I am Ripal Patel.I have completed my M.B.A with specialization in finance so I good in accounting as well as financing so I am interested in this job.

2.Why are you applying for this particular job?
I have completed M.B.A in specialization with finance. I am good in Accounting subject. I have very much interested in financial activities so I take finance in specialization & I also done my summer internship in Kalupur bank. I also know about some computer skills. So for this job I feel I have all the quality for this job.

3.What do you know about our company?
I show your company s annual report & I study on that report. Your company is very growing. I have so innovative ideas I can put in your company. It is very helpful to the company. I always read your company s report on the newspaper whenever it comes. I also show the special report of your company s C.E.O telecast in the Business news.

5.What can you do for us that someone else can t? I have good strengths in the account & I have knowledge about all the financial treatment.B. I also observed how put the strength to solve the financial. 6. . I have very good typing skills. I have better in computer skills& also have good typing skills.Why should we hire you? I have completed M. I am good in calculation. I have some knowledge of computer skills. So my qualification is fitted with these job. I am good in accounting subject.A in specialization with finance. I observed All financial activities which is done during working hours. I am flexible to adopt a new technology & willing to learn. I got good score in accounting & I have knowledge computer skills.What make you qualified for this particular job? My summer intership at kalupur bank.4. So I learn so many things from this experience &I can apply so many tool from this experience. I am very hard working.

Why do you want to work for us? This job is very chellanging & give opportunity for advancement & growth .What are your weakness? . I am very much hard working.What do you look for in a job? This job is chellanging . 12. In your company the work environment is so good. I am good in accounting so I have good in calculation power. 13. 11.7.How long will it take you to start making a meaningful contribution? I am very enthusiastic & willing to learn & will put up all the hours & effors to learn the ropes & start making an immediate contribution. In your company the work environment is very good & it gives opportunity to build & maintain relationship with customer. I can learn so many things through it. 10.What are your strength? I all ready tell you that I am very enthusiastic & always ready to learn something new. your work culture is exactly what I am looking for.

I study the problems of finance of any other company.What are your career goal? I want to become a successful manager.B.so that I prefer to hard work & always ready to solve the any financial problem.I always loose my tempere when my worker is do not work properly as per my guidance but I always control my tempere very quickly.Describe a situation in your past where you showed initiative? .i am intellegent in calculation skills I am hard working & enthusiastic.A with finance . I always ready to learn.How would you describe yourself? I complete my M. So I can improve my skills. I want to enlarge my knowledge. 16. 17.How would your boss describe you? My professior always tell me that you are very hard working & enthusiastic 19. 14.How would your colleagues discribe you? My college friends alwayssays that you are very good in calculation skiils & analytical skills. 15.

independently abvously I work better but I work better in team because in many of the reaport are presented with team & there are so good so I feel I can done better with team also.What other job have you applied for? I am applied for job which is fitted with my educational background. 26. studies I visit amul company in that company I show that wastage cost is very high so I suggest that reduse this cost which can be control with technology. 25.I want to share my past experience with you.How did you do in college? I am very busy in my college life I was involve in social activity so that experience I maintain the human relationship.What kind of hours would you like to work? .A. 22.B. 23.Do you work better in teams or independently? I can work for better for both . In during my M. 24.How do you work under pressure? I can done work under pressure because I always try to complete my work in time & with passions.

I willing to put in whatever hours are necessary to finish the job I prefer comfortable with 9 to 6 time period.I already told you that I am flexible .Do you have any question for me? Yes I want to know about your companies policies which protect your worker. . 27.

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