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IBM System x3650 M3 Express


OR $76/MONTH FOR 36 MONTHS3 PN: 7945E2U Up to 16 Hot-Swap Bays Memory (RAM) std/max: 12 GB/192 GB Optional RAM configuration: 1 GB:2 GB:4 GB:8 GB:16 GB DIMMs


IBM xSeries 346 SAP SD 2-tier benchmark result: 2-processor Intel® Xeon®, 3.60 GHz, L1 Execution Trace cache, 1 MB L2 cache, 8 GB main memory, OS Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (32-bit), DB2 UDB 8.2 (32-bit), SAP R/3 Release: 4.70 (32-bit), 470 SAP SD benchmark users, SAP Certification #: 2004071 vs. IBM System x3650 M3 SAP SD 2-tier benchmark result (SAP Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0), 2 processors/12 cores/24 threads, Intel® Xeon® Processor x5680, 3.33 GHz, 64 KB L1 cache and 256 KB L2 cache per core, 12 MB L3 cache per processor, 96 GB main memory, OS Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition, DB2 9.7, 5100 SAP SD benchmark users, SAP Certification #: 2010025. Source: www.sap.com/benchmark. Results current as of 12/13/10. 2TBR 3Q10 x86-based Servers: Buying Behavior and Customer Satisfaction Study, November 2010. 3Global Financing offerings are provided through IBM Credit LLC in the United States and other IBM subsidiaries and divisions worldwide to qualified commercial and government customers. Monthly payments provided are for planning purposes only and may vary based on your credit and other factors. Lease offer provided is based on an FMV lease of 36 monthly payments. Other restrictions may apply. Rates and offerings are subject to change, extension or withdrawal without notice. IBM hardware products are manufactured from new parts or new and serviceable used parts. Regardless, our warranty terms apply. For a copy of applicable product warranties, visit http://www.ibm.com/servers/support/machine_warranties. IBM

More data. Additional workloads. Increased ROI. A normal working day for this server.
The IBM System x3650 M3 Express® server with the latest Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series can allow you to support up to ten times more users for your enterprise applications.1 Furthermore, the IBM Business Partners can show you how the x3650 M3’s processing power and memory capacity can allow you to virtualize with confidence, to help you see a faster return on your investment.
Rated No. 1 in Server Customer Satisfaction by TBR for the 5 th consecutive quarter.2

IBM System x3550 M3 Express


IBM System Storage® DS3500 Express

OR $51/MONTH FOR 36 MONTHS3 PN: 7944E1U Up to 8 Hot-Swap Bays Memory (RAM) std/max: 12 GB/192 GB Optional RAM configuration: 1 GB:2 GB:4 GB:8 GB:16 GB DIMMs


OR $141/MONTH FOR 36 MONTHS3 PN: 1746A2S Disk storage system with 6 GB SAS host interface Optional FC or iSCSI host intermix Scalable up to 96 drives

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1 866-872-3902 (mention 6N8AH34A)
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makes no representation or warranty regarding third-party products or services. IBM, the IBM logo, System Storage and System x are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. Other product and service names might be trademarks of IBM or other companies. For a current list of IBM trademarks, see www.ibm.com/legal/copytrade.shtml. Intel, the Intel logo, Xeon and Xeon Inside are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. All prices and savings estimates are subject to change without notice, may vary according to configuration, are based upon IBM’s estimated retail selling prices as of 1/25/11 and may not include storage, hard drive, operating system or other features. Reseller prices and savings to end users may vary. Products are subject to availability. This document was developed for offerings in the United States. IBM may not offer the products, features, or services discussed in this document in other countries. Contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner for the most current pricing in your geographic area. ©2011 IBM Corporation. All rights reserved. IBM_ES_0028

2009 BitDefender Total Security 2010 .AWARD GOLD August 17.

81 Cleanup Utilities System-scrubbing tools claim to speed up PC performance by getting rid of clutter. news. subscriber cover photography by robert cardin. We asked real-world offices to use rival inkjet MFPs for their everyday tasks and let us know which ones they liked better. productivity. and got surprising results. community 9 techlog 67 11 PcW Forum 96 the Back Page . 67 Do-It-All Printers newsstand cover illustration by bryan christie design. and more. PC-like home theater—and do it without putting a big dent in your wallet. travel. We tested four. 75 Essential Apps for Every Smartphone Here’s our collection of the best mobile software for handling social networking.August Volume 29 | Number 8 pcworld. security.com Features 58 Make Your TV Smarter Transform your HDTV into a Web-connected.

30 Net Work 32 Tech Audit LAB TESTED DO IT YOURSELF 35 Security Alert Facebook Scams: Learn how to avoid or recover from them. 91 Answer Line 93 Hassle-Free PC 46 Seagate GoFlex Satellite 48 Top 10 Pocket Megazooms Only the cover is different: Here are PCWorld’s two covers this month. 24 Skeptical Shopper 26 On Your Side 29 Business Center Stay in Sync: Cloud services can make data syncing simpler.August Volume 29 | Number 8 pcworld. 17 GeekTech 20 Staff Picks 23 Consumer Watch Ways to Pay Online: Don’t put your credit card at risk.com DEPARTMENTS 40 15 Forward Windows 8: The revamped OS emphasizes touch interaction. and rank the five best contenders. 86 Here’s How Upgrade a Motherboard: It isn’t too difficult to pull out an old board and install a new one. 36 Bugs and Fixes 38 Privacy Watch 42 Reviews & Rankings Tablet Roundup: We survey today’s tablet landscape. 50 Motorola Droid X2 52 Top 10 Ultraportables 55 Top 10 Performance PCs 56 Adobe Dreamweaver 57 Sony VAIO VPC L218FX/W Newsstand Subscriber 86 .

see www. Limited apps are compatible with this model.com/appradio PIONEER is a registered trademark of Pioneer Corporation. AppRadio is a trademark of Pioneer Corporation. ©2011 Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.pioneerelectronics. Certain functions such as video playback and keyboard input are only available while parked.pioneerelectronics. For more information.com/appradio.AppRadiointhecar A revolutionary way to use apps ™ RETHINKING CONNECTIVITY www. .

Back issues cost $8 per issue for U. get the answers to frequently asked questions. Albro EXECUTIVE EDITOR Tom Spring MANAGING EDITOR Kimberly Brinson EDITORIAL SENIOR EDITORS S U B S C RIPTION S E R VIC ES Access your subscription account online—24 hours a day.com/customer.com/customer Stephen Compton.pcworld. please include a phone number in your message. IDG COMMUNICATIONS n NEWSLETTERS: BACK ISSUES Starting with the March 2003 issue of PCWorld. send a request and your mailing label to PCWorld Subscriber Services.S.O.) WEB: Jason Cross. Steven Gray. #600 San Francisco. ON YOUR SIDE: Beth Kamoroff Kate Godfrey DIGITAL IMAGING SPECIALIST/PHOTOGRAPHER Robert Cardin PREPRESS COLOR IMAGING SPECIALIST Marianna Whang CON TRIBU TING E DITOR S Yardena Arar.com/resource/rss. Or send a check or money order to PCWorld Products. You can use online subscription services to view your account status. Nate Ralph DOWNLOADS EDITOR NEWSLETTER EDITOR Laura Blackwell Kim Saccio-Kent pcworld. currency to PCWorld is required. Scott Maurer. 501 Second St. delivery. CA 94107 FOUNDER David Bunnell Andrew Fluegelman FOUNDING EDITOR STAFF E-MAIL ADDRESSES: To contact any PCWorld staff member. QUESTIONS AND COLUMNS Send material electronically to the appropriate online address listed below.O. or e-mail mw1prod@cdsfulfillment. Alex Wawro EDITORIAL INTERNS In the U. simply format the address as follows: firstinitiallastname@ pcworld.com THE BACK PAGE: thebackpage@pcworld. Mark Sullivan Elsa Wenzel Ginny Mies Nick Mediati SENIOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITOR STAFF EDITORS David Daw.com/60983 To use any find. McEvoy. . David Murphy.com/newsletters Patrick J. Lincoln Spector.com hasslefree@ RICK BROIDA’S HASSLE-FREE PC: pcworld. CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OTHER WAYS TO READ PCWORLD RSS: pcworld. Erik Larkin. ANSWER LINE: Visit forums. Leah Yamshon PCWORL D L A B S SENIOR LAB MANAGER LAB MANAGER onyourside@pcworld. MAIL: PCWorld Subscriber Services. Michelle Mastin 515/432-6994 ART AND DES IGN ART DIRECTOR DESIGNER If the Postal Service alerts us that your magazine is undeliverable. and $12 for international delivery. P. Scott Spanbauer.com M A ILING LISTS Occasionally we make our subscribers’ names available to other firms whose products may interest you. Melissa J. Box 37781.S. Dan Tynan. McGovern Bob Carrigan CEO. New orders 800/234-3498 800/825-7595 Albert Filice. Tracy Yee-Vaught EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS SENIOR COPY EDITORS maghelp@pcworld. IA 50037-0781.com to ask your question in the Answer Line forum. P.com MODERATORS Richard Green.S. renew your subscription. or e-mail us at maghelp@pcworld. phone 800/967-2083 (U. Tim Moynihan. Megan Geuss.pcworld. do not send attachments. Anne B. Perenson. Patrick Miller. Harry McCracken. Boone. MANAGER OF BENCHMARK DEVELOPMENT DEVELOPMENT ANALYSTS William Wang LAB INTERNS Alex Cocilova.com/backissues. FOUN DERS CONTACT INFORMATION PHONE: FAX: E-MAIL: MAIL: 415/243-0500 letters@pcworld. Aoife M.com. and Canada) or 515/243-3273 (all other locations). Carla Thornton.com 415/442-1891 PCWorld Editorial.com. TWITTER: @ pcworld FACEBOOK: find. Leung Thomas Luong. change your address. we have no further obligation unless we receive a corrected address within one year.html pcworld. We reserve the right to edit letters. or mail it to PCWorld. IA 50037-0571 (Include a mailing label with correspondence. Mauricio Grijalva COMM U NIT Y forums. 7 days a week—at pcworld. enter it as shown in your browser’s address field. P. Rick Broida.pcworld. Peggy Watt. prepayment in U.) PHONE: FAX: E-MAIL: Armando Rodriguez. IA 50037-0571.S. Box 37571.com INTERNATIONAL DATA GROUP. Melissa Riofrio. James A. EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Steve Fox EDITOR Edward N. and more. Robert Vamosi. To have your name excluded from these mailings.pcworld. Charlie Spivey REPRINTS AND P E R M IS S IONS You must have permission before reproducing any material from PCWorld. INC. Jim Galbraith James Motch Tony K. Michael-Paul Higgins.VP. JR Raphael. back issues are available at pcworld. Martin. Box 37571. McDonald.com.com/xxxxx URL in the magazine. report a missing or damaged issue. Boone. Send e-mail requests to permissions@pcworld. pay your bill.O. Boone.com (Send your full name and the address at which you subscribe.

visit mydlink.stop by? Did the pet sitter D-Link Wireless Network Camera DCS-930L Find out wherever you are with live.com from any wireless connection and instantly see your pets doing the cute-or mischievous-things they do.com. Mobile Tablets Laptops & Desktops Available at these locations: . For more information. steaming video from D-Link. View from: Stay connected to what matters most.dlink. Log into your personal account on mydlink.


There. bombarded with years of old software. He turned up his nose.” explains Leung. underpowered.Techlog STEVE FOX Five-Year-Old Laptop Makes Good WHAT DO YOU do with a laptop that’s such a clunker. it to work testing the efficacy of speedup software (see “Cleanup Utilities: Can They Speed Up Your PC?” on page 81). updates. while relying on his iPod for the rest of his digital activities. with an assist from the rest of the lab staff. Tony Leung. using our WorldBench 6 application-based benchmarks to measure performance before and after installing each of four cleanup utilities. . Jim Galbraith. Development Analyst William Wang and Lab Manager Tony Leung. “We needed PCs that showed the battle scars of constant use. and drivers—something that would feel like a Pinto racing in the Indy 500. circa-2006 Dell Latitude on my son. Fortunately. Steve Fox is editorial director of PCWorld. Then the lab guys built a testing plan from scratch. But I will tell you that after hearing the results. even your 13-year-old kid doesn’t want it? I confronted this problem when I tried to pawn off a slow. I wonder if I can persuade him to take my old Walkman off my hands. on location (from left): William Wang. my son remains uninterested in my laptop. Each system had to be restored up to six times and rebooted at least ten times per utility. The testing process was agonizingly slow. and Thomas Luong. which intern Alex Cocilova presided over. we first needed to round up a bunch of crusty old PCs. Alex Wawro. My Latitude qualified. put To learn whether popular speed-up utilities really work. Mauricio Grijalva. preferring to commandeer my wife’s shiny new laptop for doing homework. PHOTOGRAPH: ROBERT CARDIN PCWORLD LABS staff. and Alex Cocilova. Not shown: James Motch. Then there was all the tedious hand-timing. my old laptop had a higher calling: It—along with four other time-worn machines—became a test subject in the PCWorld Labs. I won’t spoil the story by revealing our conclusions here.

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PCW Forum
June’s “Which Tablet Is Best for You?” inspired a new round of reader debate on the usefulness and appeal of tablets (see March’s PCW Forum for the first round). All the same, it’s increasingly clear that tablets are here to stay. Leave your own thoughts on tablets at find.pcworld.com/71899.
Tablet Debate, Updated
Regarding “Which tablet Is Best for You?” [June], my slant on tablets has evolved from “How could I [possibly] use that?” to “Hmmmmm...” to “I see how that would do everything I’m currently doing on my travel-ready slimand-light laptop, only better in some ways, with less to carry.” It does take a while to transition your thinking to something new, but once you do, you can see that you’re better off.
reor, PCWorld.com forums

you one report from each of the three credit agencies each year. so if you get a report from a different service every four months (instead of all three reports once a year), you can keep a very close watch on your credit for free. I’ve been doing it this way for years.
RetiredGeek, PCWorld.com forums

Stopping Tracking
Options to combat online tracking by advertisers [“the Battle Over ‘Do Not track’,” Forward, June] have been around for a long time. Noscript [find. pcworld.com/70213] can block Java from being sneaky and tracking you, and various add-ons can block ad/tracking networks from setting cookies on your computer. And the wonderful Adblock Plus [find.pcworld.com/60781] takes out 99.9 percent of ads on Websites.
Keinichn, PCWorld.com forums

starts looking at the tablet as an ultraportable device for information, multimedia consumption, and communications, it will hardly be a significant competitor in the tablet market.
Toulinwoek, PCWorld.com forums

Ready for Google Wallet?
Have you ever tried composing a I don’t think [google’s wireless paylengthy document or a long e-mail ment system] is avoidable [“google message on a touchWallet Reality screen? It gets irriCheck,” find.pcworld. tating very quickly, com/71898]—it is Which tablet is best for no matter whether coming, and it prome? None. Why would I Android, iOs, or vides convenience want to own a laptop with WebOs is powering for consumers. It the keyboard missing? the tablet. A slideJamesajue will also require an out keyboard—or a PCWorld.com forums improved security keyboard add-on—is mindset and traina necessity if you want to do something ing for consumers, however. Consumother than gaming and Web surfing. ers don’t have the same awareness and care about their mobile security as they villanim, PCWorld.com forums do with their PCs, and yet for some of them, mobile devices are their primary Securing Your Life communication tool. One addendum to “secure Your Life in Our phones will become our wallet, 12 steps” [June] and the item on Annuand awareness and consumer trainalCreditReport.com: this site allows

Your article showed clearly the advantages of Android over iOs. that the iPad sells in a single model over every other model of tablet demonstrates one thing: It demonstrates that people are just buying what is popular.

QUADICON, PCWorld.com forums

I think that until Microsoft stops looking at tablets as computers without keyboards and trying to optimize Windows 7 or 8 for that format, and instead

PCW Forum

ing will be important. Not many people have turned on encryption features on their phones yet, or even installed antivirus software. For some consumers even password protection doesn’t play well. But what happens when their phone is lost or stolen? google is very good in pioneering technology ideas, and this application may bring good consumer benefit and convenience. Only time will tell how well consumers are prepared for their mobile devices to store their financial treasures; and perhaps at the beginning, stories of fraud will have to circulate in the media before consumer awareness around mobile-device security will get more attention.
Ondrej Krehel, chief information security officer, Identity Theft 911 (idt911.com)

Paying by Smartphone
Regarding “six easy Ways to Pay by smartphone” [Consumer Watch, June]: I like the concept. But I fear that banks and services will add fees and restrictions to the point that they will make a great and useful idea become a money stream for them, and worthless for consumers. unfortunate but true.
blanddragon, PCWorld.com forums

need a color print? Just put the file on an inexpensive usB stick and take it to your local chain drugstore.
mcsedave, PCWorld.com forums

PCWorld welcomes your feedback. We re­ serve the right to edit for length and clarity. Share your thoughts in the Comments area under each story on our Website, or visit our Forums (find.pcworld.com/55165). Send e­mail to letters@pcworld.com.

Printer Ink: Less Is More?
Regarding “Printer Ink Refills Can save You Money” [Reviews and Rankings, June]: Yes, but ask yourself, “Do I really, really, really need a color printer?” You can buy a monochrome laser printer for the price of two or three factory inkjet refills. those monochrome laser refills seem to last forever! And if you
CorreCtion In JUne’S Top 10 Inkjet Multifunction Printers, the price of the HP Photosmart Premium e-All-inOne C310a should have been listed as $200. PCWorld regrets the error.

i Prolog

In FR kg EE ar d!



and ecosystem. Microsoft also discussed features of the new Windows operating system during a press event at the Computex tech conference in taiwan. or swipe from the left side to switch between open applications. Micro­ soft’s corporate vice presi­ dent of Windows planning. showing several prototype devices on stage running the software. “the application comes quickly to life as Windows fades to the background. for example. without the usual Windows menus.com/71921) that shows some of the os’s new features.Forward Microsoft Introduces Windows 8 offering a radically different. that was the message Microsoft sent in a presentation given at the annual d: All things digital Conference held near Los Angeles in early June. At the conference. Within a particular applica­ tion. Tile-Based Interface Microsoft has posted a video (find. its smartphone operating system—complete with touch­friendly live tiles. and it will be a departure from the Windows we know and love today. tapping an icon with a finger launches the application and allows it to take up the entire screen.pcworld. a start menu. Micro­ soft presented a radically re­ designed Windows interface: instead of the traditional desktop with windows. laptops. users can swipe a finger in from the right edge of the screen to make menu items for that program appear. the upcoming operating system is designed for desktops. hardware. a taskbar. and so on. system tray. and scroll bars at the edges. By Nick Mediati aNd JaMes Niccolai WindoWs 8 is on its way. Most notably. the company says that Windows 8 is designed not only for laptops and desktops.” said Michael Angiulo. Microsoft demonstrat­ ed an interface that looks reminiscent of Windows Phone 7. touch­oriented interface. who demonstrated the new software at Computex. and tablets. but iLLustrAtion: AdAM McCAuLey .

the Libre Air can accommodate up to 50. though Windows 8 traditional app­development TeCH sPOTLiG HT: FoUr hoT e. it also has 1GB of internal storage and a MicroSD card slot. The new. the Wi-Fi–equipped Libre Air ($130) has a nonbacklit 5-inch LCD screen intended to achieve a glare-free result that. and builds in Kobo’s Reading Life social-networking features. and Microsoft announced a new confer­ ence. according to Microsoft. the software will be com­ patible with all Windows 7 applications and peripherals. is comfortable to read and kind to the device’s battery. provides an on-screen keyboard.000 books thanks to its expanded MicroSD card slot. developers will have much to learn. this model ($130) has an updated processor—the Freescale i.11b/g/n Wi-Fi. Java­ changes. It supports 802.r e a DerS BARNES & NOBLE NOOK (SECOND GENERATION) The original Nook (now called Nook First Edition) had a clunky LCD screen for navigating the E-Ink display above it. called Build. features.MX508—that Kobo says boosts the speed of page turns. there will probably be Windows 8 is that it’s anoth­ programs will be based some resistance to these er step toward making PCs entirely on HtML 5. and customer requests prompted Amazon to launch a 3G version for $164. it remains to be seen in merging the tablet and the What’s interesting about whether Windows 8–specific PC. and other Web tech­ wait and see how everything making Mac os X more iPad­ nologies. KOBO EREADER TOUCH EDITION Offering the same display as the new Nook. California.” departs from the windows-and-menus desktop design of its predecessors. Applications made specifically for Windows 8 will be a some­ what different beast: they’ll “use the power of HtML 5. the company says. the company seems to go one step further tools that Microsoft offers. the tile­based interface replaces the tradi­ tional start menu.Forward also for tablets (which makes sense. . like electronic paper. given its big. but Amazon is on to something with its ad. the new windows 8 script and HtML. and we’ll have to more tabletlike. AMAZON KINDLE WITH SPECIAL OFFERS Hardware-wise. completely redesigned Nook ($139) introduces a 6-inch E-Ink Pearl display with Neonode’s zForce infrared touch technology to simplify navigation and access. lighter. says. still. tapping into the native capabilities of Windows using standard Java­ BearIng a STrong resemblance to windows Phone 7. as well as a Wi-Fi connection.and discount-subsidized e-reader. but the like with Lion’s ios­inspired also have tie­ins to more­ writing is on the wall. Priced at $114—$25 less than the ad-free version—it emerged as the most popular e-reader on Amazon’s site. Apple is script. the Kindle with Special Offers isn’t anything new. touch­friendly buttons and visual style). ALURATEK LIBRE AIR Similar to its predecessor. the video also shows regular Windows pro­ grams running in a separate. the Libre Pro. traditional desktop mode that you can switch to with just the press of a button. that will take place in september in Anaheim. where they can find out more about the new os. Weighing only 6 ounces. or whether they’ll turns out in practice.

consolidating Visa and non­Visa pay­ ment accounts that can be used in mobile. in fact. Chicago. Visa to Launch Mobile Wallet in U. Wii remote controllers. Dallas. which will get a software upgrade. Each is $5. the USBConnect Adrenaline by LG. at this point we’re still not sure what to call the Wii u—which nintendo unveiled at its e3 2011 press event in early June—besides “fascinating. and retail point­of­sale transactions. At e3 nintendo demonstrat­ ed various ways of using the Wii u con­ troller in concert with a tV screen. But one trigger buttons. a gyro­ ler” Kinect approach and scope. Visa has announced a mobile­ wallet service that includes near­ field communication and other technologies for retail purchases and person­to­person transactions from wireless devices. Now Rovio is selling the original and Rio versions of the game for Windows. will roll out in Atlanta. AT&T Rolls Out LTE Sometime this summer AT&T’s new LTE wireless service. Angry Birds Seasons. on the price yet. that’s all turned sideways. the feature should be out by the time you read this.S. The project will launch in the United States and Canada in the fall. Twitter is also securing deals with mobile carriers to allow users to send photos via MMS messages. and rumble support. and stereo thing is certain: the coming speakers on either side of a years will see an all­out con­ 6. an inward­facing nintendo’s and sony’s “you camera. Rovio plans to release a third Windows edition. iLLustrAtions: AdAM McCAuLey . Visa says it will honor cross­ channel payments. and San Antonio. but Twitter seems set to man­ age the service. you”) allows you to switch from playing games on your —Matt Peckham Briefs Twitter Brings Photo Sharing in House Twitter is partnering with Photobucket to offer photo attachments to tweets directly from the Twitter homepage. Angry Birds Games Migrate to Windows PCs A browser­based beta version of Rovio’s überpopular Angry Birds game is in Google’s Chrome Web Store. and runs on XP SP2 or better. Texas. and you can play games with someone else in the same room. It’s unclear what new devices will be able to connect to the service at launch. and Roku plans to bring three versions of the game to its set­top boxes this summer. Houston. e­commerce. accessories. still need a controller. High def? definitely. the Wii u will be backward­ compatible with all Wii games. nintendo is keeping mum about the specs at this writing.” tV to playing on the con­ troller itself. such as when someone walks into the room and wants to watch tV. pad is usable only in proximi­ but it’s linked wirelessly with ty to the Wii u box. and Wii DrawIng on The controller is just one of the actions possible on the wii U. AT&T CTO John Stankey says the company will roll out LTE in ten additional markets by the end of this year. social network. said to be ten times faster than 3G.2­inch touchscreen—and ceptual war between Micro­ it also boasts a microphone. sometime in the future. but its demo of the system’s processing prowess was impressive. the game­ top box like the original Wii. it isn’t designed to supplant nintendo’s ds and 3ds por­ the new system is a set­ tables. the game­ we know for now—no word pad has dual thumbsticks. or a game controller that isn’t really a controller. however. just a the Wii u (pronounced “we. Photobucket servers will host tweeters’ images. a tablet­style gamepad about When can you buy one? the size of a trade paperback sometime in 2012. as well. using the controller as the game board. soft’s “you are the control­ an accelerometer. AT&T re­ leased one LTE­capable device last year. you can also use a stylus to draw on the controller’s touchscreen.Nintendo’s Wii U Breaks the Mold Once Again iMAgine A gAMe console that isn’t really a console. really cool one” philosophy.

