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PRICE: Rs 500.00



Notice Inviting Tenders Section-1 Section-2 Section-3 Section-4 Section -5 Section -6 Instruction to Bidders General technical information and requirements Technical Specification Guaranteed Technical Particulars Other Terms and conditions Price Schedule

NOTICE INVITING TENDERS Tender Specification No AEGCL/M D/SS -142 The Managing Director, Assam Electricity Grid Corporation Limited, Bijulee Bhawan, Paltan Bazar, Guwahati- 781001 vide bid reference No AEGCL/MD/ SS 142 invites sealed bids from reputed manufacturers or their authorised dealer for design, engineering, manufacture, testing/inspection at manufacturers works before despatch, forwarding, packing, transporting and delivery of 4 nos. 33kV SF6 Breakers for various substations of AEGCL in Assam. . The bid documents may be obtained by the interested bidder on submission of a written application along with necessary documents to the Managing Director. AEGCL, Bijulee Bhawan, Paltan Bazar. Guwahati-1 on payment of non refundable fee of Rs 500.00 by crossed demand draft drawn in favour of Managing Director, AEGCL The draft shall be payable at Guwahati . Sale of tender documents will be started from 17th June 2009 and will be closed at 16 hrs of 25th June 2009.The last date of submission of tenders is up to 14.00 hrs of 3rd July 2009 and opening at 14-30 hrs of 3rd July 2009. Earnest money: - Rs 50,000.00 (Rupees fifty thousand) only to be submitted in the form of Bank Guarantee. The undersigned has the right to accept or reject any or all the bids without assigning any reason thereof. The detailed terms and conditions shall be available at web site www.

Managing Director. Assam Electricity Grid Corporation Limited. Bijuli Bhawan. Paltan Bazar. Memo No AEGCL/MD/ SS-142/1-a Copy To:1. The Information and Public Relations Officers, ASEB, Bijulee Bhawan, Paltan Bazar . Guwahati-1. He is requested to publish the NIT in one issue of at least 2 (two) local English Dailies and one issue of the National Daily for wide circulation. dtd. 13-06-09

Managing Director, AEGCL.




SCOPE OF CONTRACT: The intention of this Specification is to cover design, manufacture, testing at manufacturers works and delivery to destination of Circuit Breakers of 36kV voltage classes with all fittings and accessories including mounting structures as specified in section of this specification.

1.1.1. The scope of work does not include erection and commissioning of the equipment, but if the purchaser so desires, he may ask the services of the successful bidder to supervise the same. 1.2.0 CONTRACTOR TO INFORM HIMSELF FULLY: The contractor should ensure that he has examined the General Conditions, Specifications and Schedules as brought out in various section of the bid and has satisfied himself as to all the conditions and circumstances affecting the contract price and fixed his price according to his own views on these matters and acknowledge that no additional allowances except as otherwise provided therein will be levied. The purchaser shall not be responsible for any misunderstanding or incorrect information obtained by the contractor other than information given to the contractor in writing by the purchaser. 1.3.0 CONFORMITY WITH INDIAN ELECTRICITY RULES & OTHER REGULATIONS: The contractor shall note that all equipments and materials shall comply with the latest provisions of Indian Electricity Rules and with any other regulations as and where applicable. Local authorities concerned in the administration of the rules and regulation relating to the electric power installations shall be consulted, if necessary, in regard to the rules and regulations that may be applicable.


2.1.0. SCOPE 2.1.1. This specification covers design, engineering, manufacture, assembly and testing at manufacturers works, packing, transporting and delivery to different consignees, duly insured and supervises erection, testing and commissioning of 33 kV SF6 Circuit Breakers. 2.1.2. The scope of work does not include foundation and erection work. However, the purchaser if so desires, he may ask the services of the successful bidder to supervise the same.

2.2.0. BIDDING 2.2.1. Each tender shall be accompanied by the following information with sufficient details to enable the purchaser to make an appraisal of the quality and suitability of the material and equipment offered. a) Complete information required in the Technical bidding Schedule-Section -3 of this specification. b) Type test certificates of equipment of similar design from a Govt. recognised laboratory c) Manufacturers literature, brochures, catalogues etc. d) List of customers to whom similar such equipment has been supplied. e) Detail lists of successfully commissioned breakers of equivalent rating during the last three years. Tenderer should note that failure to comply with the provision of this clause might be sufficient reason to reject the bid.

