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ke YL ‘february 22023 Masthead Editor’s Address managing editors ‘maya eschmans| ello saesings Wt editorsin-chief ‘ariel yuan this is, join son a post.crings, Prinfa-yetat-once-cathatieouriey ofl efetion! rom production advisor fle to pitorat to sari ets the rage sue i sale lace oral yur mide school coming of age meditations, the Joshua ienstock ature of rowing up, along with gaining a eather dose of wroduction manager Sel exteem anda more developed personals hopes aso prea Comic heady took ack and make etiqus. ad there plenty room fo eniques on rng, especialy on wta's normalized 1 ‘nd what rps or share are src the to ne Isthat we suppor slflove AND beiga hater: were of in oan benstck \ Tle hat tee two tenes ean coe polities snamah jos alone anys total forgo what wa talking abot rf im so Fandom. bali SDDD opinions kaa se gabriel an bce yuan & maya esehmann ‘Mito 2023/35, carts & culture salma ragheb & valerie yao savant-garg hcp tr ah ang sya bigs ins copy editors mary, aims ky conor sino zany waar social medi | ama shine ee ash ang sta athena meiste Iles jalan spotinano, er ihe ere 00m on at marti opi kveon samson “sonny” maple 20073 oe roma colorns| ‘contributors ante call elder ‘nce allen rmayactelle nds ent beard About us ‘TheGargoyeis University Calley’ easiest (nd onl) b-veeky student paper. Weare a papee ‘hat ily lieve in being angxy a society and that ts our job to provide patorm fo outo td so. We do not give print space to bigots orto anyone who seks to legis the sat 0 il wedo not eign neta onthe things that matter to ex commnts At his moet, ‘serthingin our afice sve for once?" Cla for restored overhead lighting) Production s bi-weekly in-person on Weenesdas in the UC Junior Common Room (ICR) Soi sor serve an fallow us om instagran/ twtr! Links at woew-vegargoseea Enuifusto join our mailinglist andor to contribute egargoyleegmal can Justin Trudeau and Political Celebrity Culture In almst al cicumstances, stand bythe renin that ering is dead Ifyou'e ving fon, not hating anyone apd yet sill eiting strange and of puting vibes? support that ‘That si, sometimes that kncejerk “cringe” responses onto something, Distinguishing between genuinely harmful ‘haviour and innocent weirdness isn't lay as. Especial when i comes to oles, what seems harmlessly cringey to (one person could have materi repercussions in the ives of thes. {nthe lsd upto Justin Trudeau's fist lection, coverage of his polices, platform, ‘or anything politely relevant were overhadowed as people flocked to gush bout hishalr and sare petre of him shires (Yes saw them, Yes regret it) Out ofthis fervor the world pained anew i_* ‘One rele ofthe age, Titer acount (@dedey_trudeas emains otis dy although it's bees inactive since 2017, More een, news coverage abot the ‘pandemic took time to feature commentary Saeuyan on wheter Treas neaded shart and GLOS thesate ors beard while the SS movernments vaccine dstrbuton program floudered so badly that an independent “Titer asoant was many people's met reliable soure of information ebout wen tnd where new doses would be made available, ‘The baygitifeston of asin Trea is _undeniny,ineredibly cringe, but is also ‘Symptom ofa larger problem. When polcans are treated ke celebrities, the ‘considerable onto they ave over the ‘Sreumstances affecting popl'sives pets ‘Sdelined in favour of gossip and partisan ‘San cute with all atendant lack landnite reductionism. Sopporting 8 polcian gets talento mean that you love them, personaly. Naturally thats bit pols prac. Support fora pols shold be Ted nnn Toa Supported represses he Pola pris of hi coneents and Thoul te pores chang, or sbuld the poli al ove upto expectations, ule suport anand shoud be evoked Bind standing ty polis gets people hand ett representatives who fad de on tht commtments hese fr dea. = Celebrity rushes are embarassing, bt for the most par, ttallrharles When your celebrity crush s the prime minster. that’s “}_Justembarasing. Aman who as veto ower over every bil that gore through Parliament, and hlds moe concentrated ‘Powe in his fies than anyother branch of sovernment with very it al countably (es, ys, techni the governor general oul epi) sao 9 armless person to tan, and overlooking his very rel alings because he as pretty Inir does disservice to everybody suffering as result of plies he promised os and filed to creat In such a special case, exceptions tomy usual aversion ean be ‘made. Long lve cringe Toerer pesstentvacnusoss chou Botraaeape videos pone ake rating {Beat we dn aad hve ls poor temps the aerate Sogig up our Serer) ev fay mation evel even ‘ethan mages. Whe he spect ath ‘ie depend ote ice pron oan, htm (of whiter eral oe) ais ry te sane, dikon tate, 4 Counter- cringe, unter ee Commodifieglsin & Esnnui. Ss Six polemics on the self (and its performance) ine) the digital age. Zo) «y—™ esos wang down ace set «cin he ar aed look ie fave an, Inuybea sunset hat mort of ese pe "han hey area Wied ‘Sta considering how they ate mee et ‘elton ofthe sel nhac ee Sceeecoresiainan erminedies andes ys oat Inthetnofomumeretjccreanane - nour erent wor, whee meaning ised entrees