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• • • • • What is XML Publisher? Why XML Publisher ? Reports customization vs. XML Publisher Designing using XML Publisher Intro to new Features in 5.6.2

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What is XML Publisher ?

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XML Publisher
XML Publisher is a tool which enables the users to produce
 flexible,  high quality,  template-based

reports from E-Business Suite data

EAS – Oracle Apps

The Concept
• The main feature of XML Publisher is that it separates the Data Source from the presentation/Layout. Data Logic Layout
XML Publisher


Report output

•Greater Flexibility •Lesser maintenance
EAS – Oracle Apps

XML Publisher Overview EAS – Oracle Apps .

Sample Outputs EAS – Oracle Apps .

Why XML Publisher ? EAS – Oracle Apps .

Classic method      Costly Time consuming Complex systems Expensive maintenance Labor intensive EAS – Oracle Apps .

• The logo and signature just need to be inserted into the document.Using XML Publisher • XML Publisher enables user to design the check layout using Microsoft word or Adobe Acrobat. The MICR fonts can be purchased and included in the template like any other font.  Meet Business Requirements  Removes Complexity  Reduces Maintenance Cost  Reduces Total Cost EAS – Oracle Apps .

Benefits to Stakeholders EAS – Oracle Apps .

Report customization vs XML Publisher EAS – Oracle Apps .

Familiar Design Tools The check format can be designed using desktop applications • Microsoft Word • Adobe Acrobat DF P TF R Standard Reports would need complex customizations to the RDF or third party solution to precisely position the check details. EAS – Oracle Apps .

) Multiple Language Support  160 languages and 200 Territories (ISO Standards) are supported  Easy to translate each template into 160 languages  Utilize RTF or XLIFF for translation EAS – Oracle Apps . No need for Printer specific fonts.Multiple Language and Font Support Multiple font support  XML Publisher ships with full set of Unicode Fonts  Scalable Unicode font embedding  Support for font mapping and font linking (MICR and Barcode fonts can be embedded and linked to the output.

with security levels covering the following     Read only / Editable Copy Text Printable Password Protection EAS – Oracle Apps .Security XML Publisher allows the user to produce secure PDF output.

30 Languages ->> 300 reports High Maintenance Cost High Customization Cost Difficult Upgrade EAS – Oracle Apps .Classic Report Customization • 1 Data Set.10 Layouts.

XML Publisher customization • 1 data Set. 10 Layout Templates. 30 Translation files automatically generated using XLIFF Report Templates XSL XML EFT XML Data Report Output EAS – Oracle Apps .

Benefits of XML Publisher • • • • • Flexibility Lesser complexity Reduced Maintenance Less labor intensive Lesser Costs EAS – Oracle Apps .

Designing using XML Publisher EAS – Oracle Apps .

• Register the E-Business Suite report as a Data Definition with XML Publisher.Process Overview • Set up the XML Publisher responsibility • Set the E-Business Suite report to generate XML output. • Design the template and Register the template in the Template Manager. • Run the Standard program to obtain the XML data file. • Run the XML Report Publisher request to merge the data with the template. EAS – Oracle Apps .

XML Publisher Responsibility EAS – Oracle Apps .

XML Publisher Data Source Set the output type for any Seeded Payment format program to XML EAS – Oracle Apps .

XML Data Definition Navigation: XML Publisher Administrator-> Data Definition-> Create Data Definition EAS – Oracle Apps .

XML Template Navigation: XML Publisher Administrator-> Template -> Create Template EAS – Oracle Apps .

Submitting the Concurrent Request • The Standard Program is run which would run produce the XML output. • Then the ‘XML Report Publisher’ program is submitted to merge the Template Layout and the XML Data to produce the Output • With XML Publisher 5.6. EAS – Oracle Apps .2 the above two steps are combined and the XML Publisher Report is automatically submitted.

Template Styles Available EAS – Oracle Apps .

 Select the size.Designing the Layout The RTF layout can be designed using the Standard features in Word. font. and alignment of text  Insert bullets and numbering  Draw borders around paragraphs  Include a watermark  Include images (jpg. gif.)  Use table auto formatting features  Insert a header and footer EAS – Oracle Apps .