A soldering iron: You never know when you’ll have to hack together some hardware. as well as Photo stream images.pcworld. How to code: Depending on what coding you find most interesting—be it computer program­ ming or Web design—you should be able to lay down the basics from memory. A home-built PC: Nothing shouts geek cred like a homemade computer. apps. And of course. documents. it never hurts to add some geeky buttons. device settings. too. tips. More than likely the Pop + Shorty. don’t count against that total. iCloud will ship at the same time as ios 5 in the fall. If you know the HTML basics—plus a little about CSS and how it works—you get bonus points. but it means that you got to choose what went inside. are a great way to express your geek pride. You should have almost every screwdriver imaginable. You should know how to partition your flash drives properly.com) and Threadless (www. or twenty): Any kind of geek slogan or motif. calendars. third­ party apps can store files in iCloud and sync them. If you’re looking for a geeky tee. Keyboard shortcuts: Knowing your way around a keyboard is pretty useful.threadless. consider this a shopping list of the items you need. is legitimate and potentially cool.. congratulations. and itunes in the Cloud (for downloading purchased music to up to ten devices). Macs. If self­respecting geek should have. plenty of places online. and antistatic wrist straps. but just about any day is a of basic objects and skills that any great day to bask in being a geek. or something to do with geek culture. and books. once a day. especially if your mouse stops working and you need to shut down. and backup. and mail. music... . the free iCloud replaces the $99­a­year MobileMe. —Elizabeth Fish  Visit the GeekTech blog at go. Not only does it prove how well you can navigate around a PC.com/geektech for hacks.. —Jonathan Seff 7 Things Every Geek Should Know or Own GEEK PRIDE DAY comes along every What defines a geek? Here’s our list May 25. since you’ll have them handy for pretty much any unforeseen circum­ ShIrTS BearIng wITTY slogans. and they should contain system utilities and perhaps a Linux installation or two. a geek Should Know. keyboard shortcuts save a ton of time on the desktop. Photo stream (for syncing pictures). and in Web browsers too. such as this one from stance. and Keynote files). and app data. across devices. For instance. (A special thanks to those readers who contributed ideas via our Facebook page!) a geek Should own. What about music not from the itunes store? Apple’s $25­a­year itunes Match service scans your library and tries to match it with the 18 million songs that Apple sells. plus safari bookmarks and iBooks books. com). and books. Don’t forget to put a cable in your bag (be it a USB or a specific charger cable) just in case your latest gadget or laptop runs out of juice or needs hooking up to a desktop PC. box will end up holding main­ ly ethernet cables. in applications such as Photoshop. such as Pop + Shorty (www. it syncs contacts. and PCs. A geeky tee (or two. each user gets 5gB of free storage for mail. and hardware news.popandshorty. Lots of cables: Keeping a box of miscellaneous cables is a great idea. but a decent supply of that type is good for wiring up your whole house. you really ought to know your ‘img src’ from your ‘a href’. iCloud will also back up purchased music. Plus. Flash drives: Not just one or two—you should have an entire collection.Forward G eeK TeCH Apple Unveils iCloud Data Sync Service APPLe HAs announced the iCloud wireless data sync service for ios devices. have good ones. numbers. Purchased apps. your Cam­ era roll photos and videos. If you don’t. you have or know at least a few of the following things. you can upload files for songs it can’t identify. if HTML is your thing. Apple has made three new apps: documents in the Cloud (for syncing Pages.

and other countries. 10Tb of backup data. and cost up to 70%* less than traditional tape-dependent solutions. . natural disasters — or even pesky gators.com/WCSSB1. WORST-CASE SCENARIO ® trademark and elements of WORST-CASE SCENARIO ® trade dress are used under license from and with the exclusive permission of Quirk Productions. But with SunGard® Availability Services online backup and recovery. With SunGard’s expertise behind you.worstcasescenarios.Te Worst-case Scenario backup and Recovery Handbook How to backup & REcOVER YOuR DaTa While Wrestling an alligator. www. running on a X86 server environment.S. SunGard and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Learn how to wrestle an alligator — and survive nearly any other worst-case scenario — with a free Survival Handbook.000 small businesses depend on us to keep their critical applications and data available. More than 3. you’ll never need to worry about hardware failures. power outages. published by Chronicle Books.com. * Savings based on comparison data of customer vs. no matter what. ©2011 SunGard. or its subsidiaries in the U. Stuff happens. Based on The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook. Get yours today at sungardas. Inc. SunGard solutions optimize every aspect of backup and recovery. SunGard provided backup and recovery equipment and facilities. a backup failure is one worst-case scenario you’ll never have to face.

T O .S C H O O L P R O D U C T S T H AT H AV E O U R E D I T O R S D R O O L I N G . your smartphone. and then upload them to Evernote.pcworld.com/71917 B A C K . The Livescribe Echo smartpen ($99 for a 2GB model) is perfect for you: Take notes the old-fashioned way. but you’re not a Luddite—you still want a digital version of your notes. find. or your iPad.Staff Picks Livescribe Echo 2GB You might not want to schlep a laptop to your classes. Google Docs.

Android Honeycomb.pcworld. an actual file-management system.pcworld.com/71920 HTC Evo 3D Justifying the Evo 3D ($200 with two-year contract) to Mom and Dad could be tricky.Toshiba Thrive The Thrive costs less than the iPad ($429 for 8GB). find. and you can save the page (or a portion of it) and share it with your research group. simply hit the Memonic bookmarklet in your browser. But why do you need a glasses-free 3D phone at school? Your answer: “Think how much worse my grades would be if I wore 3D glasses in class!” find. It has a dual-core processor and a qHD screen. pcworld.com/71918 Memonic Memonic (free and premium plans available) is a great way to collaborate on a research project. Whenever you discover a good Web resource on your topic. but it’s also fatter and heavier. and a (gasp!) removable battery. and via the docking station shown below). So why buy one? It has tons of ports (on-board. find.com/71919 .


pcworld. When you want to make a purchase online.bankofamerica. Online payment services: The free Google Checkout service (checkout. you’ll have to sign in to your Google account to complete a transaction. according to the U. you can make a purchase simply by clicking the Google Checkout button on its site. you open a new browser window and sign in to your Bank of America account.) The temporary number has its own expiration date and security code. you follow the ShopSafe instructions to create a 16-digit credit card number.google.citibank. Next. Other institutions. ShopSafe (www. and EntroPay.com/71873 ). your liability typically ends at the first $50. temporary card number for each online purchase. but here are four ways to keep your funds out of the hands of the bad guys. And many card issuers now have zero-liability policies.com/71872). So what can you do to minimize credit card fraud? Well. Disposable credit card numbers: Why share your 16-digit number with online merchants. Naturally.com/shopsafe) is a free service for Bank of America Visa and MasterCard holders who bank online with the financial giant. Bank of America. you can’t stop the break-ins. You may reuse the number when you buy from that vendor again.com/us/cards) and EntroPay (find. For instance.paypal. and it won’t charge you a fee to buy stuff online. have similar services.Consumer Watch WITH VIRTUAL credit card numbers from institutions such as Citibank. you’re protected from unauthorized credit card purchases. given how common security breaches have become. however.pcworld. where you won’t have to pay a penny. If someone uses your card without your permission. The venerable PayPal (www. and is valid at only one online vendor. you can shop online and guard against fraud. Prepaid credit cards: Personal finances shaky? Can’t . Both sites will reimburse any unauthorized purchases in full. BY JEFF BERTOLUCCI WHO HAS YOUR private info? Who knows. com) is another option. particularly those you’ve never heard of? Many major banks let you create a unique.S. Four Safer Ways to Pay Online Worried about hackers snagging your credit card info? Taking a few precautionary steps can go a long way in protecting your account. And credit card information is one of the most common types of personal data we volunteer online. If a vendor accepts Google’s payment service.com) stores your credit card details and doesn’t share your full card number with merchants. which you use on the vendor’s site in lieu of your reg- ular number. Even if you don’t use a disposable number. Federal Trade Commission (find. including Citibank (www. (The vendor won’t know the difference. as long as you report the fraud within 60 days.

pcworld.westernunion.com). Buying a $50 herbal supplement from a dubious siberian pharmacy? say nyet to cash. “it’s just like sending cash—once it’s gone. open two browser windows. even if you take steps to disguise your financial information.auctionsniper. in the last 2 or 3 hours of an auction.” Secure cards: For additional protection online. and it will input that bid 5 seconds before the auction closes. check the bid history to see if it includes any aggressive bidders who might drive the price up. it’s well worth submitting your absolute maximum bid with Auction sniper. the downside: the low price you see on many auction-only items is rarely the price you’ll pay at the end of the auction if you win. click Continue. Both require you to enter a password to complete a transaction. too. here are some tips that should help you get onto the winning side of more eBay contests. usually you can get a Visa Prepaid card without a credit card or bank account (find. or money orders. because eBay will set the On AuctiOn Sniper. But with a little vigilance and extra effort. albeit pricey ones. cashier’s checks. including debit cards. but the next-highest bidder bid $85. say. personal checks. if Auction sniper bids $100 on an item for you. you can’t get it back.” the FtC’s Consumer Alert site warns. plane tickets on British Airways. the lists of participating vendors are short. both showing the same auction. using an extra layer of security could help throw potential fraudsters off your tracks. you should regularly check your accounts to spot fraud more quickly. then move back to the first window. EBAy is A great resource if you’re looking to buy things at a discount—with everyone competing to sell their tchotchkes and castoffs. set the maximum price at only a small amount more than the next-highest bidder. you can often find things a lot cheaper at this online marketplace Megan geuss than in a brick-and-mortar store. but don’t click Continue. the agency also points out that using cash equivalents. if you’re sick of that disappointment. consider services such as MasterCard secureCode (find. as well. the goods’ purchase total is deducted from the balance. you’ll beat your competitors. if someone else submits a higher bid than your Auction sniper maximum before the auction is over. you can stay one step ahead of cybercriminals without losing the convenience of shopping in your pajamas. $50. Don’t Be a Loser on eBay Following just a few simple tips and tricks can make your auction bidding more successful—and more fun. pcworld.com/71878). in the second window. For amount you’re willing to pay for an item. then. in one window. Just remember that these cards are often loaded with sneaky fees. using any of these methods can help you significantly reduce the chances of being duped by a malicious seller or site hacker. For example. as you buy stuff. Chances are.com) you enter your maximum bid for an item. Of course. and click Confirm Bid on the next page. hunker down and think of the maximum price you would bid—say. it’s gone. for instance. One last important rule of thumb: Never use wire transfers. Bidding Assistance and Strategies if you’re too busy to keep up with auctions. you’ll pay only $86 for the item if you win.pcworld. instance. A Western union Prepaid Visa Card (www. you load it with the cash amount you want. Visa’s zero-liability policy applies to prepaid cards. unfortunately. leaving in the dust novice bidders who thought they had spotted a oncein-a-lifetime deal. seasoned eBay bidders tend to wait until the very last second to place their bids. Bidding manually is always a possibility.Consumer Watch Skeptica l Shopper obtain a regular credit card? you still have online-shopping options. they’ll still win. watch as the auction closes to the last 10 or 20 seconds. has a $10 “non-refundable activation fee” and a $5 “load fee.com/71874). a “sniping” service can submit your bid to eBay in the last few seconds of action. enter your max bid and click Place Bid. When you buy a prepaid card. on Auction sniper (www. but if you regularly buy. com/71877) and Verified by Visa (find. to buy online is wise only if you’re familiar with the seller. if so. .

trendnet.2.4GHz Band 5GHz Band 450Mbps Dual Band Wireless N USB Adapter TEW-684UB 450Mbps Dual Band Concurrent Wireless N Gigabit Router TEW-692GR 450Mbps Dual Band Wireless N USB Adapter TEW-684UB Win a Wireless N Gaming Adapter at www.com/giveaway Enter Code PC World to Double Your Prizes ©2011 TRENDnet All rights reserved .

Consumer Watch
Get Online Anywhere
HigH-sPEEd iNtErNEt ACCEss has become fairly ubiquitous in hotels, and not just major chains. usually you can check online to see whether an establishment offers internet access, but your research shouldn’t stop there: Find out whether the service comes via Wi-Fi or ethernet, and whether it’s included with the room charge or costs extra. if you’re stuck with a wired connection, you can probably share it by creating a hotspot with a travel router. several vendors offer compact routers that support 802.11g; trendnet’s tEW654tr (about $50) is one of the first to back the faster 802.11n standard. Another option is to buy a mobile broadband Wi-Fi router to tap into your smartphone’s data network. Novatel Wireless’s MiFi routers are barely larger than a credit card; currently you can buy one for $100 with a Verizon Wireless data plan, or $150 for Virgin Mobile’s pay-as-you-go service. unlocked MiFi models for use with gsM networks cost about $230, but you have to make your own data-plan arrangements. unfortunately, you can’t use the same MiFi router in both North America and Europe—each continent’s 3g (HsPA) networks operate on various frequencies, so Novatel has different models for Europe and North America. Cradlepoint makes a Wi-Fi router intended for use with selected usB Wi-Fi modems, but make sure your modem is on the supported list before you buy. Finally, if you need online access in a pinch, some hotels have lobby computers that you can use for brief tasks—but be cautious in using a public PC. try to find a machine that reboots and cleans up between guests; you don’t want your accounts hacked because you left login information or cookies behind.
—Yardena Arar

on Your Side
IN 2009, I bought my teenage son a MacBook from Best Buy, and I added a two-year extended warranty with “Accidental Damage From Handling” coverage. Lo and behold, my son accidentally ran over his MacBook with his car after leaving it on his trunk. I filed a claim with Best Buy, and an associate advised me to purchase another computer, saying the company would issue a credit if the original MacBook couldn’t be fixed. But Best Buy eventually denied the warranty claim on the grounds that this type of incident isn’t covered in the accidental-damage plan. I thought that my extended warranty covered all accidents. Can you help?
—Milan Vora, Claremont, California
OYS responds: Best Buy’s accidental-damage plan covers the costs of repairing your product after “an unexpected and unintentional external event (drops and spills) that arises from your normal daily usage of the product as the manufacturer intended.” Most people, however, don’t consider placing a laptop on a car trunk and driving off “normal daily usage.” A Best Buy resolution specialist verified that the Leah YaMshon MacBook in question suffered vehicle damage, but noted that the incident does not qualify for coverage under the warranty because the laptop was not being used in the intended manner. As a compromise, Best Buy offered a $500 credit toward Vora’s next computer purchase, because an associate had said that a credit would be issued. Before you buy a warranty plan, confirm what kinds of accidents it covers.

Follow-up: cell for cash
In our November 2010 issue, the Tech Audit column cited CellForCash.com as a service that buys old smartphones. Several readers have complained that they never got payment for their phones, which the company had verified to be in working order. Customers have said that contacting Cell for Cash is difficult; the typical reply is an automated e-mail response. After helping Christine Dunn of Lafayette, Louisiana, get a check for her iPhone, we repeatedly asked the company for answers. Thus far the only one we’ve gotten is: “Cell for Cash handles thousands of cell phones and other devices per month and we do occasionally make an error.” Given that reply, we can’t know why some customers haven’t seen payment. But we can no longer recommend the company. The Better Business Bureau has received 430 complaints about Cell for Cash and its subsidiary, RMS Communications Group, in the past three years. We will continue investigating; in the meantime, programs such as Gazelle and NextWorth have proven more stable.
 Problems with tech customer service? E-mail us at onyourside@pcworld.com.

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and calendar information. Dance with them what brung you: Default systems are in place for some platforms. Google Calendar. keeping your data synced is relatively simple. Alternatively. For example. so you can access the data from pretty much anywhere and any device. BY TONY BRADLEY MICROSOFT Windows Live SkyDrive offers cloud-based storage for your files. Use Exchange Active Sync: If you use Microsoft Exchange Server or Office 365. and other data synced across all your mobile devices and PC platforms a lot less difficult than you might expect. software can help. Exchange Server maintains the e-mail messages. contacts. Though no perfect solution exists yet. and Contacts. Google Apps Sync for Outlook will sync your e-mail. If you rely on Gmail. smartphones and tablets running Google’s Android operating system work best when they are connected with Google services such as Gmail. using a product like Sync2 ($30). Google Calendar Sync will perform two-way syncing between Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. tablets. Go through Google: If you are not using Exchange Active Sync. calendar. and any changes or additions will occur the Google service itself.) Outlook. than on e-mail. GOOGLE Calendar consider the following approaches. BlackBerry smartphones and tablets use BlackBerry Exchange Server rather than Exchange Active Sync. see the online version of this article syncing with at find. Laptops can connect to Exchange over any Web connection. you don’t really have multiple copies of the same data to keep in sync. and Contacts rather SUGARSYNC includes 5GB of free cloud storage with syncing. and most smartphones and tablets can stay synced using Exchange Active Sync. so they will be reflected when you connect from another device. and notes between Google Apps and Outlook—but you must be a paying customer of Google Apps. For example. the easiest path to syncing runs through Google. Sync provides (For links to the services mentioned two-way below.Business Center Staying in Sync Cloud-based tools make keeping contacts. BlackBerry devices work best with BlackBerry Enterprise Server. calendar. calendars. The challenge is to keep everything synced so you can access the same data from each of the platforms you use. or gSyncIt ($20) for each system that you want to keep in sync will ensure that . and contacts maintained locally. And Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices work best with a Microsoft infrastructure. Google Calendar.pcworld.com/71861. PEOPLE ARE NO longer tied to a specific location or device as they roam about working on laptops. If you use Microsoft Office and Outlook. As for syncing contacts. so they can be downloaded at each location. contacts. as with Microsoft Outlook. or even smartphones. For both iOS devices and secondary PCs. You can simply connect to the Google data from your various devices. You can set up e-mail on multiple computers as long as you configure each system to leave messages on the server as well. the above solutions won’t help. or if you need to keep data in sync with another PC.

