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Princeton Community Middle School

Music Department
11157 Chester Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246

2011-2012 HANDBOOK

FORM BY Friday, August 26, 2011.
Emergency Medical Forms and the Perform-
ance Polo Forms are also due on this day.

I have read and understand the PCMS Or-
chestra handbook for 2011-2012.

Student's Name (PIease Print)

Student's Signature

Student's EmaiI Address

Parent's or Guardian's Signature

Parent's or Guardian's EmaiI Address

Home Telephone Number

Which Orchestra are you in?

*We will be using email to share important orchestra information with
students and parents. Email addresses will be placed in the "blind
carbon copy section for privacy concerns. This is a quick and easy
method to disperse class information to every student and parent
without the need for paper. If you do not have email, you will still
receive this information through your student or via postal mail.

PCMS Orchestra Ensembles and Staff
Concert Orchestra
Mrs. Emmons, Director, 864-2061 or
Dr. Santangelo, Assistant Director, 864-1569 or

Sixth Grade Orchestra -
Mrs. Emmons, Director, 864-2061 or
Miss Schultz, Assistant Director, 864-2062 or

Seventh Grade Orchestra -
Mrs. Emmons, Director, 864-2061 or
Mrs. Kristen Brown, Assistant Director, 864-2060 or

Eighth Grade Orchestra -
Miss Schultz, Director, 864-2062 or
Mrs. Emmons, Assistant Director, 864-2061 or

Everything you need to know for orchestra class is in this
handbook or will be announced in class.
For additional communication, please visit us online at:

Facebook: 'Princeton Vikings Orchestra



It is our expectation that students in our top groups
take private lessons in order to cultivate their tal-
ents. In orchestra, while we do address many instrument specific
concepts, our main focus is on the collective sound of the ensemble.
In order for the ensemble to perform at its peak, individuals must
strive to achieve their best. Private lessons afford students the op-
portunity to learn more specific and advanced skills in an individual-
ized manner. Listed below are several private teachers that we rec-
ommend and teach many of our students. This list is not exhaustive;
for more information, please contact your director.
Violin: Tera Hamilton 742-4793; Sherry Ellis 683-3799
Viola: Kevin Boden 252-6793
Cello: Kaylie Eriksen 807-7286
Bass: Debbie Taylor 779-8003

In addition, there are a few high school students available for private
lessons. Please ask your director for a recommendation.

The PCMS Chamber Orchestra has an exciting year of events and concerts
planned. Participation in this group is competitive and by audition only.
Auditions for the 2011-2012 Chamber Orchestra will take place at the be-
ginning of September during class. Students must prepare scales from their
class scale sheet as well as a short solo or section of a solo from your private
lesson repertoire. Chamber Orchestra meets on Friday mornings during '0
bell Concert Orchestra. Extra rehearsals will be held on Tuesdays or Thurs-
days as announced and needed

VIII. Required Method Books
Students need to purchase the following book for their specific class. Books
are available at the stores they rent their instruments from (call ahead to
make sure they have them in stock), online or through the Princeton Music
Boosters. The cost of each book is below. If you would like to order
through the Princeton Music Boosters, please enclose the correct amount in
an envelope with the student`s name and instrument. Cash or checks pay-
able to 'Princeton Music Boosters are accepted.
6th Grade - New Directions for Strings, Book 1 ($9.)
7th Grade - New Directions for Strings, Book 2 ($9.)
8th Grade - Essential Technique, Book 3 ($8.)
Zero Bell - Essential Technique, Book 3 ($8.)

.PeopIe Yourself, Staff, Chaperones, Peers
Help your peers when they need support. Whining and picking
on one another is NOT healthy for ANY group, especially a
musical one. No "put-downs. Disrespect for adults and/or
students is not permitted. If you feel that you have been unfairly
treated by a fellow student or adult, it is your duty to report this
to a staff member.
.Instruments Musical instruments are personal property
Whether you use your own instrument or one loaned to you by
the department, you are personally responsible for it. Take care
of it by keeping it clean, away from potentially damaging situa-
tions, packed and properly stored. Our department policy is
"Keep your instrument in your hands or in its case."
NEVER touch anyone else's instrument without their permis-
.Music Maintain your folder in good condition
Each student is responsible for keeping their music folder up to
date and available at every rehearsal. Black folders must re-
main in the folder cabinet. Each student will receive a folder to
transport practice copies to and from home. You are responsi-
ble for ensuring that your black folder is in the cabinet at the end
of each rehearsal this is part of your daily grade. If you need
extra parts or have any problem with folders and music, you
must see your director. MUSIC IS ONLY MARKED WITH PEN-
CIL. Lost or damaged music will result in a fine of $1.00 per
piece of music.
Members of the PCMS Orchestras and their families
have certain responsibilities in order to belong to the
Orchestra program. One of the first responsibilities
is to read this booklet and be familiar with it. Other
responsibilities are:
.For the Instrument:

