sacrificing the quality associated with the Hilton name. and every guestroom features an oversized work desk plus telephones.Hilton Garden Inn “Everything. . and less on what they do not use. is a mid-priced hotel chain with full service. With more than 150 properties across North America. mid-priced lodging choice for today´s growing segment of midmarket travelers.

Each room offers fully equipped kitchens with refrigerator. dishwasher and coffee maker. twin burner stove. relocate to a new community. conventions or corporate training programs. which includes more than 13. . microwave. and leisure travelers on vacation or attending family events. Complementary hot breakfast as well as light evening meals and beverages are also available. The brand was designed for guests who travel on field assignments. and attend seminars.Homewood Suites by Hilton “Your perfect second home” Homewood Suites by Hilton is a brand for upscale all-suite residential-style hotels targeting travelers who are on the road for a couple of days.000 suites. This brand features more than 120 hotels.

Hilton Hotel Corporation has a branded hotel for each preference. upscale or luxury stay. Whether you are interested in a mid-priced. so that every traveler has the opportunity to stay in one of Hilton hotels.Company’s Market Segmentation and Branding Strategy The Hilton Hotel Corporation with its seven brands tries to serve the entire market. Brand Location Capital Cities Metropolitan areas & destinations Suburban regions / city Upscale Segment Full-Service leisure Upscale Segment Full-Service Category Luxury Segment Food Service Full-Service Metropolitan areas Suburban Metropolitan areas regions / Upscale Segment Full-Service Extended Stay Limited Service Full-Service Rural / Suburban Mid-Priced Segment Rural / Suburban Mid-Priced regions Segment Limited Service . whether it is just a onenight-stay or an extended stay.

At Embassy Suites Hotels the most focus is on the room size. with Hampton Inn and Hampton Inn & Suites stands for innovative services for the value-minded traveler. youth and emotion to Hilton Conrad Hotels stands for luxury and the highest standard of quality to the smallest details. Homewood Suites by Hilton is national brand of up sale all-suite residential-style hotels. Last but not least.On the one hand the Hilton Family brand strategy tries to transfer the Hilton image of esteem and quality to the other brands and on the other hand. Practical Implementation of Market Segments (Codes) . contemporary brand with a business casual attitude. focusing on extended stays. Doubletree is the informal. the individual are supposed to transfer the warmth. which is compared to other hotels a lot bigger. the brand Hilton Garden Inn is providing award winning service and exceptional value for travelers. Hampton.

1. often pre-negotiate a 'Distressed Passenger Rate'. it is the main group (the first level). weather not clear for take-off. Airlines Crew These are members of crew (cockpit and cabin crew only) which has a crew agreement with the hotel. Some hotels. Market Codes – these are the three-digit character codes. This type is also termed as STPC. ground staff and officials from the airline) 2. special . special facilities for the crew. room availability at time of requirement. Airlines Layover These are guests from an airline staying at the hotel because of their flight not taking off (for reasons like technical problems with aircraft. class of the hotel. which comprises of similar market segments grouped under the Market Main Group. They are known as 'distressed passengers'.). Employees of the airline (Not Staying as a crew members) are coded to their respective corporate rate (this also includes any flight engineers. under each Main Group (second level). Business through this segment depends on factors such as pre-negotiated ‘distressed passengers’ rate. Guests booked by the airline on a pre-negotiated 'Airline Stopover Rate' (transit passengers who are issued transit vouchers by airlines). They have to be assigned to a Main Group. room inventory of the hotel. discounted rates and billing credit.In hotel industry a code is assigned in order to track the materialization of the defined market segments and the segmentation is done at two levels: Market Main Group – as the name suggests. and previous loyalty with the hotel. particularly those who have crew contracts. etc. Airlines get into agreement with the hotel depending on various factors such as distance of the hotel from the airport. peace and quiet atmosphere.

HRG etc. 5. additional business facilities offered by the hotel. Location of the hotel plays an important part in this segment along with factors as special long stay rate. Long Stay Office Rental Office leases (sellable guest room which has been sold for the purpose of using it as an office) . Corporate guests belongs to those companies identified by the sales and marketing team and constitutes National / Key accounts. additional business facilities. It also includes guests travelling for business reasons booked by consortia.discounted rate. in room facilities and amenities. size of the room and brand loyalty. Local preferred / Territory accounts or companies that have a potential greater than “X” number of room nights. distance from the airport. billing & credit facility and brand loyalty. 4. contracted rates. at consortia rate(s) like AMEX.based on the minimum long stay period established by the hotel. THOR. Corporate Corporate Segment plays a most important role in the business determination of a hotel. . Long Stay Guest Guests who have signed a specific Long Stay agreement with the hotel – hotel has negotiated a special rate because of the length of stay (based on the minimum long stay period established by the hotel). in room business facilities and corporate brand loyalty plays a major part in corporate segment. Business through corporate sector depends on the terms shared between a hotel brand and the corporate account irrespective of demographic differences. 3.