When you use Windows Live Mesh. google uses Exchange Active sync. many of which have a meager 8gB or 16gB of storage. Syncing Other Kinds of Files Keeping spreadsheets. an android smartphone. and other data synced among devices can be more challenging. But Linkedin lets you focus on professional business relationships without getting distracted by FarmVille or Mafia Wars. the sociaL networking site focused on business and professional contacts. . Linkedin provides a means for you to branch out and make new connections within your field or your company. has more than 100 million registered users. but tools from Memeo can provide offline access to google Docs data. You can also turn to services like Box. google doesn’t offer a way to work with google Docs offline (though such a capability is expected this summer). so you add google sync to your iOs device as if it were an Exchange e-mail account. presentations. Use the cloud: the most elegant solution is to use cloud-based storage. too. Dropbox. such files can also quickly exceed the storage capacity of mobile devices. or sugarsync.net. synced data. as long as you have an Internet connection. you want to work offline when necessary and still have the data stay in sync. Granted. Whether you’re trying to decide between a MacBook air and a dell laptop. and it has a rich set of tools designed to help members reap valuable information. you can then set your iPhone or iPad to use google sync for e-mail. you can access the files from anywhere. With your data synced to google. You can also research a company before you go in for an interview or accept a job with a new company. you can accomplish many of these same things by using Facebook. Carry it with you: store your files on an external usB hard drive or thumb drive that you carry around. You can let potential employers know about your skills and background through your Linkedin profile—just as if you were posting your résumé on a job site—but it also helps when you can get a credible referral through your Linkedin network.com and Monster are nice too. skyDrive provides a Microsoftcentric solution. Linkedin. and contacts so those platforms will have access to the current. Ideally. Seek advice: You can use Linkedin answers to pose a question—big or small—to your entire Linkedin network.Business Center changes and additions on one PC will make their way to the other computers. discuss. then. such a group is also an opportunity to demonstrate your own knowledge and expertise by sharing what you know. and learn from one another. career sites such as dice. or for a specific company. and then set your calendar and contacts to update using google sync. Build professional relationships: success or failure can often be measured by the size of your Rolodex (or your outlook contacts list). you can turn to your network of business professionals for guidance. or you want recommendations for the LinKedin can be a great resource for researching best photo-editing app for particular companies. and then invite others to join that group to debate. or even a whole industry. And the free google Cloud Connect add-on lets you sync files from Microsoft Office software to google’s cloud. Conduct research: Linkedin can be an invaluable resource for gathering information. making it an indispensable tool for career-building. Net Work Five Ways to Use LinkedIn LinkedIn has tools and resources that can help you boost your career. such as Microsoft Windows Live skyDrive or google Docs. here are five ways to take advantage of what the Tony Bradley Linkedin. designated folders on the local desktop are automatically synced with the data that’s stored online. its search tools support granular searches for Linkedin members in a particular industry. With each of these. Establish a community: You can form a group on Linkedin dedicated to a specific topic or industry. but Linkedin adds the element of networking. calendar. data automatically syncs from the desktop to the cloud—and Windows Phone 7 smartphones integrate with data stored on skyDrive.com site has to offer: Find a job: Linkedin is a favorite haunt of recruiters and headhunters. and to leverage your connections’ connections when necessary.


and you’d lik world. tomers are smaller firms. the competition is just heating up. replacin ness Vonage VoiP. But for many organizations. had in te BinG ail sysPt FoRd PLUM ble PoP3 e-m and an unrelia customer c Pc viruses take chroni mple option to site had no si monthly.pcworld. Google apps was the right choice for moving away from a mix of Microsoft office and other tools. Finally.com. though Google appears to be ahead in this online race. af for up to ten Pc dr hich is free customer’s ad essentials. live chat. however. pcworld. office 365 opened for public beta testing in april. Web services win out for convenience and mobility. siness marke bu techaudit@pc Audit. office 365. Google says. millions of paid users of apps for Business. Microsoft counts “millions” of BPos customers and hundreds of millions of desktop office users. Go costly. g the malwar service reques s.com/71854. Google doesn’t share a breakdown of how many of its cus- ntractor s Plumbing Co Aid Google Apps mple hills. Both packages include e-mail. The advantages of the cloud in many cases. always-online workforce. Google and Microsoft are the major players in so-called “cloud” suites that are designed for a mobile. si reques ng in nearby d Migration ki sinesses Pt Ford calle oving small bu ializes in m firm that spec an it Google apps. w y rosoft securit st $1000. the flexibility. ts in real time. the plumbe serv tphone fo stomer reques ent on a smar oyees field cu Google docum site lets empl Bennett moved and can tap a e problems. the full Google apps is available now. by contrast. either Google apps for Business or Microsoft office 365 will improve productivity and reduce such costs as software licenses and paid it help. But it also has a desktop component in the office 2010 suite. Maryland. DY CASe StU word processing. ea bennett. with a final release set for later this year.com). companies that use Google apps enjoy more than a 300 percent return on investment (Roi)—so said a report in november by Forrester Research (and sponsored by Google). portability.migra th Migration Ki bmitted by —Case study su size e small to mid ider serving th solutions prov ntribute to it you can co  if you’re an e to learn how t.com/71855).Business Center teCH AUDIt Google Apps Move Helps Contractors Link With Customers Gone aRe the days when running a small business meant outfitting each worker with a desktop Pc and loading up each one with individually licensed software. calendars. serious considerations remain before your company abandons local apps and physical servers for the cloud (see find. Google apps for Business is a paid suite—an expansion of the lineup found in the free Google apps for consumers. in the small-business case study below. Microsoft office 365 also promises impressive Roi for small companies. took less than e migration ng (www. services that live on the internet provide a swifter way to empower workers with producelSa WenZel tivity and communication tools. a contac rs can record er to Google si ra ts. collaborative editing. Migrating to google’s online productivity suite can help small businesses save money. and low maintenance of their services are appealing to a growing number of small businesses. e-mail PCWorld Tech . ter eliminatin ess. spreadsheets. its Web st nearly $500 rvices co ts. and VoiP se lver spring. ices such as ees to cloud serv Ford’s employ ett signed Pt for Businer shea Benn ow apps -year Google per-user-per Microonto the $50l system and g the e-mai MiGRaTiOn Pt suite. and more. Right now. hosted moved from a e to Ford’s Website and respond t Us form on th tes.) some 3 million businesses use Google apps—including. Voice replaced ogle King owner Sh Web soft office. tem. presentations. (see a comparison of the features and pricing of Google apps for Business and Microsoft office 365 at find. builds on Microsoft’s Business online Professional services (BPos). Pt Ford to Mic a week and co tionking.



also watch out for pages that unexpectedly ask you to enter your Facebook login information. If that happens. or if you suspect foul play of any kind. they do. you’ll probably click it. widely attributed to P. Many scams pose as links in posts from people you know. Even shortened uRLs may pose risks. since users can’t tell by looking at a shortened Web address whether it’s authentic.” he says. you have some clues to watch for. and on their own ability to disguise scams as legitimate online promos. change your password immediately.” that quotation. which the scammer can then exploit to run up unauthorized charges.” the “stalker tracker” (which purports to tell you who’s visiting your profile). instead of being sent directly to the destination. most scams are designed to generate reve- ILLustRatION: MICHaEL BYERs . some messages are so persuasive that victims may provide personal information such as credit card or phone numbers. You’ve heard about the scams False Friends One ploy that Facebook scammers use is to encourage people to click a compelling uRL. so if someone posts a shortened link to your wall or by using a Facebook message or Chat. or it takes much longer to load than you’d expect. proceed with caution. but it’s just as relevant to online scams—in particular. says Chris Boyd. Facebook scams—today. “these schemes are coming from people in our network. Here are practical ways to ensure that you won’t become the next victim. None of the common Facebook frauds—the “Facebook dislike button. ultimately. and you may have seen some of the lures. for instance—are new.Security Alert Spot and Avoid Facebook Scams By lOGAN KUGlER “tHERE’s a suCkER born every minute. Here are two red flags to watch for when you click a link: It doesn’t take you to the page promised. and “watch this video” tricks. But it may be a scam or a link to a malicious site posted by a crook using a hijacked Facebook account. says Dr. “Is this you? LOL!”. originally referred to deceptive carnival sideshow attractions. Robert D’Ovidio. Resisting the urge to click can be difficult.” If a friend posts a link to what appears to be a video on your wall with the comment. they can use it to spam your friends. they prey on a combination of users’ curiosity and trust. and scammers know it. associate professor of sociology at Drexel university in Philadelphia. But of course. But instead of seeing the promised site.t. “You’d think that people wouldn’t continue to fall for them. a delayed load may mean that you’re being bounced between proxy servers to hide a hacker’s location. senior threat researcher for uk-based gFI software. Once scammers manage to gain access to your account details. Fortunately. Barnum. and our guard is already down. that’s a very tough thing to police against. the deceived person inadvertently spams friends with links to the same uRL. the key element in a successful scam is its ability to exploit the victim’s trust.

Here are some specific tips: name and follow it to the app’s home page. Google plans to keep the details about a number of these patches private until the majority of Chrome users have updated to the latest version of the browser. unless you’re certain of the recipient’s legitimacy and the distribution channel’s security. click the wrench icon in the toolbar and select Update Google Chrome from the resulting menu. The security firm vupen recently discovered a bug that could allow attackers to bypass Google Chrome’s sandbox and enable them to execute dangerous code on your system.2. a healthy skepticism is critical. of the 13 fixes. Google Issues Chrome Browser Fix Plus: an update to skype for Mac 5 and a change in Os X malware monitoring. and see find. and two more are rated critical. GooGle made several updates to its Chrome browser to address various recently uncovered bugs. version 10.pcworld. visit find. run software Update on your mac to ensure that you’re up-to-date. alert your friends to what happened. to modify these settings. J. too. an attorney with kershaw. meanwhile. This vulnerability could allow an attacker to take remote control of a shell—an interface feature for an application (in this case.” Google Chrome Fixes recent patches for Google Chrome correct an assortment of bugs. (including your Facebook login name and password) to anybody. only three are rated high. Google says that. first delete the offending app (go to [under ‘apps and Websites’] [under ‘apps you use’]. ILLustRatION: gaRY NEILL . then select under ‘apps and Websites’ at the bottom left. and click the X next to the app you want to delete). skype has fixed an extremely dangerous vulnerability in skype 5 for mac that a knowledgeable attacker could easily exploit to gain complete James mulroy control over your system. and change your Facebook account password. Chrome automatically updates whenever it detects that a new version of the browser is available. skype released two separate updates—one for mac and one for Windows—after a bug prevented users from logging on. Parker. not a Google bug. it’s fundamentally an adobe bug. What to Do If You Fall Victim If you find that you’ve been scammed. security experts say it’s your best protection: “Be careful what you click on. says the key to not getting scammed is to be vigilant. log in to Facebook and click Account in the top right. Google’s latest update dealt with the problem by installing an updated version of adobe’s Flash Player. Run a google search on both the app name and the author. social networks depends in part on the security-mindedness of the other people who belong to your network. LLP.pcworld. and apple has responded to persistent mutations of macdefender scareware by altering the way the malicious-file quarantine system in mac os X functions.com/71916 for more information. then delete any posts that the app has made in your name. and click next to ‘Info accessible through your friends’. perhaps the graphical user interface of skype). In addition. Cutter & Ratinoff. skype says that this bug isn’t being exploited.Security Alert BUG S & FI X E S nue for the scammers through pay-perclick schemes or through access to information that can lead to unauthorized charges on credit cards or phone bills. But if your browser has not applied the updates for some reason.com/71902.R. simple search can yield results indicating what’s legit and what may not be. since the bug requires Flash to run. He recommends tying down all privacy settings and restricting what apps can do with your information or your Facebook page.0. Look for anything that seems odd or unprofessional. This patch modifies the malicious-file quarantine system in mac os X to check for malware definition updates daily to identify new mac malware such as the recent macdefender fake antivirus.922 or later) to ward off any possible attacks. mac users should also install security Update 2011-003 for mac os X snow leopard. For more information on these updates. Updates for Mac Users a recently discovered vulnerability in skype 5 for mac could cause skype to crash if an attacker sends a specially crafted message. but the company urges users to update to the latest version of skype for mac (5.1.


federal agents would need a search warrant to access any archived electronic communications stored on a remote server.” the company has stressed that no sensitive information was exposed during the attack. where that person has been online. a major u. “Updating this law to reflect the realities of our time is essential to ensuring that our federal privacy laws keep pace with new technologies and the new threats to our security. Securing Geolocation Data leahy’s amendment would also create privacy protections for geolocation data recorded by mobile devices and stored remotely. though. that’s not to say military-employed hackers won’t assert the right to respond to an attack by taking down an enemy’s computer system. but a prosecutor can subpoena data older than that and access it without the subject’s knowledge if government agents demonstrate reasonable grounds for concluding that the records could prove useful in an investigation.” said leahy in proposing to amend the existing statute. section 4 permits the government to delay notifying you that they’ve accessed your electronic communication records for up to 90 days if they can secure a court order. the reports (find. the announcement comes just a few days after Lockheed Martin. when a military response is warranted and when one is not. consider supporting groups that promote civil liberties and privacy rights. so few cyberattacks would justify bruteforce retaliation under such a standard. defense contractor. citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures) covers electronic data—including e-mail. military officials disagree about how the nation should handle cyberattacks—specifically. ensuring that the Fourth amendment (which protects U. Cyberterrorism is certainly a big issue for officials. the government must obtain a warrant for records that are less than 180 days old. The amendment would require the government to treat that data as if it were private property. leahy’s amendment would require a search warrant (or a court order under the Foreign Intelligence surveillance act) to track individuals via real-time GPs data transmitted by their devices to a service provider or device manufacturer.pcworld. ILLustRatION: gaRY NEILL . Facebook posts. policy that it will consider cyberattacks to be “acts of war.” and will respond to them with real-world force. all actual cyberattacks have been minor in scope. so far.pcworld. as increasing portions of our country’s infrastructure are online. If you care about data privacy. injury.com/71882). [the eCPa] is significantly outdated and outpaced by rapid changes in technology. PRIVACY WATCH Electronic Data as Private Property Lawmakers work to strengthen privacy rights by reining in warrantless search powers granted by a 25-year-old law. Have yoU ever heard of the electronic Communications Privacy act of 1986? I hadn’t either—until senator Patrick leahy (d-vermont) moved to amend it this year to make it more difficult for government aleX WaWro agents to access data on remote servers that contain information about who an individual has been talking to. the strategy. or death.s. according to the . text messages.” you’ll find the full text of the proposed amendment at find. geolocation. the says that officials seem to favor responding aggressively to cyberattacks that cause physical damage. and even data stored by a remote computing.s. entities like the electronic Frontier Foundation have been fighting to modernize the eCPa. terrorism experts often warn that the next terrorist attacks could be virtual—though. Today.Security Alert Cyberattacks May Constitute Acts of War tHE PENtagON Is set to establish as official u. Few virtual attacks are capable of causing this kind of harm. was the subject of a “significant and tenacious [cyber]attack. Currently. and they need public backing to succeed. government agents need only a court order to access such data. or electronic communications service provider.s. however.com/71881. and section 5 allows government agents to access remote repositories of historical GPs data with just a court order. The bill is far from perfect. Regardless of official strategy. will provide guidance to our country’s armed forces and put potential enemies on notice. and what that person may have seen. experts and officials have been debating how best to respond to cyberterrorism for years. which should be public by the time you read this. Under the proposed law. “Today.

Inc. are tested over and over again to ensure that they will keep up with the challenges of daily use. and other countries. IT intelligence — and the bottom line – a boost. Life without Walls™.com Copyright ©2011 Fujitsu America. powered by the 2nd gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor. Give performance. the Intel logo. We’ve made sure every little part is durable to the max. With the 2nd gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor. Fujitsu recommends Windows 7. the Fujitsu logo.Windows®. LIFEBOOK and “shaping tomorrow with you” are trademarks or registered trademarks of Fujitsu Limited in the United States and other countries. Intel Inside. Microsoft.S. Fujitsu. Windows. Intel Core and Core Inside are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Intel. you have to wear gloves to use this notebook. shaping tomorrow with you . Here’s the end of: “ Sorry.” LIFEBOOK as robust as a notebook should be.shopfujitsu. LIFEBOOK® notebook and Tablet PCs. www. and the Windows logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.



1. and HP’s WebOS-based TouchPad. Dell’s Streak 7.7 to 10. From left: Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101. Motorola Xoom. this time—as the hugely popular.3. RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook. Asus’s Eee Pad Transformer TF101. For creating content. . and T-Mobile’s G-Slate. Apple iPad 2. Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi and Galaxy Tab 10.Reviews & Rankings High-Noon Tablet Showdown We looked at the latest challengers to Apple’s iPad 2. For this article. Apple and RIM each have their own proprietary mobile OSs. did PHOTOGRAPHS: ROBERT CARDIN not ship in time for us to include them in this roundup. Apple’s iPad 2. impressively svelte Apple iPad 2 competes with an array of challengers.x Honeycomb operating system.1. and found some worthy contenders.1 inches. and the Flyer uses Android 2. most of them running Android.1 tablets from Lenovo and Toshiba. For consuming TABLETS IN THE 10-inch class have screen sizes of 9. Android Honeycomb models— especially those equipped with memory card slots for expanding storage. Most use Google’s Android 3. HTC’s Flyer. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.2. and USB ports for adding peripherals and USB mass storage—are very strong. Which tablet came out on top? THIS YEAR SHAPES up as the year of the tablet—for real. but the Streak 7 and the 7-inch Galaxy Tab rely on Android 2. Acer Iconia Tab A500. Motorola’s Xoom. I test-drove ten tablets: Acer’s Iconia Tab A500. Still more slates are on the way: Android 3.

and it’s easy to hold. and its vast array of apps tailored for tablet use helps it remain at the top of our rankings. . with 90. it’s one of the thinnest tablets available. bezel colors (black or white). the Iconia misses our Top 5 list altogether. The iPad 2’s bright 9.1 parlays its design and its Android 3.9-inch T-Mobile G-Slate. the iPad 2 is an evolutionary upgrade.7inch screen produces balanced. the G-Slate captures 3D video. Weighing 1. 32GB. but its 1024-by-768-pixel display could be even sharper. the Galaxy Tab 10. Tapered edges make its profile appear even more svelte. mobile broadband costs $130 extra. At 0. or 64GB). Apple’s iOS platform remains king. A PAIR OF Android tablets with 7-inch screens—the Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi (left) and the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook (right)— flank yet another Android model. thanks to its display’s more-natural colors and its vast selection of reasonably easy-to-find tablet-specific apps. For now. The Tab 10. and jump by $100 for each increase in capacity.INSIDE 51 SONY ERICSSON Xperia Play 54 PLEXTOR PX-LB950UE 57 SONY VAIO VPC L218FX content. the 8. and Wi-Fi-only and 3G (AT&T or Verizon) versions. accurate colors. Apple iPad 2 With a slimmer profile and less heft than the first iPad. go online to find.1 Wi-Fi is the first Android tablet to mount an effective challenge to Apple’s iPad 2 in the area where Apple does best: design.1 operating system into a tablet that vaults to the head of the Android pack. The iPad 2’s simple interface is superb. the iPad 2 retains a slim lead. the Xoom supports a software upgrade to 4G LTE.1 and the iPad 2 received matching four-star ratings. The iPad 2 comes in 36 variants with different capacities (16GB.34 inch deep.33 pounds. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10. But all four stumbled on display quality—and primarily for that reason.com/71929.000 tabletoptimized apps to date. the Wi-Fi version is the secondlightest 10-inch tablet (to the Galaxy Tab 10. MORE ONLINE  For complete reviews of the tablets tested for this story.1 Wi-Fi The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1). including apps. None of the tablets I auditioned hit every mark. and the Iconia has a full-size USB A port. pcworld. Prices start at $499. Overall. Several other units offer unique features: The Eee Pad Transformer has a keyboard dock that transforms the tablet into a netbook.

and slots are distributed along the edges. and two USB ports. the Tab 10. clear letters and a number row!) and provided file-management customization for handling USB media.8 pound less than the iPad 2. staying in the mix.41-pound Mobile Docking Station adds an extra battery. the Transformer is 1.1inch display dominates its front face. and an SD Card slot. and greater stability among them). resizable widgets. or SD Card functionality. It weighs 1. The first Honeycomb tablet to ship with Android 3. ports. Samsung also includes Google’s Android Movie Maker and Quickoffice with the tablet. the 1. a keyboard that’s 92 percent of full size. but has an over-the-air upgrade to 3. The snap-on docking station approach is a design coup: It provides unmatched convenience and portability.0. some interface tweaks. Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 At $399 for a 16GB Wi-Fi model (or $499 for a 32GB Wi-Fi model). With the Android 3.1 also feels very well balanced. if you plan to use your tablet mainly for productivity.1 installed. you must buy $30 dongles to add HDMI.2mm thinner.2 inches longer than the Apple iPad 2. Like other Android tablets in our Top 5. with a dual-core 1GHz CPU and 1GB of memory. but at least it is upgradable if you buy the Verizon version.7 by 6. you get no ports on-board beyond the docking port.Reviews & Rankings TABLET OR NETBOOK? The Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 locks into the Mobile Docking Station (above) to create a clamshell keyboard setup with a battery. an SD Card slot. The Transformer’s 10. The Tab 10. Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi The first Android Honeycomb tablet to launch.25 pounds. the Tab 10. The Transformer has the same Tegra 2–based guts as other Android tablets here. 0. Asus tweaked the native Honeycomb interface in minor but welcome ways (improved left-nav softkeys! custom keyboard with bright. Sadly. a Verizon 4G LTE version should arrive by the time you read this. Flash isn’t preinstalled. but our test photos’ colors appeared way off.1 is 0. but surprisingly Adobe Flash is not preinstalled. On board you’ll find a Mini HDMI port and a MicroSDHC card slot. though colors tend a tad . I didn’t like the noticeable flex of the textured plastic back or the minute gaps between the metal frame and the scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass screen. with a wide angle of view. while an array of buttons. It weighs 1. a touchpad. two USB 2.5 pounds. the Xoom ($599 for the Wi-Fi version or $800 with a Verizon contract) has held its own against later models.1’s enhancements (better image rendering. The IPS display looked great in most situations. The Tab comes in two colors (white or gray) and two capacities (16GB for $499 or 32GB for $599).5 inches.1.0 ports. Even better. the Mobile Docking Station makes the Transformer a fine choice. but actually 0.1 benefits from all of 3. a bit of extra length that allows the Transformer to connect to the Mobile Docking Station and create a clamshell laptop.1 is an Nvidia Tegra 2 system. USB. It ships with Android 3. Verizon hasn’t announced pricing for its LTE upgrade. Asus’s unique $149 Mobile Docking Station option turns the tablet into a keyboardequipped laptop. Still. the Xoom delivers consistently good-looking images. But the port and button locations are well executed. Still to come: support for the MicroSDHC slot. The Tab 10. making it comfortable to hold in one hand or two.1 update. the Transformer is the least expensive Android 3.0 tablet yet.1. instead.9 by 0. but you’ll find a link that points to the app in Android Market. Measuring 10.34 inch thick—nominally the same as the iPad 2.