2.3.0. CLIMATIC AND ISOCERAUNIC CONDITIONS 2.3.1. The climatic and isoceraunic conditions at site under which the equipment shall operate satisfactorily are as follows:a) Maximum temperature of air in shade: b) Minimum temperature of air in shade: c) Maximum Humidity: d) Isoceraunic level: e) Average of rainy days per annum: 40 C 2 C 93% 60 150

f) Average number of days of thunderstorm per annum: g) Average number of days of dust storm per annum: h) Average annual rainfall: i) Number of months of tropical monsoon per annum: j) Maximum wind pressure: k) Altitude (above mean sea level):

25 10 2280 mm 5(May to Sept.) 150 Kg/sq. m. 50 to 200m

2.3.2. The reference ambient temperatures assumed for the purpose of this specification are: a) Maximum ambient temperature: b) Maximum average daily ambient temperature: c) Maximum average yearly ambient temperature: 45C 35C 30 C

2.4.0. STANDARDS 2.4.1. All the equipment supplied under this specification shall conform to the latest issue of relevant Indian standards except where specified otherwise. 2.4.2. In the event of equipment conforming to any other standards, the salient features of comparison shall clearly be set out in the tender.

2.5.0. TEST AND TEST CERTIFICATES 2.5.1. Type test certificates & results from a Govt. of India recognised institution as per the relevant standards for the similar class and capacity equipment offered shall be furnished by the bidder along with the tender. The Type test certificates should not be more than 5(five) years old. 2.5.2. The successful tenderer shall furnish to the purchaser Routine test certificates for prior approval before despatch of any equipment from the works and the approval in writing from the purchaser is essential to affect the despatch of the equipment. The test reports shall be submitted completed with identification data including serial number of equipments. 2.5.3. Test shall be performed in presence of purchasers representative, if so desired by the purchaser. The successful tenderer should give at least thirty days advance notice of the date when the tests are to be carried out.

2.6.0. DRAWING, MANUALS, LITERATURES, ETC. 2.6.1. The successful tenderer shall be required to furnish all necessary drawings of the equipment for approval of the purchaser.


After approval of the drawings the successful tenderer shall submit to the purchaser for his reference and record all the final drawings including the following manuals and /or instruction booklets:a) Instruction books/ operation and maintenance manuals and spare parts bulletin. b) Descriptive literature along with illustrations for assembly, erection, testing and commissioning. c) Descriptive literature and data on construction of equipment. The successful tenderer should submit i) 6(six) copies of above mentioned drawings etc. to respective consignee. ii) iii) iv) v) vi) 2(two) copies to DGM, Design (Tr), AEGCL. 1 (one) copy to DGM, MRT Circle. AEGCL. 1(one) copy to MD.AEGCL. 1 (one) copy along with each equipment. All the drawings, manuals and literature shall form a part of scope of the tender.

2.7.0. SPARE PARTS 2.7.1. The tenderer shall also furnish an item wise list of recommended spare parts and quantity for five years satisfactory operation of the equipment with unit price of each part. Also, they will submit an undertaking to supply these spares for a minimum period of 10(ten) years as and when any request is made before them on a chargeable basis.

2.8.0. NAME PLATES 2.8.1. All equipment shall have non-corrosive name plates fix at a suitable position indelibly mark with full particular there on in accordance with the standard adapted. 2.9.0. MOUNTING STRUCTURES 2.9.1. All the equipment covered under this specification shall be suitable for mounting on steel structures. Supply of mounting structures is also in the scope of this tender. 2.9.2. Each equipment shall be furnished complete with base frame, anchor bolts, clamps, and washers etc. and other hardware ready for mounting on steel structures. 2.9.3. Tenderer will also give full details of foundations for mounting structure. 2.10.0. SAFETY EARTHING

2.10.1. The non-current carrying metallic parts and equipment shall be connected to station earthing grid. For this two terminals suitable for 25mm X 4mm GI strip shall be provided on each equipment. 2.11.0. TERMINAL CONNECTORS 2.11.1. The equipment shall be supplied with required number of terminal connectors of approved type suitable for ACSR or AAA wolf or Equivalent conductors. Details of terminal connectors will be furnished along with the purchase order. 2.12.0. COMPLETENESS OF TENDER 2.12.1. All fittings and accessories which may not be specifically mentioned in this specification but those are usually necessary for the equipment of similar plant shall be specified and shall be deemed to be included in the specification and shall be furnished by the tenderer without extra charges.

2.13.0. LATENT DEFECTS, ERRORS AND OMISSIONS 2.13.1. Any latent defect, errors or omissions in the apparatus or part thereof not disclosed before the final acceptance by the purchaser but revealed within one year after the apparatus is placed in service shall be corrected promptly or the apparatus or part thereof shall be replaced by the contractor free of charge. Expenses for the transportation handling and installation of such replacement shall be borne by the contractor.

