Statement on the Accusation of RCSS/SSA by Burmese Government Press Conference

15 August, 2011

With reference to the erroneous accusation of the Restoration Council of the Shan State (RCSS), the Shan State
Army (SSA) by the government press conference mentioned in the state run newspaper, the New Light of Myanmar
on August 13, 2011,
1. The RCSS/SSA has no policy of using terror on the innocent people. The Burmese regime unfairly accuses
and defames the RCSS/SSA in the press just because it is their enemy.
2. The RCSS/SSA has no intention of doing so although it is capable of acting beyond what has been written
in the press.
3. The armed-conflicts have come into existence because of the Burmese chauvinistic nature, unfair treatment
and the abrogation of Panglong Agreement which is the foundation of the Federal Union. Instead of taking
the ethnic nationalities as their enemies and unreasonably accusing them of insurgents, it is now the
appropriate time for true national reconciliation to reform the long lasting and peaceful Federal Union
through the Panglong Agreement which guarantees equal rights and status among the ethnics.

Central Executive Committee
Restoration Council of the Shan State

Eo|,CIU aSolS,
15. August. 2011
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