1-inch display 1280 by 800 resolution 1. upgradable to iOS 5. $750 sans contract) has appealing features.57 by 0. the speakers’ volume is woefully inadequate. So no matter how you hold the G-Slate. Micro HDMI port u The first Honeycomb model to market feels solid.9 by 0. Unfortunately.9-inch display 1280 by 768 resolution 1. and one SD Card slot via $150 Mobile Docking Station u This aggressively priced tablet from Asus gains productivity points with its optional keyboard dock. the power button is on the underside of the tablet.34 inches Features and specifications Apple iOS 4. Oddly.9 by 0. next to the small power button. the G-Slate lacks a memory card slot for extra storage.6 by 5. At 1.1 Verizon 3G version available. you’ll get stereo audio.pcworld. Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 3 $399 (16GB) $499 (32GB) find. T-Mobile G-Slate 5 $530 (with two-year contract) NEW find. sits at the right side (or top edge) of the tablet. the 3D recording worked well if I recorded my subjects head-on. The Xoom is optimized for landscape use. Sad to say.com/71910 VERY GOOD 10.31 by 0.7 by 0.1 T-Mobile 4G HSPA+ Dual rear-facing cameras for 3D video capture Micro-USB port.9-inch-diagonal G-Slate splits the difference between netbook-size slates and the tablet models that feel like oversize phones.5 by 7.25 pounds 9. T-Mobile tosses in a pair of anaglyph glasses for viewing.33 pounds 9.1’s slim.com/71909 VERY GOOD 10. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10. which you can play back on the display. but its heft holds it back. —Melissa J. The G-Slate ($530 after rebate and with a two-year T-Mobile contract.7 by 6.34 inches Android 3.37 pounds 9. Motorola Xoom 4 $599 (32GB) NEW find. yet it provides a pleasing amount of screen real estate. Micro HDMI port u The in-between size and 3D video capture capability add to the G-Slate’s appeal. The power button is at back (alongside the 5-megapixel camera).1 4G Verizon LTE version ships this summer Optional HDMI.5 inches Android 3.1-inch display 1280 by 800 resolution 1. but poor speakers and a high no-contract price limit its reach. too heavy for comfortable one-handed use. the camcorder captures in 1080p.1-inch display 1280 by 800 resolution 1.6 pounds 9. but it’s worth the investment only if you’re willing to lock into a contract.0 AT&T and Verizon 3G versions available Optional HDMI dongle and camera connector kit for SD Card and USB access Apple iPad 2 1 $499 (16GB Wi-Fi) $599 (32GB Wi-Fi) find. CHART NOTE: Ratings as of 6/10/11. and Adobe Flash is not preinstalled (though a link is available). Two 5-megapixel cameras at the back are spaced for recording 720p high-def video in 3D. T-Mobile G-Slate T-Mobile’s 8.pcworld. If you’re not recording in 3D.com/71912 VERY GOOD 8. upgradable to LTE Future upgrade to support built-in MicroSD card slot Micro-USB port.pcworld. tablet-optimized apps. The G-Slate’s big differentiator T O P 5 TA B L E T S MODEL besides its size is that it has twin cameras for 3D video capture.pcworld. though.5 inches Android 3.6 by 5.5 inches). SD Card.1 2 $499 (16GB) NEW $599 (32GB) NEW find. The volume rocker THE HTC FLYER’S 7-inch display supports both finger and stylus input. but the display’s colors are off.9 by 0. and USB port dongles u The Galaxy Tab 10.com/71911 VERY GOOD 10.com/71908 VERY GOOD u Apple’s svelte.1 Gains keyboard. lightweight plastic design feels well balanced in the hand. next to the rear-facing camera. two USB ports. touchpad. The Xoom runs on the same Nvidia Tegra 2 platform as the other Android tablets here.pcworld.5 pounds 10.toward blue. but it felt thicker and heavier (at 1.6 pounds.8 by 6. You’ll have to install Flash on your own. . eye-catching iPad 2 remains ahead of the pack thanks to its extremely large selection of easily findable. along the bottom are MicroUSB and Mini HDMI ports.51 inches Android 3. Two speakers run along the bottom edge (when the tablet is vertical). The contoured sides make holding the tablet easy. Perenson Rating Performance 9. In my hands-on informal testing. and one is at the opposite edge. it’s the heaviest model in our Top 5. It’s the first tablet to compete toe-to-toe with the iPad 2.7 by 6.37 pounds) than I would have liked. The G-Slate’s dimensions are modest (9.7-inch display 1024 by 768 resolution 1.3.

albeit with minor pixelation and macroblocking in some scenes. Unfortunately. The app handles video well—with some peculiarities. You can also use the drive through a Web browser—on Android tablets and phones. protected video could play. My iPhone 4 videos played in the app. The app does nothing to files. It performed comparably to the Seagate GoFlex Pro. audio was fine. The idea underlying the Seagate GoFlex Satellite is clever. to help you move content over to the drive. Music. from there.11b/g/n wireless. The device has integrated 802. you can’t move among other images with next and back swipes. eliminating that extra. gadget is best left to people who need to transport lots of video to a tablet—and who aren’t concerned about contending with glitches and poor app design. for PC and Mac. select all files.Reviews & Rankings GoFlex Satellite Drive: A Wireless Tablet Companion THE SEAGATE GOFLEX Satellite hard drive gives your tablet lots of storage capacity— without needing any pesky wires. I tested the drive in conjunction with Seagate’s GoFlex Media app on the Apple iPad 2. but its iOS app feels rushed. it displays one pane at a time. photos. and even on iOS or Windows—but the experience is rougher there. where it appears as just another USB 3.) Seagate also includes handy Media Sync software.com/71883 . play all files (for The GoFlex Satellite works fine in Windows Explorer. Documents. It relies on iOS for file handling. initial button press? The photo component is clearly restricted. but you have no control over its settings or transitions. You have to preformat videos. The 500GB drive comes with a battery rated for up to 5 hours of continuous streaming (assuming a single stream). this Poor iOS App Design Primarily. Photos. and videos). viewers.0 hard drive.) On the left are Videos. and the appropriate files show in the main pane. but the implementation leaves much to be desired. Perenson GOOD GoFlex Satellite | Seagate Drive enhances tablet storage. clips played fairly smoothly. but I couldn’t get audio over the speaker. In PCWorld Labs performance tests.0). when I played the same video via the browser. or download a file locally. its companion app struggles. but other drives were incrementally faster on our tests. (On the iPhone. nor can you zoom in to a picture or do anything with it. my iTunes-purchased. you can choose whether to select individual files.pcworld. and Folder View sections. which in turn diminishes the usefulness of the drive itself. but only in the Web browser. Oddly. On the iPad. or up to 25 hours of standby use. music. though. You can initiate a slideshow. Streaming worked surprisingly well for highdef (720p) and standard-def video. and status lights for the wireless function and the battery’s charge. (You can’t use it wirelessly while it’s linked to a PC via USB. SEAGATE’S GOFLEX Satellite is slightly thicker and larger than a typical portable hard drive. List: $200 find. tap one. Once you open a photo. For the present. a button to turn the Wi-Fi on and off. Why not just give the user direct access. the app starts off well with a pleasing twopane interface that shows shortcuts at the left and a viewer/access pane at the right. you can view a file only if iOS supports that type. But although the hardware is adequate. On the outside are a port for the included power cable (DC input to USB 2. at this time the app is very limited. the GoFlex Satellite earned a score of Good. you must first press a button to overlay little checkboxes atop your images or documents. or select videos bought from iTunes. and it has no built-in Another example of poor app behavior: When you’re in the individual folders. —Melissa J. but not onerously so.

DirectX 11 Support + GTX 560 Ti 1GB 24X DVD+/-RW Drive Nvidia® GeForceTM 6GB DDR3-1333 700W NZXT® Guardian 921RB Gaming Case + Certified Power Supply iBUYPOWER Keyboard. All content and prices are subject to change without notice or obligation. the Intel logo.5GB 24X DVD+/-RW Drive NVIDIA® GeForceTM Video Card . .0 SATA3 Video Card .iBUYPOWER Recommends Windows® 7 Home Premium Gamer Paladin D875 • Intel® Core™ i7 Processor -990X Extreme Edition -980X Extreme Edition -960 -970 $2199 $2049 $1734 $1449 Intel® CoreTM i7-960 Processor $ 1449 Gamer Paladin D855 • Intel® Core™ i7 Processor -990X Extreme Edition $1759 -980X Extreme Edition $1629 -960 -970 $1299 $999 Intel® CoreTM i7-960 Processor $ 999 Genuine Home Premium 64-Bit Edition Asus® USB3 + SATA3 Motherboard Windows 7 ® Genuine Home Premium 64-Bit Edition Asus® USB3 + SATA3 Motherboard TRUE USB 3. Intel Core and Core Inside are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.0 SATA3 Windows 7 ® Sabertooth X58 12GB DDR3-1333 800W Coolermaster® Enforcer Gaming Case + Certified Power Supply iBUYPOWER Keyboard. Mouse & Speakers Corsair Memory TRUE USB 3.DirectX 11 Support + Premium Premium 1TB SATA-3 7200RPM HDD 120mm Radiator Liquid CPU Cooling System Hi-Definition ® Surround 3D Premium Sound 1TB SATA-3 7200RPM HDD 120mm Radiator Liquid CPU Cooling System Hi-Definition Surround 3D Premium Sound Optional: Nvidia Glasses & Monitor (+$499) 3D Vision Optional: Nvidia® Glasses & Monitor (+$499) 3D Vision Intel. Mouse & Speakers Corsair Memory Sabertooth X58 GTX 580 1.

com/71892 to see in-depth reviews. and low-light performance hurt its standing.pcworld. Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10 8 $380 NEW find. sharpness. Casio Exilim EX-H20G 5 $265 NEW find.pcworld. Casio Exilim EX-FH100 6 $233 find.pcworld.com/71891 FAIR Image quality: Fair Video quality: Good Battery life: Poor Optical zoom: 10X Video resolution: 1080p u Despite some fun and useful features.pcworld. the SX230 HS adds a new sensor. . Fujifilm FinePix F300EXR 7 $243 find. high-speed shooting. 1080p video capture. poor battery life. full test results. but its confusing menu system and poor video quality knock it down a peg. Nikon Coolpix S9100 2 $300 NEW find. noisy zooming and laggy autofocus are drawbacks. but subpar video quality. the SD4500 IS has disappointing image quality. and a lack of manual controls. CHART NOTE: Ratings are as of 5/31/11. at the expense of manual settings and exciting extras.pcworld.com/70160 VERY GOOD Image quality: Good Video quality: Good Battery life: Good Optical zoom: 10X Video resolution: 1080i Manual controls GPS u Don’t call the feature-packed DSC-HX5V a gimmick camera—it also offers good image quality and terrific shooting modes.com/70162 VERY GOOD Image quality: Very Good Video quality: Fair Battery life: Not available Optical zoom: 15X Video resolution: 720p Manual controls GPS u The GPS-enabled HZ35W produces sharp.com/71885 VERY GOOD u Building on an already-excellent camera.Reviews & Rankings Top 10 Pocket Megazoom Cameras MODEL Rating Performance Image quality: Very Good Video quality: Good Battery life: Fair Features and specifications Optical zoom: 14X Video resolution: 1080p Manual controls GPS Canon PowerShot SX230 HS 1 $350 NEW find.pcworld.com/71888 GOOD Image quality: Good Video quality: Poor Battery life: Good Optical zoom: 15X Video resolution: 720p Manual controls u The F300EXR offers a boatload of features. Samsung HZ35W 4 $327 find. but it suffers from indifferent image quality and mediocre battery life. Canon PowerShot SD4500 IS 10 $245 find. high-quality stills.com/71886 VERY GOOD Image quality: Very Good Video quality: Good Battery life: Good Optical zoom: 18X Video resolution: 1080p u Thanks to the S9100’s great image quality and creative controls.pcworld. practically anyone will find this camera a pleasure to use.pcworld.com/71890 FAIR Image quality: Very Good Video quality: Very Good Battery life: Fair Optical zoom: 8X Video resolution: 720p u The M580 serves up great exposure quality and easy-to-use controls. M O R E O N L I N E Visit find.com/70163 VERY GOOD Image quality: Good Video quality: Good Battery life: Superior Optical zoom: 10X Video resolution: 720p Manual controls u Although this pocket megazoom has superb battery life and good image quality.pcworld. and GPS. but it lacks manual controls and a few key features.pcworld. It’s a top performer in daylight. and detailed specs for each camera on this chart.com/71887 VERY GOOD Image quality: Very Good Video quality: Good Battery life: Superior Optical zoom: 10X Video resolution: 720p GPS u The EX-H20G has great GPS functions and mapping. Kodak EasyShare M580 9 $156 find.pcworld.com/71889 GOOD Image quality: Fair Video quality: Good Battery life: Good Optical zoom: 16X Video resolution: 1080p Manual controls GPS u The GPS-enabled Lumix DMC-ZS10 is a nice camera for travelers. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V 3 $225 find.

.4GHz High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE TL-WA5210G • Wireless speed up to 54Mbps • 12dBi dual-polarized antenna.99 +Free Shipping Free Promotion: TL-ANT2408C at MSRP price $39. TP-LINK is a registered trademark of TP-LINK TECHNOLOGIES CO.tp-link.. Speci cations are subject to change without notice. Grounding Terminal integrated and 15KV ESD Protection $44.2. LTD.99 99 +Free Shipping 150Mbps High Power Wireless USB Adapter TL-WN7200ND MSRP High Power 54Mbps High Power Wireless Access Point TL-WA5110G MSRP High Gain 300Mbps High Gain Wireless USB Adapter TL-WN822N MSRP $17.99 +Free Shipping * Promotion starts 18th Jul and ends 31st Jul 2011.99 www.com Promotion: $24.99 Find more TP-LINK products at: Promotion: $24. Enhance your wireless experience with TP-LINK’s High Power/High Gain network devices: High Power Promotion: MSRP $69. Other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. up to 500mw power for longer distance transmission • Supports Passive Power over Ethernet capability for flexible performance • Weatherproof enclosure 4KV Lightning Protection.99 $19.

Flash 10 videos played superbly. it misses out on Verizon’s 4G LTE network.0-by-2. and even faster on Wi-Fi. The 5. Its 4. If you lack 4G in your area. —Ginny Mies VERY GOOD Droid X2 | Motorola The display doesn’t disappoint. but details weren’t sharp. colors were bright and natural. The X2 runs Android 2. but the carrier hasn’t specified when.3 (Gingerbread).com/71897 . but you can’t get 4G data speeds. The 8-megapixel camera took good photos. Call quality over Verizon’s 3G network in San Francisco was very good. with ample volume. find. My callers sounded clear and natural. List: $200 (with 2-year contract) THE DROID X2’s qHD screen is vivid and crisp.Reviews & Rankings Motorola Droid X2 Offers Dual-Core Power THE MOTOROLA DROID X2 ($200 with a two-year Verizon contract) has a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and a beautiful qHD display. Since it’s a 3G phone. Games ran smoothly. and great viewing angles. 5.6-by0.5-ounce phone feels solid. however. you’ll be happy with the Droid X2.pcworld. Web pages loaded quickly for me over 3G.3-inch Quarter High Definition display (960 by 540 pixels in a 16:9 aspect ratio) offers crisp details.4-inch. bright colors. even at an angle. too. Video capture was dismal. and YouTube videos looked great played in HQ (High Quality) mode. Verizon says the phone will be upgraded to Android 2.2 with the Motoblur interface. and my contacts were pleased with how my voice sounded. In outdoor shots. especially on fast action. or if you don’t want to pay a premium for 4G.

6 inches and 6. At 4. The buttons dark. but no more so than playing games depletes phones with slidethe battery much faster. out QWERTY keyPhotos taken with the boards. but it may not appeal to everyone else.7 by 2. —Armando Rodriguez VERY GOOD Xperia Play | Sony Ericsson A great phone for gamers. it’s the first Verizon phone to ship with Gingerbread (Android 2. it’s bulky.com/pc2 for details or call 303-532-4738 . pers who aren’t into gaming was reasonably good. The 1GHz Snapers who are sick of poor dragon processor keeps touchscreen controls.Xperia Play: A Step Forward in Phone Gaming SONY ERICSSON’S Xperia Play Android smartphone ($200 with a two-year Verizon contract) features a slide-out gamepad. appeal to mobile gamTHE XPERIA PLAY has decent game controls.2 almost a whole day of ounces. but ter but were a bit quiet. voices and the 4-inch capacitive should look elsewhere. they felt stiff and a The Xperia Play will little too sunken in. Shopand text nicely. and it can run PlayStation games from the Android Market. A 3G model. and colors were I tried. List: $200 (with 2-year contract) find.4 by The Play lasted for 0. Call quality things running smoothly.pcworld.com/71900 PLATINUM BEFORE AFTER *Visit VersaCheck. sounded clear. and I didn’t touchscreen shows colors notice any static or hissing. phone use on a charge. The game5-megapixel rear campad worked fairly era weren’t especially well with the games sharp.3). Videos looked betwere responsive.

M O R E O N L I N E Visit find.8 pounds 500GB hard drive u If you’re more interested in power and features than in polish.pcworld. this powerhouse ultraportable is best-of-breed.Reviews & Rankings Top 10 Ultraportable Laptops MODEL Rating Performance WorldBench 6 score: 122 WorldBench 6 rating: Very Good Overall design: Superior Tested battery life: 7:15 Features and specifications 2.3-inch widescreen 2.com/71589 SUPERIOR WorldBench 6 score: 118 WorldBench 6 rating: Very Good Overall design: Superior Tested battery life: 6:20 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-2520M 12.pcworld.2 pounds 500GB hard drive u The U31JG is ideal for getting work done on the road.6GHz AMD Fusion E-350 11. HP Pavilion dm1z 10 $450 find.5-inch widescreen 3. keyboard.3-inch widescreen 3.com/71593 VERY GOOD WorldBench 6 score: 75 WorldBench 6 rating: Good Overall design: Superior Tested battery life: 4:13 1.com/71759 SUPERIOR u Fast and light. with great input ergonomics and battery life.3-inch widescreen 4.4GHz Intel Core i5-2537M 13. Tested battery life is expressed in hours:minutes.53GHz Intel Core i5-460M 13.pcworld. and detailed specs for each laptop on this chart.pcworld.0 pounds 128GB solid-state drive u In the R700-S1330. Lenovo IdeaPad U260 8 $1199 find.com/70871 SUPERIOR WorldBench 6 score: 128 WorldBench 6 rating: Superior Overall design: Superior Tested battery life: 5:58 2.pcworld. think of it as a premium netbook. CHART NOTES: Ratings are as of 5/31/11.33GHz Intel Core i5-470UM 12. but mobile movie and music buffs should look elsewhere. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 4 $1300 NEW find.com/71871 SUPERIOR WorldBench 6 score: 124 WorldBench 6 rating: Very Good Overall design: Superior Tested battery life: 3:41 2.3 pounds 320GB hard drive Lenovo ThinkPad X220 1 $1299 NEW find.2GHz Intel Core i5-430UM 11.pcworld.5-inch widescreen 3. and touchpad will wow you.pcworld.com/71596 GOOD WorldBench 6 score: 55 WorldBench 6 rating: Fair Overall design: Superior Tested battery life: 6:41 1.67GHz Intel Core i7-620M 13.5GHz Intel Core i5-2520M 13.com/71876 VERY GOOD WorldBench 6 score: 109 WorldBench 6 rating: Good Overall design: Very Good Tested battery life: 7:30 2.com/71875 VERY GOOD WorldBench 6 score: 111 WorldBench 6 rating: Very Good Overall design: Fair Tested battery life: 6:42 2.0 pounds 320GB hard drive u The U260 ultraportable provides only moderate performance.9 pounds 128GB solid-state drive u If you can afford it. Samsung’s high-style.6-inch widescreen 3.6GHz Intel Core i5-480M 13.3-inch widescreen 3.1 pounds 256GB solid-state drive u Ultraportable laptops don’t get much better—or more expensive—than this slightly larger-than-average model.0 pounds 500GB hard drive u Acer’s affordable Aspire TimelineX ultraportable is long on workaday performance but iffy on input ergonomics. superthin laptop will make you the envy of friends encumbered with bulky PCs.pcworld.53GHz Intel Corei3-380M 13. Asus U31JG 6 $800 NEW find. but its style. full test results.3-inch widescreen 3. Sony VAIO Z-Series (VPCZ137GX) 2 $2300 find. the X1 would be a business traveler’s must-have laptop.pcworld. and it excels. .6-inch widescreen 3. Toshiba has assembled a great lightweight machine marred only by a few annoying flaws. the Pavilion dm1z is inexpensive but mediocre.pcworld.pcworld. this ultraportable laptop could be a good choice. Samsung Series 9 5 $1649 NEW find.9 pounds 320GB hard drive u If the battery lasted only a couple of hours longer. Toshiba Portege R700-S1330 3 $1599 find. Acer Aspire TimelineX 1830T-3721 9 $700 find.com/70405 GOOD WorldBench 6 score: 76 WorldBench 6 rating: Good Overall design: Very Good Tested battery life: 6:30 1.4 pounds 320GB hard drive u As an ultraportable laptop.com/71760 VERY GOOD WorldBench 6 score: 103 WorldBench 6 rating: Good Overall design: Superior Tested battery life: 5:30 1. Listed weights do not include the power adapter. Asus U36JC B1 7 $1000 NEW find.com/69510 to see in-depth reviews.1-inch widescreen 3.

Google has dumped <Caps Lock> in favor of a <Search> key. The battery seemed to last at least 8 hours in my testing. Google has tossed in a rudimentary file browser and media player—but both are so badly designed and feature-poor that they are practically unusable. the Series 5 suffers from the sluggishness we’ve come to expect of Atom-based netbooks. You’ll find no ethernet port. it doesn’t tell you about <Ctrl>-M (to open the file browser). and no digital video output. a 16GB solid-state drive. characters in front of the cursor. The unit feels heavy. no Bluetooth. Frankly. no swiping. or some other intuitive visual feature in Windows. and try to live your entire computing life right there. Even Android 3. The high-definition Webcam works well.Samsung Series 5 Chromebook: Chrome OS Underwhelms SAMSUNG’S SERIES 5 is the first of the so-called Chromebooks. Until then. Most of the shortcuts exist to give you access to the kinds of things for which you would click an icon. clickable touchpad tracks nicely. but of course you’re limited to using it in Web apps (no Skype). the Series 5 is not dramatically less expensive than a Windows laptop. a taskbar.3 pounds may not sound like a lot. though 3. —Jason Cross FAIR Series 5 Chromebook Samsung Chrome OS is so limited that this netbook is hard to recommend. Want to print something? Google Cloud Print is your only option. maximize the window. The Series 5 boots fast: It goes from cold off to usable in 12 seconds. You can press <Ctrl><Alt>-? to view a neat diagram identifying keyboard shortcuts. flexible. Just launch the Chrome browser. The big. Web apps may acquire the power and sophistication necessary to replace most of what you do on a computer. when Google announced Chrome OS. but oddly enough. Living on the Web I don’t need to detail what it’s like to use Chrome OS. The nonbacklit keyboard’s large keys are well spaced and easy to type on. and 2GB of RAM. you can hold <Alt> and press <Backspace> to delete PRESSING <CTRL>-<ALT>-? brings up an on-screen diagram that explains all of the keyboard shortcuts available on the Chromebook. This sleek 12. The only supported touchpad gesture is two-finger scrolling— no pinch-tozoom. but even Angry Birds from the Chrome Web Store is a choppy mess in HD mode (which isn’t actually high def).com/71927 . I also tried using Web apps to edit pictures and spreadsheets. or Linux. full-featured native desktop programs. The matte-finish display gets fairly bright. and useful. Modest Hardware At $499 (Wi-Fi and 3G) or $429 (Wi-Fi only). Although you get neither function keys nor a <Delete> key. Sometime in the not-toodistant future. you can find Windows laptops in the $430-to-$500 range that offer such superior functionality that I can’t imagine recommending a Chromebook instead.0 tablets feel more powerful. OS X. but the color gamut and contrast are unimpressive. Lighter Web applications such as Evernote run fine.pcworld. Fonts look somewhat soft. Regrettably. but I kept wishing for my faster. and everything has a slightly bluish tinge. I’m not sure we knew what to expect two years ago. too. a laptop this small and thin looks as if it should weigh less. But if someone had told us back then that the first Chromebook would be a large and simple netbook that does little more than run the Chrome browser. though it’s hard to locate a comparable benchmark when all the system does is run a Web browser. and resuming from sleep takes a second or two. I can’t tell you how many times I was frustrated by my inability to drag something from one window to another. so you need either an HP ePrint–capable printer or a printer hooked to a Windows or Mac computer running the Chrome browser. we may not have made such a big deal about Google’s creating its own operating system. List: $499 (Wi-Fi and 3G) find.1-inch netbook carries an Intel Atom N570 dual-core CPU.

