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Beauty is K n o w l e d g e™


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Behind the Scenes: Beauty HQ exclusive Not fully satisfied? Delve inside our Beauty HQ shoots in our Behind the Scenes galleries online.C. Half-Fijian Indian and half-British. at www. oNlINe Roll out the red carpet and polish up the oversized scissors – something big is on the horizon for the New Zealand beauty industry. Elle. The weightless foundation. . and trialled on dozens of runway models at the latest Twenty8Twelve fashion shows in London. combining luxury and simplicity to create a naturally polished finish. Find these luxe products from March in supermarkets.beautygoss. saving you time and stopping you looking overdone. • Read the full interview online now! PHOTOGRAPHY New Faces – Garth Badger Shop What’s your earliest makeup memory? Getting into my Nan’s red lipstick! Are you in danger of committing some serious beauty faux pas this season? Don’t worry – Wonder Woman is here to guide us through autumn safely.A. Makeup MAGIC Hair Beauty GoSS loveS… and NoW Redken Gold Rush Salon Service Beauty SpoT Take a sneak peek into Carly Flynn’s makeup bag and discover her beauty secrets.Beauty Goss Beauty Goss www. This new service. this natural-looking makeup is on trend for autumn and winter. but I definitely don’t have the Indian Vogue and now Beauty HQ. What’s the biggest hair or makeup disaster you’ve had? Spikes at age 11! Why did I want to look like a boy? Because I did! I also remember when I was about 19 I was going for a TV audition and someone kindly suggested I might like to get my eye brows professionally shaped. From March 4. I don’t think it’s something I’d ever considered! FACeS Max Factor Xperience Get ready to experience a new lightweight makeup that has you catwalk-ready in seconds. Be on trend with catwalks worldwide and find your own nugget of gold with Redken’s Gold Rush Collection. What’s your best beauty discovery and why? Olay Total Effects SPF 15 – it’s celebrating its 10th anniversary and is a good supermarket trolley staple – it fights the seven signs of ageing and protects you from the sun. Xperience. An online beauty store is about to open its doors to give you access to designer brands and products anywhere in New gives you smooth. See more backstage photos of the Twenty8Twelve fashion shows in our online gallery. Arm yourself with the tools you need to fight off Plain Jane and transform yourself into a super heroine. volumising mascara and sheer gloss balm are simple and natural. the model.C. pharmacies and Farmers nationwide from only $19. silky hair that lasts up to eight weeks and has three different looks allowing you to decide how straight you want your hair to go. Shazam! These are must-haves for your makeup bag this season. And what we love is that the foundation is infused with rosehip and cucumber water to make it smell delish! Co-designed by one of the world’s leading makeup artists. it’s a statement. is turning heads around the to find out more! Keep your hair under control this autumn with L’Oréal Professionnel’s Xtenso-Moisturist in-salon treatment. 20. this girl is definitely one to watch! See her shoot on page 40. New Kaboom! M.beautygoss. www. Let our experts do the research for you. M. Marie The hottest new innovations to stylists’ clever tips and tricks.beautygoss.99. The days of stocking up your makeup collection once a year are over! Phew! Keep an eye out for New Zealand’s own gorgeous Ashika Pratt.beautygoss. with prestigious editorial shoots under her belt from Harper’s Bazaar.A. skill or eye for it! Follow us to become a BeautyHQ Insider @beautygoss @beautygoss_jo @beautyhq beautygoss beautyhq Gossie GIRl Are you a makeup junkie? Here’s how you can score free products to trial! Beauty Goss is on the hunt for a panel of Gossie Girls who can sample products and write reviews for our website! Visit www. Born and raised in the Auckland’s eastern suburbs. l’oréal Xtenso-Moisturist How has being in the makeup chair changed your makeup routine? It’s been a great lesson! I’ve sat in the chair five days a week for more than six years with some of the best teachers you could ask for! Some makeup artists are just so talented and manage to make me feel a million dollars despite arriving feeling anything but! I’ve tried to watch them and copy them. counters will stock the bold and beautiful new Wonder Woman collection of lusciously colourful makeup and accessories. Redken stylists have created a collection of three new looks available from February that use gold to craft the most striking looks of the season. available from March. Max Factor is introducing its first boutique range.’s Wonder Woman range! It’s time to dig out your shovels and coal picks and head to your nearest hair salon – the gold rush is back! Gold isn’t just an accessory this season. Pat McGrath. but just feels as though you’re just wearing a daily moisturiser.

try M. . My new miracle? The 3-minute facelift effect!* estée lauder Sensuous Noir The mysterious new Sensuous Noir after dark fragrance is the perfect transition to take you from day to night. mess of a gloss. $163. ® ® Maybelline lasting Drama by eye Studio Make a bold statement this autumn with this affordable eyeliner that glides on easily and makes sharp. *By firming skin’s appearance with results not comparable to surgical procedures. K-mart and selected supermarkets & pharmacies. The 50ml bottle of this deep. The perfect eight makeup brushes Never be confused again about which makeup brush to use where. © ©2010 P & G 0 CSCGSAPF P11 C G APF P A NEW SIMPLY AGELESS SERUM PRIMER AND FOUNDATION WITH OLAY REGENERIST SERUM Smooth on my new Serum Primer to prep—hydrate and help firm skin’s appearance—then smooth on my foundation to cover fine lines and wrinkles flawlessly…and wow! Everyone will wonder what you did! And try new Simply Ageless Concealer – it covers imperfections to brighten! Ellen DeGeneres looks simply amazing in Serum Primer plus Ivory foundation.A.Beauty Goss Editor’s Picks As we move away from summer’s quick and carefree looks into elegant autumn wardrobes. clear and healthy base.’s Mineralize Satinfinish SPF15 Foundation. The Perfect Eight comes with a step-by-step guide to perfect-looking makeup every time. Phone 0800 604 604 for your nearest stockist.C. And at this price there’s no dent in your bank statement. A worthy investment at $139.99. Clinique Chubby Sticks Say goodbye to hair stuck to your freshly applied lip gloss this windy season! Clinique’s Chubby Stick gives you the moisture. Foundation For a light coverage foundation with a shimmery finish that gives your skin a smooth. colour and shimmer without the sticky. $70. $19.A. $40. STEP 1: APPLY SERUM PRIMER PHOTOGRAPHY Ian McRae and supplied STEP 2: APPLY FOUNDATION Available from The Warehouse. crisp lines. dark and sensual perfume is available April 25.C.99. M. makeup needs care and precision.