2.14.0. FAILURE TO MEET GUARANTEE & REQUIREMENT OF SPECIFICATION 2.14.1. Should the tests or the operation of any piece of apparatus under service conditions show that it does not meet the guarantee and/or requirement of this specification the purchaser reserves to himself the option to accept or reject the apparatus and to direct the contractor at once to proceed to furnish such new parts as may be necessary to make apparatus to meet the guarantee and the requirements. All expenses of furnishing and new installing new parts or alternation of the existing parts, and all tests made necessary by failure of the apparatus to meet the guarantee and other requirement of the specification shall be borne by the bidder. 2.14.2. If after installation, operation of the apparatus proves to unsatisfactory to the purchaser, the purchaser shall have the right to operate the apparatus until it can be taken out by the purchaser for correction of the defect, errors, omission or for replacement in case of rejection. 2.15.0. PURCHASERS AUXILIARY POWER SUPPLY 2.15.1. The auxiliary power supply for the equipment generally available in the purchasers establishment is as follows

a) 220 / 110 Volts 10% D.C, b) 415 Volts 10%, 3- phase, 50 Hz 3% AC c) 240 Volts 10%, 1- phase, 50 Hz 3% AC If other than the above, the tenderer will be notified in due course.

2.16.0. SPECIAL TOOLS AND TACKLES 2.16.1. The tenderer shall furnish a list of any tools and tackles required for maintenance and operation purposes with recommended quantities for each sub station.

2.17.0. QUALITY ASSURANCE PLAN 2.17.1. The bidder shall furnish the following information along with his offer failing which the offer may be liable for rejection. (1) Statement giving the list of important raw material, names of sub suppliers of raw materials, list of standards according to which the raw materials are tested, copies of Test certificates. (2) Information and copies of Test certificate for bought out items. (3) List of testing equipment available with bidder for final testing of equipment specified. 2.17.2. The supplier shall within 30 days of placement of order submit the following information to the purchaser. (1) Name of the raw material supplier as well as that of bought out accessories. (2) Type test certificates of the raw material and bought out accessories.








MANUFACTURER. 2.18.1. In the event of the tenderer / firm having technical collaboration with a foreign counterpart, he must submit documentary evidence of such collaboration along with the tender (Technical and Commercial Bid) as a proof. 2.18.2. Counter guarantee certificate of the product from the foreign counterpart must be submitted along with the offer. 2.18.3. Credentials regarding manufacture, performance of the equipment offered and test report as per relevant IS from recognised laboratory of the Govt. of India must be submitted. 2.19.0. DELIVERY Delivery should be given at destination sub-station at a place assigned by the consignee (including unloading). The supplier is to arrange all road clearances / permit etc. necessary for transportation. AEGCL may assist in arranging Road Permit.

2.20.0. DEVIATION Any Deviation from the specified condition may be sufficient reason for out right rejection of the offer.


3.1.0 3.1.1

SCOPE This section of the specification covers the technical specification for the design, manufacture and testing of 33 kV SF6 Circuit Breakers complete with all fittings and accessories.


It is not intended to specify completely all the details of the design and construction of the equipment. However the equipment offered should conform in all respect to high standard of engineering, design and workmanship and the offered equipment should be complete with all the components necessary for effective and trouble free operation. Such components shall be deemed to be within the scope of the tenderer to supply, irrespective of whether these are specifically brought out in the specification and / or commercial order or not.

3.2.0 3.2.1

STANDARDS The circuit breakers and associated accessories shall generally conform to the latest issues of the following standards as given below, except to the extent explicitly modified in this specification. (1) IS: 13118 (2) IEC-Pub 56 (3) IS-13072 (4) IEC-Pub 376 High Voltage Alternating Current Circuit Breakers. High Voltage Alternating Current Circuit Breakers. Sulphur Hexafluoride for Electrical Purpose. Specification and Acceptance of New Electrical Purpose.


In case equipment conforms to other international standard which ensure equivalent or better performance than that specified under Clause 3.2.1, then relevant extracts of the same shall be forwarded with the bid and the salient features of comparison shall be brought out separately in additional information schedule.

3.3.0 3.3.1 3.3.2

GENERAL TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS The circuit breakers shall be SF6 type. Breakers shall be 3-phase gang operated. It implies they will be linked together for simultaneous operation with a common operating mechanism. The breakers should be supplied as complete units with all accessories and equipment in place and all internal wiring

installed and terminated in the control cubicle. The breaker shall be suitable for mounting on Galvanised steel structure which shall from a part of the breaker supply. 3.3.3 The breakers should be supplied as complete units with all accessories and equipment in place and all internal wiring installed and terminated in the control cubicle. 3.4.0 3.4.1 BUSHINGS AND INSULATORS All bushings shall comply with the provisions of IS 2099. The porcelain insulators shall be made from wet process and shall be homogeneous free from laminations, cavities and other flaws. 3.4.2 The basic insulation level of bushings shall be specified and co-ordinated with that of circuit breakers. The puncture strength of the bushings shall be greater than the dry flash over value. All bushings of identical ratings shall be interchangeable.