But the $240 PX-LB950UE has both USB 3.pcworld. THE HL-2280DW CAN scan and copy to a PC. It sells for just $200. and writing approximately 22GB to 6X-rated BD-R media took 11 minutes. and 250-sheet and 100sheet input trays. Its simple control panel includes a twoline. Blu-ray movie playback across the USB 3. and you get a host of other apps for creating video. GOOD HL-2280DW | Brother Monochrome printer can scan.0 is doable (just barely). . and wireless connectivity. 6X for DVD-RW.Reviews & Rankings Brother’s HL-2280DW: A Basic Laser Printer. The unit has automatic duplexing (two-sided printing).and singlelayer rewritable BD. but okay. as our tests showed.1 cents per page. List: $240 find. The PX-LB950UE ships with the very competent CyberLink BD Suite of Blu-ray/ DVD/CD applications. Graphics quality was slightly rough and grainy. While the toner and drum components are separable. That’s about 32MB per second. A highyield. 8X dual-layer BD-R writing. 19 seconds. and a small. Plus THE BROTHER HL-2280DW is a monochrome laser printer with copying and scanning capabilities. the HL-2280DW printed monochrome text pages at a subpar rate of 15. but its toner is expensive. So how does the drive perform? Quite well. 2X writing of dual.9 ppm. —Melissa Riofrio telescoping lid. Jacobi VERY GOOD PX-LB950UE | Plextor This external Blu-ray drive is pricey but does a first-rate job. 2600-page cartridge is $55—2. The letter/ A4-size color scanner has a you must remove them together to replace the toner alone. as well as print.com/71853 Play Blu-ray Movies on Plextor’s External Drive AS AN EXTERNAL drive for adding Blu-ray to your computer. responsive experience while watching Bluray Disc movies. The HL-2280DW supports USB. Connected to a PC.6 pages per minute. still higher than average. and data discs. List: $200 find. and 8X reading of BD-ROM. matching an internal drive. an extra step that is somewhat annoying. or 2GB per minute— average for a 12X-rated drive. The CDbased installation is well documented and smooth. The HL-2280DW ships with a 700-page starter cartridge. It isn’t cheap. The PX-LB950UE’s Blu-ray performance specs include swift 12X writing of BD-R. PowerDVD 9 does movie playback. A standard-size replacement costs $38 and lasts for 1200 pages (a steep 3.0 and eSATA ports. so a small office might live with its above-average toner costs. but if you want the best external optical drive going. DVD write speeds top out at 8X for DVD-R. and 12X for DVD-RAM.pcworld. And I enjoyed a trouble-free. PowerDirector 7 helps you create and edit your own movies.2 cents per page). and one that will actually play a Bluray movie with ease.0 and eSATA buses was smooth as silk. consider Plextor’s PXLB950UE. You can scan or copy to your computer. ethernet. 16-character monochrome LCD and a handful of labeled buttons. simple photo at a middling 4. music. —Jon L.com/71903 PLEXTOR’S BLU-RAY drive comes with disc-writing apps. Playing Blu-ray movies via USB 2. the PXLB950UE is what you want.

and detailed specs for each desktop PC on this chart. 640GB storage Nvidia GTX 570 DVD-RW drive u Updated with an Intel Sandy Bridge CPU. but the system also delivers great performance for a (relatively) good price.pcworld. full test results.pcworld.pcworld. and it delivered the fastest results we’ve seen.1TB storage Nvidia GTX 580 (3) BD-R drive Origin Genesis 2011 1 $6499 find. limits this desktop’s appeal.1TB storage Nvidia GTX 580 BD-R.pcworld. however. M O R E O N L I N E Visit find. .1TB storage Zotac GeForce GTX 570 (2) BD-R drive u Looking for a top-tier performance PC. 2.com/71863 SUPERIOR WorldBench 6 score: 206 WorldBench 6 rating: Superior Overall design: Very Good Graphics: Perfect 4.1TB storage Nvidia GTX 590 BD-R drive u The Chimera XLC’s great case and premium components are attractive.7GHz Core i7-2600K 4GB RAM. 1TB storage Nvidia GTX 570 BD-R drive u CyberPower’s Gamer Xtreme 5000 delivers strong performance and a top-notch configuration for its sub-$1500 price. Polywell Poly X5800A3 10 $4500 find.com/71866 VERY GOOD WorldBench 6 score: 175 WorldBench 6 rating: Good Overall design: Superior Graphics: Very Good 4. CHART NOTES: Ratings are as of 5/27/11.com/69881 to see in-depth reviews.pcworld. 1. Origin Genesis Midtower 2011 8 $1999 find. 2TB Nvidia GTX 580 (2) BD-R drive u We love just about everything in iBuyPower’s Paladin XLC.5TB storage ATI Radeon HD5970 BD-R drive u The Poly X5800A3 may not be a beauty. 2. 2.33GHz Core i7-980X 12GB RAM.7GHz Core i7-2600K 8GB RAM. 128GB SSD (4) Nvidia GTX 580 (3) BD-R.pcworld.pcworld.pcworld. but its premier components and fast speed make it a compelling performance PC. 2.com/71506 SUPERIOR u Origin’s Genesis has an imposing 5GHz overclock on its Intel Sandy Bridge CPU. iBuyPower Paladin XLC 5 $3999 NEW find. Digital Storm Enix 4 $3627 NEW find. Origin’s Genesis Midtower has one of the best price-to-performance ratios on our chart.Top 10 Performance Desktop PCs MODEL Rating Performance WorldBench 6 score: 223 WorldBench 6 rating: Superior Overall design: Very Good Graphics: Perfect Features and specifications 5GHz Core i7-2600K 16GB RAM.pcworld.4GHz Core i7-2600K 8GB RAM.35GHz Core i7-980X Extreme Edition 6GB RAM. Digital Storm SpecialOps Dreadnought 9 $2905 NEW find. V3 Convoy 2 $2499 NEW find. you’re in luck.com/71168 SUPERIOR WorldBench 6 score: 203 WorldBench 6 rating: Superior Overall design: Very Good Graphics: Perfect 4. but its timid overclocking holds back its performance. Maingear Shift Super Stock 3 $8000 find.com/71169 VERY GOOD WorldBench 6 score: 186 WorldBench 6 rating: Very Good Overall design: Superior Graphics: Superior 4.com/71865 SUPERIOR WorldBench 6 score: 188 WorldBench 6 rating: Very Good Overall design: Very Good Graphics: Superior 4. Systems with more than one GPU have the number of cards in parentheses.pcworld. but not quite ready to part with a kidney? With this boutique vendor. however.com/71864 SUPERIOR WorldBench 6 score: 198 WorldBench 6 rating: Very Good Overall design: Very Good Graphics: Superior 4.pcworld.com/69879 VERY GOOD WorldBench 6 score: 175 WorldBench 6 rating: Good Overall design: Good Graphics: Superior 3.3GHz Core i7-2600K 8GB RAM.4GHz Core i7-2600K 4GB RAM. CyberPower Gamer Xtreme 5000 7 $1450 NEW find. DVD-RW drives u This monolith is fairly priced for the performance it offers.1TB storage Nvidia GTX 580 (2) BD-R drive u The Enix’s selling point is its alluring chassis. DVD-RW drives u In a category satiated with impressive performance—and daunting price tags—this Maingear may stagger you both ways. it doesn’t set out to break benchmarks. 1. iBuyPower Chimera XLC 6 $2700 NEW find.2GHz Core i7-980X Extreme Edition 12GB RAM.com/71867 VERY GOOD WorldBench 6 score: 188 WorldBench 6 rating: Very Good Overall design: Very Good Graphics: Superior 3. its commanding price.com/71862 SUPERIOR WorldBench 6 score: 204 WorldBench 6 rating: Superior Overall design: Superior Graphics: Perfect 5GHz Core i7-2600K 4GB RAM.

you see a more-accurate representation of your page as it would appear on devices running those browsers. you can then click on an error report to move directly to the line with a problem. and on any size of screen. The good news: The new Dreamweaver CS5. the open-source page-rendering engine used by the Android browser. Top right shows Multiscreen Preview. So in Dreamweaver’s Live View mode. Apps One of Dreamweaver CS5. on which work began in 2007. innovative application.com/71906 browser. 4. the browser that most Web users favor. as it says.Reviews & Rankings Adobe’s Dreamweaver Software Goes Mobile ADOBE DREAMWEAVER has long been a staple of Web design. doesn’t rely on WebKit. an Adobe Website where you can see screenshots of the page as it would render in many different browser versions. Apple’s Safari. This step is logical and necessary. In Dreamweaver. the upshot is some additional work for page developers. and even the Kindle 1 2 SUPERIOR Dreamweaver CS5. the $119 Dreamweaver CS5. was approved in 1999. offers many snazzy enhancements. so the level of support in browsers varies wildly. 2. —Alan Stafford . And you may also be updating all your old code to HTML 5.5 Web-authoring application has features that can do all that. and more. You can build a mobilespecific site from scratch using Dreamweaver’s new jQuery Mobile templates and components library (jQuery is a form of JavaScript). such as Internet Explorer 6—still a stubborn mainstay in many companies. But many pieces of HTML 5 and the associated Cascading Style Sheets 3 (CSS 3) are still in development. you click a button to send your current page to BrowserLab. on any device. but be aware that it’s free only TWO OF DREAMWEAVER CS5.5. It’s a convenient timesaver.5’s new features: 1. until April 2012. But Internet Explorer. such as the ability to deliver video in multiple formats.5 could be a savior. Despite certain limitations (such as the clunky integration of BrowserLab). If you’re a Web developer.5’s new Web-connected features is its live W3C (Worldwide Web Consortium) code-validation service. Adobe adapts it for the mobile app universe. which. HTML 5. $399) find.01. List: $119 (Premium. especially if you need some hand-holding. which gives you a quick look at your Web design as it would display in a browser. Code Validation. Lower left is a Media Query dialog box. The current HTML standard. which lets you view a page for different screen sizes. Also helpful in developing a mobile-friendly site is Dreamweaver CS5. Previewing your designs is difficult to impossible if you must accommodate ancient browser versions. With Dreamweaver CS5. Another new feature makes it easy to create an app version (iPhone or Android) of your mobile Website. Mobile Sites. If you’re tasked with building a mobile Website or a mobile application.5 | Adobe Web-design tool adds features for building mobile sites and apps. when Adobe will begin charging for it— either $20 to $30 a month or $200 to $300 a year (the company hasn’t decided on the final pricing yet). “lets you target your designs for multiple devices” by specifying CSS files. BrowserLab isn’t new.pcworld. Google Chrome. Dreamweaver CS5. you may be working on a mobile version of your company’s Website— and on iPhone and Android applications.5’s new Multiscreen Preview feature. the new Dreamweaver is a powerful.5 sends your current page’s code to the W3C and reports any errors in a window. which lets you see your page in various sizes in a window. Adobe updated its support for WebKit.

9GHz of power.) —David Murphy PCMark 7: A Tool for Testing PC Performance PCMARK 7 BASIC is a free benchmarking tool for systems running Windows 7. (You can opt for a 1TB version that is $200 cheaper. an integrated TV tuner. including video.pcworld. Its CPU is one of Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge chips. It ships with a wireless mouse and keyboard. However. you can go to PCMark. —Ian Harac PCMARK 7 BASIC is a benchmarking tool for Windows 7 systems. the 2GHz Core i7-2630QM.com/71915 .pcworld. and Bluray support. or if you’ve swapped out a graphics card and want to VERY GOOD PCMark 7 Basic | Futuremark Performance-testing utility does the job well—at no cost. VERY GOOD VAIO VPC L218FX/W | Sony This all-in-one is near perfection. and turns the results into a numeric score. such as slow disk access. excessive background processes. The system scored 116 on our WorldBench 6 test suite—not a performance leader. while PCMark 7 Basic stores your results online. but it costs a pretty penny.com/71907 various system functions. List: $2049 find. Real-world performance is affected by many things.Sony VAIO VPC L218FX/W Is First-Rate but Expensive SONY’S LATEST 24-inch allin-one desktop—the $2049 VAIO VPC L218FX/W—is a beauty. Free find. Two big pluses: The unit offers both a great display and appealing built-in sound. PCMark 7 Basic will give most home users what they want: a number that expresses the overall power of a system. speeds. Because both the free Basic and the $40 Advanced licenses forbid use of the tool in a commercial environment. Multiple results from the same machine can be helpful if you want to compare performance over time (maybe it’s not your imagination that things are running slower since your cousin turned off your firewall and visited some “Hot Gaming Cheat Codes” site that filled the PC with malware). One unusual feature is a thick black bezel surrounding the display: Depending on where you touch the black strip. a multiformat card reader. which has four cores. PCMark 7 runs a battery of tests.com and see how well your system did. Automatic overclocking via Turbo Boost can raise the CPU to a mighty 2. PCMark 7 is not useful for tracking the performance of machines in a corporate network. and capacities at lower prices. but certainly nice. It tests many aspects of performance. Once you have your score. although what your take a look at a “before and after” report. The paid PCMark 7 Advanced allows you to export your results as detailed XML files. The L218FX/W also comes packed with connections. number actually means may not be easy to determine. and disk access. but you can find competing AIO models that have similar sets of features. performing each one three times so that the results are less likely to be distorted by a momentary glitch or random event. you can launch applications and perform SONY’S PRICEY NEW 24-inch all-in-one is packed with features. or other bottlenecks or errors. and 2TB of storage. Web speed.

Smarter Make Your TV .

watch what you want.How to browse the Web. run apps. when you want it. play music and games— and most important. by patrick miller illustration by bryan christie Design .

New connected TV sets come all kinds of video via the Web. often with options exclusive to the manufacturer. You get packed with apps. while you master an ethernet cable into the back). other than just buying a new connected TV with all remote control similar to the Nintendo Wii controller (just the bells and whistles built in. which lets brand-new PC or yet another set-top box. television ($1000 to $2000 for midYou’re used to searching the Web to find what you want to watch range to high-end sets). and zone out—no interaction or Internet required. access to the smart-TV service itself—just for the subscrip“Smart TV” is the new hot buzzword these days. Instead. tions to specific services such as Hulu Plus or Netflix. or include built-in Wi-Fi support (so you don’t even need to plug play) running in big-screen glory right now. sell lowThe moment you’re home. Toss in social networking. games. also. Nothing The cost of an HDTV will generally depend on the set’s size on? guess you’ll watch some Law & Order: Criminal Intent and on its panel technology (a 50-inch plasma set will cost reruns. you’ll never watch. you’re used to watching connected tVs . can use your TV’s own remote. CinemaNow. photos. and Intercaught up on your favorite TV shows with Hulu. such as Vizio. you don’t need to worry about gaming. ucts and services (links at find. That’s what running extra power cords or audio/video cables as you do “smart TV” means. meaning that connects directly to the Internet—and you can enjoy loads of you can watch your locally stored video. YouTube. photo sharing. and you won’t have to pay for anyway? If only your TV was a little bit more like your PC. Connected-television features have since advanced quickly. don’t have to let your cable-TV subscription hold your eyeVizio’s high-end sets include a Bluetooth remote with a slideballs (or your wallet) hostage with hundreds of channels out keyboard to facilitate typing. and a hundred kinds of Web content. and Vudu. though. two with Netflix Instant Watch. That Vincent D’Onofrio—whatever happened to him. expensive HDTV. we’ll walk you through the prodDisadvantages: Connected TVs aren’t particularly versatile. you turn on your TV. the big players in the by now. you can feed the Web through your TV—without breaking the bank. the universe from the couch with your all-powerful remote.com/71913) that can If your set-top box doesn’t have a channel you want. you’ll still need your cable-TV subscription. more than a 50-inch LED one). although In early Internet-connected TVs. But choosing may not be easy: all the major TV manuother PCs on your network—handy for the times when the facturers now have some package of Internet-connected feavideo you want to watch is sitting on your PC in the den. maybe even sneak in a cat video Cost: You’ll have to pay for the or two (or a dozen) on YouTube during your lunch break at work. go buy a new one. It means never needing to settle for anywith a set-top box or a home theater PC. newer TV sets often come with new remote Don’t let all the TV and tech companies out there fool you. Imagine. You don’t have to purchase a point the remote at the TV to move your cursor). but you won’t be able to do such a thing so easily with a big. For however. normal TV-and-remote experience with the powerful search features and video-on-demand libraries you’re accustomed to Advantages: Connected TVs are simple and elegant. and you you more easily use the built-in Web browser of Lg sets. what a standard set-top box could offer.and a few video-rental services like amazon Instant Video. pay a premium for an Internetconnected TV: Some manufacturers. tures built into their midrange and high-end models. and many HDTV sets thing less than having what you want to watch (or hear. that your HDTV combined the simplicity of the as the video-download rental fees. Future-proof? Yes—but only if you choose wisely.pcworld. music. The good news: You don’t necessarily have to when you want to watch it. You have many ways to make your existing TV example. and music Web features and apps without having to buy any add-ons or from a uSB drive by plugging it straight into your TV or from boxes. enjoy a movie or net video channels. packages included only a early Internet features in HDTVs looked pitiful compared with few additional “channels”—Netflix Instant Watch. as well for a moment. Advanced tips: Most connected TVs include uSB ports and Looking to buy a new HDTV? Choose the right TV—one that DLNa support (see the glossary on page 65). You on the Web. controls that make it easier to use the Internet features. Lg’s Magic Motion remote is a gesture-oriented smarter. What’s more. in. as the Internet features are mostly on-demand video only. tune end models that are priced in the $750 to $830 range. either. if you’re big on live TV.

Twitter. Cost: $60 to $250 plus subscription fees (when applicable). For example. and Pandora. also. simple. YouTube. and even their own app stores. or videos stored on your network’s PCs. set-top boxes vary in size. Samsung. Netflix. won’t have much in the way of live TV programming.HDTV market (Lg. new services tend to be added to the selection over time—the longer you . and other Internet-connected features. Panasonic. Skype. locally stored recordings. set-top boxes a relatively inexpensive. Advantages: Set-top boxes are very easy to set up and use. Xbox 360. Netflix. Consider them a supplement to your cable LG’S MAGIC MOTION controller subscription. but since it doesn’t support DLNa. shape. If you’re already heavily invested in music and movies from the iTunes Store. DLNa support. also in this category are game consoles (PlayStation 3. and the Web. While not dedicated Internet TV gadgets. They rely on your home Internet connection to stream media from Internet sources such as Hulu. rather than moves a pointer on the screen to a replacement. Wii) and Internet-connected Blu-ray players. grab a google TV set-top box like the Logitech Revue. and they typically don’t cost very much. Sony. and even downloadable games from gameloft in addition to a whole host of media-streaming services like amazon Instant Video. Some other contenders in the field. and many other video-on-demand channels. Right now. video channels. go for an apple TV box—you’ll be able to stream your existing iTunes content from your home network’s iTunes libraries. and content selection. and easy-to-install way to add more channels to your TV. they have Hulu Plus. and Vizio) are each looking to make their Web-connected TV sets your entertainment hub by adding new features. such as Western Digital’s WD TV Live series. photos. you can’t use it to access the music. do support DLNa. Netflix. since they choose a viewing or app option. Panasonic’s “Viera Connect” Internet features include Facebook. For both the versatility of a full Web browser in your HDTV and a search feature that could cover your satellite-TV listings. Hulu Plus. Roku’s box leads the pack with a very broad channel selection.

as noted. google’s offers many of the benefits of a home theater PC. which the stock apple TV doesn’t support. you can jailbreak your apple TV and install the XBMC media-center app to enable 1080p video playback. and. channels. and applications. You can’t really do much besides watch the ported Web video. without the expense or hassle of a full-blown media PC. so buying a new one every few years could be one way around that problem. Advanced tips: You can hack most set-top boxes. For example. That may be okay for now. for example. you have no guarantee that your set- top box developer will add the ones you want when you want them. including the apple TV and the Roku. but we expect Web video to continue proliferating—and standard set-top boxes will struggle because they lack Web browsers. Future-proof? The set-top box’s place in the future of smart TV is iffy at best. also. apple’s turns your TV into an extension of your iTunes Library—great if you own a bunch of other iOS devices. . so you can’t always watch the videos you want. Hulu. especially if your favorite shows are found only at live streaming sites or from the TV networks. or if you prefer to pay the TV/movie rental fees over a subscription fee. far easier to find what you want to watch.own the box. to add new features. the search function on google TV could radically change the way you watch television simply by making it far. But the boxes are relatively cheap. the more content it should be able to deliver. even these forward-looking set-tops won’t get far unless the various networks and content providAPPLE TV TURNS your HDTV ers open some doors for set into an extension of your them. you don’t have many options for streaming live TV with a set-top box. such as a Web browser and (future) access to apps via the android Market. However. apple TV and google TV have two different approaches to the set-top box. is existing iTunes library. While the Web video services that run on set-top boxes often add new channels. Disadvantages: Most set-top boxes don’t include a full Web browser.

though you’ll still have to watch the occasional ad. Blockbuster. updates. you’ll need a subscription to Hulu’s premium service. Cost: You can build a high-end do-it-yourself home theater PC for under $1000. lowres video on your HDTV if you’re not careful. and sometimes the entire game. Pick your favorite mobile device. you can bet that most of the apps. Other media apps: Plenty of the streaming media services you likely already use on your computer have apps available for your connected TV or set-top box—Napster. Your Smart TV program Guide .currently blocking the google TV browser. YouTube: The Web’s largest video-sharing site. also. touchpad. one-week free trial). using one is not nearly as spontaneous or as instantly gratifying as simply pressing the power button on a remote. You can use your computer to play downloaded or streamed video. at least. expensive systems designed to fit in with a true home theater enthusiast’s fancy audio/video equipment rack. low-heat components. such as a Blu-ray drive or a CableCard for watching movies and viewing/recording cable TV via your PC. your cost could be effectively nothing. Future-proof? Yes. but any system capable of playing back 1080p video and connecting to your set through HDMI or another audio/video input can be your TV’s connection to Web video. Also. Flickr and Picasa for photos. you’ll want access to at least one video-rental service—Amazon Instant Video. and so on. features. install the app. so you would still need an antenna or cable-TV subscription for that. you can’t get much live TV (news and sports). Advantages: a home theater PC is extremely flexible. but the basic idea is the same: Rent a movie by download for up to $4 for a new release. YouTube is widely available on most set-top boxes and connected TVs for free. its Instant Watch streaming service (which provides both television and movies online) is now the primary source of Internet traffic in North America. Hulu Plus: Since its launch in 2008. highlights. Disadvantages: PCs are complicated. broken components.000 episodes of older TV archives. you can plug an RSS feed of the shows you’re watching into a BitTorrent client to automatically download new episodes as they come out. and much of that content relies on PC-friendly Flash to run. and an advanced remote control like the Lenovo N5901. access shared video from your network. Each service has a slightly different selection. screen home movies. and the cost is hard to beat. motion features. which has a built-in keypad and trackball instead of a keyboard and mouse. You must also consider content limitations: For now. But only a portion of its catalog is available on Instant Watch. and so on. CinemaNow. Your Hulu Plus subscription also gets you access to a catalog of movies (including a Criterion Collection set) and over 29. play DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Netflix: It’s not just a DVD rent-by-mail service. Sports: You may be able to stream the game you missed via an on-demand streaming app that keeps box scores. and if you simply repurpose an old machine. and social media apps such as Facebook. In fact. some older YouTube client apps have problems playing high-definition videos. all the same. and Slacker Radio for music. But YouTube navigation and search can be particularly laborious unless your remote is Internet-ready (keyboard. We expect that these two set-tops will be the ones to watch over the next few years. and in that case you might end up with a horribly pixelated. home theater pcs Home theater PCs are typically high-end. Hulu Plus ($8 per month. and play PC games on your HDTV. Other smart TV options may someday catch up to the flexibility of the media center PC. such as XBMC or Windows Media Center. Online video rental: Besides subscription services like Hulu Plus and Netflix. Obtaining one usually involves paying extra for a special PC case and high-end. you can opt for the streaming-only subscription plan for $8 a month. a desktop PC also lets you add new hardware for more features. and you have to deal with the additional hassle of maintaining another computer—security. HERE’S A QUICK guide to the major streaming services you should look for in your next set-top box or connected TV—or should have bookmarked in your home theater PC’s Web browser. or purchase a desired download for around $15. Pandora. Advanced tips: Pair your home theater PC up with a decent media-center application. To access Hulu from a set-top box or connected TV. and if you’re tired of DVDs. the apple TV and google TV platforms are still in their formative period and may both be around long enough to see the day when content owners have come to accept the model these devices use for distributing video. Vudu. and you can catch sports whenever and wherever you want. but until then. But any modern computer—even a netbook or a nettop mini-PC with the right hardware—could cost you as little as $350. Hulu has made waves by offering a (legal!) way to get episodes of current television series free on the Web. and services you want will come from the open Web. upgrades. and so forth).

