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Wednesday 17 August 2011

locally first!


Music: Competition on Friday night of the Show. Bonny Wythes is organising a local showcase of talented musos at this year's Canowindra Show as a fundraiser for the Showgirls. There will be cash prizes awarded to winners of Judge's Choice; People's Choice; and Showgirls' Choice. So come along and hear some of our young music idols and vote for your favourite. It will be an all ages gig and located near the bar area, so all can enjoy the tunes. Stay tuned for further information in upcoming Phoenixes. Monday: was the anniversary of the dreaded Services Club fire, and the latest news is...there is no news! Chairman of the Canowindra Citizens & Services Club board, Brian Stevenson advised, "Until the construction company has gathered information from local tradesmen no work will be carried out. Once we know something constructive we will advise." Guess?: what year the photo is on the website one loyal reader found whilst trawling the web: programs/national-rural-issues/dynamicr u r al - c o m m u n i ti e s / dy n am i c - r u r al communities.cfm Im sure someone will recognise the year. We will have the page set up in The Phoenix office for those of you who dont have internet connection and want to have a look. Thank you Mary! Beanies: This year the CHS P&C are supporting the Bang on a Beanie campaign to help raise funds for the Brain Injury Foundation which helps children, adults and their families with their long and hard recovery. The CHS SRC will be having a fundraiser this Friday 19 August for Bang on a Beanie, and the wider community are encouraged buy and wear a beanie from the High School or Belubula Butchery. Footy: Its no secret the 2GB Continuous Call Team is heading to Cargo to call the Woodbridge Cup grand final Saturday 3 September. The Canowindra Tigers club will be running a bus to and from the ground. Adults $10, Children $5. It is expected the bus will be leaving from 9:30am from Canowindra Bowling Club. To book your seat please contact Debbie Rice on 6344 2352. Local Councillor contacts: Clr Anthony Durkin Clr Kevin Walker Ph: 02 6344 1241

L-R: Sally Bourne & her daughters; Graham Rice; Julie Middleton; David Cullane; Lana Brown; & Kath Balcombe at the Sports Oval inspecting the preliminary landscaping plan.
FITNESS ON TRACK Julie Middletons passion for the Better Life Canowindra Community Fitness Path project is contagious, and a working group representing a broad section of our community have jumped on board to help. The team, including Kath Balcombe, David Francis, Graham Rice, Lana Brown, Rohan Toole, Jo Gaigals and Julie Middleton met with Sally Bourne for an initial presentation on the design of the fitness path. The project will be managed by Julie as a Community Health project, in consultation with Canowindra Sports Trust and Cabonne Shire Council, It is great, Cabonne Council have been so supportive, and have shown interest in the project from the outset. A Project Plan has been created and estimates have been received for some of stages of work, and things are progressing smoothly. The path will be 2.5m wide and meander gently around the perimeter of the northern end of the Sports Oval, with soft landscaping either side as per Sallys plan. There will be four exercise sites located at the corner of the grounds, with 4-6 gym stations per site. As the Project Plan is a living document that will grow and change with each stage, a working title or slogan is needed, therefore a slogan competition has been established for you to submit your creative ideas, for example Swap talk the talk into walk the walk. Get creative and think of something that when presenting the Plan to potential sponsors, it will be memorable and catchy. Suggestions can be emailed to The Canowindra Phoenix at or phone 0418 413 753. There will be a totally awesome prize for the winner! A Community Meeting is set down for Thursday 15 September at the Health Centre, where you, the community, will be invited to discuss the gym equipment - to be presented by Sue Johnson, and the landscape plan and plant selection - to be presented by Sally Bourne. Fundraising ideas will also be on the agenda, and the Slogan Competition winner will be announced and the prize awarded. The completion of this project will expand upon the already popular Better Life program, so get behind it and support the promotion of good healthy living in our town. Should you have any questions or comments, please contact Julie at the Health Centre on 02 6344 1314.

Canowindra Pool
Canowindra Pool is trialing Season a payment plan option so Ticket Prices you can pay off your season ticket before the Family $193 2011/12 season, by making 4 nominated payments. Adult $96 email Jarrod for a form at Child/aged

or pick one up at The Phoenix office.

pensioner $80

Come and try our new menu

2 new chefs, each with special skills

local wine + relaxed ambience

= a special night out

56 Gaskill Street Canowindra

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To the editor...

