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1. Convert birth time and sunrise time to seconds.

2. Divide by 24 to find Vighatis.

3. Subtract sunrise Vighatis from birth time Vighatis to get Janma Vighatis.
4. Multiply Janma Vighatis by 4 and divide by 9. The remainder, counted from Asvini, Magha, or
Mula should be the same as the natal naksatra.
every ninth gives same remainder
AltRemainder plus 1 (or just remainder), counted from Mrgasirsa, Citra, or Dhanista should be
same as natal naksatra.
5. Multiply Janma Vighatis by 3 and divide by 7. The remainder, counted from Sunday should be the
same as the birth day of the week.
every 63rd gives the same remainder
Alt (to be used with 4 alt)remainder counted from Friday should be birth day
of the week.
6. Find sign of Mandi and the Lord of that sign.
a. lagna will be trine of these two
b. lagna will be trine to their positions in Navamsa
c. lagna will be trine to Gulika
d. if Moon is stronger, lagna wil be trine to Moon
7. Pranapada lagna will be trine or 7th to lagna.
8. Pranapada lagna in Navamsa in trines or 7th to swamsa or navamsa Moon.
9. Find sex from Vighati Graha:
The ruler of the Vighatis is based on the sequence of the lords of the weekdays (Su-1, Mo-2,
Mars- 3, Me-4, Ju- 5, Ve- 6, Sa- 7, Ra- 8, Ke- 9). The remainder of dividing the Vighatis by 9 gives
the Vighati lord. One easy way to find the remainder of a number divided by 9 is to add up the
digits of the number (when 9834 is divided by 9, the remainder would be 9+8+3+4 =24
=2+4= 6).
Rising of Vighatis of male planets give male birth, whereas rising of Vighatis of female planets
give female births. Similarly, Vighatis of eunich planets give eunuch births.
The Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Rahu indicate a male.
The Moon, Venus, Ketu indicate a female.
Mercury rules the female eunuchs while Saturn rule male eunuchs. However this should be
predicted only if a specific combination for such a birth exists in the conception chart. Else,
Mercury will indicate a female child as Saturn indicates a male.
If the Janma Vighati Graha is placed with a female planet, then it will show female birth and so
on. However, if it is not conjoined with any planet, then the sex of the sign shall dominate.
All even signs indicate females, whereas all odd signs indicate males. However, there is an
exception to this as Pisces and Cancer shows male birth being even signs and Aquarius and
Gemini rules female birth even though they are odd signs.
If the Janma Vighati Graha is exalted or conjoined a exalted planet, then it indicate male birth,
where as if it is debilitated or placed with a debilitated planet, then it indicate a female
birth. This is an overriding principle to the above mentioned principles.
# Nakatra
1 Ashvin (~l)
2 Bharan ()
3 Krittik ()
4 Rohini (l)
5 Mrigashrsha (V)
6 rdr ()
7 Punarvasu ( )
8 Pushya ()
9 shlesh ()
10 Magh ()
11 Prva Phalgun ( )
12 Uttara Phalgun ( )
13 Hasta ()
14 Chitr ()
15 Svt (l)
16 Vishkh (l)
17 Anurdh ()
18 Jyeshtha ("?)
19 Mla ()
20 Prva Ashdh ()
21 Uttara Ashdh ()
22 Shravana (")
23 Shravishth ("l?) or Dhanist
24 Shatabhish ()or Shatataraka
25 Prva Bhdrapad ()
26 Uttara Bhdrapad ()
27 Revat ()