eel repesetation of he at, tensa onnaden tes ag thei peu omy ayy an ‘hist threat fenton, = Then cuionted yt wan moray tte Fst te piting pres nd ten he cams Ivete rece te iat at ee Fecha inven ha ever een ‘Sostieg orkow ou mae at come noe teil compared having someting worth rating Perhaps the ning sng tral mot af aie pation our ‘parc, oor Stoo tse ‘i ietigens to ner ating at ‘des venon af oar wae. Weve ane isto the pol ouaterand necator p (Gol eligi the vps pom amor thedlgrt churns aloty ed these a {pesto nore oe he not esereane Keto dora para ors then ob ‘loys echange fora snail of money, ‘ao then ee othe that be never nlc ie te eae nea Sami rer, wie the ives wl raed ‘ulna ncested wed ‘ike slur proiema wou be vedo newer mrt on abate. Sarae anew oersy ant ot me fort hee ie lay ena I sing ints como vale Sl edad monetiton Test ace ae cite barney da eve pretend ot) bac sures apd eee hat lon the a then of the ner a the SSpoferfed Nt bre Es wee eckng them obese basses who lyn emotion he they Cfisigh ites ich pees ogo ote hata en common” posing msn a counter lage tes ue temper stints ‘ack the vey poner thy ae Soteaste te ‘monica oto ae ee ‘from that which already exist, that which ee gk ana aa mera ‘aj e ann compel ferent ches hat eathatc ‘alse nd hae omni) tly erent 4p youundertund me? do you get what ean : gmat saline soa section “J ase le mening natant sey ron ‘the cet the wold bein dc iyi ty, owt leno frniton berate hangs fer tan Tenpage. ors dot knw ne nad ae Dy ky er esormade of tore (edt thloribkingt vdeo of een bang sped trenton the interne pare arms sue sftp Soong are enh etl hat ver tse sof weed, Ee onl ner as ‘rac hy were es ‘cir raved ula bey igen What aks se) ot {hfe ena tome the alte joy lesa tenderer ese! ae if {hype th ya atte a nome tint afer step. sens aoa aon spire samc op be te on ace Int the ik way etre’ someting babi deat nina ott beth ret nthe erent ee ae ‘Cetra specltin, hearation commentary tse 00 wan al however ou wat dsp bel one ud bering our Sveese fel easy dos. We ‘hosifbne newer aisha never bec ie ‘yo Whe tm thn seg cite in ‘How weet nine ncreningyepenral— Ike unepected geting fume ese racing ech tig ot {Tbe gone tore you can eat aging [joursemertibes ghaslteinpeit SS ooeee eee pert Saleen, Shearwater, pei ie ate erhap dst eed to point tw he ‘Soo We tourney hel tet optic hd actor een explain tno south os hat 8 {home on stn ere ty So ior? {ure alg nw aoa poate ening pai of of cere dat Fay tf eterboon sch. dot want 0 ‘Tonle many Dogg oo mus to them row eet evans iene x ws iain | Sefeneveything tebe proto ltt iy peraring oe usp oe CB | lng cs itch atic of baby tating, TG interes rh bore you gute (vine jul nw how ek ek hat HN eowbiwiewophdndintotacs iia U C nae Noam top 13 cringiest things about uc according to masthead (but mostly according to me) joshua bienstock ‘the fact thatthe name is university college even though it's not a a ta terior olge. ike Rs erally jos 1 minstraive dion its fucking imposible toe around this place. mean seriously, m0 ‘ne sever thought to pa up asin of teu? maybe even some pans 12 stsplights ding you tothe nares ext? and obiculy the wR. "mapapp isnt any el. allthe names onthe it wl re most key just aly problemete| 5 3 white men 4 andayaatrman at my omen valve ing Z i ‘were sorta weird at home too. “aie eng a ak et ec 2 . soy onc ae cig bce ka ot ee ‘up ike "hey 7 ~ tml pon ng ing spoon ka 4 6 etna ant ; ictoks aod smell it came straight out ofa iché coming of age Cllge dram, complete with strangely svua anthropomorphic ‘he photoshoots that randosdo ares cringe lo..but somehow more» =Pehitestare flag ee te students dong them ike f you spends eoupe years , _Heandarestl die toumfors camer onitspremise. e's something wrong wth you 9 ae ”~ f _ edo. hey te eit on a derek tla ett oe 10 , romano ramet Lp Vee ‘he fact thatthe garg is alled the uc gargis ering... though this we (onfortuntely bees ne KA ne Fe feame neni ata aha oe eee ro go ere srr tobreato you but here’ sega toe te ‘Ln yevlow 900k" ce ey) Cringe Encounters 0 4 Since my it yar of university, Ive alway approached class tutorials wth thessime meni thi fraspace where caestablch a reputation sa» 9 [od student Final ean be now, reacted to, eared about woes me how vil Yam, The ctl ies sureshave done nothing bt rig Eee ides larger than what we were feiss are one ting most are magni ie a rc So, Hove torial. Tove potting and engaging withthe materi love ‘hoving how mach Ive leaned and Now ck ea pul on atv iced ove adresing people recy an being edna Sey tmakesme feel important Fats the ue, I'sno wonder yu rea {Bisandhnking ou tisauthoe ina nightmor’ becuse Tas deerog AMesor of pect nou Sate tohaveles ora In desing excesive personal attention in academic spaces where were ‘Stpposed to work together, me clvate learing environments that prevent ‘thes fom feling confident and assured Academic valiaton for one person resus in cng for al The stadene whose impossibly high andar for what repped input seem to ook down on tel Clasrates: ‘Those who ae les ood bet trying tht best feel embarrassed, been > ‘nde toseem tht wha theyre thinking valuable The lassroom Is strate, resting in @ most awkward