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We r Cheaters.. But v dont cheat Humanity!! We hate Study.. But v love Technolog y!! We flirt with flirters..

But v love lovers!! We dont hav Books in Hand, But hav Revolutionary Ideas in Mind!!. We r d rarest common Race on Earth..!! Meet us We r d ENGINEERS!!! ...HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY... :) Alcoholic movs 4 alcohol lovrs: Rum de Basanti Soda Akbar Do aur do scotch Jab we tun Rab ne pila di thodi Kisme kitna hai rum Hum Bevde ho chuke sanam 139..... any religion is like a knife.... It depends who is carrying that.... in the hand s of sheff, it feeds people..... in the hands of fanatic, it kills people..

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samsung jet s8000

Elite Upgrade - 250W 160G Blacksmith attack - 100F 50G + Bodkina Arrow 200F 100G = 300F 150G total Blacksmith armor - 100F + 150F 150G = 250F 150G Sum up Blacksmith = 550F 300G Total = 250w 550f 460g ... only for upgrades so now 15x (25f 35w) = cost for 15 skirms add the upgrade cost to it creation cost = 375f 525 w + upgrade caost = 250w 550f 460g Total Skirm cost = 775W 925F 460G .. on the other hand hc 12 cost 10x(45F 50G) = 450F 500G

@ Havyas All the Secularists above... Well The Decision of High Court is quite Promising..... At least it has set base for future structuring bcoz now 1 thing is clear dat "Lord Ram existed, was bor n @ dat place and dat place is Sacred to the Sanatan Dharmis(Hindus)" Now regarding the Babari-mosque its crystal clear dat Babar built it destroying a sacred hindu structure.... Not jus Ayodhya many more places lyk Kashi, Mathura (Krishna janma bhoomi) exist s were these fanatic muslim rulers hav deployed mosque ontop of sacred hindu fou ndations... Apart frm dis u take a look @ histry of Jerusalem(birthplace of jesus) Muslims a lways attacked it forcing pope to call for a CRUSADE... another factful thing is dat today in muslim countries lyk Saudi Arabia propagat ion + even construction of temples n churches is not permitted.... moreover a muslim cannot leave islam dere coz it results in Death Penalty... y isit so ??? bcoz Muslim countries r following SHARIAT LAW i.e. Islamic LAW.... y r dey follwing SHARIAT LAW ....bcoz its the unchangable LAW given by Allah (t he unseen and only GOD.... all other GODs r false mind u.. Y is it so dat when we see these things frm neutral point of view we immediately

notice a query in our mind dat "why is it dat Islam's always intolerant to othe r faiths".... Wat is the actual Defect in here???.... is dere any or not ???? answer to all these Queries can be foundt only @ 1 place and i.e. . hav a look @ it and Analyse things urself :)