YouTube. They typically connect to your TV via a specially designed set-top box from your cable. Cost: Services are pricey—and can vary from $50 a month to $150 a month. aT&T has no Web video in its u-verse service. and weather on your TV. or telephone company. recorded. Its FiOS TV “widgets” are a simple way to get Facebook. The FiOS Media Manager app lets you watch FiOS videos on a PC and view locally stored media on the TV. Dish Network may be the most progressive of all. You can use them to access whatever video-on-demand libraries your network offers. which Dish Network resells to its subscribers at a reduced rate.MICROSOFT’S Windows Media Center organizes live. and Verizon FiOS TV are still the gold standard for premium TV and live TV. and only a few providers are actively trying to develop the Internet-content aspect of their offerings. depending on your plan and whether you’re DISH NETWORK’S set-top box works with a Logitech Google TV box to pull in Web material. the boxes also have built-in digital video recorder features to help you make sure you don’t miss anything. . local traffic. Verizon is a little better. and very little nonvideo Web content—just a couple of “interactive” Web apps (weather. Dish Network. DirecTV. and Web content on your TV. sports) and photo sharing via Flickr. satellite. But the boxes don’t yet have the smart TV chops of the setups described previously. cable & cablelike services High-end services such as Comcast Xfinity. Three of the company’s DVRs are compatible with google TV’s search features through the Logitech Revue set-top box.

Disadvantages: Don’t expect any deeply integrated Internet features in your cable TV service anytime soon—no Web browser or fancy remote with a keyboard for quickly searching for Web content. If you use DVI. at present. DisplayPort: A newer display connector employed primarily for connecting laptop and desktop PCs to computer displays. which can be useful. however. Future-proof? The great advantage of the triple-play services is that the TV programming usually rides into the home on the same pipe as the Internet service (and the phone service). chat. PC. most are focusing on the “TV everywhere” concept. The BitTorrent protocol itself isn’t illegal. MHL can let your smartphone charge while it is connected to your HDTV—and you can watch videos streaming or downloading from the phone. and more. For example. With the exception of Dish Network’s google TV offering. but they’re likely to look very good. The apps can also run on other devices. music. . so if your PC supports only DVI video-out. HDCP: High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection—a form of digital video copy-protection technology developed by Intel. VGA/D-Sub: Practically every PC you’ve ever owned has a “VGA” or “D-Sub” connector. HDMI: High-Definition Multimedia Interface is currently the preferred standard for connecting devices to a TV— PCs. you pay a small fee for downloads or streams. HDMI. green. and technicians are available to help with serious problems. Advantages: Cable services are the go-to source for premium and live TV. Most media-center apps are designed to make home theater PCs more user-friendly so that you can navigate your various media using a remote control rather than a keyboard and mouse. you can play back HDCPencrypted video at full resolution without a problem. you may have to watch your video at a lower resolution. Media center: Any application that makes it easier to navigate the music. photos. and you don’t have to deal with troubleshooting equipment or updating buggy software—everything (usually) works. but using it to download TV shows and movies that were released under the usual copyright protections generally is. That is. the limited Web content the various services offer won’t cost you extra. Composite video: The ubiquitous red-white-yellow ports are A Glossary of Smart TV Terms still getting a new-subscriber promotional rate. and other gadgets to talk to one another and share media over a network. and some have apps that let you stream video (generally both live TV and DVR recordings) to your tablet or smartphone. and video) into the curated cable content. but that’s $840 each year (not counting taxes or installation fees)—enough to buy a budget 42-inch TV. BitTorrent: A popular filesharing protocol that people often use to distribute copyrighted video. These two terms describe the same humble 15-pin monitor port still found on most laptops and desktops. podcasts. digital cameras and camcorders. also. smartphones. If you get landline phone service from your TV provider. DLNA: Digital Living Network Alliance. DLNA is a standard that enables your HDTV. and on many HDTVs. a component-video connection can deliver video up to 1080p resolution (“Full HD”). an Xbox 360 hooked up to your HDTV can stream video located on your desktop PC in your home office. composite. and blue) for high-def video. a cheap adapter can connect your PC’s DVI port to your HDTV’s HDMI port. services can get fairly expensive: $70 per month might not seem so bad at first.IF YOU WONDER what HDCP or a dozen other terms mean. for composite video. Technically. and a Netflix subscription. But don’t expect to use it to connect your PC to your TV—at least not at this point. DVI: The current standard for most desktop PC displays. This setup creates a huge potential for integrating Internet features (such as apps. If you use an analog signal (VGA. component). all of the major TV providers offer android and iOS mobile apps that let you browse TV listings and schedule DVR recordings. avoid using composite-video ports whenever possible. MHL: Mobile High-Definition Link—a new connection standard that allows smartphones to connect to HDTVs. If widely adopted. though it may not look as good as it would over component or HDMI. The DVI video signal is identical to the HDMI signal. such as voicemail management or caller ID through your TV. or another digital video format to deliver video on your TV. Some TVs have a DVI port. game consoles. including set-top boxes and game consoles. VGA cables can deliver a full HD video to your TV. so it takes up less space. and videos in your local media library. Component video: A common set of analog ports (red. because composite video (an analog format) cannot deliver high-def video. However. Video on demand: Video services that let you choose what you want to watch from a video library. a Roku. An HDMI cable carries both audio and video from a device to a TV. You may not need (or even want) all 250 channels. you might also have a few neat features that connect the two. TV providers haven’t gone a long way toward realizing that potential. Advanced tips: While the cablelike services don’t offer much Web content. they’re moving to make their material viewable on a finite number of stationary and mobile screens. here’s a quick guide.


Pt rn i Do It All BY MELISSA RIOFRIO er s That We installed six popular inkjet multifunction printers in three different offices to see how they would perform in the real world. .

com/71056 Great print quality Wireless connectivity Touchscreen seemed oversensitive Printed slowly OUR TESTER’S PICK Lexmark Genesis $200 find. Others need to print unusually wide documents. The star rating for each model is PCWorld’s assessment. copy.com/ 71048).pcworld.com/71048 Fast. and why— and to learn how you can find your best fit. To San Francisco– based Zeta Communities.pcworld.com/71923) and HP’s Officejet 7500A Wide Format e-All-in-One (find.com/70031). pcworld. pcworld.com/71924). Read on to find out which printers they liked better. camera-based scanner Useful Web-based apps Inks can be pricey Printed slowly CHART NOTES: Prices are as of 5/27/11. based on lab testing of the MFP. the point of these printers is that a single fairly compact machine can do it all: print.pcworld.com/71856 Fast printing and scanning Fairly accurate Pantone matching Noisy operation Tweaking required for best quality Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 $300 find.pcworld. MODEL BUSY SMALL OFFICE What our testers liked What our testers hated OUR TESTER’S PICK Epson WorkForce 840 All-in-One $300 find. an Epson WorkForce 840 All-in-One Printer. too. A bustling environment where people come in and go out Head-to-Head in the Wild: Inkjet Multifunction Printers Here’s what real-world users liked and disliked about MFPs we selected to suit their workplace.pcworld. and let them use each one for a week. we supplied the HP Envy100 e-All-in-One (find. (find. and (some- times) fax. for the 440 Brannan boutique in San Francisco’s trendy South of Market district. Some offices look for a topnotch scanner and precise color reproduction. Two wide-format units that can print and scan media at sizes up to 11 by 17 inches. But just as some people favor flip-flops and others wingtips. scanning. And still others want a printer that can be displayed in public without looking like a plastic box of ugly. different users want different things from an MFP.com/70031 MEDIA CENTER Easy installation Five-year warranty Mediocre scan quality Inaccurate Pantone matching Brother MFC-J6710DW $300 find.com/71923 OUR TESTER’S PICK Full-size. wide-format scanner platen Dual paper trays Mediocre color quality Construction felt flimsy HP Officejet 7500A Wide Format $300 find. Brother’s MFC-J6710DW (find. and printing. we assigned two small-office printers. scan. precise. gave them two MFP models that promised to meet their specific needs.com/71856) and a Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 (find.pcworld.pcworld. MFPs’ Infinite Variety The models we chose for our users to audition reflect the wide variety of MFPs that are currently available—and the users were just as distinctive. Finally. National Center for Science Education (NCSE).pcworld. Wouldn’t it be great if you could test-drive a few MFPs to see which one was the best match for your needs? PCWorld set out to do just that: We identified three different kinds of users. a sustainable building firm whose design and promotion needs entail a lot of copying. who develops online and print content for the Oakland-based nonprofit. PHOTOGRAPH: ROBERT CARDIN . went to Steven Newton.com/71056) and the Lexmark Genesis (find.pcworld. pcworld.You might think that pretty much any color inkjet multifunction printer would satisfy pretty much any user—after all.com/71924 PUBLIC RETAIL SETTING Great print quality Touchscreen control panel Bloated software installation Long processing time before printing HP Envy100 e-All-in-One $250 find.

The MFPs installed here had to work with PCs running Windows 7 Ultimate. and easy-to-use touchscreens as highlights. . a San Francisco firm that develops multifamily housing and mixed-use structures. and a service pack update for Windows 7 64-bit conflicted with the Epson CD installer. Windows 7 Pro. citing their speed. (A fix is available from Epson’s Website or in the CDs that ship with newer units. The Epson WorkForce 840’s CD-based installation process seemed slower than the Lexmark’s. wireless connectivity. But she preferred the Epson MFP because it did a better job of matching the Pantone colors used by designers and printers that work with Zeta.A Busy Small Office Sarah SoRelle is a marketing associate for Zeta Communities. set up both MFPs and found that the Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 was the easier unit to install. so Tierra’s technician used Windows 7’s Found New Hardware function to set up the MFP. it let Tierra’s technicians check Lexmark’s Website for driver updates. and Windows Server 2008. The CD-based process was fast.) Once they were installed. Windows XP Pro. In her work. Zeta’s IT service provider. SoRelle liked both of them. Tierra Technology. and it provided clear descriptions of extra features. scanning and color printing are very important.

He resolved an issue involving a flaky wireless connection by rebooting the printer. To win Newton’s approval. was “excessive. but then the scanner stopped working.Scientific Media Center As Programs and Policy Director for the National Center for Science Education. the Brother’s output looked washed-out and sometimes grainy. the HP Officejet 7500A Wide Format had to overcome a bad first impression. and requiring more time to install from disks than software such as Adobe Photoshop. the Officejet 7500A sometimes took an inexplicably long time to prepare to print. The MFP’s installation. Newton needs printing hardware that can reproduce graphics reliably. PHOTOGRAPH/ILLUSTRATION: CREDIT . Newton liked the HP’s photo quality enough to make framed prints of his work from it. and faithfully. texture. A replacement unit worked perfectly. producing markedly better-looking prints than the Brother MFCJ6710DW. though pages appeared rapidly once it got going. Steven Newton develops a variety of print and online materials.” And following installation. He put both of his test-unit MFPs through an exhaustive series of color. Newton thought. rapidly. An avid photographer. and font challenges. HP’s Officejet 7500A Wide Format prevailed. consuming 0. In contrast.3GB.

and they can reduce button overload by showing only the controls that you need at a particular time. Assuming that you already have a wireless network installed. Cloud Printing’s Promise Cloud-based printing aspires to work someday with pretty much every printer out there. An MSNBC app lets you choose among news categories ranging from business to entertainment to sports. or news feed to appear on the LCD. Of the six models used in our real-world tests. you may find ePrint-enabled public printing locations in hotels. such as scanning or faxing a specific form to a specific destination. The Best Features Now What should you look for in one of today’s multifunction printers? Here’s a rundown of features worth considering. uses a built-in 10-megapixel digital camera to take a picture of whatever you want to scan. however. ESPN. as well as coupons. adding a wireless printer to it can make sharing among multiple home or smalloffice users surprisingly easy. you can set up an RSS. Printer touchscreens are getting bigger. touchscreens feel more natural to most people. Who wouldn’t want to be able to print from their cell phone or tablet without driver or connectivity hassles? Hewlett-Packard’s ePrint is Though cloudbased printing is still in its infancy. however. The Genesis scans nearly instantaneously. distance between the PC and the printer. it’s getting more interesting all the time. airports. ply headlines from the BBC. Epson’s WorkForce 840 employs a hybrid screen. and other Wi-Fi traffic.5inch LCD by using backlit. though you can find units with legal-size or even wideformat scanning platens. Newer models of HP printers that have ePrint capability are tied to a specific e-mail address to which you can send e-mail messages or jobs to be printed. the news feeds supthe first cloud-printing service to launch. weather. You can find MFPs in every price range that offer wireless connectivity. it fell PHOTOGRAPH: ROBERT CARDIN Web Apps Expand Reach The Web is expanding printers’ horizons with new applications and connectivity. not wirelessly. Epson’s WorkForce 840 scans to a Mac via USB only. that currently offer cloudbased apps). While traveling. In our initial tests of HP ePrint. This new approach to image capture elevates the Genesis above its ordinary-printer foundation. and more sophisticated.constantly. only the Brother MFC-J6710DW lacks a touchscreen. You can also monitor your Twitter feed or your Facebook page. regardless of the complexity of the data. more common. for instance. not all of the SmartSolutions options require you to print something out. it’s getting more interesting all the time. For instance. in which the user controls a regular 3. Also. and tickets that you can print through free. On some machines. context-aware “buttons” that appear on the surrounding touch-sensitive panel. and print photos posted to your Facebook wall. Though cloud-based printing is still in its infancy (HP and Lexmark are the only vendors . Lexmark’s Web-based apps are part of its SmartSolutions platform of customizable apps. other advantages include its large touchscreen and Lexmark’s growing collection of proprietary SmartSolutions automated tasks and Web applications. HP’s Web-based apps typically emphasize home and family use. Unlike HP’s apps. Choosing color imaging or a higher dpi (dots per inch) setting causes traditional scanners to slow down. focusing on kids’ activities such as coloring pages and paper dolls. downloadable apps from HP’s Website. Though some people prefer the positive feedback of pressing a real button. 440 Brannan needs an MFP that can juggle a multitude of tasks and look good while doing it. maps. That novel approach gives the Genesis a huge advantage in speed. and print a digest of current stories. One model—Lexmark’s Genesis—takes this feature a huge step beyond the ordinary: Its Flash Scan feature. or MSNBC. All inkjet MFPs combine a printer base and a scanner— usually one that is designed for letter/A4-size paper. which allow you to automate tasks that you perform regularly. rather than employing a device that moves across the page to capture image data. sometimes to a crawl. and copying shops. certain features are not available via wireless. though you’ll need an ePrint-enabled HP printer to enjoy it. wireless printer performance is subject to the same factors that challenge all wireless networks: physical obstacles.

called ePrint Enterprise. The corporate version. If you don’t send faxes now but wonder whether you might need to someday for some reason. whose standard and high-yield inks are expensive across the board. most home. It makes all the difference when you need to scan or copy multipage documents. student. though it’s still very limited. a bit short on reliability. and the two Lexmarks—the Genesis and the Pinnacle Pro901—whose standardsize cartridges are exorbitant. Remember the Ink Costs Ink costs are as important a factor to consider in choosing an MFP as the price of the machine itself. Most ADFs have a dedicated. saving both trees and money. you needn’t worry. because the printer has to turn the paper over to print on its other side. but it does slow printing speed somewhat.pcworld. but it remains in beta at this writing. e-mail services. This awkward-looking mechanism sticks out the top of the device (or sometimes folds neatly into the top when it’s not in use). however. especially. Scanning documents to PDF and then e-mailing them has replaced a great deal of faxing. Since MFPs can’t multitask (at the inkjet level. anyway). if you regularly send faxes and will continue to do so. but we haven’t tested it. We tested Google Cloud Print earlier this year (see find. On the other hand. With regard to faxing. some models even scan in duplex. So if you do a lot of any one thing. and computers. The only models that require a little caution here are the HP Envy100. and it saves paper. even printing. You can’t miss an MFP that’s equipped with an automatic document feeder. Paper Savers and Time Savers Automatic duplexing (twosided printing) halves paper usage. but it’s still a hassle. too. larger to accommodate the duplexing mechanism. is notable for its high-yield. Assisted manual duplexing— where on-screen or controlpanel prompts show you how to refeed the pages so you can print on the back—is better than nothing. When we sent jobs via ePrint from various phones. is supposed to be a more ironclad program. penny-per-page black (a truly budget-friendly cost). The majority of the six MFPs that we used for real-world testing have reasonable ink costs. its goal of admitting even older printers to the cloud-printing club bodes well for future adoption. com/71534). The service aims to let you send jobs remotely to any printer linked to a Web-connected PC. consider buying a dedicated machine for that particular function. only about 9 out of 10 of them actually printed. and smalloffice users who want a printer that can branch out and do a few other things. The Pinnacle Pro901. second scanning head (usually a slim bar located to one side of the main scanner platen) for scanning legalsize documents via the ADF. but whose high-yield options are reasonable. can probably find more than one very serviceable inkjet multifunction printer that meets their needs. Google’s Cloud Print was announced about year ago. the printer has to be slightly . it’s faster and more secure than faxing. a printer that is constantly churning out jobs can’t stop to make a copy or scan to PDF.Ink costs are as important a factor in choosing an MFP as the price of the machine itself. especially for longer documents. In addition. buy a multifunction printer with fax capabilities.

Store manager Zakiya Bell says that the MFPs’ wireless connectivity was a revelation after the cumbersome experience of carrying the store’s old printer from computer to computer as needed.” In this environment. The large touchscreens on both MFPs were a pleasure to view and use. as well as workspace for developing new products. The HP Envy100 e-All-in-One and the Lexmark Genesis both enjoyed prominent placement in the boutique. a lone PC serves as the “cash register. though the HP Envy100’s touchscreen was so sensitive that at times it interpreted a swipe as a touch. Bell preferred the Lexmark Genesis for its distinctive design and its convenient touchscreen. but the Genesis “makes great copies and scans. The staff and designers use Macs.A Public Retail Setting The 440 Brannan Studio/ Showroom in San Francisco provides a retail venue for the wares of local clothing and accessory designers. and people who noticed them couldn’t believe they were printers.” . launching a Web app or other function by accident. and even 72-dpi photos from a cell phone came out looking great. Its vertical scanner platen complicated the task of working with large-format originals. Staff and designers printed everything from price tags to designers’ fall line sheets. form is just as important as function.


BlackBerry.Every Smartphone by megan geuss and armando rodriguez EssEntial apps for From fun and games to traffic and news. these tools will help you get the most from your phone. . or Windows Phone 7 user. iPhone. whether you’re an Android.