3.5.0 3.5.1 3.5.2

GAS DENSITY MONITORS A suitable SF6 gas density monitoring system shall be provided with each SF6 circuit breaker. In case of loss of gas to a certain level, facilities for alarm and lockout shall be provided by means of temperature compensated gas pressure switch.

3.6.0 3.6.1

CONTROL CUBICLE A free standing outdoor type, weather proof sheet steel cubicle shall be provided, where all the control equipment and compressed air unit / spring mechanism shall be housed.


The control cubicle shall be constructed out of at least 3.0 mm thick sheet steel and shall have front, rear and side doors for easy access to the mechanism. Suitable seals shall be provided to make the cubicle waterproof, dust proof and vermin proof.


Each control cubicle shall be provided with space heaters controlled by thermostat and on/off switches. Device shall be provided to lock the doors of the cubicles.

3.7.0 3.7.1

CONTROL WIRING All control, alarm indicators and interlocking devices provided with the breaker shall be wired up to the terminal block in the control cubicle.


The wiring shall be done with 1000-volt grade, PVC insulated, stranded copper conductor of size not less than 2.5 sq. mm and not than two wires shall be connected to any one terminal.


All wires shall be connected to terminals. All wires shall be identified at both ends with identical markings at both ends. 3.7.3 The terminal blocks shall be made of moulded non-inflammable plastic materials with bases and barriers moulded integrally. Each block shall have at least 20% spare terminals. 3.8.0 3.8.1 AUXILIARY SWITCHES AND CONTACTS The breakers shall be provided with auxiliary switches with 10 normally open and 10 normally closed auxiliary free contacts. These contacts shall be wired up to terminal blocks. This will be in addition to those required for the breakers own operational and indicating purposes. 3.9.0 3.9.1 TECHNICAL PARTICULARS The circuit breakers shall have the following technical particulars. Technical Particulars SL No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 33 kV Nominal system voltage, kV Highest system voltage, kV Rated frequency, Hz Number of phases Number of poles Service Rated normal current, A Rated short circuit breaking capacity, kA Rated short circuit making current, kA Rated short time withstand current, kA Rated peak withstand current, kA 33 36 50 3 3 Outdoor 1250 25 2.5 times the rated short circuit breaking current 25 2.5 times the rated short circuit breaking current 0-0.3Sec-CO-3Min-CO 1.3

12 13 14

Duty cycle First Pole to clear factor Operating time i) Opening time ms ii) Closing time

Not exceeding 50 ms Not exceeding 120 ms 170 70 320 320 4000


Rated insulation level a) Lightening impulse withstand voltage, kV peak b) Power frequency withstand voltage, kV rms. Minimum clearance between phases, mm Minimum clearance between phase to earth , mm Minimum ground clearance (from bottom most live part to plinth level) . mm

16 17 18


Technical Particulars SL No 19 20 21 22 33 kV Minimum clearance from bottom of support insulator to plinth level) . mm Minimum creepage distance (total) .mm Arcing Horn Operating mechanism a) Type b) rated 3 phase , 50 Hz voltage for drive motor . c) Rated voltage for shunt trip coil & operating range , VDC d) Rated voltage for closing coil & operating range , VDC e) No of trip coil f) No of closing coil g) No of spare auxiliary contacts & contact rating. Nos. Amps h) Minimum thickness of sheet steel for control cabinet. mm i) Enclosure Protection Re closing Steel structure ( painted/galvanised) All other parts ( painted/galvanised) 2500 900 Yes. Motor operated spring 415V 220 or 110 ( 50% - 110%) 220 or 110 (80% - 110%) 2 per CB 1 per CB 10 N/O +10 N/C ( per CB) 10A at 240V AC & 2A at 220VDC 3 IP55 Three phase Galvanised Synthetic enamel shade 631 of IS5 (125 microns) 2.5

23 24 25


Minimum size of control wiring ( copper)