situation a thick sence that ‘osmosis heros men no one ca reference what bi alway been sad Perret wast hear, You sould ange sa Tas responsi to facitate esiticarnng spoce, but there mot immune to indacing ering ee. Tve Ad pcny of te that were more intrested in sharing thir ov rae one of he ate han encouraging Us, pricy in Enalsh seam allot uy to make case Gcussions more incisive, Ayaan, {nd mosiating fr eachother “Ther s merit in understanding hove rivil you are. ink t predisposes ‘obeing ite more open-minded You able to sew how your own biases tnd interpretation tly dant rank above those of others, becase You Sourslf don't There sso much information out there, and most of ler tnd mote pt together than you are. AL UT, whic snow to bea Competitive insfution, and whi invites compotion among stodents ‘Shou ssngent progam requirements, ean be iia ot tobe Sl ttvorbed: However muitasing a ego antagonitetoleaming. We won| Sant to know anything weve convinced we alteady know everything her's something that probably hase changed since 1907, es that no oP Inepabagweal gph og “ eae saa an| pete ‘here has ever been a group 3s degenerate reclaiming the same internet Synonymous withthe worderinge” asthe 8" 2 ne spec ens tha a ofen hurled at Fy fandom, Other aoups ~ tals, tis Though it something of faux ps in {Briand certain pes of tamers (to name PS 1 eet at cimareto be opty ieee eaangeee ons COMMMUNIty Seer Smomencocice Ts" and Furries rich gees ett giericonenterey™ joo ANG FULT! Seen ne, oacurmierececumnt es ss A Took at the thriving See cetgee inet, faushectainewesent, tel, 23, community that exists Sted waren cen Mthen ete Tmstavelng joy, Dehind the word ere eet eae eat “cringe” ‘GRR Sm Sere athe ult ow did we ge here? Hov did asinge ‘ny partner, monitoring myself for peaking, Fesvenen cere, at raga ‘group come fo embody everything that {oo quicksand pasiontely or pologing feet aedacceeainede: society ins crnge? To the surprise af Forbouncing my lg too much the words any the dread ofconfontigt ‘anywho associate the fandom ith pesstent in reminding peopl ike me fal es ena ere ee ‘Srong ulin presence, ures have been he ways we don tot societal norms. sartomnest you are ben ceca organizing convention since the pre | When being misunderstood i you elt than lp of understanding in world imeret day ofthe midos. Iris due to Sayin and ay ou ere a ou than Bp of understandingin word | this ong term existence that, when forget tht being uerstood is even a st cheein ees fo miseries compared to many eter eige subcultures posit at all Imagine hen ater such a eae that were born almost enrely online, Fiat misunderstanding, howit must fee ee a enon Furies generaly have greater diversity of to wal ints convention space where you Leena ages Alam bee of aries ae over i, Se qcers sing each other, people Rat sane necdmeecete td many ofthese olde fll have been talon oo fist and to passionately and eee ae ing to convention for decades by nv Unrestricted bouneing around with o one ea butting an eye Ie isa Breath far afer together as fries, we gg nto VR opt "These fret membersf the fandom or Hie undervater eee ee re “fraymurtes ar we ell them) were soil mesa by spamming Vllogy Twi ‘rplang these conventions na socal Dlg por weeber astral Beg, The year that the first furry convention wae ‘same thing that makes them a refuge for the organize was the same year that Ronald ‘socially marginalized; there is no desire Rexgan created his infamously ineffective ‘whatsoever to adhere to any of the ableist leva er eon eine ‘orhomophobie social norms that exist Epiderale. Members ofthe queer. ‘outside af furry space. It is socially fommanity were dvingtet and rightSfe | SCcntae a fre to g0 on atu spaces ware few and far between, The furry ‘rants about trains, to have and explore conmuniy wasted outofpeopl vio. tere ik tbe ump Sere | silly. Challenging the barriers of identity errno = 1 BLS funina non prot sine, ey remlinmecigpcocinne — (ercaencesmnti at Derettemmnggnnin —W Stencn wot ese Sete cea, gramme Cae ket ast nny ort am both Weare nptobivowstohow eae ee ceeeatinlente |] vemesbieen errr ay Sean perceived = fr rom Fuss fr Eee eee ee All the an, Things She \ obsession, queerbaiting, and lesbian loneliness odessa hewitt-bernhard be song.Allhe Things She Th muse video forthe song.lthe Ting Sid Ramin pep sot saris {Rote red eee Te msi comes Setasimlsyinin athena nam brace then the seme cto 2 pokdng hae with another Nottm oft are esa ek “ratehed by a erowd of voyeurs. The two cot sli ten co up ha ot {ithe enw ad heel eran eae, enantio e ieee ec seas erage ienreatcrtca at ited oul seman ap see ‘Stand what my feds cold dtd ‘Aeleve, had roby encountered the word ‘dbnn once anbe Had heard joer whan a he cin ah inject Een Deestresom TV And hen, Sencha {stub aco hs song The ‘io ed wih hleesond sos avo ts sng, vee a ag of quer ove wen one Ce ny wo remember nag ‘oven that” ser wang een ‘hen erect browser peo wate ‘ain Thesony towel me ect chat was —— Heres the thing AT: isa notorious case of queerbaiing Despite interviews where he Stages claimed tat they had romani "lationship with one another he drs image ftwo young isin one was completly