And we love her. “and when I won there was a lot of self-doubt about whether or not I could actually fill the role”.” she says. but I hadn’t yet worked out what to do. it’s makeup. “If you don’t wear the right colour palette for your complexion. she says. and then we go forth together on a very special journey. By the time you hit your thirties and your forties. “I click into who they are and what they need. “When I was 19. As the mother of a young woman just hitting her teenage years. from her debut as a 19-year-old beauty queen to the quick-stepping 40-something glamazon who danced her way to victory on our TV screens in Dancing With the Stars. “Looking back. “It’s hair.” she says passionately.” Our talk turns to her crowning. and that feels really good. she says she misses the “almost purity” of her own youth compared to how girls these days are bombarded with constant media messages. and relishes the wisdom that growing older brings. you really can do anything. then moved to Wellington and started a model agency there. I’ve become more and more aware of how important going ‘natural’ really is. and soaked up experiences like a sponge. as so much emerges about their life that they’ve been hiding inside.” After being rejected for teacher training due to her age. pending time with Lorraine Downes is like spending time with a friend – a seriously gorgeous and stylish friend who also makes a mean espresso. She started a grooming school in Auckland with fellow New Zealand model Angela Dunn. with a grooming school division. That’s because she has a face that seems so familiar.” She swears by Colours analysis at the first session. “I wanted to use my experience to help women get in contact with their true inner selves and be the best that they could be. especially when she sits a client in front of a mirror and makes them really look at themselves.” Alongside her work as a consultant and being a mum. she brainstormed a way to combine her experience meeting women all over the world with her desire to teach.” she says. you will never look your best. “I’ve tried every product under the sun over the years. no matter how fabulous your outfit is. often for the first time in years. you’ve really found your way. I was doing a lot of things just to please other people.Interview S lorraine Downes: A true natural Still vibrant and determined to age gracefully. and relishes her role.” She says the process can be very confronting. She surprised everyone by returning to New Zealand after her win. In the early 80s. The brand approached her after she praised their products in an interview. “and what comes out in that first session can be so empowering. For someone whose public persona has been largely based around her looks. I was still living at home and was just out of school. I live my life for me.” She remembers feeling excited but also daunted. “Some of them cry. Is she amazed at all she achieved at such a young age? “I am. Lorraine is also the first ambassador for the New Zealand all-natural skincare and makeup brand Living Nature. “because when you have confidence. she is surprisingly happy to be ageing gracefully before our eyes.” She says an image consultant deals with much more than just frocks. “The organisers thought it was sheer madness! I knew it was where I wanted to live. and the relationship with Living Nature came at just the right time in my life when I could truly embrace it. “Quite often they have lost their way and trust me to guide them forward.” she says. former beauty queen and Dancing With the Stars celebrity lorraine Downes talks to Helene Ravlich.” She had started making conscious . young women had a very definite idea of what they wanted to do with their lives and just got stuck in. and I think even in your twenties you still don’t really know who you are. “As I’ve gotten older. Over the next year she travelled to 25 countries. that at 47. the greatest thing is. and I’d never travelled out of New Zealand. creating one very special job. it’s working on what’s inside… It doesn’t matter what you do on the outside if you haven’t made a connection with your inner self and what makes you happy.

an awareness about what goes into traditional beauty products and cosmetics. and our wellbeing is so very important”.In the makeup chair ‘As I’ve gotten older. This look really works at any age. She’d seen women her own age using injectables and other more invasive cosmetic procedures to stop the signs of ageing. She also goes for regular walks with her husband. “Perhaps it’s the fact that we are so down-to-earth and grounded. “I got incredibly fit when I was in Dancing With the Stars and realised that I never wanted to lose my fitness again. “I just love meeting women. Nature cosmetics for some time. I’d like to do it gradually. “because stress is the biggest thing that ages you and the more I can keep it out of my life. “Like everything else in life.” Q: What drove this move? A: I believe globally there is a growing consciousness about green living and natural products. Q: How long have you been a make-up professional? A: Around 15 years. “Where do I start?” she laughs. so I’m colouring a little less each time and easing myself into it. meaning that we don’t feel comfortable with what is an inevitable process.” She’s a regular at Spin classes at her local Les Mills gym and she’s a yoga devotee for flexibility and inner strength. what makes New Zealand women unique? She hesitates. It’s her second marriage and part of its success is down to taking the time to enjoy it. meeting her fans and those of the brand. it’s about balance.” She’s a huge fan of women in general. Q: When you look for a range of natural cosmetics. As well. but in reality you notice your lines a lot more than anyone else does. Mary Steenburgen and Mariel Hemingway. the surroundings were magnificent! For more information. And do not get in the habit of falling asleep with makeup on! Q: What makeup advice would you give to a woman in her 30s A: Know what your best features are. former New Zealand international cricketer Martin Crowe. Real one-on-one chatting is where I get my true high.” she adds with a laugh. therefore unique products are usually what draws me to a brand. Geoffrey’s website is www. Q: What makeup advice would you give to a woman in her 20s? A: To enjoy her youth. Gabrielle Reece. lip color. Illuminating Tint and Concealer. – lorraine Downes decisions to go the natural route with her lifestyle where she could. Having a more carefree. Q: When did you find yourself moving towards natural cosmetics? A: Natural products have always been of interest. “because we are all so inspiring and give so much of ourselves. “I think that if you go down that path there is no going back. but is ideal for a woman in her 40s or older.” she says. more and more clients request natural products and there also seems to be more diversity in the natural products that are on the market. Which are your favorite products? A: Illuminating Tint and Tinted Moisturizer Q: Who are the celebrities you have worked with who prefer natural cosmetics? A: Emma Watson. and why? A: I just traveled to Telluride. “as I’m just not ready to go grey. it will suffer. went to a session to find out more. and had made peace with the idea of ageing as naturally as possible. Q: What was your favourite shoot during the last 12 months. evolving attitude about beauty will lead to a more confident approach to beauty in the future. Definitely pay attention to the damage you probably did to your skin in your 20s and maintain a good skincare regimen. “Well. Miranda Kerr. “and if you don’t fit time in for your marriage. which was beautiful! Although it was all work.” Lorraine travelled the country in 2010 with the Living Nature Authentic Geoffrey Rodriguez is a celebrity makeup artist who has worked with natural beauties like Harry potter star emma Watson. and I have also always favoured natural products for my own personal use. and to emphasise them with a sense of individuality. Healthy mascara $39. and. and finding out about so many women’s lives was incredible. “Do I enjoy ageing?” She laughs. So. do you look for the range or the best products within the ranges available? A: I most often have more specific needs. When they put up ‘before’ shots of the women who’d had treatments. in the respect that I made that decision and now I don’t have to worry about it”. It looks polished and never overdone. experiment and have fun with beauty. Celebrities au naturel – Geoffrey Rodriguez Having a more carefree. the better”. I’ve become more and more aware of how important going ‘natural’ really is. and Q: What makeup advice would you give to a woman in her 40s and over? Q: You’ve been working with Living A: Focus on impeccable eyebrows. She stays looking – and feeling – youthful by regular exercise. Looking polished and put together is key. I realised that I really didn’t mind their lines!” She laments the fact that we don’t see enough images of women ageing naturally in the media.grbeauty.50 . more importantly. Beauty” She does still colour her hair. what would they be? A: Healthy Mascara. but still have a level of sophistication that is all our own. even if that means with a minimal beauty regimen. for a high-end ski resort shoot. She says the experience was incredibly empowering. Q: Are you seeing any growth in natural cosmetics in the Fashion Week scene? A: Overall there seems to be a growing awareness of natural products in the fashion scene. it’s not great. evolving attitude about beauty will lead to a more confident approach to beauty in the future. We asked him about his career and his secrets. Colorado. Q: If you could recommend three products from the Living Nature Colours cosmetic range. fresh dewy complexion and a vibrant Clear lights tinted moisturiser $52 decided that it just wasn’t for her. Saying “yes” to ageing naturally has been “very freeing for me. so the best part of the night for me was the meet and greet section at the end. Among models it makes perfect sense because their skin really takes a beating.