CrunchSMS In CrunchsMs you can customize your text messaging with photos. you’ve probably already downloaded them. . you already know that it’s the easiest way to sync files across multiple systems. and on Bing social Beluga the easy-to-use Beluga group text service allows friends to join conversations. Where to Find the Apps You cAn eAsilY find these apps by searching in the app marketplace for your device. keeping track of topics trending on Facebook. Remember that downloading apps counts against your monthly data-usage limit. faster. Facebook. In addition. and set reminders for yourself to increase your productivity. movies. Torrent Buddy Connect to the popular utorrent file-sharing client. Before you buy. or google News might be more valuable than following individual people. check PcWorld. You can even make your messages look like chat bubbles for an added layer of fun. You can consolidate all of that information into lists using this app. more secure. Loopt users check in at locations. but this list of essentials should be more than enough to get you started. or other items that have yet to be released so that you can remember to buy them later. making this app a perfect tool for organizing group gatherings in new places. the apps we did choose to list are intended to expand the functionality of your smartphone and make tasks easier. and see real-time progress updates on all of key: Android (Google) BlackBerry OS (RIM) iOS (Apple) Windows Phone 7 (Microsoft) Imo Chat Have tons of friends? Do they all use different instant messaging services? No problem: Imo Chat eliminates the hassle by allowing you to sign in to the most popular instant messengers all at the same time.If you’re in the market for a brand-new smartphone—or if you feel that you haven’t fully taken advantage of your current one—finding great apps is the last piece of the puzzle. You’ll need to have an account there. on twitter. When two devices both running the app are physically “bumped” together. Bump Pass information easily from one smartphone to another with Bump. and other interesting extras. the sheer number of apps available on the market can be daunting. Springpad With springpad you can create to-do lists. the selected content transfers over. and the apps may cost a dollar or two.com for the latest app news and reviews. because if your phone didn’t come preloaded with those. signatures. and can post questions such as “How much are museum tickets?” Other users in the know then answer in real time. You may even discover a few items in this collection that you simply can’t live without. Social Lookout If you run a small business. you can quickly move files from your PC to your phone without having to plug your handset into the computer. It’s the perfect way to open or close windows on your desktop or laptop computer when it’s sitting across the room. and even more fun. productivity Dropbox If you use Dropbox on your desktop PC. Gmote through this app. Our list is selective: apps such as those for amazon. read the minimum requirements for each app to confirm that it will run on your phone. With Dropbox for your mobile device. and update their locations on a map. Currently Loopt covers only big cities. And finally. you can “bookmark” books. coordinate activities. you can move the cursor on your PC or Mac by using the phone’s touchscreen. even if one is an iPhone and the other is an android-based handset. and google Maps aren’t included here.

as with Pulse. a fully customizable Rss reader. You can separate feeds by category. humidity. Pulse even imports google Reader feeds so you don’t have to build the mobile reader from scratch. PicSay Pro Don’t just snap pictures. period. and post interesting stories to Facebook or twitter from the app. so doctoring photos becomes as much of an art as taking them. You can pick and choose which news items to read. and borders. Popular Photo Tools the best BlackBerry photo editor. you can add traditional Rss feeds as well as weather forecasts. the clean and simple interface makes it easy to learn and use. so you have no need to reinput all your favorite links. half social network. Thumba Edit photos using effects. nEws and information Pulse One of the best looking Rss readers out there. swap heads and bodies.” Flipping through feeds is simple and aesthetically pleasing. take a photo and insert speech bubbles. barometric pres- . Feed Me this handy news organizer helps sort all of your news feeds into clean-looking groups. Flud the people behind Flud say that their app reflects “the sexy news ecosystem. you can import all of your feeds from google Reader. You can also sign in to your favorite social networks to share stories with your friends from within the app. have fun with them. in LooPT (LeFT) you can check in at locations and ask fellow users for relevant information. this app lets you crop and resize photos any way you want. vidEo and pHoto Instagram Half photo editor. and apply filter effects. a hazy atmosphere or a green tint—to your pics. Instagram allows you to add artsy filters—for instance. the ability to connect with other Viddy users and watch their creations makes this the best mobile videoediting app. adjustments. and sharing favorite stories with pals on Facebook or twitter is a breeze. as well as mark interesting stories for later.your current downloads and uploads. Taptu Much like Flud. the app works well even in areas with bad reception. this app has more options than you’ll likely ever use. taptu is an aggregated newsreader that looks great and is easy to use. Snaptu In snaptu. filters. wEatHEr WeatherBug Elite Look to this app for local meteorological stats such as temperature. while in Pulse (below) you can see all of your favorite news feeds. so you can almost always get to your news. You can also check the Instagram feed and see what photos your friends have been snapping lately. torrent Buddy even allows you to start new torrent downloads remotely so that your content is ready for you by the time you get home. Viddy Our sister publication Macworld calls Viddy the “Instagram for video” because it lets you add your own filters and effects to video that you shoot on your iPhone.

Find My iPhone shows the device’s approximate location on a map. as well. Weather Channel the most trusted name in weather updates has an easyto-use app. restaurants. accuWeather lets you manually refresh the screen to update weather data on demand. Maps update in real time. and forecast videos.sure. Poynt is the perfect app for you. graphical flight timelines help you assess not only the prices but also inconvenient times and stops. the app will provide basic weather info about your current location. the app does use your phone’s gPs. speed. altitude. tiny graphs show the topography you’ve covered. which helps you compare prices from dozens of airlines. and consult Poynt (right) for information on local businesses and more. the app also boasts a gPs feature that permits you to check the forecast for a spot on the map that you don’t have a name for— very practical if you are out traveling or camping. Lookout Mobile Security More than just antivirus software for your phone. distance. AccuWeather unlike the Weather Channel app. so you can see how quickly systems are moving. Waze Hate sitting around in traffic? turn to Waze for help. It’s especially useful for outdoor types and budding meteorologists. so keep an eye on the battery level to make sure it doesn’t run dry. pollen conditions. you can quickly reserve a table through the app and obtain directions to the restaurant. Weather news refreshes every time you move between screens. Lookout allows you to back up your device to its servers. you can even use it . and even people and events. GPS Track Recorder You may never get lost in a city again when you use gPs track Recorder. and if you already know where you want to dine out. Hipmunk You can find plane tickets from your iPhone with this neat priceaggregation app. UrbanSpoon If you’re visiting an unfamiliar city and don’t know where to eat. You can easily see where traffic is at a standstill. the easiest way to track down your lost or stolen handset. which accesses your phone’s gPs and accelerometer to find your location. give urbanspoon’s slot machine a whirl: It’ll choose a place for you. so you’ll be able to see traffic jams right as they begin to form. Heading ouT? Check the Weather Channel app (above) for current conditions. It also provides radar maps. and weather tips and trivia can help you pass the time if you happen to be caught in a storm. and orientation. and the app can reroute you to bypass the mess if possible. gas stations. It can find nearby businesses. MyRadar Pro this gorgeous app for map nerds shows color-coded weather patterns in 10-minute intervals. travEl Poynt If you’re exploring a new town and you want to know what establishments are close to your location. sEcurity Find My iPhone apple recently made this useful app free for all iPhone/iPod/ iPad users. and wind speed.

you can store all the passwords you need on your mobile device under a high level of encryption. you build words for points. in the airport. and then locate the missing device on a map. over and over again! Note that streaming is available on select versions of android only. Lookout keeps your phone safe from malware. but it is by far the best and easiest way to get all of your music on your android phone. Shazam When you hear a song and you just have to know who the artist is. using the google Music desktop client. SuperPassword With this passwordmanagement app. and let the games begin. scrabble: Words With Friends is the new word-game champion. In the game. . so be sure to use a Wi-Fi connection instead. whenever possible. as well. but Hulu rules when it comes to current tV shows. then. you can lock the handset remotely from your PC. and constantly updating itself so that it can block new threats. you can stream all of your stored music directly to your handset. Pandora When it comes to Internet radio. scanning apps as they install to your phone. should you lose the phone. Google Music the new google Music service may be in beta right now. though: streaming a lot of music to your phone can burn through your data plan like crazy. so if your phone disappears. of course. you can upload all of your music files and playlists to google’s cloud storage. or anywhere. WatchesPn video streaming (below) will let you view live games to your heart’s content. BlackBerry Protect this utility creates a copy of your phone’s data by backing it up to the cloud. and it homes in on your tastes by learning from the thumbs-ups and thumbs-downs that you assign to the songs it selects. shazam saves the day. no less) wherever you roam. you can make your phone ring at full volume if you misplace it in your own house. the app helps you discover new music by creating radio stations based on your favorite artists or songs. but sometimes life simply gets in the way. Netflix Just grab some popcorn and settle in: Now you can watch David Bowie’s Labyrinth (or other guilty pleasures) on the bus. you can back up your data and remote-wipe a lost or stolen phone. the chance of someone else finding all that precious information is minimal. With Hulu Plus. you can rewatch entire seasons of shows such as Arrested Development and The Simpsons (a decade’s worth. and if you’re a sports fan (and your TV provider allows the app). No longer: Check with your tV provider to see if you can access EsPN’s live video-streaming app. and challenge your friends to see who has the biggest vocabulary. Pandora is the leader.to locate your lost or stolen phone. It will “listen” to the song for a minute and then deliver surprisingly accurate results—it works even if your musical tastes are a little eccentric. WatchESPN Devoted sports fans never want to miss a game. WiTH bLaCKberry ProTeCT (left). a word of warning. EntErtainmEnt Words With Friends Move over. also remotely. with the google Music app for android. Hulu Plus Netflix may be the king of movies.


Cleanup Can They Speed Up Your PC? Utilities What happens when you take a clutch of cluttered old PCs. install four Windows optimizers. and the results of our tests surprised us. and check for improvements? We did that. BY PATRICK MILLER TESTING BY TONY LEUNG AND WILLIAM WANG .

The result? In most cases the cleanup utilities scarcely made a difference in overall system performance.4GHz Athlon 64 4000+. WorldBench 6 Performance Results While specific WorldBench 6 results varied from system to system. Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit). (We disabled WorldBench’s defragmentation routines to give each cleanup utility a chance to use its own. system-cleanup utilities are enticing. much less a comprehensive system scrubbing or Windows reinstall. a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop (1. Each of these five PCs had endured months. they ran one of the cleanup utilities through its standard functions three times.Most PC users know that to speed up an old system. 3GB RAM. Windows XP Professional 32-bit). if it had one. only two systems saw score increases at all after we ran a cleanup utility. the cleanup utilities failed to help our systems’ performance significantly. In fact. we couldn’t use pristine PCs to test the utilities. Microsoft Office. you need to spring for new hardware: RAM. they ran WorldBench 6 on the systems in the precleanup state to obtain a baseline performance score. then. and ran four popular Windows cleanup utilities—Ashampoo WinOptimizer 7 ($40). Then they restored the system to its original. (Getting rid of software that you no longer need is a good way to speed up a PC. and WinOptimizer 7 did so on the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge). The Testing Process Each of these utilities promises to make Windows run faster by optimizing and maintaining your system. 512MB RAM. none of the PCs performed notably better after we ran the utilities. They promise to pry off all the digital barnacles that have collected on your PC and on Windows. so it’s possible that retesting with the current versions of the programs would yield slightly different results. WorldBench 6 is based on timed scripted tasks in common programs such as Mozilla Firefox. Windows 7 Professional 32-bit). In short.6GHz Core Duo T2050. Next. and you don’t want to think you’ve wasted your money and time)? The PCWorld Labs tested such programs to settle once and for all whether they significantly speed up computers. Piriform CCleaner (free). and a custom-built desktop that we frequently use in the Labs (2. or a CPU. The test PCs were a Dell Latitude D520 laptop (1. a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge laptop (1. Windows XP Professional 32-bit).) Afterward. They didn’t uninstall any applications. remaking it into the spry system you remember from the day you first set it up. Judging by their overall WorldBench 6 scores. considering . But if you’re not ready to make an investment and crack open the case. since they wouldn’t have any crud to clean. and those increases were only a single point (CCleaner. 1GB RAM. they ran WorldBench 6 again to determine whether performance had improved.) Obviously. If you were to see any performance benefits from running these cleaning utilities. 4GB RAM. a graphics card. System Speedup. Unlike artificial benchmarks. even if the utility recommended doing so. to make sure that it didn’t miss anything. and WinOptimizer 7 each produced a one-point bump on the Dell E1505. We dug up five well-used PCs of various specs and generations. cluttered state and started the process over with another cleanup utility. So we collected five systems of different ages that had one thing in common: wear and tear. and in some cases they even made PCs ever-so-slightly slower. First. But do cleanup utilities really improve system performance? Or are they the digital equivalent of a placebo (your PC only seems faster because you’ve invested $40 and a half hour on a utility. and in a few instances they actually made things slower—though they did shave a few seconds off the test machines’ startup times. of frequent usage without even a light dusting. on each computer.4GHz Core i5-M450. so we decided to use our WorldBench 6 benchmarking suite to test the performance claims. 4GB RAM. if not years. a clear trend emerged—namely. Note: The testing process took weeks.66GHz Core Duo T2300. and 360Amigo System Speedup (free version)— on all of them.3GHz Core 2 Duo U7300. and Adobe Photoshop. Tony Leung and William Wang of the PCWorld Labs preserved each computer’s precleanup state as a disk image. Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit). Read on for our in-depth findings. a Toshiba Satellite M645-S4055 laptop (2. Iolo System Mechanic 10 ($40). they were exactly the kind of PCs that most people would want to run a cleanup utility on. All of the cleanup utilities we evaluated for this roundup have since been updated. but we wanted to see whether the other functions performed by each cleanup utility would make a difference with the same software lineup. In most cases the cleanup utilities we tested scarcely made a difference in overall system performance. Most of the tests produced scores that were either identical to or slightly lower than that of each PC’s original configuration—not quite what you’d expect from performance-boosting utilities. they’d likely show up in WorldBench 6.

There are no one-size-fits-all PC fixes. CHART NOTES: WorldBench 6 is PCWorld’s application-based benchmark suite for PCs running Windows. To sweep away sysWorldBench 6 test—not surprisToshiba Satellite CCleaner 98 tem clutter. System Speedup. While ties than others. we also ably worse—over twice the test System Mechanic 48 1GB RAM Windows Vista Home tried uninstalling 49 applications time. the Dell E1505 saw a big speed improvement with diskcally by no more than a few seconds. folD520 had slightly slower speeds in that task as well. William Wang in the PCWorld didn’t find substantial differences overall. Scores in red indicate cases with each cleaning utility (photo when all background processes in which the PC’s performance declined after we ran the cleanup utility. For the Toshiba System Mechanic 59 4GB RAM such a result won’t make your PC M645-S4055. Dell Inspiron E1505 CCleaner 49 problems elsewhere.6GHz Core 2 Duo System Mechanic 60 running WorldBench 6. System Mechanic intensive tasks such as writing DVD images. both Testing boot times can be tricky. The Dell first with a 10-second improvement (19 percent faster). with the Windows 7 Home Premium poorest specs of the bunch. and then Bench 6 scores. The Dell E1505. “Original state” refers to the good and bad. and System Speedup (4 seconds).6GHz Core Duo For comparison’s sake. each time. After running each utilEach utility managed to speed startup slightly. saw WinOptimizer 98 more-dramatic differences. a higher score is better. in some cases—after we System Speedup 49 Premium (using WinOptimizer 7’s uninstall ran System Speedup. though typiity. uninstalling old proing. some utilities still 78 Original state Custom PCWorld individual applications yielded found items that needed cleaning CCleaner 78 Labs desktop a few more-interesting tidbits. document on startup. So even though we so it isn’t fully responsive yet. and video editing in Windows desktop quickly. your PC might still be loading tasks. creating and saving a memory—even if you get to the DVD image ran about 20 percent faster. I M PA C T O N P C P E R F O R M A N C E that a one-point gain in WorldAlthough we ran each cleanup Bench 6 is small enough to be WorldBench 6 SYSTEM Cleanup utility score utility three times before running within the margin of error. and WinOptimizer 7. Office performance grew notice1. 60 Original state percent)—a larger increase than Some of our PCs were more anything we saw from the stanheavily affected by cleanup utiliCCleaner 60 Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 1. performance System Speedup 52 Windows 7 Professional like new. it seconds).4GHz Athlon 64 caused this. it will make multitasking didn’t change by more than 10 WinOptimizer 61 and disk-heavy operations a bit or 15 seconds in any given 98 Original state less painful. in specific tests because it’s hard to know exactly system as it stood prior to each cleanup procedure. considering that it was carM645-S4055 System Mechanic 98 2. He tested each setup ten times. This issue WinOptimizer 49 feature) from the Lenovo Thinkwith Office accounts for the dra61 Original state Pad Edge. However. System 1GB RAM System Speedup 50 Windows XP Professional an improvement of three points in Speedup’s results weren’t that WinOptimizer 59 WorldBench 6 (from 60 to 63.PC’s performance slightly worse. the utilities might 360Amigo’s System Speedup 3GB RAM System Speedup 67 Windows XP Professional have encountered problems they seemed to have a problem with WinOptimizer 7 77 couldn’t fix. or 5 different from the others. Oddly. though. For each of the 48 Original state cess might have created other test PCs except the Dell E1505. CCleaner. editing ran about 10 percent and services have loaded into faster. or the cleanup proMicrosoft Office.3GHz Core 2 Duo dard cleanup functions. CCleaner came in whole minute longer after running System Mechanic. WinOptimizer 7 (6 seems to mean that even if a utility made one PC run better. your older PC might Labs tested boot times by setting each PC to open a Notepad have a particular problem that one of these utilities can fix. the caused a negligible increase in startup time in the Dell D520 Labs’ custom-built desktop did worse in that respect: An and the Toshiba M645-S4055. rying the most powerful hard4GB RAM System Speedup 78 ware. the test results for WorldBench 6. The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge. We don’t know what System Mechanic 78 2. In contrast. might not necessarily help yours—and it could even make your Boot-Time Results . We found Office test. meanwhile. running WinOptimizer matic drop in some of the WorldCCleaner 60 Dell Latitude D520 7’s cleanup functions. VideoWave ran about 5 percent slower).4GHz Core i5-M540 grams is your best bet. This lowed by System Mechanic (9 seconds). but the difference fell within 8-minute test took about 20 seconds longer after running the margin of error. Aside from the 1. and it took a enjoyed faster boot times across the board. and stopping the stopwatch when he saw it appear on screen.

09% cess. speed boost. CCleaner 6.30% always-on connecin a cleanup utility.77 1. “Original state” refers to the PC as it stood prior to each cleanup procedure.21 66. and save your cash for a hardware upgrade. no sophisticated Windows appear.92 7.” There are too many fluctuations in bandwidth WinOptimizer 72. Old-school PC gurus 2.76 -0.6GHz Core 2 Duo System Mechanic 75.93% years ago (find.13 4.20% Windows 7 Home Premium thing of a classic—we ran an article about it 13 WinOptimizer 63.65% on the open Internet to test such a claim fairly.52 4.05% Lenovo ThinkPad Edge out exactly what System Mechanic was doing in 1.72 70.49% Windows XP Professional that more data can be transferred. Percentage-improvement magic seems to be going on here. a PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) broadthis task.pcworld.71 installing and running System Mechanic on the Original state 68. for instance. but the two Windows 7 systems reported a boottime improvement of 14 seconds for the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge (29 percent) and 17 seconds for the Toshiba M645-S4055 (25 percent).87 Instead.com/71894).78% 1. The tool wouldn’t work on our XP and Vista PCs.65 1. System Mechanic simply asks BOOT-TIME BENEFIT Cleanup utilities are a compelling sell to Windows users.97% 3.59% MTU accordingly ning a utility—but judging from our testing.50 69.74 17.27% 4GB RAM its attempt to fix network-speed issues.49 Percentage improvement Custom PCWorld Labs desktop 2.4GHz Core i5-M540 4GB RAM will recognize this particular tweak.pcworld.83% 5.77 ment we found was a change in the Maximum M645-S4055 System Mechanic 68.46 1.40 Lenovo ThinkPad Edge.69% Our Advice . you’re probably using PPPoE).3GHz Core 2 Duo System Mechanic 43.When we approached the utility vendors about our findings.66 6. CHART NOTES: We tested by setting a Notepad document to open at startup. 1492 for PPPoE.50 56. and that it just needs the improvement during the setup prolight touch of a cleanup tool to start sprinting again. We you which type of all want to believe that our PC is still the same snappy spring Average boot-time UTILITY connection you have chicken it was when we bought it. 1. The only Registry adjustToshiba Satellite CCleaner 65.68 11.com/71893).4GHz Athlon 64 3GB RAM Windows XP Professional CCleaner System Mechanic System Speedup WinOptimizer 7 Original state 1. we decided to look around and figure CCleaner 42. Iolo Labs (maker of System Mechanic) requested that we try a tool the company uses for its own boot-time tests: Microsoft’s Windows Performance Toolkit (find. though: The oldie-but-goodie Dr.pcworld. TCP (find.87 tion Repair tools: “By adjusting the settings that CCleaner 71. and adjusts the The reality is a bit different: You might feel better after runSystem Mechanic 4.87% Dell Latitude D520 affect network and Internet connection speeds. Original state 52. We comSystem Speedup 48.88% 4. as it’s someSystem Speedup 65.24 4.52% Transmission Unit setting.47% proving overall performance.62 58.79 19.75 2.86% Dell Inspiron E1505 Net-Connection Speed Boost? While all of the utilities made claims about imSystem Speedup 69. You don’t need System Mechanic to do standard DSL/cable). uninstall old programs for a short-term WinOptimizer 7 5. MTU for your PC depends on whether you’re using an always-on Internet connection (such as or 576 for dial-up).45 57. System Mechanic WinOptimizer 67.72 -2. 1. band connection (if you have DSL/cable service that requires com/71895) will help you change your MTU for free.50% NetBooster fine-tunes your configurations so 1GB RAM System Speedup 72.47 Windows 7 Professional pared the Windows Registry before and after WinOptimizer 46.6GHz Core Duo 1GB RAM Windows Vista Home Premium CCleaner System Mechanic 1. you to log in at every boot-up.95% tion. U T I L I T I E S ’ I M PAC T O N P C B O O T T I M E SYSTEM Cleanup utility Original state Average boot time (seconds) 59. or a 56-kbps dial-up connection. The optimal scores in red indicate cases in which the PC’s boot-up routine took longer after we ran the cleanup utility.62% also touted its NetBooster and Internet ConnecOriginal state 73.37 58. your PC’s overall (1500 for a standard performance is unlikely to change much. and timing how long it took to Unfortunately. Instead of investing System Speedup 3.

custhelp. VISIT PCWORLD. all in the palm of your hand. FAQ and Support for BlackBerry: http://handmark. how-tos and charts formatted for your BlackBerry phone. Access to the latest PCWorld. Full text articles automatically downloaded for immediate access and available for offline reading. email articles.com news and updated "Top Rated" lists and specs in numerous product categories ranging from laptops to HDTVs to cameras. or post them to your facebook or twitter account.COM/BBAPP or Supported BlackBerry devices: Any device utilizing BlackBerry OS 4.com/app/ Text “PCWORLD” to 46275 for a link sent to your phone! Msg & Data Rates May Apply . reviews. Ability to save articles for reference.Get PCWorld on your BlackBerry Get PCWorld news.2 and above. Our BlackBerry application provides you with access to PCWorld's award-winning content.

