All the Classes are focused to teach importance of certain aspects that are required for the professional world. Each class will show importance of these attributes and give a guidelines. Skills such as Presentation and Communication is critical for your success.


We will also perform some activities to prepare Resumes and give presentation in front of other students.


This is Class 3 and we focus on Professional Look.


Why this is important for your career. The core focus of today's discussion is not to show you how you can tie a Tie or choose right wearable accessories.Today we discuss why it is important to Dress Professionally. Doe it really make difference in professional world to dress accordingly? 2. 5 . But the Focus is to provide you the logical explanation on why you should dress properly. We will try to answer logically two important questions 1. The basic norm says “Whats inside you is important rather than how you look”. Where is the disconnect with Professional world with this statement. We will distribute a Hand-out on Table Etiquettes which you should go through to understand certain norms that you should follow when you dine with someone in professional world.

6 .To. answer the questions that we intend to today. we should first try to analyze some pictures.

[Interactive Session] It seems that you are also able to indentify that she works for “Singapore Airlines” 7 .

[Interactive Session] 8 .

9 . just by judging by picture you know no unjust is being done rather a criminal might being apprehended.Why are you not thinking that three persons are beating one poor guy?? [Interactive Session] So.

Why didn’t you notice that first? [Interactive Session] 10 .[Interactive Session] Have you also noticed that the person in the picture is famous actor John Travolta.

Why? 11 .[Interactive Session] You can also easily identify the first person from the left is not of same rank and position that of the other persons in the picture.

[Interactive Session] 12 .

or in trouble. It is understandable that Business Environments do care about how you dress. who would to call for help. In fact Businesses are highly conservative on how their employees dress or their outlook. If you were mugged. Would you be go about and ask everyone whether he is police and can help? 13 .So. It Labels your profession and position in the organization as well as in society. Imagine that the Street Polices does not have any uniform and they wear same dress that anyone wears when they are on duty.

You appearance announces many aspects about you.So. 14 .

15 .

16 .

17 .

18 .

19 .

But those will also be announced by your outlook and appearance.Remember there are many aspects about yourself that you may even know about. If this is true then Following statement is also true as well [Change to Next Slide] 20 .

21 . To answer that question we have to do another exercise by trying to guess some what a book is about by looking at its picture. But this contradicts with what we have learned as moral that one should be judged by their inner self.Thus probably a sales has been already made when you walked through that door.

Please check pictures of following Books and try to guess what they are about 22 .

However it is clear that that this is not an Adventure Story book. 23 .[Interactive Session] So. it might a book of scripture or mythology or something of very importance.

some how signals that it is a book regarding giving some type of guideline and instruction or introduction to something.[Interactive Session] The Left book. The right book is obviously a childrends book with pictures. 24 . Something related to recent things.

[Interactive Session] 25 .

What if those books have different content than that we thought of? 26 .So. we judge a Book by its over and outlook without even reading them.

So. [Change Slide] 27 . If you Judge a Book by its Cover… Then following statement is also true….

28 .

Returning the actual question that Shouldn’t people judge me by what I really am inside?? Isn’t that more important? Doesn’t that count more ?? 29 .

Yes it does … it eventually does once one got to know you better. 30 .

So. I know you are confident about this. [Change Slide] 31 . within that time …. However.But not immediately … not just by looking at you or not with simple conversation. you know you will be able to pursue someone that you are special despite your outlooks say otherwise.

your friend with the right outlook despite not having all the right skills will take away the great opportunity from you.Many important opportunities are lost. One has to decide whether to hide you or not within 5 to 15 minutes of interview. Do you really want that ? 32 . trustworthiness and other skills?? So. honesty. How can someone judge you within that time frame regarding your integrity.

So. [Change Slide] 33 . Well one might say or think that “I am so many problems or issues… How can I change myself or dress in a way that others will not notice them??” This is true and false in certain sense. First “true” because. we can bring conclusion that it is important to dress properly or according to business situations..

34 .

35 .

Have you noticed something odd about the movie.But “False” Because you can control how you represent yourself to others. despite all the imperfection that you may think you have. it is possible to change peoples perception about you. How come no one noticed this and accepted “Will Smith” with all the shooting and fighting that he did as a free “White Person?” The answer is simple. So. It is how Will Smith Portray himself in the movie with captivated the audience not to think about his “Color”. If you have not thought about this then he has successfully done this with worldwide audience. In that respect it becomes non-important what your skin color is. 36 . [Interactive Session] It was not possible or allowable for a “Black person” to do all those things that Will Smith did in “Wild Wild West” without being hanged since Black were still not free and were slaves at that time. BUT is a huge inconsistency in the movie. how tall you are. If you have watched the hit movie called “Wild Wild West” whether Will Smith played a role of Cowboy with Guns around his waist.

you have less than 30 Seconds to make the impression. This is tough and close to impossible unless you agree with what we have been discussing about. [Change Slide] 37 .When walk through the Interview door or to a customer. 30 Seconds to portray yourself as such that people easily could see what inside you. Your proper business wise outlook will play a key here since it conveys many information that is required to nail that great job and sales.

This is not an remote example rather than I have many real example as such as this. it is important what the first impression that make. this 30 Seconds is really important since most of the decision is taken within that time. Study showed that … [Change Slide] 38 .So. the job was mine and I Signed the deal. Most of all. This takes us to our First class where we discussed about Self Esteem. Yet. [Interactive Session] So. If someone feels comfortable with you and trusts you then I professional world it has its cost and value. I have done Consultancy deals when I charged 3 times more that what others offered. then you will also be facing competition from your competitors. you can sway the decision toward you even after this time frame but it is really really tough to achieve that. Yes.

Yes. This is true!!! So must be aware that [Change Slide] 39 .

An extensive Study by Dr. Judith Walter (Fairleigh Dickinson University) give some interesting following real data [Change Slide] 40 .

41 .

Employers were presented with Resumes (with picture) then people who dressed as per the job requirement. It was found that those who were called for Interview has pictures attached with Resume that showed an outlook that matches with the job.In this particular Experiment. Those who got the job and were offered more salary that others had outlook that perfectly suited the job requirment. 42 .

It has been found that sometime Employers go beyond their salary structure just to recruit someone who fits the Part because of their outlook. 43 .

44 .So. again we can conclude that Polished Business Outlook is important.

If your Job requires you to wear “Hat” then you must. You modest yet smart dress should properly match your job category. 45 . A designer “hat” will not fit in Construction site where you work and people will raise eye browse.But you MUST dress according to Industry that you work in and the job category that you fit it. But you Must choose one that fits the industry.

46 .Most of all you should dress to show your confidence and competence in the organization.

47 .

48 .

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