Edith. But in true Rachel style there has been no expose revealing why her relationship ended with former fiancé. Her father. Darren Aronofsky (director of Black Swan). reports of the pair being affectionate have surfaced. Golden Globe and Screen Actor’s Guild Award for Best Supporting Actress in The Constant Gardener). PHOTOGRAPHY Franz Walderdoff/MODTV forL’Oreal Paris . Roll stunning beauty. She’s been quoted as saying she dislikes Hollywood. A true thespian – she’s won awards for her work in theatre and on screen (Rachel won an Oscar. sometimes you can choose a good role and there is a good director but the movie still doesn’t work out. you are dieting away what makes you a woman. she’d never been tabloid fodder but now with a new relationship to co-star Daniel Craig (in soon-to-be-released Dream House). Rachel began acting while studying at Cambridge University. “it makes you feel ugly”.Cover Story An oscar.” she has said. Born and bred in London. There are so many different variables that determine whether a movie is “What makes a woman beautiful is a mixture of confidence and real knowledge of who she is – and also a vulnerability and a kind of openness. George.” But what makes Rachel even more alluring and why she’s the perfect cover girl is that despite her Hollywood success. Golden Globe and Screen Actor’s Award ensure Rachel Weisz is constantly in front of the camera. And has never felt the pressure to starve herself to be beautiful.” she explains. the father of her son. she’s never fallen prey to becoming a ‘superstar’. Until recently. your feminity. “You begin to learn what’s a good role and what’s not a good role. an Austrian psychoanalyst. “Yet. Rachel Weisz (pronounced ‘vice’) owes her smouldering looks to her parents’ mid-European Jewish heritages. Her roles vary from the blockbuster to the Indie and she enjoys working with directors of all statures. You’ve just to be committed to having a good time while you’re doing it. was a Hungarian inventor and her mother.” – Rachel Weisz A going to be good or not. “I think it’s important not to succumb to those pressures – if you diet away your curves.

“I think I was probably in college when I decided I wanted to be an actress. but quickly focused her attention to acting. they are more beautiful than if they are absolutely perfect. which. Esquire. It’s like every woman actress in England wants to play this character. Revlon and now L’Oréal Paris. After that. She’s also appeared twice on the cover of various glossies including British Vogue. so I passed that test. . When people have faces with lots of character. Her face has graced advertising campaigns for Burberry London fragrances. very lucky that I’m working and getting to choose roles.” BHQ: What are you working on now and what can we look forward to seeing you in? I’m about to start work with Terrence Malick.Article Name Rachel started modeling at 14. I find that very beautiful. one of the great American directors. I’m very. You have to keep reminding yourself how lucky you are. BHQ: What does beauty mean to you? I think beauty is a mixture of confidence. as well as a certain vulnerability and a kind of openness. is a very feminine quality. vulnerability and a kind of imperfection. which is a classic 1950s play with a kind of “tour de force” female role. But if you don’t—I think something like 98% of actresses are out of work—it’s tough. to me. But I could only think of acting. It’s incredibly exciting and fulfilling if you make it. He is definitively one of my heroes. I think when things are slightly off. Esther. I’m going to work in London with Terence Davies—he’s a cult English director. at some point in her life and I get to play her in November. It’s a film adaptation of The Deep Blue Sea. It’s a really tough profession. British Harpers Bazaar and Elle. I would say to them that if there is anything else you can think of doing that will make you happy do that. BHQ: What makes a woman beautiful? I think what makes a woman beautiful is a mixture of confidence and a real sense of who she is. If someone says to me they wanted to act. Then I’m going to do a very low-budget film with a female director called Lynn Shelton who did a wonderful indie movie called Humpday a few years ago.

