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Micah-Ela Lajarnie C.


APA Format of Thesis Writing

A thesis is written in two most common styles the APA and the MLA styles. The APA thesis writing is also known as the American Psychological Association style and it is the more common format of the two. APA thesis statement is mostly done for works related to social science. The APA thesis writing standard is documented in The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. APA thesis paper format for thesis writing is a thesis writing specification. The APA thesis sets standards for formatting of text, arrangement and markup of headings, tables, citations and reference lists. APA thesis writing relies heavily on the Harvard referencing system. The APA thesis writing formats heading as per the level of headings in the article. Where the article has single heading, level 1 heading is used, in case of two levels of headings, the APA thesis writing standard specifies level 1 heading for main heading and level 3 formatting for every sub-heading. In case of the article having three heading levels, the APA guidelines asks for the use of level 1, level 3 and level 4 formatting. Where the article have 4 heading levels, the APA thesis writing specification asks that each level heading be formatted as per its number, i.e. level 1 heading gets level 1 formatting, level 2 heading gets level 2 formatting, level 3 heading gets level 3 formatting and level 4 heading gets level 4 formatting. The APA thesis writing specification only uses the level five formatting where the article has five levels of heading. Here the top

level heading gets level 5 formatting which makes it stand out, level 2 heading gets level 1 formatting, level 3 heading gets level 2 formatting, level 4 heading gets level 3 formatting and the heading which is at level 5, gets level 4 formatting. Each of the formatting levels are mentioned on the page 113 of the APA manual. The APA thesis writing also has reference citing standards for those references, which are made right inside the paragraph text of an article. The APA thesis writing specification expects that reference be placed immediately after the end of the citation. APA. It has standardized reference citation in case of, one author, two authors, and three to five authors and in case of six of more authors. Reference citation of multiple publications from same author and multiple publications from different authors as well as direct quotes are also mentioned in the APA style thesis statement specification. APA thesis writing specification also provides guidelines preparing reference lists from both on line and print sources. for

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