designed by their producer Far from ¢ genuine nage of qe ove, he two hiss hal hata [esa their proces thomght would bes Sart move cater to pornographic ante shout underage ges The sages were both Sixteen when the ideo wie prodaed. Wh atch owas an adult ny st honghic ies por eildren are being abused St only are the wo mot in ove. bt one singer sa she would eject her som ithe were focome ante 1. The other has confessed toying pre Soy the ino acting gues in pubic tte Things She Sais wsthing cose toa ioestory savvidenoftwo soung girs ore to ply io fantasy that used the letage of esian seus tosell records Sue the soke was ieligg ring aed and confusing ime in my ie, but {his image of wo women lening each ober oe Image of wo hyperfine, andeage pls, ‘tering tothe lest parts of the mal ae ‘oul mot have been further from who Lam and who [dest ‘was around this time that I met lesbian for the frst time, at a mecting ora neighbourhocd ‘committe my mom had deaged me to. She os ‘mer ate 508 hada preving buzzed wine tlather ake, a pair at bots anda ing st ‘es fll in love with her instantly as fie ve fallen in ove with every bute ve tet since {She probaly didnt even notice me, but ek Ic sheeaingtomethrounhou the ‘meeting speaking in language f understood ‘more than the langage of my ends an ‘asses. Sein her was the ase omy catching "don't think we ned more lesbians on TV, or ‘more ils sng in musi vdeos We de need qucernss packed up and sold ase) torenew aserieorsell alums Tink, mote lesbisn teachers. We needlasbenon ae berets go abot our iy act. Queer peoples scot vl nese telnet "Dany oft awh roving wp Net on soe tha exept for real gene comm vith oe another When the weather i indecent etna and AL. She ken we ae PoH aks 8 alt fing hae ee eng ul ht pases Hle tae re sere fel dre tom eg eee wt of us eases heh ee Sen only aie. lnc, ‘Magis for, tung onto ikea Bao, tony vs y Lambert Nicole. “Paco Pop Ra eee maine Dinars. Freee nf S26 Thom. “Pat, Sings int Beis Gays Unman gne sbians, ae cringe is _,. dead and all hb pa the warrior * ‘ceremony ~ a ow thats seaealy used — and utooking back on the series in retrospect, one ‘question oecapies my mind: why are there so ‘Spteflly renames the spree to Lost to ‘hany quser, prima trans, Warrior Cat fans? Me refet her injuries This acto huilation ‘thought isthe nature of tany tice online ‘ates Lostfaet become mi and witha, ‘yas tobe a generally aceping envionment {ernie of teraction de to her marred fae Tented to examine why the pater ‘Ara new leader takes ove, is fe act of ‘aratves ofthe series esate ith so msoy jrition isto ight this wrong and give hers $oung, quer readers proper warsor name, Breaths new E ame shows tht shes more than her ages lind commends the courage of her spt He BB orcs tht immediatly fer he name cana; Srgthar gas a measure of eonfidence and strength “An orange housecat perches at the very edge of Is garden, staring into the forest ust beyond whee the fener end That gest ukown "rane, ith ld sents and strange myths, ington part of hime cannot yet pt words ‘Tne is bis perennial dilemma ds he dae go furtber and leave bebind thee? ‘This isthe opening sene to Erin Hunters fantasy alogy sae a Warriors though rat wil knw ts Warrior Cato, more Colloquia thse books aout he foal eats Fobing nine Te oy tues ‘round our dans of wi as foverned by fommon treaty, bt isso math more han that ‘Theory wacom dsee the ppl ot he Warriors books it compare the oa Grek pi spanning srs genes Toughout these emis rnin bates nto sarguinary wars alamits prophecies reach fatnent, he may of ling god perpetual hallenged, and suv a Enetat bale of ow, ase on my resarh academy analyaing the Warrior Cas tag on Tune and pling from my story ner-encyelopedic Knowedge of the boks), ve concluded that ome cofthemnin attracting ores of mainly queer fanbase the native sgneance placed upon ‘ven and chosen names 1 Warriors ames hold signifeant Secular mening Atrial varcior fame sm of wo pura pref sen at Birth anda us tht changes po the proprio af acats rank gts teva ‘other deny sd te ery of ving o2) sensing ‘rightheat’s arava to do largely withthe trauma with being asd name entirely Evicanaypeniacs pow seme fat inner ther apteniet eaten © Font hth en nes a ld ok Scriocamdrccshcrsus ppciphosen leet dapora cl cl ets ‘then eters i omar Uinighthat’ are Thebetowmet fa Slut oraui Nomen is ite _wasors mane on ofa dition nt tipo wonton fll ce na "Sopra thrare ay mre Ceremonies ofelated by the clan leader in which Brighten nthe src ike that of Firat’ theapreie toe ned eters eemon erate om Rasy itn hts te re sxte"Themain characte is snes sag wero ataced so may ‘Sample tamed om an orc gar ahead spniicacpuner nether and Sarr ame ake soars dei wb ‘Bandon is tote ee vey Toaieaputans fs ans permeable Scmutheliname het baieecoment EE, octet thet tat Strate and na rite hs mena 3 efi ines erection an Loeheat Avartars meen be alge of tint both ae soy or ores fre esa Shame Theres lt pit inthe ‘ch an arrears iceany atc nto Thee Ee al om cote bervachmrtoiertictnsy asa ‘inept fom Depo ni shetmaetttore ina monn ofa trae clon te pds ange “here was someting dept comping oat the story that buried ise dep into my the {dveloning prea lobe the moment pike it ime thi rade, and pein mem kwhen Tray that havent ead anything since As “Acar interests go my deep enthusiasm for ihe series was et th equal levels of scorn from my lssmates So I Tearned to sate my Interests online primary on Warrior Cas Tolelaying forums And there, Let aot of ‘oa aevepting people the kes of which T would fave neve encountered nm d-t-day fe as a sheltered child ina consersative Christin Household. Many the wr friend were ‘couple yeas older ~ as well ar openly quer, hh filed my leven-yer-old ef wth ovetous admiration ad eau yet explain, Taking back ow, aera long Jury come totem ith yea and ga {ink being in hole space ped ot with nny ealy development, spell when every ther aspect of ye wa 0 reps pick me! i’m not like other girls, iim asmurf ‘athena meisaae ‘When wasn middle schol, thought | was sooo unique and quik Why? Beene to wou ans. Never wore them, id mention that ty never wore single al of Jeans ini whole etre ie? Because | Ran. Tenttknow wha his acomplished but was proud of jst wnen' ike the other, jean tearing Invertebrates st my school Deni ‘wrapped losers When you think of someone who'-not ike fhe: pe"maybeyou pictresmeane who nt engage i the same poplar activites that many other ges do, ike wear makeup, ‘wn pink thing, watch omc et They ‘might instead ave aires ideo games, Ares more masculine and/or ten to punk. tock, grater genres of musi that arent “Gil Not ony that, bt she very loudly proleis oanjone who wl iste tha shes Foti other grat ALL, and proudly lis allthareasons why. Maybe hess vehement, ‘against being ike other irs that she stead. surrounds erst ith group of most vs ‘were she can be“one of he boys ovens deh ep Sentech sonst Sheena top’ ep hnco Seti ney omen Seer Patera tee Se Eo eR ve Poteet See ea ae me a ‘ie i hou tow es ST nate ese Meer pe eaten Se ae ce oe See ered a Se cena eo crane tet on tccnare Cease cae i ee ica ee eee ere nee Tee Seavert eee Se ogre rate Seema ree ee ens eee tem See alae Ss ee en area secre ‘Except’ no longer an escape, beens now these is re made fn of fo act et Andi gts prety misogynist looked ‘Sin ofthe deionorpcne and “not ike oer gon Orban Detonay, and they pala them as one-dimensional, ‘athrot itches who put her gre downto ‘thay wet ean i” {ita Th pnts alo impl these gins ake thle {uk hobbies and lterest arto Impress men hich may have soe uth tit ‘some cases but penal don trust that thisterm sbeing used comet te 90% of the time thas “oh you ike that band? nme hres ong andl me what the lad singer was fespald orn sod enn. fat ls Okay so igs wh do “asi hings are “eigen gil who tyetremel hard ot tober alter king tor are *cegey” oe bat WHAT ARE GIRLS SUPPOSED TO BO? Go ito a permanent state ‘ofhibernaton?Animorph int dolphins? 1 gues theres no real way to win, Someone ‘eee wana find iso maybe it's best oop for findings group of people who happen to ernge at the same ‘hing that you do. Femlerepiaconouines Hoag" got tng Tm Butattines 1nd mysefin this wei imo ‘where everyone on thistle misogynistic tmer-go-round seems to cringe a ie, People round me wll sometimes mock me for almost ‘renthing | orsay, sareastially saying Soule so quiiy” of woww seve no ike other girs" gt deans. Thre have been pots where ve Been quirky inal the wrong ‘sand oe ie agi hve it me dom fork Orsay someting eves Illy od and someone lake at mee jot Confesed to commiting ple homie ce wore winged jeliner fo school andthe Ses gt acme want to melt the ok, Lo aking abut smurf ore and how SHEE ea aren ttarpeol uty dos burfyoure ping {ubearand me ac hen prefer 00 Sit focal fer! ring ham Ort tosiut ee down ormake fn efor ing wer orange sujee inmate don’ ed toe ceinged at unl conform to state the people sound me ak ‘cepa. thee ates et rej Be navsof conforming ow cet oa think oT perormatne grees otiag exept conic ts ce eg ah mete a sa them frying oo hard, acres Rhee fointinccngingat popiefor tii hats or our of whatever other than a make and to make youl fst ofcourse you would never ds 4 the wed things that person don $F confident that 1am tie other gs ve ime plenty of people who are achat by ay $ Sense tnowcle cf Sct ens | semaines) and incencen and meetin fil meet torn fc, ou, dear rede, have my sion task me about thurs the ext ‘me you spt me on campus. Tn retin, Yall 5.0 Whatever quicysabnc ya axay eno obiecsis fee obunsngg fe meses and Cringe "ee ng Bl [On nourishing the nuance neglected b tweenage nastiness Tt sss toruppres who youre, Dut this time a youre sacks even more to ot tin, Soyo cose te te. [sts searsol,yovarean unapologetic sical theater ner, Youve ayn TM Perey Jackson and The Hunger Games — reese you fe ered 9 go tide for our cnvchient tine, you bring your took wih you ands reading sone on ty bench One of your eds ha aly back 1 2014 and it down ith my tear oi sett Lean tll her that there's thing 5 %, rghit es el er hat peopl wl be mean, and Ie sick, bt no matter how mean they are or how ents mae ere, staying true thers wl away eth most impomanand rewarding hinge cn do. (ee Its hat il ep her find her bet rend in afew yeas time, and ts wba ll make ie prod of and conient nthe person sic become. co arto