I want to make it easy for them. they spend long hours at Body form. let go of any thoughts racing around in your mind. meditation and tai chi with great fresh. if they have to choose? A: If you have a more physical job or exercise a lot. with the use of props. I think it was the only spa around back then! I quickly found out I was passionate about massage and then went on to specialise in massage. It is such a gift to be able to guide people into spending that amount of time completely within their own bodies. as a massage therapist and Iyengar yoga trainer. and there is an increase in personal awareness that healthier choices can be made. I always set goals for myself and trust that the right people and opportunities will present themselves if my goals and motives are clear. then sit down and bend forward. global marketing manager of living Nature. you may want a massage more. to calm and soothe you. or the Tranquility Oil at night. Q: Why do we get told to drink lots of water after a massage? A: That’s to flush out the toxins that have been released from the muscles into the blood stream. On the exhalation. I love the alignment of Iyengar yoga and the active meditation that occurs through the asanas/poses. says corporate wellness and holistic living consultant Nikki Ralston. but would keep a facial. I have to practise what I preach and constantly be working on myself and growing. Students get to the end of a class and realise that they have thought about nothing other than how to move their body and where. then turn away from your computer and do the same breathing and stretching.50 Q: When did you decide to integrate yoga and why did you choose Iyengar specifically? A: I started teacher training for Iyengar yoga three years ago. This opens up the wrist joint and stretches the nerves in the arms. customised with a few drops of the Energy body Oil in the morning to wake you up for the day. I was always slightly different. Iyengar yoga is so pure and clear in the Refreshing body wash $29. putting your head between your knees. The cleaner I keep my diet. a byproduct of muscle exertion. Follow that up with the Nourishing Hand and Body Cream. so being fit and healthy is just part of our family culture. I believe that productivity is increased and health improved. talks to her. yoga. for the past 60 or 90 minutes. breathing slowly and deeply. I know myself that I feel more drained and tired after a day on the computer than I do massaging. and if they have direct access to these things then there are no excuses to neglect their personal wellbeing. Some are ingested toxins and some are lactic acid. and also. I want to offer a range of therapies. was there any one thing that made you decide to help people within organisations? A: I see my clients spending so much time in the office. and interested in what was then considered alternative therapies. let go of tension in your shoulders. Q: You have an incredible calmness about you… A: I think the calmness is more the byproduct of how I live my life. locally grown innovative organic food. With the inhalation. What should women keep up.50 Nourishing hand and body cream $29.Q&A COmPutERS & calm A healthy lifestyle helps office workers become more relaxed and centred. Q: How did you start out on your journey? Nikki Ralston The cleaner I keep my diet. Stay there for a minute or two. raised shoulders at the desk. feel your spine extending and lengthening. Customise products depending on your needs. like-minded people that I can somehow weave into my vision. deep breaths once you leave the building. the more sensitive I have become to my body and mind. anyone can do the poses. If you can’t get away from the desk. Come up slowly. Interlock your fingers and turn your palms up to the sky as you raise your arms up above your head. You could always go for a back massage and a slightly shorter facial. though. instruction. Q: We have experienced your Corporate Wellness programme in the Living Nature Auckland Office. healing surroundings. nourish and connect with themselves. the more sensitive I have become to my body and mind. Q: During the financial crunch. Q: Where do you see yourself in 2020? A: I see myself having an inner-city sanctuary and an out-of-city retreat. Go for a walk for a few minutes. and the more time I spend doing yoga and meditation. Q: Nikki. Take 10 slow. you have a very holistic view to maintaining health – has this always been the case? A: I am fortunate that I grew up in a very active family. What are the benefits? A: Staff feel better about themselves and are able to focus and make clearer decisions. Q: What is the single biggest enemy of the corporate people you work with? And what is one simple tool readers can do at their desk or find 10 minutes to do? A: Yes. Q: What was your inspiration? A: My biggest inspiration comes from my own experiences. specifically with the body range of products. and the more time I spend doing yoga and meditation. tranquility. and then your brain will have extra blood supply and you should feel refreshed. drop them down away from your ears. regardless of age. or from tensed. louise Henderson. and have always had such a curiosity to learn more about myself and other people. I became a vegetarian at 14. That may be from physical exercise or from a small repetitive motion. You can go outside and get some fresh Q: When you decided to broaden your offering into corporate wellness. feeling the direct effect that eating well or exercise has on my emotions and state of mind. Q: How you will get to that place in 2020? A: I will keep working alongside other The more I understand about myself the more I can begin to understand about others. It is that awareness and connection that makes it easier to make healthy decisions because I feel how my body responds. extending arms straight. or do alternate months. leading to fewer sick days and a more positive working environment. Staff morale and energy levels are lifted.50 their desks and on computers. . My dad is a national running and triathlon coach. Nikki Ralston can be found at albanyyoga. nestled in beautiful. energy body oil $26. Q: You have recently started working with the team at Living Nature. to be in the right place to help others grow. I have made a career out of it for 13 years. What would you recommend women have in their bathroom cupboards from the Body range that can give them a quick and simple lift of the spirits? A: Get a bowl and mix sea-salt flakes with the Body Form Oil and some of the Refreshing Body Wash for a great body exfoliation that leaves your skin feeling firm and smooth. where people can go to cleanse. women tightened their belts by not having a massage. flexibility or injury. – Nikki Ralston A: I first started as a beauty and massage therapist at Equipoise spa. heal.

MFolie eyeshadow. Prep & Prime Powder.Skin: Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. Lips: Mehr Lipstick. Rani Eyeshadow. Stripdown Lip Pencil.. Jaan eyeshadow. Eyes: Painterly Paintpot. Double Ended Moisture Cover corrective concealer.C.C Cosmetics HAIR DeSIGN: Danny pato @ d&m Hair Design and assistant Shannon Johnson MoDel: Ashika pratt @ Nova Plum tones for eyes and a natural lip give Ashika sophistication. All products used are M.How To Article Name Beauty Defining Beauty pHoToGRApHy: Garth Badger @ Thievery MAKeup: Amber D for M.A. Sur & Gana Blushes. .A.

. Brows: Mystery Eyeshadow. Sculpt powder. Double Ended Moisture Cover corrective concealer. Gulabi Lipstick. Warmth for the lips and a glow for the skin. Lips: Yash Lipstick. Eyes: Jaan Eyeshadow. Eyes: Siahi Fluidline. Prep & Prime Powder. False Lashes Mascara. Double Ended Moisture Cover corrective concealer. Oomph Eyeshadow. Feline eye kohl. Sur Blush. Lips: Dervish lip pencil. Clear Brow Set. Skin: Studio Fix Fluid Foundation.How To How To Green tones intensify Ashika’s hazel eyes. Skin: Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. Sur Blush. Prep & Prime Powder.

Prep & Prime Powder. Jaan eyeshadow. . Double Ended Moisture Cover corrective concealer. Jaan Eyeshadow. Prep & Prime Powder. Carbon eyeshadow. Gana Blush. Brows: Mystery Eyshadow. Double Ended Moisture Cover corrective concealer. Prep & Prime Powder. Double Ended Moisture Cover corrective concealer. Clear Brow Set. highlight the lower lid with plum. Eyes: Siahi Fluidline. Sculpt powder. Eyes: Saffron eyeshadow. Eyes: Painterly Paintpot. Feline eye kohl. Skin: Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. Rani Eyeshadow. Brow: Mystery Eyeshadow. Skin: Fix Fluid Foundation. Sur & Gana Blushes. False Lashes Mascara. Folie eyeshadow. Softly does it. Sur Blush. Sultry night-time eyes for intensity. Feline eye kohl. Clear Brow set. Stripdown Lip Pencil. Sur Blush. Lips: Mehr Lipstick. Lips: Yash Lipstick. False Lashes Mascara.How To How To A healthy shine and a nude lip. Oomph Eyeshadow. Skin: Studio Fix Fluid Foundation.