Transient : Leisure Packages All Non-negotiated leisure package business which a hotel offers on a seasonal basis depending on the factors such as market / city occupancy in order to promote the business at cheaper and competitive rates attracting the clientele and in a way creating a brand awareness and loyalty in the market. Getting into contract for this segment requires the special discounted rate offered to the series leader and additional facilities such as complimentary breakfast. Early bird. Transient : Rack and discounted All non-negotiated business booked on publicly available rates including BAR. Leisure Guest falling into Leisure segment is booked by tour operators who have signed a wholesale agreement & carries the voucher of the respective wholesaler. Brand loyalty by consortia and various travel agents along with the best and lowest rate agreements plays a key factor in business through leisure segment.6. last minute. HRG etc. who deals with the hotels on promotional rates or guests traveling for leisure reasons booked by consortia at consortia rate(s) like AMEX. 7. etc. These groups normally have a common itinerary (e. special sightseeing arrangements etc. who are travelling as a leisure group. of days would also be the same. part of a wholesale series contract. The no.g. . Series Groups Groups. 9. and form.: Delhi-AgraJaipur) and would also probably visit the same sightseeing spots in the city. 8.

beauty pageant or similar corporate events. ADHOC Group Is a One-off group. as the corporate rate for transient guests from that company. who are travelling as a group. ‘Corporate Event’ includes business guests in the hotel.10. not meeting any other group definition. The rate for the group may or may not be the same. road show. for the purpose of conducting a launch. 11. and category of rooms also fall in criteria’s for the final agreement. demonstration. Conferences Guests. 13. Room inventory. 12. Includes groups booked by wholesalers or travel agents and this business again depends on special discounted rate offered. Thus the pillar of this segment lies on brand loyalty shown by the corporate and factors such as rates plays an indirect role. ‘Wedding Event’ includes groups attending a . have booked function space in the hotel. Incentive Group Incentive groups are the ones where the purpose is to reward the participants. Facilities such as conference rooms and other business facilities along with the rate factor acts as a deciding aspect for the coordinator to book the conference at a hotel. room size. fashion show. This is done by the hotels themselves in order to create brand value and by various corporate in order to meet the social benefits provisions of their employees. Events This segment can be further categorized as ‘Delegation Event’ such as State or Ministerial visits.

sister hotel or elsewhere in the city. location of the hotel along with brand image and awareness creates an interim part of the decision making for the group. etc. Factors such as rates. corporates or individuals . like trade fairs. held primarily outside the hotel. held in the hotel. car shows. room inventory. Break off events might take place in the hotel (guests could either be participating in the fair or could be visitors).wedding. ‘Events: Fairs’ includes groups attending an event.

Fig: Expected Demand Change in Guest Segmentation Fig: Changes in International and Domestic Travel Profile .

Fig: Top Distribution Channels HILTON MARKETING STRATEGIES .

Go for HILTON slogan hit the market at the right time and brought enormous response in terms of sales. “Go Branded. Price wise Hilton services are at par or almost cheaper than the services of its competitors. CONTRACTING .People in India are very pricing conscious and hotels have a huge market share in India. now people are becoming more brand and quality conscious. but slowly and gradually trends are changing. I found that HILTON’s biggest strength is that people have trust in its commitments regarding the qualities of its products and after sales services.

• If rate falls within the rate grid guidelines.Corporate and Leisure Contracting • Rate Grids based on volume commitment are provided to all sales team members. • Account Managers responsibility to fill in CREF form and send to the DBD and Revenue Manager for further action. prior approval via email needs to be taken from DBD/ Revenue Manager and thereafter letter to be issued co signed by City DOS and Account Manager. letter to signed by City DOS and Account manager. • Copy of letter to be sent to DBD and Revenue Manager. • Rate Letter formats will be provided to all sales people who can effectively change the contact details and insert the rate grid based on volume onto the letter. Conference & Event Date:  Name of Sales Manager  Name of Company :  Name of Guest :  Designation:  Event Type:  Contact Person for details:  Contact no:  Name of Decision Maker :  Contact No:  Hilton HHo nors Members:  Number of Guest Rooms  . • If rate does not fall in rate grid based on volume commitment .