chang site the tat ao oor ice hctarar bia you eit dy of Frech das ee Ie ee meine 6 ny cen et Tne” Grey erences spots and you dep fy every ite POs | You get closer with our fends in cho 7 faye of ters before (2 and finally realize the Straight Git uniform eal for som in more a han one Youstart dressing how you want, You ge more comfortable wth sour trae and. ‘fiona tw things ike ssowesome, Dison snd sXDDDDDODDD. The Ene you were friends within kindergarten {font really seem ota to you anymore Now, realistialy if someone sat me gown semen touring outset achalis you ome part afte ie ta 2 and tld me alta probly have Sy [F dleving Mincrate with your family ends i Delve fs weird. Well hegemonic coolness, WM Sg Hea what hey were onabout le’ JG) inte abou away. Shon nttyour Oe wrong. These people color Fr Fournier Ara oam rare _ Woman cence mate J iss reer perctiag bat cian! memory) YUM undtrais and my Minera aod hen 19 cosine stong path of cringe st ‘Aiayearsold,youlookbeckonalliis WS Nowct sgn tee on de Oe Fedllanton ssf would haven ay other 9p Setyrinss wit and cotta ie Noe a9, 700 oo ee on Ca Setar Bat iow tha looked wp mocking disgust. Having ut arc hich AQ with ne an wisdom peat ditaning,-~ ff rom my book tees and saw gar ‘Shoo Youd ike tothe simmered SS Ih cit weoring Ho Topic eatcr cede aa dwn bi. Feople alk tose, rouresdes, vast rom priest you sou cantly) pleted clad shits, towing up peace ze prety good and you dress aczrcingto | Hnprecit haw berating i ry 0 sgsand thumbsup ad muse, and She asismal-town Staph Gi ange how berating ly aking with her endear grad = ‘uniform, Anatase Bevery Hille Brow + made sour bet endfor better or [> forworse, You ei, but despite this you 1) srettso happy anymore, altbough you “dont qute realize et See a eel Yok” you think you Feet on your 4 clementary years "No wonder no ope 4 seated tbe ends with me. 98 90. Tsocringey PN aa ‘Anh theres that word Cnge: The trot ‘ighmares for my 1a-yeatol seit. Cringe |, mean that yu stood aut and not a9 “fd way Cringe meant other people in ) Shoo woul talk abot yom behind your Ick and sy, she's so rd And ou © dont want to be weird You have slays * been taught that you sould ¢cae what \ oer people tin and up uti recent papleyouraly curating: A) herancinmens eeatinassjet | ie, soa cel are te [ssn oneof the cokes people inthe word thlng oa cae so ae be And ish found out ht wold be ern carat ped gitaetel eaten ‘ew yeas time, she'd be skipping with oy out new video gumes you sated ending |} own he hal ofher school ad al he Wa aj for you when you were «Kid. You fopped womingaboat what eter prope thous about you, Bow you presented ‘ourself and what dubs you were You ‘bean tobe honest and open about your Sees You became a ute Ubapologetie fe enjver. And bes of al, Yourfrends tucks youtheough | eienthing 4 posal eal ut sonevieres {Seen igi ndings tag oetomeieene gi sind Seed fara eo Soto, ert dpa is econ nr nc ap iSitmoniagine mae [icons letteac fr ourouret epics nero i tana mieteat & Thorman nee povtg spies re Site onan a ores cans he ease le de tome isk nn areas lors tasting eee toprence Yor on tt cone to Ha Ht TE sou do ot remotely deni th bata high schol in ar, thie deiiton of Eines i egemeonteand you queky eal you doa have macho cho, You can go even harder on your Doctor ‘Who obsession nd be ont aide oon the the soil eet, o you can sallow your pride, put on the Lullemon eggs, nd gpore the joes fom that by your as about how yar ip los makes ook ike you just ot Back trom sacking ik From cringe to cool a shift in the general attitude towards anime and other asian subcultures, with a persistent harmful consequence maya eutulle ‘When Iwas grossing up anime was considered Thecsinge, and those thot dg is this Brcame adr seretI remember som boss that hey enjoyed ane, andthe oka of watch ena"The topic waar meroned wth < + ‘The pandemic influenced a shift in the general ttede toward anime, Through the indivences tf TkTokand some enearagement rm {ends there wara surge the cefation of ‘hime, and mad resurgence in the term By definition, a ‘Consumes Japanese media and stems a A) Sntegrtetheracies nt the clr, siping a) | dorm wha they an ets nd baie ht puns eh may & facets to explore, especially with the growing Sy Peru ot maga a eh a } previous watchers whiplash, particularly. 5 Eee istrend waco ein “are tac eo wich empl. Fae eens cues Sa reat step awe ey ht seatemte fo dierent ature vy do wen recon of smn je ORE ts Although anime has bee retried in tultred other aspets of Japanese eure ae silleonsdere eFinge-worth” namely fonplay. Various constmers have taken to thi, btinstead of sppreciting they have explltedt for ews on sil media Dinfrms: Many inuencers have en called ‘out inthe past orth ike sac media Inuencer Trisha Pastas Inept, esha has posted leon er “lapantsepotar feat aus video ortho, the break away fom male expectations, Harauky focases on the ele perspective o cute standards: a movement aginst he tational Ina perspective of ros and beay stands forJapanese women, Trish essentially tok thisselrexpresive se and “by cosplaying as narchetpe of Asan women as Caves woman teralshed the purpose of Hara as ‘tool for breaking away