Canowindra Red Cross held its annual general meeting on 25 July 2011. Ann Barwood welcomed all members, especially Betty Watchman and new member Pauline Carroll. Ann was re-elected president, Jan Mills Treasurer, Dee White Secretary. A big thank you to Peg Beat for her fine work over the years as Secretary, Betty took the chair and congratulated us on a very good year to make $700. More, was great, money is not easy to come by now. She went on to say Red Cross has been seen and very busy in Australia this year with the floods in Queensland. We don't know from day to day when we will be needed. Betty hopes we have a very successful year before finishing she read a poem that she wrote many years ago and to me it was very true and moving. New members are always welcome. Red Cross Pledge: we pledge ourselves as members of Red Cross to work for the improvement of health, the prevention of disease and the mitigation of suffering, and to uphold the principles of International Red Cross and the Red Crescent Movement. Ann Barwood, Canowindra

To the editor...

To the editor...

Recent events in England have made me think about institutionalised welfare, poor education and poverty. From reports I have seen, the rioting and looting in England has been carried out by groups of disenfranchised youths referred to as NEDS (No Education Delinquents). For a long time, I have thought that the greatest handicap a person can have is a sense of entitlement, and this leads in to my suggestion regarding welfare. As a society, why can we not decide that folks who need welfare support have to do something for the community in return. For example, if you are an unemployed, able bodied person between jobs, then you are required to perform 20 hours a week of community service. This could be helping in a retirement village, delivering meals on wheels, gardening in the local area, etc, etc- all things that would build skills in the person, improve the local environment, assist older residents in need and so on. This would not be a punishment, but a contribution to society that would keep these people actively engaged, whilst allowing them enough time to seek other employment or undergo specific training. I note that suggestions like this are often viewed as being right wing or punitive towards the unemployed, but I think that is wrong, and society as a whole would be better served if we took the time to make sure that all able bodied people made a contribution, and were prevented from becoming outcasts without hopes for the future. Perhaps then we could avoid the type of situation playing out overseas. Best Regards Steve Brown, Canowindra

In 1994 when Anne and I moved into our new home and cleaned up around it we found various pieces of metal; parts of horse and tractor drawn vintage implements. Amongst these was a sulky. Bits and pieces, assumed to be parts of it, were found as well. It is a shame that people are often too eager to put such items into scrap. The attached photograph is of that sulky, faithfully restored by Michael Corrigan. It seems that this sulky has all its original parts and features which date it back to the late 1800s. Two of these features are unique, with two steps on the left hand side (for women) whilst the driver side has only the one; with the seat adjustable, forward/back. Michael has also just about completed the restoration of a 4 wheeled horse drawn "hay" cart, the parts of which had also been saved from the scrap metal dealers. Yours sincerely, Bill Barwood, Canowindra

27 August: Team Penning 28 August: Come & Try Day Canowindra Showground

Entries close 20 August

Contact: 02 63 442 555 Mob: 0427 441 241

The President and committee of

Central West Branch of AFGW

invite you and your friends to dinner at

The Quarry, Cowra

with guest speaker

Samantha Armytage
at 6

Channel 7 news & public affairs presenter

Thursday 25 August
Please mail your acceptance with $40 remittance by Friday, 19 August to: Mrs Maureen Knight 26 Jerula Lane COWRA NSW 2794 Ph: 6342 2435

Joke of the Week: What do you get when you touch an electric parrot? A Shockatoo!
Hayden Cummings and Dalton Knight

for 6:30pm

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NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of The Canowindra Bowling Club Limited will be held in the Club on Saturday, 10nd August, 2011 at 2:00pm. BUSINESS: 1.To receive and adopt report of Directors and Audited Balance Sheet for the year ended 30th June, 2011. 2.To elect Chairperson, two (2) Vice-Chairpersons, Treasurer and seven (7) Directors for the ensuing twelve months ended 30th June, 3.To appoint a Solicitor for the year ended 30 June, 2012. 4.To transact any other business which may be brought forward in conformity with the Articles of Association. Any questions to be received in writing to the above address, no later than 5th September 2011.

Ron Brooks Licensee

Roger Traves Chairperson



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Rhubarb Rosy Red apples Lemons Mushrooms

$4 bunch $2.50kg $2kg $7.50kg

Nick will kill me for giving away my secret recipe, but its too good not to share. Kids love it!