3.10.0 LOCKOUT DEVICES 3.10.1 Low gas pressure interlocking device: The SF6 breakers shall be provided with low gas pressure device with low pressure alarm and to prevent closing and opening of circuit breaker in case of low gas pressure. The device shall have two switches of different pressure settings for low gas pressure alarm and lockout. 3.11.0 ACCESSORIES 3.11.1 Each circuit breakers shall be supplied with the following fittings and accessories: a) Clamp type bi-mettalic terminal connectors for ACSR or AAA conductor b) Two earth terminals per pole for earthing c) Base frame, anchor bolts, nuts etc. d) Auxiliary contacts and relays e) Local-Remote electrical switch


f) Close-Normal-Trip control switch g) Manual closing / tripping devices h) Mechanical On-Off indicators in each pole and central cabinet i) Operation counter. j) Weather proof control cubicle complete with lock and key k) Set of switches / fuses / MCB units for A.C. & D.C. supply l) Space heater with thermostat and cubicle illumination lamp 3.11.2 Other standard accessories not specifically mentioned in this specification but supplied with the breakers of similar type and rating for efficient and trouble free operation shall also deemed to be in this specification and will be supplied with each circuit breaker. 3.12.0 TYPE AND ROUTINE TESTS 3.12.1 Type and routine tests shall be done on the breakers supplied as per relevant standard, The test shall include the following Routine Test :i) ii) iii) iv) Type Test :The bidder shall furnish type test certificates and results of the following tests along with the bid for breaker of identical design i) ii) iii) iv) Breaking and making capacity test. Short time current test Temperature Rise test. Lightning Impulse voltage test. Mechanical operation test Power frequency voltage withstand test (dry) Tests on auxiliary and control circuits Measurement of resistance of main circuit

Test Certificates:Copies of routine / acceptance test certificates shall be produced with the endorsement of the inspecting authority to the purchaser before affecting despatch . The test report shall contain the following information i) ii) Complete identification data, including Sl No of the breaker. Method of application, where applied, duration and interpretation of results in each test.



1.0 GENERAL 1.1. Bidders name and address: 1.2. Manufacturers name and address:1.3. Validity of Tender 1.4. Guaranteed Delivery Schedule 2.0 CIRCUIT BREAKERS 2.1. Type of Construction 2.2. Type of circuit breaker 2.3. Standard applicable 2.4. Principle of operation 2.5. Rated voltage, kV 2.6. Reference ambient temperature 2.7. Continuous current in Ampere a) Reference ambient temperature 40C b) Reference ambient temperature 50C 2.8. Maximum temperature rise over an ambient of 50C 2.9. Short time current rating a) For 1 second b) For 3 second 2.10. Dynamic peak circuit withstand capacity (kA peak) 2.11. Operating duty 2.12. Opening time in millisecond 2.13. a) Arcing time in ms. At 100%/50% 25%/10% of rated breaking current. b) Arc length 2.14. Interrupting capacity based on duty cycle at 2.11 a) Symmetrical (kA) b) Asymmetrical (kA) c) D.C. component d) Asymmetrical factor


2.15. Re-striking voltage characteristics at a) Symmetrical (kA) b) Asymmetrical (kA) c) D.C. component d) Asymmetrical factor 2.16. Re-striking voltage characteristics at a) Amplitude factor b) Rate of rise of re-striking voltage (kV/s) c) First pole to clear factor d) Type of device used, if any to control RRRV 2.17. Number of breaks in series per pole. 2.18. Length of contact travel (mm) 2.19. Total length of break (mm) 2.20. Rate of contact travel a) Tripping (metre/sec) b) Closing (metre/sec) 2.21. Rated line charging breaking current (Amps) 2.22. Rated small inductive breaking current (Amps) 2.23. Maximum shunt capacitor bank (single bank) breaking current (Amps) 2.24. Maximum current breaking capacity under normal condition when connected to back to back capacitor bank, Amps 2.25. a) Type and material of main contact b) Thickness of silver plating (micron) 2.26. Type & material of arcing contact 2.27. Contact pressure (N/finger) 2.28. Insulation level (I) Power frequency voltage withstand for 1 min (kV rms) (II) Lightening impulse (1.2/50 s) voltage withstand (kV peak) 2.29. Radio interference voltage test at 28 kV (V) 2.30. Whether circuit breaker is trip free or fixed trip 2.31. Type & designation of the drive 2.32. Rated control voltage for closing coil (V dc)