from cultural 'ynorant media users have thus appropriated thissubcltre movement and hae sce tured tint Sawai or‘ eosploy gamer attention on social medi for prt Many people go about this in diferent ways rang fon eign erny Hrls to cosplaying as thera anne acter bo Bs thiol. Theres nating al wrong wi cosplay, or wit he fstime. Unforunatly nine has lentyo kava characters thkare alse ung schol, S32 sramenummaps 1 would be ignorant to not adress instances ‘ofinfaniizaton and byperseilzation of ‘women and sin animes however should beaddressed how the Wester consumption of anime hs encouraged these haf themes to enter the maatean any studios Incine theses fnsevice for siences wh basicaly ask frit There ae eave anime centered around hypersewuaized gi harems fighting over one male barter ‘The hypersenualeton of female presenting haricters fom their appearance othe ‘oiees nd personalities conte othe infanization and ftshizaton of Asian ‘women. When Viewers we this portrayal of Snime content to inform thesis about Asian culture, thse deus are fare solidi nd become harmful, These darating ereoypescontbute to racial meat Crimes against Asian wore, leavng ther in a dangerous place in society. Cosplay derived {tom anime character tt core san Increibyereative concep, ut when tis approprite, It ean vey telly perpetuate these stereos | ue to animes predaminanty male audience, tne can ony imagine how the portrayal of ‘omen in these shows has ddd ole expectations. Some may enue tat nen are sare that certain physical proportions are barely achievable but hs doesnt top the expectation ofthese archetypes or thee “feminine” doce behaviors rom anne al ‘The general attitude towards the Asan art sene hs prgrese fom erage worthy to cowl this thecaseforanime sie the case or ‘even Kcpop bands. In conjunction wth the ‘expansion of Korean culture, more Japanese Shows have dabbed tele episoes io. ‘accommodate ther Wesem aucienees, However, exposure to the Asan etre in todays moda hey society has fen ed ‘Westerners explore these new entronments Inappropriate fading to numerous accounts ‘fetal apropeatio, chic is ampant on Social media platforms Asin cultures that were perceived a cringe’ are now trending nthe ‘medi, with several nfsener incorporating ‘rain aspect into their content to em more altured er Other steaming platforms, tke Twitch are notorious forhaving larg Gemograpic of ‘wpamer ese sting ways that they think ll atract nae attention, The ha fe been abled as rngey and attenton-seeking, tthe further feed Asan steretypes by ‘doping eld ike behavior. We peed to stop reiting from the eishzation of minosty ‘Sroups string wih tendeke the fox eye akeup, which is makesp dane to appear more “Kslan™ People used hist ad ap evotic Took ‘otal fetus “The constant ppropstion of iernt ‘atures as lowed Western soe to Selec the ind of mage they want ose ‘Thniocned torneo for the categnzton of caren rey or rings, allowing infeners teal on ‘hecaltres when thy ae convenient ‘ime has bon ade to tissconvenen” ‘elf for now: a Western convenience {hat hinder te progression of appropriate J expectation of asian women tine bas ‘nteaingy featued tore realistic staal ofboth men and women, bt Witheach generation, hr subeature Sontnies foe eed ea in pn Confessions of @ultimategleek1 . Wh aie, fore in my poem ow hat am no goo at writing pty Theres my dslaimer, kept in mind Wen lly ofthe white ht stn That the skpsrapers tak try wea Like crown a moves eros the sine Xborelyfetioning mtapie That ling to ie the dep og Gling othe morning city ‘Screaming until my throat feel g Tein ee tat mac worh c ‘ane ; tne throu tat hae KE ‘Thy do's wth suck simple honesty? = (emete Aca othe concrete all ‘Finds berween me and the words ‘Whe pats da not ope for me? ‘When come fae oer ‘com geen andro iis pe been aja weds hat hve wat? weit: LL gle, aan ‘nd skins attachment styles tocafa love meerest en 4 CA LUE PF carne, lp metote ‘of submarine imebombs ad tragedy bresthing she open yt os nd tragedy breathing her brain en t00ther tab to search ‘of dragon scales and tatami mats and silphium leaves inding ek 3 the helm of th done being eri tinge ae a he tare : wee Heaton al ie inmate APE iy i in rr ra en scaring fF sear deem neck nd ech Wh “peer ye si ek anda bees kin ATTA. : {sep ot of my bd and ee ascribe who b et ECR: - me) Ia hinge inl Digs {igh wth render cst heady : forthe beauty ofthe erat JB theres notime owas the present ee | et dt apa ery ome dalves #05: STRANGE AND TERRIBLE” Silky Sep “STRANGE TERRIBLE ” - FuMbIrAaSK ee MASH Gobsiis usur very Seon oxy life ruiner?? :3) TAU MORAN, Un-manuet nfkanba Bowstitt sate GERARD WAY 29 snE-onct=ttk A) ox manceine JUNKO ENOSHT HA ~—vthide— ere be cerea ones peasants with) 1907 CHEVY Trrala TaRDIs Fe trta bown win cis Bus HIE ESHER MACHINE »~thild— (oho is your very soon smal bean?) SHtvEn UNIVERSE. RENESHEE AEE AME RTLUER Rut EBONY DARKNESS DEMENITA RAVEN WAY (a fate almest as dark ‘as your soul) JOHN GREEN COCK MONOLOSUE walstarocausest alk about gau sex with pla sins *maRRTTITER Evan nianstn sATion moon = figs Q ES Tray cetufcTano vargasy sttnotkman: ¥ GabSre your tumbir uni degree act you xD) #Imt 10RD HO! ForTc