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Attention! This material is posted for educational purposes only! Hacking in any form is punishable offense.

This material may be used by you only for the study of vulnerabilities, and nothing more. I bring to your attention a book "Big Ultra Hackers Pack 155-in-1 AIO". He predstavalyaet a package of tool s for hacking. This collection includes over 150 unique tools Assembly includes: AddrView AddrView gives you the ability to analyze HTML pages and extract most of the add ress URL, contained in them. AddrView retrieves the URL of images (img - tag), l inks to other files (a - a tag), CSS files, frames, Flash files and more. You ca n save the extracted addresses list to text files, HTML or XML files, or add the se addresses to the hut. AnonFTP This package contains / var / ftp area for anonymous FTP access. AppToService The program enables the command line to run regular applications as a service (s ervice). However, to install any application as a service is completely free - just enoug h to take the recommendations of the Windows XP FAQ. arpinject Any computer on the network can be easy to take and send a packet ARP_REPLAY. An d thus make changes to the ARP table. Such an attack is called ARP Poisonig. Its result - redirect traffic to the desired host. Send the packet (s) can be progr ammatically by using a tool ARPInject. aspack21 Very nice wrapper *. exe and *. dll files (in some cases the degree of compressi on is 70%). In addition, the program is good (especially for programmers who are trying to protect their trousers) the complexity of extracting compressed file. I understand that he ASPack packed ASPACK'om same Not bad, and that the program allows you to check before final packing job "prepackaged" exe-file, in violati on of its normal operation, uncompress. The new version has improved the speed of packing and adds an option "maximum co mpression". In unreported as the program runs 30 days. The interface is multilin gual, including in Russian. bios_pass_remover Remove BIOS password brutus Brootforce xs which Cable Modem Sniffer Traffic interceptor cable modem CapKeys_DIGITAL Key update einfach per internet. abspeichern als SofCam.key und als textdatei mo glich. CGI Founder v1.043 Program for finding holes in CGI scripts. CGISscan Scanner CGI scripts cports

Viewing connections and listening ports on your computer craagle The program for the automated search every seriynkov and keygens on many relevan t archives. CreditCardGjenerator Generator credo DeepUnFreez "Makes computing environments easier to manage and maintain. Every Restart destr oys all changes and reboots the computer to its original state, right down to th e last byte" E-mail Cracker Recover forgotten mailbox passwords that are stored in the e-mail client. The pr ogram emulates the server POP3, and the password is sent back to the user. It su pports any email client POP3. ezDataBase_Defacer Defeyser engine ezDataBase FTP Brute Forcer Brootforce FTP ftpbr Brootforce FTP ~ Censored ~ Mail Bomber 2.3 Bomer soap G00B3RS_phpBB_exploit_pack Pak exploits for phpBB Motor Google_Hacker_1.2 Utility to help with queries from the series guglhak grinder1.1 It helps you find instructions in the file specify the range of IP-address. HackersAssistant Software package for a hacker: Port Scanner, Ping Flooder, Server Slower, Connec tions, File Cleaner, Get Passwords, IP Validator, Web Browser, Ip Information, H TML Stealer, Site IP Retrieval, Winsock Scanner, exe Corruptor, Nuker, Hit Incre aser, File Generator, Anonymous e-mail, Whois, Binary HackTheGame HackTheGame this game simulator life hacker. In which you take on the role of a hacker. Which xs for what and how to break the system. Join showdown with hack p ortals, in general, live a long and merry life. The main thing is not to get cau ght would be rubbish. Hotmail Email Hacker / Hotmail HAcker Gold / Hotmail ScamPage / HotmailHack In my still some sort of a heresy, not long running, hotmylo not so easy to hack hydra-4.6-win THC-Hydra - threaded cracker passwords to various services (FTP, POP3, IMAP, Tel net, HTTP Auth, NNTP, VNC, ICQ, PCNFS, CISCO, etc.) for UNIX platforms. With thi s tool you can attack several services at once.

iecv Internet Explorer Cookies View ipnetinfo The program, which displays information about IP address. It allows you to displ ay detailed information concerning the country, the owner of the domain, the ran ge of available IP addresses, contact information and much more. This tool will be useful, for example, when you need to know the origin of the mail received fr om an unknown destination. For this is enough simply to copy the message headers from your email program IPNetInfo. It will extract itself from the text of all IP addresses and make the necessary search. The software uses several Whois serv ers, thereby maximizing the impact of the search for a specific network address. Among other things, it allows you to create HTML report, which stores all neces sary information about the selected IP addresses. john-17w password cracker, currently available for UNIX, DOS, Win32. Its main aim is to d etect weak passwords UNIX. To the program you can buy a collection of word lists over 600 MB, with the help of which greatly simplifies the selection of passwor ds. Key Changer Commercial ($ 8.00) is free from trojans, designed to find and change the produc t key, Windows XP, such as piracy on the validity (if any). XP Key Changer after launch, finds the proposed changes to the key, and the name and organization re gistered in the system provided by Windows XP. Program XP Key Changer allows you to change XP Product Key and all this information, one click on all machines. W orks with all service packs, including Windows XP SP3! Key_Logger keylogger R) Legion NetBios Scanner v2.1 Scanner NEtBios Resources Mail Boomb_2.0 YAHOO Bomber soaps Yahoo MooreR Port Scanner Port scanner on the remote machine MSN Flooder 2.0 Fluder messenger msn NET BIOS Scaner Scanner NEtBios Resources NetBIOS Name Scanner Scanner NEtBios Resources NetResView Scanner NEtBios Resources NFO Maker 1.0 This plugin is for viewing nfo and diz files, which are usually located in the d ownloaded archive. Warning: as reported by the author, "Unfortunately there was an unfortunate mist ake. Setting.reg File added to the archive with the plugin. Setting.reg file sep arately can be downloaded here