2.33. Pick up voltage of the closing coil 2.34. Power required at i) Rated voltage (W) ii) 70% of rated voltage (W) ii) 85% of rated voltage (W) iii) 110% of rated voltage (W) 2.35. Type of tripping mechanism 2.36. i) Total interrupting time measured from instant of trip coil energising to arc extinction (ms.) ii) Closing time measured from instant of application of power to closing coil up to arcing contact touches (ms) iii) Opening time (switches) 2.37. Maximum over voltage factor of the circuit breaker when switching off i) Unloaded transformer ii) Loaded transformer 2.38. Maximum current breaking capacity when switching off asynchronous system (out of phase condition) 2.39. Number of operations, the circuit breaker is capable of performing without inspection, replacement of contacts, main parts of SF6 gas / vacuum bottles i) At rated current ii) At 50% rated current iii) At rated breaking capacity iv) At 50% rated breaking capacity 2.40. Creepage distance (mm) 2.41. Weight of complete breaker including poles,operating mechanism and structure i) Weight of structure (kg) ii) Weight of operating mechanism (kg) iii) Weight of SF6 gas per breaker (kg) (For exact details submit GA drawing) 2.42. Impact loading for foundation design (to include dead load and impact value) i) On opening (Newton) ii) On closing (Newton) 2.43. Insulator i) Material ii) Type iii) Insulation class iv) 1 min dry power frequency withstands voltage (kV rms.)


v) 10 Sec. Wet power frequency withstand voltage (kV rms.) vi) Full wave impulse withstand voltage (kV rms.) vii) Permissible cantilever loading (kg) 2.44. SF6 gas i) Name of gas ii) Supplier of gas iii) General properties of SF6 gas, Purity (mass in %) a) CF4 b) Air c) Water d) Hydrolytic fluorides (PPM.) e) Acidity (PPM.) iv) Equivalent standard v) Storage of gas vi) Thermal characteristics, Specific heat (Joules / kg C, kcal / kg C) vii) Sublimation temperature (at 760 Torr) C viii) Breaking temperature (at 2.29 atm) C ix) Physical properties a) Molecular mass (relative) b) Vapour pressure at 20C c) Critical temperature, C 2.45. Whether circuit breaker suitable for 1 or 3 phase reclosing 2.46. Minimum dead time (ms) 2.47. Minimum reclosing time at full rated interrupting capacity (ms) 2.48. Minimum reclaim time (seconds) 2.49. Limits of adjustment of dead time 2.50. Device provided to give alarm and block tripping closing of circuit breaker in case of loss of a) SF6 gas b) Air pressure of operating mechanism 2.51. 2.52. Rated pressure (bar at 20C gauge) & limits of pressure 2.53. Rate of SF6 gas leakage (% per annum) 2.54. Whether the breaker will self-close on low pressure of SF6 gas


2.55. Pole to pole distance i) Centre to centre ii) Clearance (mm) 2.56. Maximum pole discrepancy i) Between poles for tripping (ms) ii) Between poles for closing (ms) iii) Between poles for C-O (ms) iv) Spare auxiliary switches provided (nos.) 2.57. Auxiliary switch contact rating i) Continuous ii) Inductive breaking (Amp) iii) Number of spare contacts 2.58. Clearance between i) Live part to earth (mm) ii) Live part to base of structure (mm) iii) Terminal to base of structure (mm) 2.59. Material of operating rods/ levers 2.60. Permissible humidity for SF6 gas (ppm) 2.61. Refilling period for SF6 gas (years) 2.62. Type and rating of heater 2.63. Details of compressor system 2.64. Details and ratings of motors

Signature _______________________ Date ___________ Designation & Seal _______________



5.1. Sealed tenders in quadruplicate (four copies), each complete with full details as per specification vide specification no. AEGCL/MD/SS-142 is invited by the Managing Director, Assam Electricity Grid Corporation Limited, Bijulee Bhawan, Paltanbazar, Guwahati-781001 for the following item from manufacturer /or authorised dealer/ representative of the manufacturer (1) When the bidder is not a manufacturer, but an authorised representative/dealer of the manufacturer, the bidder must submit Manufacturers Authorisation for the specific supply from the manufacturer. Format of which is attached with the document as Annexure III Moreover, in the event of award of contract to such bidder, the bidder must submit the requisite performance guarantee as per clause 5.14 of this section in the shape of Bank Guarantee from or in the name of manufacturer only. Name of the item: - Design, manufacture, test, supply and delivery of 33kV SF6 circuit breaker for Dhaliaon substation 5.2. The cost of the tender documents is Rs. 500.00 (rupees five hundred) only in the form of Bank draft in favour of Managing Director, office of the Managing Director, AEGCL, Guwahati781001. 5.3. The tender shall be submitted in two separate parts, each in separate sealed covers super scribed as follows. Part I Technical & Commercial bid. Part II Price bid. 5.4. The tenders should reach/be submitted in the office of the Managing Director, AEGCL, Bijulee Bhavan, Paltanbazar, Guwahati-781001 on or before 14-00 hours on 03.07.09. 5.5. The Part-I (Technical & Commercial bid) of the tender will be opened at 14-30 hours on 03.07.09 in the office of the Managing Director, AEGCL, Bijulee Bhawan, Paltanbazar, Guwahati-781001, in presence of the authorised representatives who desire to be present. 5.6. The Part-II (Price bid) of the tender of suitable bidders as per Part-I (Technical & Commercial bid) will be opened separately. 5.7. Tenders shall preferably be submitted in person or by registered post with AD. Tenders received late due to delay in postal/courier service/ late due to any other reason shall not be considered. The tenders received after due date and time shall be returned unopened by post.


