Y English 8B January 26, 2011 The Adventure of Tom Sawyer

Have you ever read a book called The Adventure of Tom Sawyer? Well, it is a wellknown book written by a famous American author Mark Twain. To me, it is an interesting book about adventure because it reminds the childhood memory of many people. This book is basically about the adventures Tom and his friends have been through. In the following sections, I will talk about the characters, conflicts, resolution, and what I learn about the book. The main characters in this interesting story are: Tom, Becky, Huck, Aunt Polly, Joe, Doctor Robinson, and Muff Potter. Tom is a naughty boy who likes to break rules and try to make fun of many other people. Also, he always causes a lot of trouble with his friends. As the story goes on further, he starts to show other characteristics. For example, he shows his kind heart to his fellow friends as a good leader. Moreover, Tom is a lonely kid who lives under the adaptation of Aunt Polly and with his cousin Sid. Becky is a new girl from outside of the town who becomes the girlfriend of Tom. Since she is new to the town, Tom shows her around and tells her everything about the town. She is also invited by Tom to go on adventures during which lots of exciting things happen between them. Huck, Huckleberry Finn, is a boy who has a drunken father and is adopted by Widow Douglas. He is also the best friend of Tom. For example, when school is over, Tom usually invites Huck out to go on hunting trips. By that, it shows their deep friendship. Joe is another friend of Tom beside Huck. He is always around with Tom and Huck; he joins them to enjoy fun and adventure. But, the bad thing is, they are the three people who witness the murder of Doctor Robinson. Doctor Robinson as the name suggests, is a young and great doctor. He is a kind person who


he is famous for the troubles that he causes. The conflicts in this story are between Tom verses Aunt Polly. he is going to let him join in. He is mistakenly judged in the issue of murdering Doctor Robinson.always helps other people a lot. these are the characters of the story. He really likes and misses his original life. he makes a deal with Huck. when he is at school. Widow Douglas adopts him even though he does not like it. Tom uses his own treasures to trade with other people for doing his work. In addition. if he receives the adaptation of Widow Douglas. finds a way out for himself and Becky. Firstly. they always try to make Tom in trouble. She is glad that Tom is still alive and able to be back home. I learn not to disobey rules that adults tell us but follow them. as a brave boy. But sadly. which makes her angry and affects her health. not fighting. With that. the other conflict is between Tom and his friends at school. Even though Tom and Becky get lost in the forest. he is murdered by Injun Joe and Muff Potter. He is a drunk just like Huck's father is. So. I have learned something that I would like to share. The one between Tom and Aunt Polly is that Tom always disobeys her when Aunt Polly tells him what to do. The resolution of the story is Tom returns home safely. But. So. But. Some boys at school dislike him. Moreover. it is awful to do what Tom has done. Moreover. when Aunt Polly wants Tom to paint the fence into white for punishment. The deal is. Aunt Polly is happy and cries over him. the judge still put him in jail until Tom testifies against Injun Joe. Huck agrees. The last character is Muff Potter. Therefore. he still has to face the truth. and Tom against his friends. So. Tom hates them a lot and one time he even gets into a fight with those people! That causes a big trouble for the school because school is the place for learning. Once Tom returns home. Tom. it is how the story ends. The reason is that instead of following Aunt Polly’s order Tom always disobeys them which always brings him more troubles and makes Aunt Polly 2 . For Huck. since tom is forming a robber band and Huck wants to join in. For instance.

Tom uses his own treasures to trade with friends to help him do the work for him when being ordered to paint the fence white. if I were them. I realize not to be panic when I face problems. such as the housework and homework from school. Above all. he runs off playing around on his own. the most important lesson I learn from the story is that no matter how afraid one is.angry all the time. as mentioned. when Tom and Becky get lost in the cave. I will stay calm and think up a solution to solve the problem and find the way out of the cave. That is a good point. under only one reason. when it is done. I will sit down and finish it up. I will have faced the truth that I have to do those works. I will not be that kind of person to making Aunt Polly angry all the time. For me. he or she speak the truth out loud just like Tom does when he testified against Injun Joe to clean Muff Potter’s name. I will always take some time out for myself to play and relax so that I can face with more challenge in front of me. Tom has many things to work on. in the story. For me. The third point I learn is to always give oneself some fun no matter how hard life is. For instance. I would disobey rules. from the story. but to face the truth and to finish the work. both of them are scared and do not know what to do. no matter how hard life is or no matter how many works that I have to do. Tom still gets some time for him to go out and play around with friends. It is when I think what I am told to do is it is unfair for me. Then. But even with so many works. However. These are the things that I have learned from the story and I hope everyone enjoys the story. I can go around and do my own things. It is right to argue for one’s own right but wrong to disobey the rules. 3 . For me. Fourthly. I learn not to be a lazy man trying to get away with work. However. I will just follow the rules that are ordered and respect them instead of being a misbehave kid that causes troubles for the other people around. Then after the trade. For example. That is not good because he is not responsible to do his own work. For instance. Secondly.

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