Nimda "Nimda" is an Internet worm that spreads via the Internet as a file attachment i n an e-mail, local area networks, as well as penetrating the unprotected IIS-ser vers. The original host file has the name of the worm README.EXE and is a progra m format Windows PE EXE, the size of about 57 kilobytes, and is written in Micro soft C + +. NTPacker Packer files On-Off MSN What is vklyuchalka vyklyuchalka MSN PCAnyPass PCAnywhere PassView Image of passwords with asterisks Php Nuke Hacker v11.0 Burglar engine php nuke phpBB Annihilator / phpbb attack / phpbb bruteforcer / PhpBB pass extractor / ph pBB_DoS / phpbb_spammer / phpBBAttacker / phpBBcracker A set of tools for hacking, spam, flood, ddos, Brutus phpBB PhpBuGScan Scanner bugs in scripts nxn Ping & Nukes pinger \ nyuker Listener XP The program allows to monitor network ports on your system, generating a pop-up window when trying to access the port. The program writes a log file of IP-addre sses of connectable clients and sends you a request for permission to use it. Yo u can enter the port numbers of their choice, or the program will prompt you to the default list. The program runs from the system tray. pqwak2 This program for the selection of network paroley.Dostatochno quickly picks up a password on the specified drive on the network. procexp PROCEXP displays information about the processes of loading dynamic libraries an d their svoystvah.Eto makes PROCEXP m schnym tool for understanding the internal behavior of applications as trace information leakage marker and DLL, version m ismatch. And even the indirect determination of viruses. ProxyPro Scan, ping, proxy switches rainbowcrack-1.2-src win-lin The program allows you to create a predsgenerirovannyh LanManager hashes, with w hich you could almost instantly to crack almost any alphanumeric password. Remote Shut Down Vykyuchenie remote machine ResHacker Correction exe and dll files. Much can change in them. With this program you can easily Russify program.

RpcScan101 Network port scanner Sasser Sasser virus looks like the exhausted millions of Internet users worldwide in su mmer 2003 lovesan (blaster). Already, he has several of its modifications, which experts say is even more harmful than the original. The same way according to e xperts, this virus does not pose a threat to your hard drive, but only prevents the use of them fully functional. Its distinctive features - a message appears o n trying to connect to the ip address of another computer and the error message LSA Shell (Export version) and follows it to restart the computer from a fatal e rror process lsass.exe SendMailer Sends a message in HTML format and in any encoding without mail client. Checks c ompletion of mandatory fields. Checks E-Mail on the right (syntax). Converts spe cial characters into HTML format. Allows you to specify multiple addresses to ch oose from. Checks sent and reports errors. Ability to send a copy to the sender. Very easy to configure. Also fits easily into any design. Gives ample opportuni ty to hide the real address. If desired, sends information about the browser and the IP address Server 2003 Keygen keygen for WINDOWS 2003 server Server Killer Ubiytsa servers R) showpassv10 Opening a password for zvezdochkmi sitedigger2 The program looks in the cache of Google potential vulnerabilities, errors, conf iguration problems on Web sites. The new version of the new version you can use FSDB / GHDB and generate 10 results for each signature. Posted as a large number of new signatures - open webcams, credit card numbers, etc. SMBdie WinNuke back! Introducing exploit completely kills or WinNT/2K/XP. NET machine w ith Network Share Provider (works on 139 and / or 445 port). Uses a malformed SM B (Server Message Block) packet is used anonymously, no account do not need to k now - for only the IP address and computer name. SQLScan v1.0 Utility guessing the password to Microsoft SQL server. Lets you scan a range of IP addresses. When backwater password creates an NT account with a blank passwor d on a vulnerable system. Stealth - HTTP Scanner v1.0 build 23 powerful tool for auditing security Web server, which looks at more than 19.000 vulnerabilities. SuperScan4 Port scanner with a bunch of utilities. Also there is a useful utility that pull s out from companies (windows) all of the available Old using zero session. tftpd32.273 a small freeware program, which includes simple to configure DHCP, TFTP, SNTP an

d Syslog servers as well as TFTP client traceroute This is a utility computer program designed to identify routes data networks TCP / IP. udpflood UDP packet sender. Tool flood UDP packets to specified IP and port. Used to test the stability of network services to a UDP flood. Packages can be specified by the user or be completely random. Ultra Dos Program for DDOS remote machine