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FoodBlogSouth is a conference for food bloggers, writers, photographers, and social media gurus, set for January 28, 2012, in Birmingham, Alabama. This event is packed with workshops, discussions and invaluable networking opportunities for attendees and sponsors. We re bringing in some of the greatest food people below (and above) the Mason-Dixon line to lead sessions including blog design, branding and marketing, photography, and the business of blogging. The inaugural FoodBlogSouth in January 2011 attracted some 150 attendees, garnering regional and national media attention. One of our returning sponsors was featured in two national publications this year as a result of participation in FoodBlogSouth. All proceeds from FoodBlogSouth 2012 benefit Desert Island Supply Company, a nonprofit writing center for children and youth in Birmingham. A half-day conference for middle- and high-school students, FoodBlogSouth Teen, will run concurrently with the main conference. FoodBlogSouth 2012 will be held at Old Car Heaven in downtown Birmingham. For details and the latest news and announcements, please visit

chef. photographer. food stylist. iPhone photography expert. web designer. and social media consultant at Earth by April Designs y Virginia Willis. Wordpress expert and web designer.Speakers y Marian Cooper Cairns. Y all! Recipes and Stories from Three Generations of Southern Cooking We're adding new speakers all the time! For more detailed bios and the latest list. owner of Tammy Hart Designs y Dianne Jacob. former kitchen director for Martha Stewart Living Television and author of Bon Appétit. and chairman of the Baton Rouge Social Media Association y Colleen Duffley. please visit FoodBlogSouth. award-winning literary agent y Tammy Hart. freelance writer. editor. y Lisa Ekus. artist. and blogger at Will Write for Food y Genevieve Turkett. . photographer for Southern Living and blogger at The Dish on Photography y Jay Ducote. the Beach y Helene Dujardin. writing coach. and Test Kitchens professional for Southern Living y Jennifer Davick. photographer. recipe developer. and blogger at Tartlette. blogger at Bite and Booze. food stylist. author. and founder of Studio b.

Vlogging Blog Design Photography and Food Styling Lunch/DISCO Presentation Top 10 Tools & Rules for Recipe Development Bloggers Run Your Blog like a Drinks Blogging/Southern Business Mixology Branding & Marketing Panel Food-Blogging Ethics Cupcake Break/Networking Keynote: Award-Winning Food Writing Cocktail Hour/Book Signing .Tentative Schedule 8 AM 8:30 9 10:30 Noon 1 PM 2 3 4 4:30 5:30 Check-in/Breakfast Welcome and Introduction: Why the South is Hot Lightning Rounds: Food Camera-Phone Photography Trends.

plus: y Exclusive sponsorship of one break-out session of FBS y Logo on display before and after session y Company mention during session introduction $750 .Sponsorship Opportunities wag Bag Sponsor $100 y Product distribution in gift bags given to all attendees (sponsor must provide 250 units) Table Sponsor y y y y $300 Display/demonstration table in FoodBlogSouth conference room Logo on FBS printed material Logo and link to company website on FBS website Product distribution in FBS gift bag (sponsor must provide 250 units) y Entry for one guest to FBS conference Session Sponsor All benefits of Table Sponsor above.

or cocktail five-minute presentation by company representative before event FoodBlogSouth Teen Sponsor (1 available) All benefits of Table Sponsor above.Event Sponsor All benefits of Table Sponsor above. y Logo on display before and after event y Three. plus: $1500 y Exclusive sponsorship of one general-admission event of FBS. plus: $3000 y Exclusive sponsorship of FoodBlogSouth Teen. with link and logo on website y Special product placement in all FoodBlogSouth Teen gift bags y Logo displayed during all FoodBlogSouth Teen sessions y Product placement as applicable . such as keynote address. afternoon mingle.

to five-minute presentation by company representative during FBS conference y Product placement as applicable y Entry for an additional guest to FBS conference (two guests total) Conference Sponsor (1 available) All benefits of Table Sponsor above. Priority consideration will be given to companies in a higher sponsorship level. plus: $10. please contact Shaun Chavis.Pre-Party/Luncheon Sponsor (3 available) All benefits of Table Sponsor above. . y Company banner on display at event y Company mention during welcome y Three. FoodBlogSouth. For more information about sponsorship opportunities. Saturday luncheon. or Saturday after-party. plus: $5000 y Exclusive sponsorship of FBS Friday-night pre-party. presented by y Banner in lobby and conference room of FBS event y Entry for two additional guests to FBS conference (three guests total) y Personalized sponsorship program to meet your specific needs *All Sponsorship levels are guaranteed exclusive representation in a product or service or (205) 329-0663.000 y Exclusive naming rights to the conference and name in FBS logo. shaun@foodblogsouth.

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