How has Bollywood changed since you started working in it? In terms of makeup. so I wanted to split the collection into two parts: Face. Yet there are not a lot of women who are willing to change their makeup very quickly because it’s something they’ve been doing the same way for years. You can dab them on as colour correctors and then wear your usual concealer over it. I created four new shades of Select Moisturecover Concealer that really are perfect for Indian women’s skin tones and anyone with an olive-based complexion. I was doing a lot of movies at this time. closer to what Hollywood does… because it makes it more believable. Pigmentation and discolouration problems around the mouth and under the eyes is something that most people in India have a problem with. Makeup artist Mickey Contractor has been painting faces for 32 years and has just been asked to collaborate with M·A·C on a special collection celebrating and focusing on Indian skin tones. because so many people wanted to use M·A·C foundations.. cut down on the makeup’ for many many years. They really work to address these issues on any olive-based complexions and outside of India they’ll also work beautifully on Hispanic. so creating the concealers was really important to me. Images courtesy of M. three years ago I created a few foundation shades for the Middle East and India. I wanted it to look more modern.. and what kind of look they should go with.A. They didn’t have enough yellow undertones in them. That was my contribution to this culture. But the products and tools in this collection all work together to make achieving this look so much easier. but everyone will love them I’m sure. darker Mediterranean and Pacific skin tones. . and the orangey tones neutralise the dark brown or red undertones that Indian skin often has.. the yellow also works beautifully to counteract the slight BHQ: Will these products work on everyone. greyness or blueness that Western skin tones have. which can also have similar issues with pigmentation. it’s very. because your blending has to be perfect. BHQ: you’ve already worked with M·A·C on product development in the past? Makeup Master of meet the Bollywood I was doing and make them watch me. Most of the A-grade actresses were taking a lot of tips from me. BHQ: What have been your biggest creative challenges? It’s taken me almost 20 years to take the Bollywood makeup down to what it is today. My whole idea was to try to minimise the old Bollywood way of makeup as much as possible – we used to be into panstick and pancake makeup. so when people saw the makeup they realised what I was talking about and they all started to copy it. Yes. which looked really thick.Makeup I’ve been saying ‘Cut down on the makeup. too. A lot of actresses would send their own personal makeup artists to see what BHQ: you’ve said that the ‘no makeup’ look requires more effort than a full-on makeup look. even on more mature skins and really doesn’t cake up under the eyes. not only Indian skin tones? Absolutely. The single eye shadows have more of a pearl undertone to them – Indian women do love to wear shine and frost. So. not just Indian women. but making it look like nothing! That’s the reason it’s so much more difficult. These colours will work on almost everyone. more today. the contouring needs to be perfect. The foundations did so well that M·A·C realised that it was the right time to do a whole collection and expand on this. Select Moisturecover is by far my favourite concealer formula in the range. If it’s too dark. but particularly Hispanic. BHQ: you’re known as the Master of Modern Bollywood. I do a lot of in-store appearances.. yet felt that they couldn’t find the exact shade and tone they needed. by the Nineties I had managed to influence Bollywood a lot. How did you come up with this idea? This product is ideal for taking a concealer or foundation you already have to almost the exact shade for your skin. whether that means promoting Viva Glam on World Aids Day or doing one-on-one appointments with the customers. Mediterranean and Pacific skins. which caused them to appear grey on Indian skins.C BHQ: Tell me a bit about The Face range. When I meet these women BHQ: The double-ended colour corrective concealer looks amazing. as well as developing the best colours to accentuate it with. very difficult. For whiter skins. for creating the perfect skin and Colour. The inspiration for this collection really came from what I felt Indian women needed. BHQ: What was your inspiration for this collection? My USP is skin. how come? The ‘no makeup’ look in India is about using everything you need to use. Because creating beautiful skin is always my priority as a makeup artist. Meet the man behind the beautiful faces of Bollywood. you mix some of the yellow in to make it lighter. you’ve got to be able make an exact match to the colour of the skin tone. more real. what it comes down to is that they all want the perfect shade of concealer. Its texture works on all skins. to add definition. I wanted to focus on that. asking what colour foundation they should be using. I am one of those makeup artists who focuses a lot more on the complexion and contouring rather than just colour... If it’s too light you just add a couple of dots of the coral to it to make it darker. Of course you can play with the shades and use them differently whether you’re a makeup artist or a customer. and identify their needs.

LOHAS. is the most isolated country in the world. 30% of the turnover of a small New Zealand business buys virtually zero exposure. Big multinationals can’t suddenly become green versions of themselves to convince LOHAS – because the LOHAS will see through them.” – John o’Toole. And in an international market where single ads are sold at $100. you can’t – you can’t do that. LOHAS will choose a natural product only if it’s just as effective – if not more – than Boutique is best Like we said: he’s ambitious. top-quality European research to prove it. however you’re in a very strong position.” Once you have put some weight behind that theory. we want to be the most natural. is a boutique model of business where smallness and remoteness become strengths.” Much of this growth market for natural cosmetics has been exploited by so-called green-washed brands. to take advantage of one of the most lucrative consumer trends in history.that they’re on their way out – and it’s all thanks to something called LOHAS. But Living Nature’s ambitions are being guided by very clear strategies. They don’t trust big companies. “People think you can trade your way to global stardom. Of course all the hard work of becoming credible as a genuinely natural brand is pointless if no one knows about it. then. “They don’t believe that if I put that cream on my face I’ll look like that supermodel – they’re too smart for that. and has the most unique flora. Colours need to be just as good. “our aim is really simple. safe cosmetics company in the world – it’s certainly one of the most ambitious. which has averaged 20% annual growth for the past 20 years: “It’s not a short term trend. Because they are opinionleaders and smart with it. which will be used in new products rolling out over the next three years. is that they can’t be tricked.” The issue is one of scale: on an international level New Zealand companies simply can’t afford the cut-through they’re used to getting at home. he insists. So Living Nature has recently appointed former Miss Universe Lorraine Downes as its face and spokesperson. however. And they have achieved them. If the company started cutting corners and compromised its natural stance.000 a pop. He believes. O’Toole. was brought back almost three years ago to rescue the company. he says. “They don’t trust big brands. It’s an expansion he believes is being fuelled by a booming natural and eco-cosmetics segment. And when you realise just how much that sector is driving profit in a multibillion dollar industry. which are all excellent points of difference if you’re building the New Zealand story into your brand. O’Toole points out. “and New Zealand is the best positioned country in the world to own that. . but simply replace them with lesser-known. for those not up with their market research buzzwords. smells have to be nicer and skin treatments more effective. Once you’ve achieved those standards. and the letters stand for people interested in Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. but still questionable. The company recently spent $2 million on finding. That’s the other crucial aspect. These peddle ranges that pay lip-service to legitimate fears for health and environmental safety by removing better-known nasties like parabens. who previously captained Living Nature through a profitable period. he says. Living Nature’s competition is limited to the other absolute purists such as Germany’s Dr Hauschka and Australia’s Jurlique. New Zealand. one of the benefits of being boutique is that it’s actually easier at the top. in short. mascara or foundation. manuka honey and oil. For 23 years it has been forging a hard path by finding and testing its own natural replacements for the chemical ingredients that are so common in cosmetics. Ceo a chemical moisturiser. as Living Nature does. and has managed to drag it back to breaking even and beyond: Living Going global is a natural for living Nature I By Greg Roughan pHoToGRApHeR: Monty Adams Nature is now perfectly positioned. In a sector increasingly geared towards genuineness. chemicals. then you begin to appreciate why O’Toole is convinced Living Nature is about to make a quantum leap into a new role: as the leading truly natural cosmetics brand in the world. That’s why Living Nature goes to such pains to exclude a greater number of dubious ingredients than any other brand. and has reams of expensive. Living Nature formulates its products from New Zealand natural sources such as harakeke (native flax). says O’Toole. and use only ecofriendly packaging. The beauty industry spends almost 30% of annual turnover on above-the-line advertising. well. is an acronym for a rapidly growing consumer segment.Business t’s possible that Living Nature is the most natural. O’Toole knows that every aspect of his brand will be picked over by his target market. The strategy for success. kelp. make a commitment to organic and sustainable sourcing. O’Toole believes that New Zealanders generally don’t understand how to export.” he says. “It’s not going away. extracting and testing 15 new ingredients. They’ve done their own research – they will find your ethical practices and policies – and they will make their own mind up about what is value and what isn’t. says O’Toole. For now. however. widely travelled and information-hungry part of the population – chances are that if you’re reading this. It was the last country to be settled. which O’Toole says has been growing at 2% per year. However creating new and effective cosmetics ingredients – and testing them to ensure they’re free of any natural toxicity – takes a lot of time and money.” It’s no accident that O’Toole has designed the entire Living Nature brand towards LOHAS customers. safe skincare in the world. it would soon find itself fighting for market share with hundreds of pseudo-natural brands. And if they work. “All the world’s trends are going towards more natural products.” he says with evangelical zeal. and the flowers and leaves of the kumerahou plant. and done the hard work of owning the ‘natural’ space. that the green-washers have had their time in the sun . effective.” he says. LOHAS are the most educated. says O’Toole: to ensure that the efficacy of the product matches or exceeds that of the big-name brands. and the Kerikeri-based company recently ran for several years at a loss. believes that the smart money now lies with companies that are prepared to go the whole distance – those that remove dubious ingredients. Up for grabs is a slice of the $350 billion global cosmetics industry. That’s why even their packaging is BPA-free and their ink eco: because O’Toole knows that LOHAS will buy his products only if they’re absolutely squeaky clean. you are one. and the company is now poised to become one of the leading natural cosmetics brands in the world… Or so CEO John O’Toole believes. is the least densely populated. soft white clay. The new formulations – all extracted from native New Zealand plants – have so excited the government-owned laboratory that helped extract them that the scientists have asked for Cabinet approval to invest in Living Nature. only the truly genuine can profit. O’Toole. LOHAS now describes around 30% of western consumers and the crucial thing to know about the group.