(a) Telegraphic tenders / tenders sent by means of FAX shall not be considered (b) If for any unforeseen reasons the date of opening of bid turns into a holiday, the tenders shall be opened on the next working day at the specified time 5.8. Tender must be accompanied by earnest money deposit (EMD) in the form of Bank Guarantee amounting to Rs. 50,000/- (fifty thousand) only. Tenders without EMD / EMD of fewer amounts shall be rejected outright. No adjustment towards Earnest Money Deposit shall be allowed against any other outstanding amount with Assam Electricity Grid Corporation. 5.9. The bidders are to quote Firm prices inclusive of all taxes, duties, demurrage charges, bank interest and freight & insurance charge upto delivery at site. Detail break up of price is to be furnished. Any other tax, duties, levies what so ever arises but not mentioned are to be borne by the supplier. Offer for Variable price shall be rejected outright. 5.10. The validity of the tender should be 180 days from the date of opening of tender. 5.11. Payment terms: Payment terms are as follows. (a) 100% payment would be admissible on receipt of materials at site in full and in good condition and as per terms and conditions stipulated in the purchase order. The payment as per sub clause (a) will be made only the following conditions. (i) Proforma invoice in triplicate may be submitted to the consignee for arranging fund. (iii) Advance copies of bills in triplicate and other information such as challan, packing list etc. shall be furnished to the consignee. (iv) Any demurrage charges on account of late information and / or delivery of documents by the bank are to be borne by the supplier. (v) No payment shall be made unless Security deposits and performance Bank Guarantee as per clause no 5 -13 & 5-14 are furnished (vi) All bank charges are to be borne by the supplier 5.12 Delivery period: The delivery at site shall be completed within 3 (three) months from the date of technically and commercially purchase order. Delivery is to be done through reputed transporters by road. Necessary road permit for transportation shall be arranged by the supplier. However, advance intimation is to be made from your end. 5.13 Security deposit: Security deposit to the extent of 2% (two & half percent) of the total value of the order in favour of the consignee shall be submitted within 15 (fifteen) days from the placement of purchase order. The Security deposit is to be submitted in the shape of Bank Guarantee (B.G.)/ Demand draft valid up to the guarantee period of the equipment.


5.14. Performance guarantee: A Performance Guarantee for the amount equivalent to 5 % (five percent) of the total value of the order shall be submitted to the consignee prior to despatch of material. The Performance Guarantee is to be submitted in the shape of Bank Guarantee (B.G.) valid up to 90 days after the end of the guarantee period of the equipment. 5.15. Name and address of the consignee: to be intimated at the time of order 5.16. Guarantee: The materials/ equipment shall be guaranteed for satisfactory performance for a period of 12 months from the date of commissioning or 18 months from the date of receipt of materials/ equipment in AEGCLs stores in full and good and acceptable conditions, whichever is earlier. During the period of guarantee you shall rectify all defects in design, materials and workmanship that may develop under the normal use of the equipment upon written notice from the consignee. This rectification/ free replacement must be carried out within a reasonable period and you will do the rectification free of cost. 5.17 Liquidated damage: In case of failure to complete the supply of the materials/ equipment within stipulated delivery period or extended delivery period as the case may be, you shall liable to pay as liquidated damage a sum equivalent to %(half percent) of total value of the undelivered materials or materials delivered late per fortnight delay subject to maximum of 10%(ten percent) of the total value of the such delayed portion of the materials /equipment or the total value of the liquidated damage to AEGCL. In case such a liquidated damage is found to be higher than the 10% value of the undelivered material, the 10% of the contract price shall be recovered. This is however subjected to force majure clause 5.18 5.18 Force majure: Normally Force majure shall cover only act of God, fire, wars, strike, riots and civil commotion, act of Government etc. Any constraints other than those specified above will not constitute force majure condition. In view of the other constraints beyond the control of the supplier primarily due to statutory compulsion, extension of delivery period may also be considered on individual merit of case. In case of force majure condition you shall notify the undersigned such conditions within 10(ten) days from the beginning of such delay in writing for consideration and acceptance 5.19. Telephone no/ Fax no/ address of the Managing Director, AEGCL is The Managing Director, AEGCL, Bijulee Bhawan, Paltanbazar, Guwahati- 781 001 Telephone no/ Fax no: 0361- 2739513 5.20 All other details are available in the tender specification. 5.21. The Managing Director, AEGCL is not bound to accept the lowest quoted tender and reserves the right to reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason thereof.