Every orchestra member is responsible for keeping
his or her instrument in good playing condition and
for providing necessary accessories like rosin, re-
placement strings, cleaning cloths, and a shoulder
pad (violin and viola) or rock stop (cello and bass).

Violin and viola players should bring their instru-
ment to school each morning and take it home
each afternoon. During the school day instru-
ments should be kept in your assigned locked
locker in room 509.

Cello and bass players are provided school instru-
ments accessories for daily rehearsals at the mid-
dle school, but are expected to have an instrument
for home use. Please plan on bringing your home
instruments and accessories for dress rehearsals
and concerts at Matthews Auditorium. Cellists are
responsible for packing their instruments, bows and
rock stops at the end of each rehearsal. Bassists
are responsible for storing their bow and rock stops
in the assigned locker. CELLISTS MUST BRING
can no longer provide rock stops.

Because of the many trips the orchestra takes, students in ZERO
BELL ONLY are required to fill out an emergency medical authoriza-
tion sheet for the orchestra AS WELL as the required PCMS sheet.
These should be completed at the beginning of the year and turned
in by Friday, August 26, 2011.
A healthy dose of competition encourages students to achieve their
best. In orchestra, we strive towards goals, both personal and collec-
tive. For some students, a great goal is to simply be part of the or-
chestra and learn their parts. For others, the idea of being "first
chair may be what motivates them. Seating is simply a result of
playing test evaluations. In addition, directors reserve the right to
move any person at any time.
Playing Evaluations: There are two types of playing evaluations: 1)
announced and 2) unannounced. Both types of playing tests will be
taken directly from material we cover in class. If a student actively
participates in rehearsals AND practices challenging spots at home,
these will be a piece of cake. Do not make the mistake of delaying
practice until the night before a scheduled playing evaluation. The
night before is too late to ask for help with a bowing, fingering, or any
other issue that may arise. Practice early on, and then you have the
opportunity to ask for specific help from a director. DON'T WAT!!
We understand that some students may be nervous or apprehensive
about playing tests that is normal! We carefully try to teach tech-
niques that students may use to calm their nerves before being
evaluated. Excellent preparation, focus, and breathing are great
ways to calm your nerves and do your best.

2) .Attendance Policy:
Absences: Any points lost due to an excused absence from school
may be made up. Please bring a note from home in order for the
absence to be excused, check your school handbook for the school's
policy on excused absences. Make sure you complete the make-up
work before the end of the quarter. See the below section regarding
"make-up work.

Any points lost due to an unexcused absence cannot be made up.

Tardies: Tardiness is disruptive to the learning environment. Tardy
students usually have to walk in front of an entire row of students, get
out their instrument, get their folder out of the cabinet, and often miss
the warm up and/or announcements. In a large class of students, this
can be very distracting. Each tardy to class will cost the student 25%
of his/her participation grade for that day (5 points out of 20). You
will receive a warning the first two times you are tardy to class in one
quarter. After two tardies, we will call home and the student will re-
ceive an after-school detention. Parents will be able to monitor their
child's tardiness by checking Progress Book regularly.

ZERO BELL, school cancellations and delays: In the event that
school is cancelled, "zero bell is also cancelled. If school is delayed
1 or 2 hours, "zero bell is also delayed 1 or 2 hours.

3) .Make-up Work, Practicing, Extra Credit:

Make-up Work: If you have an excused absence from school you
will still need to make-up the missed participation grade. To make-up
an excused absence from a daily rehearsal document 45 minutes of
extra home practice. This must be turned in on a practice log with
the date of your absence listed.
All students are expected to practice outside of class; this is your
homework. You need to practice as much as it takes for you to mas-
ter the concept or piece we are working on in class. Each orchestra
will have a minimum requirement.

