FADE IN: INT - DRAKE'S APARTMENT - NIGHT Smolder, Arkham, Unicorn, Drake, and Jeff are all sitting on the

couch. Mug Ruith is still tied up on the floor. DRAKE Did we save the day? SMOLDER I'm not sure. ARKHAM We did what we could. Scullery, Indrid, and Ryanne SUDDENLY appear in the room. Ryanne is laying on the floor tied up. Scullery lets go of Indrid's face. He backs away, notices Mug Ruith, grabs him, and they disappear. SMOLDER Scullery! Smolder rushes over to Scullery and hugs her. SMOLDER I wanted to rescue you but I got sidetracked and I couldn't locate you. I'm sorry. SCULLERY It's okay. I think I rescued myself. RYANNE Would somebody untie me? Arkham rushes over to Ryanne and unties her.

RYANNE Thanks. Ryanne stands up. SCULLERY Smolder, this is our mysterious benefactor Ryanne Fasthorse. Smolder and Ryanne shake hands. SMOLDER It's nice to finally meet you. RYANNE It's nice to meet you too hun. (pauses) I need to inform the President of something important so if you'll-SMOLDER I just told him about Seattle and he's evacuating the city. RYANNE Well then... I guess my job is done... sort of. DRAKE (to Jeff) What's going on? Who's the other redhead? JEFF (to Drake) They just said who she is. Haven't you been listening?

DRAKE (to Jeff) No. RYANNE I should probably get back to my base. This war isn't over. ARKHAM I should probably get back to the FBI. The SOUND of a loud boom outside the apartment. BAAL (O. S.) (from outside) Come out here Smolder and bring your friends. You all are a problem I need to fix. SCULLERY That's Baal! SMOLDER Ryanne, what should we do? RYANNE Why are you asking me? SMOLDER I don't know. I guess I just thought you'd of had more experience with this sort of thing. RYANNE Do I look like a sheriff to you?

DRAKE No! (pauses) Did I guess right? SCULLERY I think we should face him. ARKHAM I agree with Scullery. UNICORN Ze tov meod idea. Let's fight him. DRAKE I think-SMOLDER Nobody cares what you think Drake. JEFF (to Drake) Don't worry. I care. RYANNE It sounds like we should probably face him. There's seven of us and only one of him. SMOLDER Okay, let's do it. Smolder, Scullery, Arkham, Ryanne, Unicorn, Jeff, and Drake start filing out of the apartment. DRAKE

When did I agree to face an evil villain? JEFF Probably when you decided to live in this apartment. DRAKE Worst mistake of my life! CUT TO: EXT. APARTMENT COMPLEX COURTYARD They all go down the stairs and find Baal, Baba Yaga, and Indrid waiting for them under the trees. DRAKE That's too many. I'm going home. Jeff grabs Drake and doesn't let him leave. JEFF Didn't you tell me you couldn't die? You're like Mr. Immortal of the Great Lakes Avengers. DRAKE Oh yeah... He's kind of an obscure character. I don't think very many of the people watching this are gonna get that reference. Drake stops trying to leave. SMOLDER What do you want Baal? BAAL

I realized that my plan would have succeeded if it wasn't for you and your friends and that's why I've decided to destroy all of you. SMOLDER That's not gonna happen. RYANNE (quietly to Drake and Jeff) I want you guys to fight Baba Yaga with me. DRAKE I can't fight. JEFF Just pretend your playing Street Fighter. RYANNE (quietly to Scullery) You should fight Indrid Cold. SCULLERY By myself? RYANNE You can do it hun. I believe in you. SCULLERY Okay then. RYANNE (quietly to Arkham and Unicorn) I don't know who the hell you guys are but you should help Smolder fight Baal. ARKHAM