Sd/Managing Director AEGCL



Following information is to be furnished in the Technical and Commercial bid (PART I) as first page. (Please tick mark where necessary.) 1) Earnest money (EMD) a) Amount of EMD b) Submitted in the form of i) Bank Guarantee : Yes/No. : . days from the date of opening of Technical & Commercial Bid & Price bid. 3) Nature of price offered i) FIRM Price : Yes/No : Yes/No :Submitted/Not submitted :Rs.

2) Validity of the offer

4) Terms of payment (Whether agreeable to accept payment as specified in clause- 5.11 of Special terms & conditions of Specification) 5) Date of completion of supply. (Please specify the date of completion of supply as per specification) 6) Guarantee (Whether agreeable to accept as specified in Clause no- 5.16 of the Specification) 7) Delay in delivery or commissioning (Whether agreeable to accept as specified in Clause no- 5.17 of the Specification)

: Yes/No

: Yes/No

: Yes/No


8) Security and performance guarantee (Whether agreeable to accept as specified in Clause no- 5.13 & 5.14 of Special terms & conditions of Specification)

: Yes/No

9) Sales tax clearance certificate of the current year : Yes/No furnished 10) Whether the material bear ISI mark 11) Whether the material bear ISO certificate : Yes/No : Yes/No

12) Whether guaranteed technical particulars as per the : Yes/No specifications are furnished 13) Whether drawing etc. as per specification are furnished : Yes/No 14) List of orders executed for similar works furnished : Yes/No

15) Performance certificate from the various SEB and : Yes/No other organisations furnished 16) Deviation from the specification a) Technical b) Commercial : Yes/No : Yes/No

17) Information in respect of technical capability is : Yes/No furnished 18) Information in respect of Financial capability certificate : Yes/No from the Banker is furnished

It is certified that the rates have been quoted as per terms and conditions laid down in the tender specification and without any deviation.


Signature of tenderer with seal



BANK GURANTEE FORM (Bid Security/ Performance Guarantee)

Bank guarantee no..


The Bank of . here by agrees unequivocally and unconditionally to pay, within 48(forty eight) hours, on demand in writing for the ASSAM ELECTRICITY GRID CORPORATION LIMITED (AEGCL) OR ANY OFFICER AUTHORISED by it in this behalf, of any amount up to and not exceeding Rs..(Rupees.) have participated in the only to the for



. against specification no. AEGCL/MD/SS-. Invited by the Managing Director, AEGCL. This agreement shall be valid and binding on this Bank up to and including Rs..(Rupees..) and shall not terminable by notice or any change in the constitution of the Bank or the firm or contractors or by any persons whatsoever & liability here under shall not be impaired for discharged by any extension of time or variations or alternations made given, concerned to agree with or without our knowledge or consent, by or between the parties to the said written contract. Our liability under the Guarantee is restricted to Rs..(Rupees

....) only. Our Guarantee shall remain in force and valid till.unless a suit or action to enforce a claim under the Guarantee is filed against us within 6(six) months from the aforesaid date & all your rights under the said Guarantee shall be forfeited and we shall be relieved and discharged from all liability thereon.

Signed For. Bank...


Annexure-III Manufacturers Authorisation

Date.. NIT No:-

To _______________________________________________________________________________

WHEREAS ___________________________________________________________who are official manufacturer of ______________________________________________________________having factories at ________________________________________________________________________ do hereby authorize _______________________________________________________________ to submit a Bid in relation to the invitation for Bids indicated above , the purpose of which is to provide the following goods , manufactured by us ________________________________________________ and to subsequently negotiate and sign in the Contract

We hereby extend our full guarantee and warranty in accordance with the terms and conditions of contract with respect to the goods to be supplied by the above firm in reply to this invitation of tender.

Name __________________________________________________________________________ In capacity of _____________________________________________________________________ Signed :-__________________________________________________________________________ Duly authirised to sign the authirisation for and on behalf of ___________________________________

Date ______________________________________________________________________________



SECTION-6 PRICE BID SCHEDULE (To be submitted in the Part-II, Price bid in a separate sealed envelope in quadruplicate) Item Uni t Qty Ex works 4 E.D. E. Cess Rate per unit (Rs.) CST F&I Any other charges FORD Amount (Rs.)

36 KV, out door SF6 Circuit breaker, No with terminal connector suitable for ACSR Wolf Conductor Spares a) Gas filling device No

b) Trip Coil


c) Closing coil


NB. Quantities are tentative which may be changed at the time of placing order and quoted rates shall be applicable for different Substation under AEGCL.