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Dear fellow neighbors and friends, For those of you who were unable to attend the town board

meeting held on August 1st, 2011, I have provided for you a brief summary of the events that transpired throughout the meeting, my position on these issues and your fellow neighbors comments/concerns. To begin, the first problem raised by constituents was the lack of transparency from our town government. Many residents voiced their frustration with regards to the late posting of the meetings agenda. Fellow residents of Malta would like to see the agenda posted to the town board website prior to the town board meeting, giving them adequate time to review the agenda. This is a perfect example of the lack of transparency within the current administration. If elected to office, I would like to see the town board provide the agenda to constituents via the internet a week prior to the meeting. I would also like to see the town board meetings videotaped so residents who are unable to attend can view the video and make comments based on decisions made at the meeting. Second, a resident from Luther Forest spoke on behalf of her son who would like to see more activities geared towards teenagers in the town, specifically speaking in regards to the hours of operation of the Malta Community Center. As a young resident of the town of Malta myself, I believe that we do need to create more activities that would engage all ages of residents. We have a beautiful new Community Center and we should be using it for the benefits of the residents (after all we paid for the construction). Therefore if elected, not only will I establish a business friendly framework, but I will also encourage the establishment of new community programs aimed to strengthen our town. Before I discuss the two main issues of the meeting, I would first like to note that the residents of Malta especially those living in Luther Forest and along Dunning Street are being impacted by negative consequences of the Global Foundries construction project. Although I realize our town board is working diligently to try and provide remedies to these problems, we need to make sure our representatives are actively working to understand and resolve these issues. Therefore, I would like to continue discussion in regards to the proposal of a new fire station within our community to meet the needs of the new Ellsworth Commons buildings and the Global Foundries chip manufacturing plant. The current site under review is located on Dunning Street across from the Parade Ground Village entrance onto Dunning Street. This current proposal would place a fire station right next to residents living on May Apple Way and Partridge Drum. Although I agree with the need for the construction of a new fire station or at least the addition onto our existing emergency service buildings, I do not agree with rash decisions to construct a fire station under the current proposed location. I would like to see an adequate study conducted by the board to determine all of the possible locations of a fire station before making a decision in regards to one specific location. In addition, once this study is completed the measure should be sent to a referendum so the people can decide on the location of the fire station.

Lastly, in regards to the traffic concerns from Hermes Road onto Dunning Street from Global Foundries and the Luther Forest Technology Campus employees. First, the town board accepted a measure with unanimous support on July 21st, 2011 to place a temporary barrier on Hermes Road to stop the increased flow of traffic from entering onto Dunning Street. The following day, the barrier had to be removed due to legal constraints. Therefore, it was recommended at the meeting for our town attorney to discuss the implications and possible solutions with the Global Foundries legal team. Although our town may be working as hard as possible to remedy this problem, our elected officials could have prevented this crisis from ever occurring. First, our town and the Department of Transportation had ample time to finish the construction of the Stone Break Road and 100 Acre Woods Way entrances before traffic became an issue on Dunning Street. In addition, our town attorney should have been knowledgeable of the legal ramifications of the construction of the temporary barrier before the provision was enacted by the board. Therefore, moving into the future, our town must be diligent and assertive with Global Foundries to ensure their cooperation with our community. In conclusion, for those who were able to attend the meeting, you might have noticed the dissension amongst members of the board and Supervisor Sausville. Now is the time for our leaders in government to work together to resolve these complex issues before them. Therefore, this reinforces my position on the need for bipartisan, multiparty cooperation within the town of Malta. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you and bringing you future development and discussion. Ryan Gregoire Candidate for Malta Town Council