Associating the XML Data Data Elements: To Create the Data elements we need to add the Forms toolbar EAS – Oracle Apps .

Text Form Field • Text form field is used to reference the XML Data EAS – Oracle Apps .

Grouping Data EAS – Oracle Apps .

 Native word headers  Header Template EAS – Oracle Apps .Headers and Footers There are 2 ways to define headers & footers.

Conditional Formatting • • • • • Conditional Format Statements: if if-then-else choose.when-otherwise The Conditional Formatting using if statement: EAS – Oracle Apps .

Row/Column high lighting Syntax: <?if@row:position() mod 2=0?> <xsl:attribute name="background-color” xdofo:ctx="incontext">green</xsl:attribute> <?end if?> EAS – Oracle Apps .

'Oraclenumber-format'?> EAS – Oracle Apps .'element'?> Displaying Page Total: <?show-page-total:TotalFieldName.Totals Creation of Page Total Element <?add-page-total:TotalFieldName.

GROUPINGELEMENT?> EAS – Oracle Apps .Grouping Element?> <?for-each:current-group().Sorting and Re grouping Sorting : <?sort:element name?> Re grouping: <?for-each-group:BASE Group.

Formatting Page Breaks: <?split-by-page-break:?> Last Page Only <?start@last-page:body?> <?end body?> End on Odd or Even Page <?section:force-page-count.'end-on-odd'?> EAS – Oracle Apps .'end-on-even'?> <?section:force-page-count.

'variable name')?> EAS – Oracle Apps . value)?> • Get Value : <?xdoxslt:get_variable($_XDOCTX.Variables • Declaration: <xsl:variable name="lpp" select="number(5)"/> • Assigning Value: <?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX. 'variable name'.

EAS – Oracle Apps .Signature • A dummy signature/VOID image is included in the Template and actual signature referenced at runtime.

MICR font • Download the MICR font and use it for the MICR code EAS – Oracle Apps .

Linking MICR font • The MICR font can be linked by moving it to a UNIX directory and referencing the location in the Template EAS – Oracle Apps .

.XPATH Notations Notation .. // / @ [] Meaning Current Node Parent all elements in the XML document Descendants Attribute To specify conditions EAS – Oracle Apps .

'ccc'.'ddd')?> <?xdofx:Instr('abcabcabc'.Extended SQL and XSL Functions Syntax: <?xdofx:expression?> Examples: <?xdofx:rpad(FIRST_NAME||LAST_NAME).'a'.'bbb'.'x')?> <?xdofx:decode('xxx'.2)?> <?xdofx:upper(char)?> EAS – Oracle Apps .'xxx'.30.

Dynamic Data Columns • Dynamic Column Header <?split-column-header:group element name?> • Dynamic Column Data <?split-column-data:group element name?> • Dynamic Column width <?split-column-width:name?> EAS – Oracle Apps .

• The file is primarily used for: Setting properties for PDF. RTF.cfg. • No default configuration file is provided. and HTML o/p Setting PDF security properties Setting font locations and substitutions Setting translation properties Filename: xdo. • The configuration file is optional.Configuration File • Customize the behavior of XML Publisher by setting properties in a configuration file. Location: <JRE_TOP>/jre/lib EAS – Oracle Apps .

6.2 EAS – Oracle Apps .New Features in 5.

2 • Data Extraction Engine • Bursting Engine EAS – Oracle Apps .New in 5.6.

EAS – Oracle Apps . • The data template is the method by which you communicate your request for data to the data engine. efficient manner.Data Engine • The XML Publisher data engine enables you to rapidly generate any kind of XML data structure against any database in a scalable.

Sample data template EAS – Oracle Apps .

EAS – Oracle Apps . generates output based on a template.Bursting • XML Publisher’s bursting engine accepts a data stream and splits it based on multiple criteria. then delivers the individual documents through the delivery channel of choice. • The engine provides a flexible range of possibilities for document generation and delivery.

Bursting contd. EAS – Oracle Apps ..

Q&A EAS – Oracle Apps .

com/xmlpublisher/ • http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/xm • http://blogs.References • http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/xm EAS – Oracle Apps .oracle.

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