Extra Credit: You can earn extra credit in many ways: 10 points for
each private lesson attended (see the orchestra room bin for a pri-
vate lesson form), play in a special group like Cincinnati Junior
Strings or Blue Ash Youth Symphony, play a solo or in an ensemble
for your church or a community group, attend an outside-of-school
concert and provide a summary and your evaluation of the event. If
you have an idea that's not listed, just ask your director.

.For the Performance Calendar:
There are NO UNIMPORTANT people in our ensembles. We de-
pend on each and every student to be at all scheduled events.
Attendance at performances is mandatory and an integral part
of our curriculum. Below is a tentative list of this year's perform-
ance dates. If a conflict arises, you must notify your director as soon
as you discover the conflict so that appropriate arrangements can be


Date Concert
Location, Time (Students involved)

October 4 6th Grade Demo Concert
Matthews, 7:00 PM (Orch. 6)

October 10 Fall Orchestra Concert
Matthews, 7:00 PM (Zero Bell and PHS Concert)

October 25 Live with the Beatles
Matthews, 7:00 PM (Symphonic Orchestra)

November 11 Veteran's Day Concert
Matthews, 7:00 PM (PHS Chamber Orchestra)

December 2 Renaissance
Sharonville Elem., TBD (PHS Chamber Orchestra)

December 5 Instrumental Sounds of the Season
Matthews, 7:00 PM (PHS Concert Orchestra

December 8 Holiday Concert
Matthews, 7:00 PM (PHS Symphonic Orchestra)

December 15 PCMS Holiday Orchestra Concert
Matthews, 7:00 PM (6, 7, 8, Zero Bell Orchestras)

January 14 Elvis
Matthews, 7:00 PM (PHS Chamber Orchestra)

February 9 Senior Solo Recital
TBD, 7:00 PM (Eligible seniors competing at Solo and
Ensemble with a Class A solo)

February 11 High School OMEA Solo and Ensemble
Elder HS, TBD (all students in private lessons)

February 14 Competition Preview Concert
Matthews, 7:00 PM (PHS Concert and Symphonic)

February 24/25 OMEA State Orchestra Contest
Kettering, TBD (PHS Concert and Symphonic)

March 1, 2, 3 PHS Musical
Matthews, 7:00 (Pit Orchestra)

March 8 Prism at PCMS
(6, 7, 8 Orchestras)

March 25 Festival of Arts
Matthews, TBD (Zero Bell, PHS Symphonic)

March 30 5th Grade Concert
Matthews, during the school day (Zero Bell)

April 21 Junior High Solo and Ensemble
Madeira MS, TBD (students in private lessons)

May 10 Spring Orchestra Concert
Matthews, 7:00 PM (PHS Concert and Symphonic)

May 12 Music in the Parks competition
Kings Island, ALL DAY (Zero Bell)

May 17 PCMS Spring Orchestra Concert
Matthews, 7:00 PM (6, 7, 8, Zero Bell)

*If you attend a concert that you are not performing on, you
will receive 50 extra credit points added to your participation
grade. All you need to do is bring a program from the con-
cert signed by one of the orchestra teachers. Seeing and
hearing others perform is a great extension of your learning!

We expect you to be successful in your ensemble. Just
like math or science, your progress will be assessed in
this class and result in a report card grade. Follow the
steps to success below, and you will easily earn an
excellent grade in this class.
1) .Grading Policy: Grades are determined through a point
system. Points are accrued through attendance, participation, effort,
and improvement. The following chart describes the categories and
percentages of your quarterly grade. Keep in mind that promptness
is expected. Documents that are late are deducted by 10 points per
day that they are late.

Be prepared with your instrument, music, pencil, and a good attitude.
Normal class rehearsals are worth 20 points and dress rehearsals
are worth 100 points each. Practice records are worth 50 points
per week.

Your musical growth and playing progress are measured with pass-
offs and quizzes (short term individual assignments) and playing
tests (long term group assignments). These will include both playing
and written assessments.

There is no substitute for the experience of a live performance. You
will enjoy our concerts; they are the culmination of all our work and a
chance for you to show what you and your group can do. Be on time,
in correct concert dress and encourage your family to be in the audi-
ence. Each concert is worth 300 points.


6th Grade - Nice clothes. No jeans or tennis shoes, please.

7th, 8th, and Zero Bell Orchestras - black dress pants, red Prince-
ton Performance Polo, black socks, black dress shoes.