Other complications exist. if you are upgrading. check the size and capacity of your existing system. particularly if you’re upgrading an Intel-based system. Intel now has four active socket formats: LGA775. Will it be small in volume? If so. and (the latest) LGA1155. Looking to build a minimalist office PC? Make sure it has built-in video output connectors and low cost. too. you’ll want to use a micro ATX or mini ITX board. sooner or later you’ll have to replace your motherboard. but modern operating systems and standards have taken much of the pain out of swapping in a new one. Are you planning to overclock? Then you’ll want to incorporate a board that offers robust voltage regulation and good cooling over those voltage regulator modules (VRMs). confirm that your new motherboard has the correct socket for it. anything ATX-size or smaller will fit. you need to understand the purpose of the system you’re upgrading or building.) Before choosing a motherboard. Extended ATX (eATX) motherboards are somewhat larger than ATX boards. BY LOYD CASE THE MOTHERBOARD IS probably the most complex PC component to upgrade. If you will be upgrading your existing processor. ancillary issues such as software activation make the task of upgrading a motherboard more annoying rather than less. but you should check with the case manufacturer to make sure. LGA1156.Here’s How Upgrade Your Motherboard If you want to keep your PC current. And finally. (Even so. Here’s how to make that process fairly painless. PHOTOGRAPHS: ROBERT CARDIN . If the case supports ATX motherboards. Upgrading an AMD CPU is a little easier: Most socket AM3 boards support all AMD CPUs. If you have an older BTX-format case. too. Also. it will probably support ATX motherboards. LGA1366. they are fairly rare and are usually workstationclass boards that support more than one processor.

reinstall any storage devices (like this hard drive) that you removed earlier. USB wiring for the USB case connectors. wires for the case fan. disconnect all wiring. If you have an electric screwdriver equipped with an adjustable clutch. Take out all cards. 1. 6. 8. 5. and store it with the old motherboard. Do not overtighten them. AFTER INSTALLING THE new motherboard and memory and reattaching the power cables. it may require that a special support plate be attached to the underside of the motherboard. 9. Sometimes. This step is crucial: It’s frustrating to have screwed in the new motherboard and only then realize that you forgot about the I/O shield. be sure to give yourself enough room to lay out tools and parts. power cables. If you have to remove the PSU. Prior to disassembling the system. Then align the screw holes with the motherboard mounting nuts on the interior of the case. Double check: Did you really disconnect all wiring? 7. If you’re not upgrading the CPU. add back the CPU cooler and lock it in place with the fan clips. Usually. and so on. back up the contents of your hard drive. Good lighting is especially critical if your case has an all-black interior. If your case allows you to PRIOR TO REMOVING the old board. 13. take care to disconnect all power cables first. set the clutch to the minimum setting. Also. and make sure that it provides you with adequate lighting. You may have to take out the power supply unit (PSU) or hard drives to make motherboard removal easier. Reattach all of the wiring and cables that you disconnected earlier: front panel connectors. BEFORE REATTACHING THE wiring and cables. be sure to uninstall or deactivate any games that required activation. Line up the I/O ports with the holes in the ATX I/O shield. This includes iTunes and Adobe professional apps (such as Photoshop and Premiere CS5). Are you using an exotic cooler? If so. 12.Upgrading Tips Here’s a basic walkthrough of a motherboard upgrade. these nuts will come out or become loose when you remove the motherboard screws. Remove the ATX I/O shield. a number 2 Phillips screwdriver will fit the screws. Check to confirm that all of the mounting nuts are firmly screwed into the case. Place the old board in an antistatic bag. 2. In addition. Reinstall the power supply unit. use a hand screwdriver instead. The ATX12V (a small four. 10. Remove all the screws holding the motherboard in place. Carefully screw in the mounting screws. and all memory. if you removed it earlier. you can leave it in the socket for the moment. the CPU fan. Determine which parts need to be removed. Deactivate or deauthorize any applications that you activated previously. Disconnect all wiring. Also reinstall any storage devices that you may have removed. If your electric screwdriver doesn’t have a clutch. 4. 14. Install the ATX I/O shield for the new board. Collect all CD keys. Set up a workspace. 3. 11. .or eight-pin connector) is easy to overlook. including the Serial ATA connector (at left) and the front panel and power button connectors. 15.

Name the new DWORD ExtendedUIHoverTime. Take the motherboard CD and install the new motherboard drivers. and give the system a test boot. USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ 1. make sure that the PSU switch is on. and go to HKEY_ start at HKEY_CURRENT_USER.Here’s How DON’T FORGET to remove the old ATX I/O shield. DesktopLivePreviewHoverTime. E A SY H ACK: T HR EE SIMPL E R EGIS T RY UP GR A DES EDITING THE WINDOWS Registry isn’t as scary as it sounds. Once Windows has logged all of the devices. Once you’ve done all of this. 17. When you boot the system (assuming that you’re using Windows). If you do activate over the phone. and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Double-click ExtendedUIHoverTime to open it. 20. You may need to reboot several times. Open the Registry Editor. If this fails.0 drivers. you can shorten this pause. 3. ALL THREE Registry Editor tweaks either a longer delay time or a shorter one. Name the new DWORD (the default is 400 milliseconds). This is just an upgrade after all. network drivers. Speed up menus: Arranging for menus enter the delay time (in milliseconds) in the in Windows Vista or Windows 7 to open more ‘Value data’ field. Speed up taskbar previews: You can adjust the delay time of the little previews that appear when you roll over taskbar icons in Windows Vista or in Windows 7. make sure that you attach the PCI Express power connectors. Attach the power cables. 23. 24. Click OK to set the time DWORD (32-bit) Value. Don’t install the CPU cooler until after you’ve installed the memory and the power connectors. call the toll-free number listed in the Activation Window. 26. Under ‘Base’. the mouse. Under ‘Base’. and install the new one in its place. 16. first try activating over the Internet. 18. Reinstall and reactivate any needed applications. check to see whether Windows needs to be reactivated. Find and double-click MenuShowDelay. Connect wall power. 21. video drivers (only if you’re using integrated graphics). Log off and then log back on for the change to take effect. 25. taking care to connect both the main and the ATX12V cables. Plug in the data cables and the power connectors to the storage devices. Value. be sure you tell Microsoft that you’re installing this copy of Windows on one system. and click OK. Install the CPU (if you had to remove it earlier) and the memory. however. Open the Registry Editor. If you’re installing a high-performance graphics card. 19. 22. click Decimal and enter a new delay time (in milliseconds) in Right-click the right pane. USB 3. and the keyboard. the change to take effect. do so now. 2. Adjust the value in milliseconds (the default is 400 milliseconds). Open the Registry Editor. If nothing happens. and click New\ the ‘Value data’ field. and so on. Reinstall any cards you may have removed. You should be set to go. you’ll need to wait while Windows accounts for all of the new motherboard devices. the video cable. You can pick promptly is a simple upgrade to perform. Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced. —Sarah Jacobsson Purewal . Speed up Aero Peek: Windows 7’s Aero Peek allows you to Explorer\Advanced. and go to HKEY_CURRENT_ but don’t neglect to back up the Registry before you proceed. preview the desktop after a 500-millisecond delay. Time to open it. Your keyboard and mouse may be unusable during this time. If so. Log off and then log back on in order for CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop. you will have to reboot. If you don’t Right-click the right pane and click New\DWORD (32-bit) like waiting. click Decimal. route wiring behind the motherboard. Log off and then log back in for the Double-click DesktopLivePreviewHoverchange to take effect.

. .com/70973 *NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN.pcworld.000 or one of these great prizes such as a Golf Trip SWEEPSTAKES to Pebble Beach. Sweepstakes ends 1/31/12. an HDTV. a Bose Home Theater System and many. a Dell Laptop.. a trip for four to Ireland. a Sony PC. What would you do with DREAM OF A LIFETIME To see a complete list of prizes and official rules. All others see Official Rules for details on alternate entry method. visit: find.$25. many more.pcworld. a Honda Gold Wing Motorcycle. Only legal residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia 18 or older can enter from this website. a 10-day Galapagos Family Odyssey. a Ford Mustang Convertible. a cruise on the Queen Mary 2. Void where prohibited by law.com/70974 Enter online * find. a Panasonic camcorder. FORD® and MUSTANG® are registered trademarks of Ford Motor Company.000? Enter the Dream of a Lifetime Sweepstakes for a presents the chance to win $25.

try eReader. and all the other classic games of yesteryear. If you want e-books for a Palm or Windows Mobile device. chess. an alarm clock.pcworld. It can’t hurt to have more portable storage: Most phone models have at least a couple of gigabytes’ worth of on-board storage. so why not put your handset to work as a financial or mortgage calculator. Need to call a landline or cell phone? You can do that. or Truphone to make calls on it. don’t get lost in the woods. and Nokia Ovi. a world clock. pcworld. or whatever can still be useful in multiple ways. So why not stick your old phone in your glove compartment or office desk for use in case of emergency? Just make sure that some kind of power supply—an AC adapter. Who needs a Nintendo DS? If the IT department won’t allow you to load Angry solitaire. and Windows Phone 7. or an external backup battery—is available. Bejeweled. rates start at around $0. your old phone still can use Wi-Fi to access a suitable app store. A phone’s screen is certainly smaller than a Kindle’s. BlackBerry. a to-do list manager. a deactivated smartphone (or any cell phone. too. and other perilous activities. For example. you can bypass the carrier and use a Voice-over-IP service such as Fring. Amazon has apps for Android. if you have Internet access via Wi-Fi. T-Mobile G1. you can use the phone for quick-and-dirty Google searches and other Web activities. a car charger. iOS.com or Mobipocket.com/71857) to tap the on-board memory. but it can still serve a useful purpose (or eight). where you can load up on when you’re reading in bed. Not liking any of these options? Recycle or sell your old smartphone instead of just letting it sit. Use it as a Wi-Fi phone: If the handset is Wi-Fi–capable.Here’s How 8 Uses for an Old (but Unbroken) Smartphone Your first-generation smartphone may be antiquated.com/71858 for tips on selling or recycling your old tech gear. And since a deactivated phone can’t transmit its location to an operator. iOS. Skype. the Running of the Bulls. sudoku. your old phone makes the perfect MP3 companion for mountain biking. MP3 players. OLD SMARTPHONES never die—they just get tossed in a drawer as soon as a newer and cooler model supplants them. I’ve identified seven practical ways to resurrect an old smartphone (as well as an eighth option) to coax a little more mileage from it. If you’ve canceled your cellular service. It’s still a perfectly good MP3 player: Even Stone Age smartphones like the Palm Treo can pull double duty as Birds on the company-issued iPhone. Use your phone as a mobile data-storage unit for transporting large files.com. Consult find. though iPhone users will need a third-party utility such as iPhone Explorer (find. Not going skydiving anytime soon? Hand your old phone to your six-year-old—after stocking it with favorite Disney songs.com for oodles of software that can run on older phones. of course. actually) should be capable of making a 911 phone call. BlackBerry. why not put it on your old handset instead? You can find games aplenty for all smartphones—even older models with puny-resolution screens and poky processors. and out of contract. Palm Centro. and they support unlimited free calls to other Truphone users. Truphone apps are available for Android. Why bother if you already have an iPod? Simple: Since you don’t care whether it takes a beating. obsolete. But an old BlackBerry Pearl. You’ve always wanted an e-reader: Why should you spend money on a Kindle when your smartphone offers the same basic functionality? All you need is an e-reader app. and most of them helpfully provide removable-drive-like capabilities when plugged into a USB port. backing up important documents. but it’s also backlit—which is convenient . rock climbing.02 per minute. Remember the Pocket PC? A powerful processor lurks inside your old phone. Keep an emergency phone handy: According to FCC rules. Try browsing sites such as Handango. and the like. —Rick Broida IT’S EASY TO turn an old smartphone into an e-reader (left) or gaming platform. or a digital notepad? Heck.

try setting your devices to use the 5GHz band. If you have both a dual-band router and devices that support a 5GHz network. the System Idle process should be on top. so make sure the 5GHz coverage is adequate where you need it.4GHz can. it shows what percentage of the CPU is not being used. (In XP.4GHz router. if you’re shopping for an 802. they’re likely battling for bandwidth. so check ProcessLibrary. —Yardena Arar CLICK THE ‘CPU’ heading in the Processes tab to sort active processes by how much of the processor they’re using. click the Processes tab and then the CPU column heading to sort the processes by how much of the CPU they use.) To kill a task temporarily.pcworld. that should tell you which program it belongs to. the faster and farther your network should reach. If you see more than half a dozen. open the Task Manager by rightclicking the taskbar and selecting Task Manager (in XP or Vista) or Start Task Manager (in Windows 7). gear that relies on 2x2 antenna arrays is less expensive and not as powerful. Both are free. A FREE WI-FI scanning tool. Few vendors ever released 5GHz-only access points.com/71869) or SuperAntiSpyware (find. Even if your router doesn’t support the 5GHz band.11n router and you intend to use it for streaming media. Then check with the manufacturer to see if there’s a bug fix. Hover your mouse pointer over the Task Manager icon in the system tray or notification area.4GHz to begin with. its status will pop up. When not in Safe Mode. But if it happens often (or always). or use the program as little as possible. Also. On the 5GHz band.com for a description of the process. The fastest 802. including their channels and signal strength. The process hogging the CPU will be on top. check its antenna array. don’t worry about it.com/ 71859) supplies a clear readout of your local Wi-Fi networks. Troubleshoot Streaming Media Problems ONE WAY TO see if channel overcrowding is interfering with your media streaming is to use a PC’s Wi-Fi utility to detect networks that are in range. like LINCOLN SPECTOR Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware (find. In the Task Manager.pcworld. In Safe Mode. for example—for under $100 and run it in 5GHz mode.pcworld. The 5GHz band can’t support the range that 2. However. The more antennas it has. channel overcrowding is less of an issue because it has many more channels and it is less widely used than 2. manufacturers are starting to turn to 5GHz for streaming media. First scan your system for malware.11n gear uses 3x3 (three transmitting and three receiving) antennas. you can add 5GHz support over an access point that you plug into an available ethernet point on your 2. but you should be able to pick up a dual-band access point— the D-Link DAP-1522. so you can figure out which channels are less crowded. InSSIDer scans local networks for signal congestion and shows a readout of signal strength (RSSI). . or uninstall it and replace it with a competitor.com/71870). But it’s bound to come back.A N SW ER LINE My CPU is running at 100 percent and slowing my PC to a crawl. Why is this happening? —Jim Richmond IF IT RARELY occurs. run something other than your usual antivirus program. The free InSSIDer Wi-Fi scanning tool (find. you have some work to do. click the End Process button.

F-Secure’s Rescue CD (find. To unindent. In contrast. plug in the flash drive. Web forms. update the database. Indent to make subtasks: Google Tasks doesn’t support dependencies. Speckie gets the job done quickly and efficiently. so try using a scan that doesn’t require installation or even updating.pcworld. download an update on another PC. so you don’t need to update it before the scan. To indent.pcworld. and then perform a full scan.Here’s How Add a Spelling Checker to Internet Explorer ONE THE MANY reasons I’m partial to Firefox is that Mozilla’s browser has long had a real-time spelling checker. On someone else’s PC. press <Shift>-<Tab>. Boot the infected PC into Safe Mode. If it can’t. but it does offer a concession in the form of indented entries. offers Tricks for Google Tasks HERE ARE THREE simple tricks for turbocharging Tasks. signifying that it’s a subtask of the item immediately above it. and run the program. Use the hotkeys: Tasks supports hotkeys for quick entries and easy editing. press <Enter>. Make multiple lists: By default. You can drag any task into position under a related task and press the <Tab> key to indent it. underscoring any unrecognized word with a squiggly red line. —Robert Strohmeyer MALWAREBYTES’ ANTI-MALWARE has an exceptional ability to find and remove invasive code—and it’s extremely easy to use. press <Tab>. task. The infection may interfere with installing and updating a cleaning tool. or refuse to run certain programs. even the latest Internet Explorer doesn’t do bad spellers any favors. a free add-on. If English isn’t your primary language. . but you can create as many lists as you need for your projects. Download it. Google Tasks has a single active list (Default List). You can move a task up or down by pressing YOU CAN CREATE and assign <Ctrl>-<Up> or <Ctrl><Down>.com/71880) is an . just right-click the word. The maker updates the portable program every day or two. and start populating it. Once installed. So if you’re an Internet Explorer user who needs a utility to check your spelling in e-mail. —Rick Broida THE SPECKIE spelling checker marks suspect spellings with a red line and suggests alternative words. Name it anything you prefer (“home” or “work” or whatever). download SuperAntiSpyware Portable (find. Boot from the CD and run the scan. slow down at the wrong time. launch it. The program will try to update its database over the Internet. Check a PC for Malware and Remove Infections MALWARE CAN make a PC behave oddly. pcworld. com/71879) and copy it to a flash drive. To see the program’s suggestions for possible correct spellings. install it.pcworld. and keep that plugged in while running F-Secure on the infected PC. put it on a flash drive. To edit details names to as many new lists as you like by specifying them in on the current selected the Tasks box of Google Tasks. But Speckie (find. and other browser-based activities. In the bottom-right corner of the Tasks box.com/ 71925). enabling it to check your spelling in languages ranging from Croatian to Vietnamese. click the button that resembles three bullet points and then click New list. you’ll be glad to know that Speckie comes with 24 dictionaries. —Lincoln Spector a built-in spelling checker.com/ 71869) is a free utility that finds and removes malware. Anti-Malware from Malwarebytes (find. Speckie— which is compatible with all versions of Windows and all versions of Internet Explorer (including IE 9)—immediately starts working.iso file that you can use to burn a bootable CD.

and 5.0 to IDE/SATA adapter for $20 that comes with everything you need and works with 2. TigerDirect. —Sarah Jacobsson Purewal . it has saved the day on numerous occasions. I powered it down altogether. But it’s a good routine to start with if you find yourself stuck at the splash screen and you can’t figure out what to do next. and there’s no guarantee that this fix will work for everyone and under all circumstances. change the number from 480. NOVICE COMPUTER USERS.) Then I remembered a troubleshooting step I’d learned years ago. But if you have intermediate or advanced skills (meaning that you’re comfortable poking around a PC’s innards). Note: Although this tweak worked for me on my Windows XP laptop.000). Presto: It booted right up. doubleclick StartupDelay. In this situation. it wouldn’t get past the blue HP startup screen (the splash screen). any enclosure). and enter 40000 in the ‘Value data’ field (the field’s default setting is 480. the USB-to-IDE/SATA adapter effectively transformed the old drive into an external USB hard drive that I could access with like speed and ease. Then change the ‘Base’ setting from ‘Hexadecimal’ to Decimal. 3. I’ll spare you the gory details. dead hard drive. I connected the adapter to the drive. but today’s mishap was the worst of the bunch: My media-center PC abruptly locked up hard—and when I rebooted. only to get the same result.000 to 40. I’d like to recommend a special tool for your repair/upgrade/troubleshooting toolkit.25-inch drives. specifying values lower than 40.5-. Your mileage may vary. Troubleshoot a PC That Hangs at the Boot Screen Lately I’ve had the weirdest rash of PC problems. The system should boot up considerably faster. even I get a little panicky when my stash of recorded TV programs hangs in the balance. but you never know when one will come in handy—especially if you’re the tech-support person for all your family and friends.5-. and so on.FREE PC The Most Crucial Tool in My PC Repair Kit For some time-sensitive tasks. sells a Sabrent USB 2. and then tried again. Most USB-to-IDE/SATA adapters sell for $20 to $30. bereft of can work with multiple drives. I’m not saying that you should rush out and buy one of these adapters this minute. Exit the Registry Editor and restart your computer. I had replaced the hard drive in a laptop and subsequently realized that I needed to retrieve some data from the old one—which was now A USB-TO-IDE/SATA ADAPTER “naked” (that is. Open the Registry Editor and go to HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\ ContentIndex. Though I don’t use mine often. To open this setting. 3. this first item is not for you. Though the PC itself was no longer bootable. IN THE ‘Value data’ field of StartupDelay. and then powered up the system. waited a few minutes. It’s a USB-to-IDE/SATA adapter that lets you plug any “naked” hard drive into a USB port. languishing outside the PC.000 didn’t produce a noticeable difference in boot-up time. HA SSLE. A recent example: My media-center PC showed symptoms of hard-drive failure.000. for instance.Boot XP Faster on Your PC DOES YOUR COPY of the Windows XP operating system boot too slowly on your machine? Here’s how to accelerate your boot time with a quick Registry tweak. In the right pane is a value called ‘StartupDelay’. bad RAM. a USB-to-IDE/SATA adapter is indispensable. (Hey. 1. Then I reconnected the USB stuff and was back in business. I knew I had a short window of time for resRICK BROIDA cuing some recorded TV shows before the drive became inaccessible. Never mind that the failing drive was still screwed inside the media center at the time! (Getting it out would have required major surgery. and the drive to my main desktop. 2. I unplugged every USB device (which in this case consisted of just two peripherals). Immediately my mind went through all kinds of worst-case scenarios: fried motherboard. Also: Troubleshoot a PC that hangs at the boot screen. Not encouraging.) In another instance.

protect and organize all your PC World back issues. (No P. Credit Card Orders: Visa.$45 Six . PCW P. You can even call 215-674-8476 to order by phone. Slipcases are library quality. exp. One .O.50 per slipcase for P&H.net/pcw . Box 2475 Warminster. Constructed with heavy bookbinder’s board and covered in a rich flag blue leather grained material. MC. address and payment with your order. To Order Online: www. Perfect for your home or office. Three .$84 Send to: TNC Enterprises Dept. A silver label with the PC World logo is included for personalizing. PA 18974 Enclose name. Send name number. boxes please) PA residents add 6% sales tax. AmEx accepted.PCW Marketplace Marketplace For advertising information call: 415-243-3575 Save Your Back Issues Preserve. USA orders only.O. date and signature.tncenterprises.$18 Add $3.

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was surprised to find out. ILLUSTRATION: GARY NEILL We’d Also Like a Pound of Chain Saws WEIPING ZHANG from Lakeland. Florida.The Back Page FROM OUR READERS Your Virtual DEA Agent JIMMIE L.com.facebook. was curious how Norton Utilities defragments a solid-state drive (SSD). dropping a tablet in bed is no big deal. Kansas. however: Since when are these things sold by the ounce? Have an idea for The Back Page? Send us suggestions at TheBackPage@pcworld. For one thing. We hear that a similar “Stalk” button is still being tested. ‘ Windows 8. We’ll print our favorites here and on our Facebook page at www. HALL of Topeka. So he checked in with Nathan. Could you please rephrase your sentence? You: Defragmentation and SSD Nathan: I have the impression you’re talking about drugs. stumbled across a great deal on this DeWalt drill. your virtual assistant. ‘ Nielsen study: People spend more time using iPads in bed than in the bathroom. due out in 2012.com/ 71914). ‘ Twitter introduces a oneclick “Follow” button. could support “advanced hibernation. I don’t discuss that kind of thing on the job I’m You: Defragmentation and SSD Nathan: I have the impression you’re talking about drugs.pcworld. One thing confused him. Norton’s “virtual agent” (find. ‘ Researchers say playing video games prepares you for tomorrow’s global workplace. One Tough Town WHAT DOES THE Weather Channel suggest for a Big Apple activity? Bronislav Shulman of Valley Stream. they can also learn by playing with matches. New York. I’m Nathan. I don’t discuss that kind of thing on the job I’m PLUGGED IN Follow us every day on Twitter: @PCWPluggedIn. I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. —Steve Fox and Steven Gray . We think Nathan was on drugs. Especially if your job will involve flinging birds at pigs.” Isn’t that just a fancy term for “sleeping on the job”? ‘ Mark Zuckerberg says kids can learn by using Facebook.com/PCWorld. Nathan: Hello. Of course. What can I do for you? You: How does NU15 handle defragmentation of SSD drives? Nathan: I’m sorry.

You need mobile devices that will work wherever they end up.com/hp ©2011 CDW LLC. CDW•G ® and PEOPLE WHO GET IT™ are trademarks of CDW LLC. CDW® . SOLVED. secure notebooks and lightweight tablet PCs have the portability you need to go wherever business takes you. and we can deliver pre-tested. Teir powerful. .MOBILITY ISSUES HAVE RENDERED THE COMPANY IMMOBILE. configured and image-ready mobility solutions from vendors like HP. We’ll get everyone back to work at CDW. We get it. Without any hand-holding.

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