you can make it work for your skin tone and hair colour. we suggest wearing a stunning amethyst shade on lips. If eye makeup isn’t your thing. Morgan Ward-Hollis. deep plum to a light and bright lavender. From a dark.Beauty Article Name visions of violet pHoToGRApHy: Hannah Richards STylIST: Justine Hunter MAKeup & HAIR: Aimie Fiebig MoDelS: Amandine @ Nova ella @ Clyne A pigmented plum eye works well with little blush and a glossy lip. Detailed Neck Piece. and certainly don’t let age hold you back. . and louis vuitton. Marc Jacobs. Michael Kors. Whether you just line the eyes or go for a bold mauve smokey – the options are endless. Seen on the catwalks at Derek lam. Nina Ricci. the purple spectrum is the hottest look at the moment. it’s a fresh take on a 70s fave and is here to stay. price on request.

lustrous lashes. Stolen Girlfriends Club. $80. Rouge Hydrangea. . try adding black shadow to the centre of lips for a deep. $20. Sera Lilly. dark plum. Burgundy Tie.A gorgeous grape shade across lids is the perfect backdrop to long. Estefani Fur Crop. $322. play with depths.

more romantic look use a shimmery amethyst or a light lavender. $260.A light wash of mauve across lids is accentuated with eggplant coloured nails. Zambesi. Fraggle Rock in Crème. . For a softer. Keep blush in a similar tone and lightly colour lips purple makes blue eyes really pop! Stolen Girlfriends Club. Wolf vest with lace sleeve. $630.

It’s a process. Natural & in style the rooftops –and write a book – to make sure other women had a handy resource with all the information they needed. many conventional products expose us to chemicals that can be absorbed through our skin. Being natural enhances. names harmful ingredients in widely used brands. It’s also spawned a blog. It can be an empowering journey to a new way of being. and tell companies that are using crappy ingredients why you don’t want to use theirs. and on a whim we decided to try it. its packaging may not be recyclable. weeks later. a carcinogen. “Once we learned how toxic and unnatural products were. their chic. When you stop doing that. While some people are motivated by the environment. or it may contain unhealthy preservatives. We had no idea at the time. what we had subjected ourselves to. and you feel really good. it’s really empowering! You feel like your looks are in your own hands. For Alexandra. “People in general are becoming increasingly aware of the chemicals in our everyday lives. And we want women to get more comfortable in their own skin!” Siobhan adds: “So buy what you love. “We went for a [hair-straightening] treatment called the Brazilian blowout. We just keep that message front and centre. And we’ve found that when you make the switch. citing its “truly clean ingredients” and “potent natural actives”. we do it because we’re passionate about it. we became intent on finding out how that was even possible. it’s transformative!” Many beauty companies take advantage of a trusting public and resort to what is known. “Siobhan is a big fan of the Rescue Gel and I’m partial to their Ultra Nourishing Mask. .” It’s a brand they describe on their website with the simple exclamation “Holy wow!”.Interview S iobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt are best friends. says Alexandra. It allows us to connect with people as they find out about these things. are now challenging some of the world’s biggest brands. explains Alexandra. on a surprisingly profound level. but also for the simple reason that natural products work. about doing something healthy for the planet. – Siobhan o’Connor Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt Sarah de Castro talks to two stylish women who have written a book that’s revolutionising the beauty industry. it’s really empowering! you feel like your looks are in your own hands. however. we’re proud to note the girls include some Kiwi products from Living Nature among their favourites. and the products they would love.” Natural beauty companies. and our Twitter and Facebook. “We want companies to stop using dangerous chemicals voluntarily. The motivation to make the switch from non-natural to green is gaining momentum. and you feel really good. “Once we found out. about doing something healthy for the planet.” These urbanites sport a look that is nothing less than we decided to scream it from When you make the switch. “We have this expression “chasing the beauty dragon”.” Yet the change to a natural lifestyle can be more far-reaching than just a consumer choice.” says Alexandra. speaking regularly in the media and at events. The pair have joined forces to co-author the hit release No More Dirty Looks: The Truth About Your Beauty Products and the Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics. or by force through regulation. to become a brand consultant for companies such as American Apparel. united by a passion for clean. safe and sustainable beauty. because preaching is annoying. or their kids’ health. gives expert tips and secrets from top scientists and dermatologists. It made us realise this movement is huge! So then we got our hands on the products and we loved them.” Brands like New Zealand’s Living Nature have illustrated the scope and depth of sustainable safe beauty. and it doesn’t inspire action and change. “We want to see truly organic and natural – not green-washed – products become more widely available and more affordable for everyone. “People have been really supportive! We think this is a word-of-mouth book. and because it’s fun. and it’s personal. Alexandra lets us in on a secret. Consumers are seeking an alternative to mainstream products made from artificial components. It features insider knowledge about the cosmetics industry. We wrote the book we wished already existed. as people become more aware of the earth’s distress. No More Dirty Looks is a guide to detoxing your beauty regime. “Being transparent and human is a big part of what we have always been about. consumers are being convinced how effective they are. We’ve gotten a lot of nice support from the media. www.” Finally. which even 10 years ago were considered niche.nomoredirtylooks. Other people still are motivated by vanity – they’re seeing that healthier food and beauty products make them look better”. Siobhan continues: “Green beauty is about doing what’s best for you – and the planet. Siobhan explains how she stays natural and honest with people around her. on a surprisingly profound level. Siobhan explains. which has since come under fire because it’s laced with formaldehyde. and what on earth was in all the other things we were using every day. “Greening your beauty can’t happen overnight. As truly natural products are becoming more widely available and accepted. green. this is a key issue for the future of natural beauty. We are doing what we love. This glamorous pair are the new superstars of a green beauty movement that is snowballing. New Yorker Siobhan is the senior editor of health magazine Prevention and Los Angeles dweller and journalist Alexandra has gone from roles as a television host and a modelling agent. We don’t want to preach. This is falsely claiming a product is natural. when you embrace your natural hair and your bare skin. safe or sustainable when it may contain questionable ingredients. as well as offering easy do-it-yourself beauty recipes. updated daily. It all started with an unfortunate experience. organic. In the non-regulated cosmetics industry. but it’s about women sharing it with their friends and sharing knowledge—that’s why our blog is so important. in the beauty industry as ‘green-washing’. which is all about chasing these alluring images that are completely unrealistic and have nothing to do with being a real woman. Says Alexandra: “We were thrilled to hear about a line like theirs from all the way on the other side of the world. others are motivated by health. all in one place. rather than compromises.