Jos Spaghetti & Meatballs

Tomato sauce: 2 tbsp olive oil 1 medium onion, chopped 4 garlic cloves, crushed 1 700g bottle passata Meatballs: 1 onion, finely chopped 1 cup stale bread, crumbled Milk, just enough to moisten bread 2 eggs Flat-leaf parsley, chopped finely Oregano, chopped finely 2 tsp grated lemon zest 350g veal mince 350g pork mince Dried angel hair pasta 1/4 cup grated fresh parmesan Heat oil in deep frying pan and fry onion until soft, add garlic, cook quickly & add passata. Bring to a simmer & cover whilst preparing meatballs. Mix the onion, bread with excess milk squeezed out, eggs, herbs, lemon zest & add to the combined minces. With wet hands roll small meatballs, approximately the size of a 20 cent piece. Uncover and reduce heat to the passata mix, plop the meatballs into the passata as they are made. Once the meatballs are all plopped, gently cover the meatballs with the passata mix. Bring to a gentle simmer whilst you cook the pasta. Once cook, drain pasta, serve in bowls, top with meatballs, sauce & grated parmesan and any left over fresh herbs, & eat with crusty buttered bread.

THE GIFT OF READING From 21-27 August is Speech Pathology Awareness Week and our local speech pathologist 42 Ferguson Street Canowindra Rachel Christian will be speaking to the mothers group at Canowindra Community Health Centre Tuesday 23 August at 10:30. Rachel will speak on the importance of reading to our children from the beginning of their lives. Please feel free to attend morning tea will be provided Literacy is for Life: learning to read and write are complex skills. Talking provides children with foundation skills for reading and writing development. Students can have problems learning to read and write for a variety of reasons, including speech and language difficulties. Speech Pathologists test these difficulties, and design language and literacy support to complement school learning programs. Speech Pathologists work closely with parents and are a valuable part of the educational team. Speech Pathologists play a vital role in improving literacy skills for children. Their roles include early identification, assessment and intervention To find a speech pathologist near you, contact or phone 02 6344 2332 your school learning support staff or go to In a similar vein, Canowindra Public School SRC are holding a book drive for the Indigenous Literacy Campaign. Students and families are Parents/caregivers of students in asked to bring in any pre loved books that they may have out grown or simply do not read any Year 8 entering Year 9 (2012) more to help indigenous students get a better & Year 10 into Year 11 (2012) chance at improving their literacy. Please get are invited to attend with their children the books to the school before 26 August.


taste will be closed from Mon 22 to friday 26 August plus mon 29 to wed 31 August the restaurant will be available

for bookings any evening

during this time.

Canowindra High School

Barry & Pauline Carpenter Subject Information Evening of Canowindra take great pleasure in announcing Thursday 25th August 6:30pm for students currently in Yr8 the engagement of their son Quinton (Beau) Carpenter to 7:30pm for students currently in Yr10 daughter of Gary and Claire Keast of Muswellbrook.


Future Directions

Monique Keast,

Our very best wishes for a long & happy life together.

Information distributed will include Board of Studies requirements for the award of a HSC, changes to the SC, school processes for subject selection and expectations for senior studies. Staff from each faculty will be on hand to offer more specific information on individual subjects.

at Jack Sherwin Memorial Hall

Get rid of cockroaches, spiders, termites and other pests! Call Barry Heaslip at


Termite Specialist
conditions apply


After almost 10 fantastic years at the Canowindra Trading Post, I have decided to take the plunge and go full-time with my massage business. So whilst you may not see me up at "The Post" to make you a coffee or to wrap your gift, please feel free to come and see me for a massage...
For appointments, please phone

Spider service $180 (GST inc)