CASHIER SURVES-CORRS vocaioiD *CONHENY CREMIOR™ & a davtads KICKED OU} OF FRY QuYS FOR cneAIIng on my WIFE FREDDY FAZBEAR AHEMtHED READING ALL OF HOMESHUCK SRELHON WAR YOURE A MANIC Fhe DREAM STRL AND You NAVE 40 OIE SOURE-AN-ANTME MOM-AND-4OU-AVE-+40- DIE }nANOS SNAP WACK OF scHEzWwan SAUCE DEANE NOHE Bit BY A RABTOSEXUAL YOUR JACK FROSH;S STSHER AND YOU FALL HROUGH HME TCE AND DIE : x Dinu ~ location — be helming qour let that booty! uwu) 2118 BAKER st plan vate pasttcon Batt Tht ically <3) ships fra Sea camp AiF-B1000 a pisinict 12 ARNT (ahs will bring you those ultimate usu feels 22? Iksdif) rics ricer = ba BABY 9ROOF FL . PE rT aT 4040K0, JACOB BLACK ZN; OOHNESS Gr lover 22? semirks knowinglys) MORTARIY DRACO MALFOY w K9[O REN a Liawile +NE ONCE-LER & CRA yw BAY PRINCE ZuKO = Blu cirner walulat VACE-ARESTDENE-AARON-BURR: Uv ACKERMAN WORD FARQUAAD a WE Prose Dizzying fashes ofa star-spatored sky, gleaming claws, and the col, ¢ before her. The images bum into her mind for they wl De the fina thing: before death, She has accepted her fate, and oes act yt ight it ‘numbing fear has taken over her paws, reezing them 1 the ground in an ky cage. Asa snaring tom tums to face her. ll she can think of the iy ero slowly creeping is way Up hee lags, rooting her to the ground “Has our tle songbird ost her voice? The question, dipping wih venom, is clearly addressed {o her. But she is unable to answer, for theres ice glazing aver her kings, crystallizing her Ty 1s into nothing more tan frosty putts ‘a stalks closer, closer, closer, until she can practeally se the gleam of the moonlight gs FS na each individual scar cris-crssing his face. She does not step back, though iis not * Sv defiance, but rather the fat that she i akeady atthe edge ofthe rooftop. There LGR oes ponte empty aH ps et back oa sar an alow got LE es tom witin im, almost ike the sound of distant under a eae te aay sates ty tt sine ie My hems moc cold sot of Namo SN os he hasn't been, But Matt always has his key in ignition anyways and can't ever say no to. fun time, t's his tage flaw, his perpetual Boredom. something strikes as exiting, hel always take the blt. He knows itl lead to his downfall eventual, i he would even be considered the hero ofthe play more lke the loveable side character or maybe more akin toa chess pece), But Mel's the only thing that’s ever been able to maintain his attention indefinitely, and it Matt goes down, atleast he'll go down running fhe really puts his mind ont, really thinks, he could figure out how it happened for when} was probably during ther ath night holing up in the apartment, with all the power gone out and they were hudalng together on Mat’: bed to stay warm, (Butt was most ikely back at ‘Wammys when he dared Mello to lick the fresh cancrete onthe ground and he di with 3 determined grin). W's ike their back to their sham accessibility for kids thei age his hair til neve i somo Mg ate | ‘evare quia | JAMORTALSE ‘thers en Chartres, ion eri, lian Sage {Then there sbrown; beg. marron? By any that yer ae the wi to hs ‘ifs been staring long enongh fn surely be knows hat am merely an cho of what used tobe in ‘man emplyehocolote rapier . C sweetest eaten aay lone ago by the by society's ever ending hunger ‘a this ial that rem a hallow all prety packaging but nothing ise ‘made up of phantom memores of hal happines wed io be thet pte nat na longer xs ‘ont fet anymore 2 ‘spain, ae fear and misery own my heart in my om es nods at night beads 1 ea explain whats rang Tent knowhow, ‘ut do knot can't be me because what good isan empty wrapper? Thoush he alate ‘The windows ae slighty creaked open, the cy night trickling in Facteaes binding lights, all the kinds sagas Matt nowadays (or i i fingers cigarette. Breathe inal self des ing hits just right ike. No vs. He dreads of inor of ot that he's el be * wok forthe mafia or the yok, sk Ml sty gangster man hin he towers forebedinaly above. The ful maon is but a halo being h ‘gleam contrasting against —or perhaps bringing aut — the Bloodlust in his ey Crimson claws fash inthe white ight before being arcing down onto her cower paws are aimed not lo wound, but to push. She does not have time to fully compre. before the whole word tits and the whining sky is at her pawtips and why does she fee fling? Belo she knows ther logs grapple desperately al fay notin, Py - i icing onto the oofop. An ear-shatterng screech splits the a WS ving behind a wai of deen grooves ay rom the edge, te ghost of amie fs painted nto the face fe ofits ghosts,” his voice is reduced to a barely audible whisper, "ur have made me who | am""The bare emation of his voice scrapes be do what | must 1 kept her grappting there a the roofs edge. a ‘August 3, 209 08 5:25 PM a concise, was consistent, as confuse, P sat al his cotisne ike being alive, ut Pm confused ‘hens something rally antieimacti about Beating ara April 6, 2018 at 4:05AM 1 want to make changes ad Tmt gonna eat March 1, 20r8t 11:47 PM setyour spoon and dig dowa deep, and sy fihselaes ain Don't et yous pst dictate who you ate-bu lett beportofwhayouwlbecome November 0, 2017 7

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