Does that sound good to you Unicorn? UNICORN Ken. BAAL What are you guys whispering about? SMOLDER This! Smolder lunges at Baal and punches him in the face. Baal swipes Smolder's legs and Smolder falls over. Arkham pulls out his gun and gets ready to shoot Baal. Baal waves his hand at Arkham's gun. Arkham tries to shoot his gun but it doesn't work. Baal tries to smash Smolder with his foot but Smolder rolls out of the way just in time. Smolder gets up and backs away from Baal. Unicorn reaches behind her back and pulls out two swords. She throws one to Arkham and one to Smolder. She pulls out two more swords for herself. Baal reaches behind his back and pulls out a large metal staff. Unicorn crosses her swords and lunges at Baal. Baal blocks Unicorn's swords with his staff by putting it between them. Unicorn holds her left sword against the staff and swings the right sword around. It hits the side of Baal's head. Baal spins his staff in place counterclockwise letting Unicorn's left sword loose and knocking her right sword up. Unicorn's right sword pulls off the burlap sack on Baal's head revealing his dark scary clown face. Baal's staff knocks Unicorn's swords to the side and Baal kicks Unicorn out of the way. Smolder and Arkham both stab at Baal. He knocks their swords down and in the same movement and swings his staff right into Smolder. Smolder knocks into Arkham and they fall to the side. Unicorn gets up and swings her right sword at Baal's legs. He jumps over her sword and brings his staff down on Unicorn but she blocks it with her left sword. RYANNE, DRAKE, JEFF, AND BABA YAGA

Ryanne swings her fists inwards at Baba Yaga but she blocks them with her arms and knocks them out. Baba Yaga then slams her open palm against the bottom of Ryanne's chin knocking her head up and follows that with kick to Ryanne's stomach knocking her backward. Drake and Jeff catch Ryanne. They quickly give her a little spin, Ryanne brings her leg up, and they toss her back at Baba Yaga. Ryanne's foot hits Baba Yaga right in the face. Ryanne spins around towards Drake and Jeff and lands on the ground on her hands and feet. Ryanne reaches up and Jeff and Drake grab her hands. They flip her body up and Ryanne's feet hit Baba Yaga in the stomach. Ryanne lands back on her feet and she throws Jeff and Drake behind her at Baba Yaga. They both ram into her with their shoulders. Baba Yaga stumbles back but doesn't fall over. She points at Jeff and Drake and motions her hands together. Jeff and Drake knock into each other and fall to the ground. Ryanne jumps over them and runs at Baba Yaga. She attempts to punch Baba Yaga but Baba Yaga dodges her punch, grabs Ryanne's arm, swings her around, and slams her into a tree. SCULLERY AND INDRID Scullery tries to grab Indrid's face with her hands but Indrid grabs her by the wrists. He spreads her arms out and knees her in the stomach. Scullery bends over for a second and then swings her head up hitting Indrid's chin. He lets go of her right wrist. Scullery grabs Indrid's right hand, that's stilling hold her left writst. Indrid YELLS in pain. Scullery turns around and throws Indrid over her shoulder. Indrid jumps up and punches Scullery in the stomach. Scullery grabs hold of Indrid's arm, he YELLS in pain, and she throws him against a wall. Scullery lunges at him. A FLASH of light. Indrid is gone and Scullery runs into the wall. Indrid comes up behind Scullery and wraps his arms around her arms from behind. Scullery struggles to get free. She wraps her leg around the back of Indrid's leg and pulls his leg out from under him. They fall to the ground with Scullery falling hard on top of Indrid.

He lets go of her arms and Scullery turns around and starts punching Indrid in the face. He SCREAMS every time her fists contact with his face. Indrid grabs hold of Scullery's throat and he starts to YELL in pain. He squeezes her throat and she tries to pull his hands off of her. Finally she grabs his face and sticks her thumbs in his eyes. Indrid SCREAMS louder then ever and lets go of Scullery's throat. She lets go of his face and he throws her to the side. The both stand up. Indrid stumbles around. He starts punching and kicking the air in an attempt to hit Scullery. He can't seem to see her. Scullery stands back a little and waits until he turns away from her. Then she kicks the back on his knee. He falls to his knee and in the same movement swings his fist back taking out Scullery's legs. She falls forward onto her face. UNICORN, ARKHAM, SMOLDER, AND BAAL Unicorn makes many quick strikes with her swords but Baal blocks them all. Baal finally swings his staff at Unicorn knocking her to the side. He motions with his hand at Unicorn and she's hit in the face by an invisible force which knocks her out. Arkham lunges at Baal and strikes Baal's leg. Baal starts to fall to the ground but catches himself with his staff. Smolder strikes Baal's staff extremely hard and knocks the staff away from Baal. The staff lands far away from them and Baal falls to the ground. Arkham swings his sword down at Baal. Baal catches the sword with his hands and kicks Arkham in the stomach. Arkham let's go of his sword and stumbles back. Smolder stikes at Baal but Baal takes Arkham's sword by the handle just in time to parry Smolder's attack. Baal stands up and strikes Smolder's arm. Smolder drops his sword and grabs his wounded arm. Baal motions at the sword with his hand and it slides away from them. Baal tosses his sword away and punches Smolder in the stomach. Arkham comes up behind Baal and brings his fists down against Baal's back. Baal spins around as he falls to the ground, grabs Arkham, and throws Arkham over at Smolder. Arkham slams into Smolder and they fall to the ground. Smolder gets up but Arkham lays lifeless on the ground. Smolder rushes at Baal, spins

