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The culinary traditions

Objectives of the partnership Objectives regarding our working theme : To admit the pupils to a step of communication inter cultural (retrieval system, production, in the objective of a realization thanks to the TICE which they use in their everyday life) To allow them to illustrate, by an approach of the ground, theoretical data on the environment and the arrangement of the space: visit countries, producers transformers To discover the professions and the products of the country. To practise the regional food with appropriate techniques for every country, around the their own products. To reassure the young people on their capacities to adapt itself in an international environment. Pedagogical and professional objectives : To develop the adaptability of the young people: each will learn to realize and to develop a new project, as if he was in a professional situation. To enrich the relations professors - pupils thanks to the involvement of each on an educational project different from the everyday life(daily paper) To share and to exchange on the means of teaching in order to create educational tools for pupils in big school difficulties, useful for all the countries (use of symbols, images, videos) without the dam of the language To enrich the quality of the teaching: the school program requires a knowledge of the European kitchens, of the specific products in countries, a creativity and an originality in the conception of dishes, and others know-how. Cultural and linguistic objectives : To put in relation the professors of English, who will make exchanges in parallel. To learn English differently To develop the notion of European citizen To work in a team with a foreign language and with colleagues of another nationality To enrich our culture and our knowledge thanks to the apprehension of different environments and thanks to the discovery of songs, legends and rites around the water, around every country Educative objectives :

To discover or to rediscover some values: to realize the wealth and the weaknesses of each of the partner countries, in particular ours. To develop our capacity to communicate and to adapt ourselves to a human and cultural level To surpass our fears and our prejudices relative to other cultures To exceed what we believe to be our limits (adaptability, communication, opening) To deepen our capacity to work in a team To be able to be a spokesman for his class, during the return of a movement Subjects we tend to address Further to the working first seminar , with all the partners, the subject of territory was declined according to the educational objectives and to their geographic specificity.