12. 10. 1. PHOTOGRAPHY Ian McRae Beautiful in the jar? Or in the mirror. $41. and in just 4 weeks. Yves Saint Laurent Duo Vernis Couleur in No3 Duo Belle de Nuit. $97. really. Lancôme Nail Vernis in 359. USA 1472/08 GC9004/BHQ . 5. Lancôme Le Crayon Khôl in Ultra Lavande. $60. Use the cream you think has to work because of the stunning package and even more stunning price tag. 8. $89. 12. 14. it will smooth even your deepest wrinkles. $15. 13. Use it every night. 9. Smashbox Lip Enhancing Lip Gloss in Pop.Get the tools to recreate visions of violet at home 3. In one short month. $47. $150. Elizabeth Arden Black Currant. 11. It’s pretty simple. Bobbi Brown Peony & Python Palette. $78. Clinique Quick Liner For Eyes in Intense Plum. $51. $31. Think about it. Lancôme Butterflies Fever in Glowy Ballerine. 5. 11. 7.99. 6. 8. 10. Maybelline New York Eyestudio Quad Shadow in Mad for Mauve. 6. 4. Ageless Intensives™ with Retinol SA. 2. Estée Lauder Eye Palette in Wild Violet. 14. 9. 3. 1. Lancôme Ombre Absolue Minerale Quad in Warm Harmony. $52. 2. $56. Or you can use the one that’s called ‘deep wrinkle’ because it actually means it. 4. Lancôme Hypnose Mascara in Purple. Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in Place Eye Pencil. 7. Neutrogena Ageless Intensive’s™ clinically-proven Retinol SA formula works continuously for a full 12 hours to renew skin. you’ll look younger than you do today. Lancôme Ombre Magnetique in Ultra Lavande. That’s what we call beautiful. $45. $77. 13. ® Trade Mark Neutrogena Corp.

what would was a no-brainer. glide onto the lips and are not drying. your skin fresh and youthful-looking by using natural foundations that are Q: Which celebrities have not heavy and add illumination. Many designers love using natural products themselves. Q: You’ve been working with Living Living Nature Smoulder eye pencil: Nature cosmetics for some time now. The Living Nature A: Be adventurous. Contouring the face and eyes with natural products is key to keep your skin looking smooth and glowing. or you wanting to differentiate through a natural offering? A: When I started to realise how unhealthy products with nasty chemicals in can be for your skin. I was employed by a leading New Zealand hair dressing company in their beauty division. Q: What makeup advice would you give to a woman in her 40s and over? A: Accentuate your eyes with soft. glow to your skin and are suitable for Q: What makeup advice would you woman of all ages.50 Illuminating tint $55 Concealer $37 Q: What drove this move? Was it client demand. It glides on effortlessly in a beautiful Which are you favorite products in the soft charcoal colour with a gold fleck. it Smoulder eye pencil $32 each . Q: How long have you been a makeup professional? A: I’ve been doing this for nine years. I became an instant convert to natural. Q: Are you seeing any growth in natural cosmetics in the Fashion Week scene? A: The beauty industry is recognising the importance and growth of “natural”. and the medium concealer has a slightly pink undertone which is perfect for concealing under-eye dark circles. shortly after. I think there will definitely be an increase of natural cosmetics used in the Fashion Week scene. so I think there will definitely be an increase of natural cosmetics used in the Fashion Week scene. A natural glossy lipstick will add volume to your lips. Lipstick .laughter $39. in her role as living Nature. victoria Territory Manager based in Melbourne. you worked with who prefer to use natural cosmetics? Q: What makeup advice would you A: Lorraine Downes is a huge give to a woman in her 30s? follower of Living Nature and Petra A: A strong red lip with natural Bagust is also a huge fan of natural eyes or a beautiful emphasised eye cosmetics. or as give to a woman in her 20s? an illuminator. The company Living Nature lipsticks: They are long-wearing in beautiful. range. I want to offer my clients and customers the safest.’ – lizzy Hyndman was passionate about natural products and what we are putting into our skin. with natural lips will keep you looking polished and will bring out your best Q: If you could recommend three features. For the first time my eyes were really opened to the risks of parabens and phenoxeythanol. natural shades. they be? The Living Nature concealer: It gives a creamy medium coverage. used alone. Colours cosmetic range. most effective cosmetics for their skin. Q: At what point in your career did you find yourself moving towards natural cosmetics? A: I started becoming more aware of natural skincare and cosmetics a few years ago. They give the best smokey eye look. Fortunately. Q: What is your favourite shoot during the past 12 months. complementary shades. We asked her about choosing to use natural products. fashion editorial and runway models. try new colours Bronzer looks natural on any skin tone and new techniques while keeping and has a beautiful shimmer. Keep your skin hydrated and Living Nature products from the glowing with soft mineral powders. it gives a fantastic Illuminating Tints. and why? which looks beautiful on any eye A: I am obsessed with the colour.In the makeup chair pASSIoNATe CoNveRT lizzy Hyndman offers all-natural makeup for beauty shoots. Smudged. and why? A: The Angela Lewis winter lookbook shoot – gorgeous sultry winter garments and beautiful sultry winter makeup created with Living Nature cosmetics.