.Hilton’s Sales and Market Share.


hospitality and gaming industry • HHC is well diversified across the industry with hotels in the high end.S. business and mid-priced classes in their product mix • HHC also possesses solid integration features such as owning the companies that manufacture its furniture and has invested in online reservation travel enterprises WEAKNESS: • • HHC may be two narrowly focused making it vulnerable to a downturn in the global economy and other world-wide catastrophes that could limit global travel such as the bird-flu and a significant terrorist strike HHC may be vulnerable to workers’ strikes and crack down on undocumented workers in the U.S. Most of its holdings are in the U. OPPORTUNITIES: .• Hilton Hotel Corporation (HHC) is a well established organization and industry leader in the hotel.

etc. especially with business class and midpriced markets THREATS: • • • HHC must be careful not overextend its efforts to mix entertainment and gaming Also the extension of credit and other side effects of gaming can slowly but surely nibble away profits September 11th was a major blow to the hotel industry. Which brand of Hilton do you mostly use? . A similar event could result in another down turn. Take advantage of emerging markets.• • • • • • • • HHC should offer an array of distinctive and specialized services to the high end guests and high rollers such as Wedding planning & hosting Spas that specialize in personal services Personal trainers HHC should look to expand into or acquire a cruise line A cruise ship is little more than a hotel that floats this would essentially match what it currently does with its leased properties Gaming activities would escape regulation. GRAPHICAL DATA INTERPRETATIONS 1.

From the Pie Chart it is clear that majority of the respondent own (23%) of total respondent use Hilton. Thus Hilton found to be leader in consolidated market share of Hotel industry. followed by Double Tree (21%). 2. How did you know about Hilton? .

Are you satisfied with the hotel you are staying in? .As is evident from the graph majority of users get information about the hotel and latest sales offers from friends & newspaper. If we look at another feature that has been brought out by the survey is the fact that majority of people prefer Hilton by reading about it in newspaper. This gives an insight that the media that can be effective in conveying sales promotion offers is print media (newspapers). 3. This can be concluded from the fact that 41 percent of the customers are those who seek information from Newspaper.

It is clear from the chart that most of people are satisfied with their hotel. .

Is price an important attribute? Most of the respondent feels that price is the important factor.4. .

5. Do you know Hilton customer care services are available 24x7? Most of the people don’t know that Hilton customer care services are available in 11 Indian Languages. .

According to you. rate 1 for very poor and 7 for excellent].6. CostR t g ain 100% 4 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 6 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 5 4 5 1 Acer 2 1 3 4 0 6 5 5 0 8 1 4 5 12 8 4 8 9 9 1 2 14 6 6 6 4 7 6 2 4 6 1 2 6 6 13 13 11 6 9 1 1 1 1 6 1 1 0 LG Rate 7 1 1 3 IBM 0 8 HPDell HCL PCS Zenith Compaq Rate 1 Rate 2 Rate 3 Rate Brands 5 Rate 6 Computer 4 Rate . which of the following brands serve good quality rooms at reasonable prices in India? [Rate your answer on the rating scale of 1-7.

. Which of the following brand of Hilton would you choose to stay in? Majority of the people said they will choose Hilton Garden Inn.7.

10% are of age group. 21% are of age group 26-35. . Age group that responded to the questionnaire? From the chart we can interpret that majority respondents are of age group 18-25 in the research. 3% are of age group.8.

There are 61 male respondents and 9 female. . Gender of the people who responded to the questionnaire? In this research majority of respondents are male.9.





ANNEXURE QUESTIONNAIRE ) Which brand of Hilton do you mostly use ? Conrad Hotels [ ] DoubleTree [ ] Embassy Suites Hotels [ ] Hampton Inn & Suites [ ] Hilton [ ] Hilton Garden Inn [ ] Homewood Suites By Hilton [ ] 2) How did you know about the type of Hilton Hotel you are staying right now? Newspaper [ ] Television [ ] Friends and Family [ ] Magazine [ ] Others [ ] 3) Are you satisfied with the hotel you are staying in? Yes [ ] No [ ] 4) Is price an important attribute ? Agree [ ] Strongly agree [ ] Disagree [ ] Strongly disagree[ ] Neither agree nor disagree [ ] 5) Do you know Hilton customer care services are available 24x7? Yes [ ] No [ ] .

6. rate 1 for very poor and 7 for excellent]. which of the following brands serve good quality rooms at reasonable prices in India? [Rate your answer on the rating scale of 1-7. According to you. Quality Rating   Cost Rating Conrad Hotels DoubleTree  Embassy Suites Hotels  Hampton Inn & Suites    Hilton Hilton Garden Inn Homewood Suites By Hilton 7) Which of the following brand of hilton would you choose to stay in ? Conrad Hotels DoubleTree Embassy Suites Hotels Hampton Inn & Suites Hilton Hilton Garden Inn Homewood Suites By Hilton [ [ [ [ [ [ [ ] ] ] ] ] ] ] 8) Age group that responded to the questionnaire? 18-25 [ ] 25-35 [ ] 36-50 [ ] 50 and above [ ] 9) Gender of the people who responded to the questionnaire? Male [ ] Female [ ] 10) Personal Details .

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