Lic no. 3371

0402 347 340 02 6344 1887

Treating all pests

0428 441 138

Jo Bell

Dip RM

Remedial Massage Therapist

The Phoenix

The CaNOWindra Hotel

Pizzas The Feedlot Restaurant
available at all times



TIGERS S UMMARY Great pub food! All three grades of Canowindra Tigers head to Beer garden & family friendly environment Peak Hill on Sunday to play for a grand final berth. At 11:45 the Tigresses will play the Eugowra Eagles, 12:45 the Youth League side 110 Gaskill Street CANOWINDRA 02 6344 1407 take on minor premiers Peak Hill and at 2pm the First grade team play minor premiers Peak The Co-operating Anglican Church PARISH OF ST EDWARDS Hill. The Victors of these matches get an auto- Parish of Canowindra, and Uniting CATHOLIC CHURCH CANOWINDRA matic trip to Cargo for Grand Final day; the Church linked congregations of loser will have to do it the hard way with a last Saturday 20 August: Canowindra, Cranbury & Cudal chance in the preliminary final at Canowindra 6pm Canowindra Thursday 18 August on 28 August. Sunday 21 August: The first grade team defeated the Cargo Blue 10am Peace Memorial Uniting 8.30am Eugowra Heelers at Gooloogong on Sunday, Canowindra Church Canowindra 10am Cudal 28 (Nick Whatman 2, Peter Pita, Willie Lafolafo, Friday 19 August Brenton Woolley tries, Rob Burn 4 goals) def 7pm Confirmation conducted by Cargo 14. Bp Richard Hurford at Woodbridge Cup Youth League: Canowindra All Saints' Anglican Church defeated the Molong Bulls in their first Semi Canowindra Final with the score finishing at 28-0. Sunday 21 August Woodbridge Cup finals Week 2 Saturday 20.08.11 at Grenfell Minor Semi Final 8am St Matthew's Anglican 11.45 League Tag Cargo v Molong th Church Woodstock 12.45 Youth League Condobolin v Molong 9.30am Peace Memorial Uniting 2pm First Grade Molong v Cargo Church Canowindra POLL DORSET & DOHNE STUD Sunday 21.08.11 at Peak Hill Major Semi Final 11am Cranbury Uniting Church SEVTAR PASTORAL PTY LTD 63640245 11.45 League Tag Canowindra v Eugowra Next Week: Cornerstone will be 12.45 Youth League Peak Hill v Canowindra assisting us in worship 2pm First Grade Peak Hill v Canowindra

BBQ chicken or Ham & pineapple $15ea Meatlovers $17ea

12-2pm tue-sun Dinner: 6-8pm mon-sat

80 Poll Dorset Rams
Inspection @ 12pm
with light lunch available

UNDER 16S JUNIOR LEAGUE REPORT Kens Service Centre Under16s went down to Forbes Magpies 10-8 at Spooner Oval on Saturday. It was just the conversion in it as both sides scored two tries and as usual the Tigers were scored in the corner which made conversions rather difficult. Try scores for Canowindra were the centres Dean Wilson and Josh Trayhurn. Michael Watt enjoyed being in the thick of the action as he played hooker for a virus-ridden Simon Whatman and relished the challenge of directing the attack and tackling anything that moved. The loss sees the 16s Tigers play the elimination semi final at West Wyalong next Saturday where they have to win to stay in the semis.

*Coming Soon* Sunday 11 September BACK TO CHURCH SUNDAY Sunday 19 September St Matthew's Patronal Festival at Woodstock Anglican Church

Wednesday 31 August 2011

LOCKWOOD PARK Cudal Road Canowindra
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Contract Windrowing Case 8870 &Canola Puls 25' draper front es Owner operated
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Save the date

Aug 18: Canowindra High School P&C meeting 5:30pm at the School Aug 18-21: Morongla Sheep Dog Trials 7am start @ Morongla Showground. Contact David Langfield Secretary 02 63453221 Admission FREE Aug 20: Canowindra Show Society Dinner Party w/ a Twist 6:30pm Moorbel Hall 3 courses BYOG $30pp. Live entertainment, lucky door prizes & raffles. Tix @ Canowindra Bake House Aug 21: Canowindra Tigers travel to Peak Hill Aug 23: Literacy & Speech 10:30am Speech Pathologist Rachel Christian at mothers group at Canowindra Community Health Centre. Morning tea provided. More info 02 6344 1314 Aug 25: Canowindra High School Subject Information Evening Year 8 into 9 (2012) 6pm; & Year 10 into 11 (2012) 7pm. 6344 1305 Aug 25: Canowindra CWA International Day afternoon tea 1:30 for 2pm start CWA Rooms. Presentation to Primary School children who participated in Iceland Poster competition. Canowindra CWA meeting International Evening 6.30 for 7pm Old Vic Inn $17. RSVP Penny Nash 23 August 6364 0218 or email Aug 27&28: Team Penning Weekend contact Toby @ Belubula Butchery 6344 1312
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FOR SALE steel & corrugated iron variety of building sizes. Ph Jim on 0429 441 119 TO the lowlife who took my rotary hoe from Moorbel, put it back! FOUND male desexed(?) blue/grey cat w/ stripes on legs & tail. Very affectionate & well fed. Ph 02 6344 1514 WINNER Showgirl Raffle $100 open order IGA: "Mr Taxi Man". Drawn by Michelle Tremain from IGA. Thank you to all who purchased tickets. POSITION VACANT Casual work available for local DJing jobs, training provided. Phone Craig on 0447 093 500

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