around, slams Baal with his wounded arm and punches Baal in the face with his other fist. RYANNE, DRAKE, JEFF, AND BABA YAGA Ryanne grabs hold of Baba Yaga's hair, spins her around, and throws her at Drake and Jeff. They both clothesline Baba Yaga and she falls to the ground. Baba Yaga motions at Drake and Jeff and their heads slam against each other. They both fall to the ground knocked out. Baba Yaga gets up and Ryanne slams her fist into the back of Baba Yaga's head. Baba Yaga stumbles forward and then turns to face Ryanne. She grabs Ryanne's throat and lifts her up off the floor. Ryanne punches Baba Yaga in the face a few times but Baba Yaga isn't fazed. She throws Ryanne at the ground and Ryanne rolls over and hits the base of a tree. SCULLERY AND INDRID Scullery tackles Indrid and places her hands on his chest. Indrid starts SCREAMING. Scullery closes her eyes and Indrid starts convulsing. SUDDENLY Indrid stops screaming and convulsing. He lays on the ground motionless. Scullery lets go of him and joins Smolder. RYANNE AND BABA YAGA Ryanne punches Baba Yaga but Baba Yaga blocks it. Baba Yaga slams her fists down on Ryanne's shoulders forcing her down on her knees. Ryanne rolls over to one of the swords and picks it up. Baba Yaga lunges at Ryanne and Ryanne stabs her with the sword. Baba Yaga falls to the floor and as she closes her eyes she motions at Ryanne. Ryanne is knocked out by an invisible force. SMOLDER, SCULLERY, AND BAAL Smolder and Scullery stand before Baal. He motions towards there necks and they start to choke.

BAAL This ends now. Smolder and Scullery fall to the ground. Alan SUDDENLY appears in front of them. ALAN Stop! Smolder and Scullery are able to breath again. ALAN You've been lying to me Baal! BAAL I have not. ALAN Scullery, do you love me? SCULLERY Of course I do. SMOLDER I love you too Alan. SCULLERY You're like a son to us. A strong wind starts to blow through the courtyard. BAAL They're lying! They don't even think of you as a human! How could they possibly love an object?

ALAN You think I'm an object! BAAL Ahh... no, I didn't mean-ALAN You did! You've been using me! The wind blows even harder ALAN You've lied to me and used me like an object! You don't care about me! BAAL You don't understa-ALAN (yelling) Shut up! Baal gets knocked around by an invisible force. ALAN You and the rest of the Anders are going to go away forever! BAAL No! Ple-The SOUND of loud cracking thunder. Multiple FLASHES of light.

Baal, Baba Yaga, and Indrid dissapear. The SOUND of a distant thunder rumbling. Alan slides over to Scullery and Smolder. Alan starts to sob. ALAN I'm sorry... Scullery picks up Alan and cradles him in her arms SCULLERY It's okay Alan. SMOLDER We forgive you. Ryanne, Jeff, Drake, Unicorn, and Arkham all start to wake up. SMOLDER What did you do to the Anders? ALAN I'm not sure... I don't think they're on Earth anymore though. They shouldn't be bothering us again. DRAKE Well that was sort of fun. JEFF Yeah, especially if you like getting beat up. Smolder and Scullery stand up. Unicorn, Arkham, Ryanne, Jeff, and Drake all walk over to them.

RYANNE Does this mean it's over? SUDDENLY a group of SUITED MEN rush into the courtyard. They pull out guns and point them at Alan. SUITED MAN You're under arrested. SMOLDER Who? Alan? SUITED MAN That's right. He tried to attack the President and he was working with the enemy. SCULLERY No! You can't take him! ALAN It's alright Scullery. Let them take me. SCULLERY But we just got you back. ALAN I made some bad decisions and it's time for me to face the consequences. (pauses) I love you guys. SCULLERY Please... One of the suited men takes Alan from Scullery. They start to walk away with him.

ALAN'S P.O.V. Alan looks at Scullery, Smolder, Jeff, Drake, Unicorn, and Arkham as he's carried away. Scullery hugs Smolder and starts to cry. SMOLDER We will always love you Alan. FADE OUT: THE END