8 Step Apply the black under your eye with a finer pencil brush. Hints l Your eyes will look extra amazing if you curl the lashes before applying mascara. $54.A.A. don't flick. wash a metallic highlighter directly along your brow bone using a blending brush. 10 Step Lashings of mascara top and bottom will complete the smokey eye. M.C Cosmetics MODEL Laura Allald-Fleischl @ Red11 4 Step Now smudge out the edge under your eye using a finer brush. which opens the eyes and draws even more of a focus to the eye area.C Concealer Brush #194.C 'Paparazz-She' Mega Metal. Although many women have tried on their own to capture the effect of the smokey eye's shadowy intensity below the browline.C Prolash Mascara $28 M.A. PHOTOGRAPHER Ian McRae MAKEUP by Amber D for M. so be patient when applying and use your blending brushes to ensure a flawless eye.A. Here's our fail-safe guide: M. $48. adding instant sex appeal and a sultry sophistication to your night-time makeup. 6 Step Sweep bronze eyeshadow lightly through the crease of the eye and softly over the eyelid. As long as they are tidy.C's Dipdown Fluidline Gel eyeliner (but any will do) and a #194 brush. 5 Step To highlight your brow bone. stop and fade the colour out. We used M. which means you won’t smudge colour into your perfect base. $73.A. so don’t worry if they aren't totally perfect. . apply the brown eyeshadow under the eyes from the outer corner of your eye and colour to the halfway point. It is a great neutral to choose. We used the M. failures are frequent.How To's Smokey The effect of a smouldering smokey eye can be devastating on any unsuspecting male. 9 Step Carefully run a soft black kohl eyeliner along the inner rim of your eye for added drama.C Opulash mascara in ‘Bad Bad Black’. Work the colour in a third of the way. Blend black and bronze eyeshadows for soft edges between colours.C Pencil Brush #219. $68. M. This simple how-to 1 Step Using the width of the brush.C Eyeliner in Smolder.C Mega Metal Eye Shadow in Paparazz.A. M. apply the brown base half-way up your eyelid.A.C #219 Pencil Brush. Here we used M. which easily smudges and blends the eyeshadow. Press. so try applying an evening or two before the big occasion. M. making it appropriate for any occasion.C Mega Metal Eye Shadow in Peek at You. 2 Step Now blend the top edge of the product using a blending brush to soften the line of colour and fill it upward to the natural crease of your eye. or applying the colour so subtly you miss the effect altogether. $48. such as M.A. $48. 3 Step Using the tip of the brush.A. Helpful l Just remember that a smokey eye is never perfect without being blended.A. starting at the outer corner.A. 7 Step Apply a black matte eyeshadow to the lash line edge using the flat edge of a shader brush.A.C Shading Brush #239. try applying your foundation once your eyes are finished. which is tear-resistant.C Blending Brush #217. fading from the outside. M. so that you know what you are doing and feel confident on the day.A. l If you tend to get a little messy with your eye makeup application.C Viva Glam V in Lipstick or Lipglass. you’ll be fine.See here how much stronger the right eye is. l Try pairing your smokey eye with a nude lip.A. $36. M. l Practice makes perfect. l Smokey eyes should be a little rock’n’roll. This will open the eye area and contrast. eyes guide will prevent you falling for two of the most common errors – overdoing the look. We used M.

How To's easy Like your hairstyle. 2 Step Identify the start. $36. High arches exaggerate everything. alas. top. Off smudge brush. So the trick is to create the illusion of evenness in length. Start with a great shape from a brow artist. so as not to create blunt ends. $26. A little hairspray on a mascara wand can work wonders. l When wearing a strong brow. Stop every few hairs to assess the shape. but eyeshadow is designed to blend. Billion Dollar Brows brow boost. Just like visiting a hairdresser. 5 Step Set brows into place with Billion Dollar brow gel. . gently apply brow powder to fill gaps and create a straight line underneath and along the top to the arch. avoiding the bulk of the brow. (or any other gel) as shown above. though less is more! l For a slicker look. They give balance to your face but. thickness. l Don’t try to substitute an eyeshadow for a brow powder. matte and not move. Billion Dollar Brows highlighter/concealer duo. l Brows should sit full and flat. $29. often ‘sisters. so knowing your measurements is key. the more youthful. Helpful 4 Step Using an angled brush. l Trimming long or unruly brow hairs is often preferable to removing them. $26. apply brow gel before adding the brow powder. end and highest point as directed above using the inner (for the start) and outer nasal fold (for the arch and end) as the anchor point. not twins’ – generally never the same. your brows are an expression of your personal style and work in harmony with your face shape and features. Brow powder pigments are designed to be subtle. Straight lines between these points provide a guide. $36. 6 Step To open the eye and define shape. flatter brow. Hints Off dual-ended angled brow brush. l The flatter and stronger the brow. even some hair gel or wax. the same principle applies as strong eyeshadow – go for nude lips. then fake it with clever brow dressing. Taper the tail. then underneath in the direction of the hair growth. it 1 Step Look at brows objectively to identify evenness or gaps. Tweeze between. as this can create holes and gaps. A good brow has proportion through angles. or for heavy-duty hold. This is something that professionals do. 3 Step Tweeze. PHOTOGRAPHER Ian McRae MAKE UP Rebekah Banks BROW TECHNICIAN Ericka McQuinn-Taylor & Courtney Hunter @ Off Wax Brow Bar WRITING Nicky Shore @ Off Wax Brow Bar MODEL Victoria @ Red 11 Max Factor Xperience Volumising Mascara. place a semi-circle of highlighter under the arch and blend with a synthetic brush. are Brows is often a journey to great brows.99. Today’s trend is a more youthful fuller. arch placement and balance.

perfect for making a statement with strong eyes. The growth cycle for a plucked brow hair is 64 days. and having the arch in the middle of the brow (usually it’s two-thirds through). rough up the brow hairs in the anchor and maybe some in the bulk. which side you sleep on. $26. feel. Billion Dollar Brows brow boost. $26. $36. 3 Step Use brow powder a tone darker if you like drama. Helpful l Only remove one hair at a time – every one counts. It can stop producing that hair for a number of reasons. Billion Dollar Brows highlighter and concealer duo. l Common mistakes are having brows start too far apart (making eyes look wider apart). Billion dollar brows brow powder in four shades. however this is definitely best left to the professionals to create a strong clean line. l Make sure you tweeze hairs in the direction of the hair growth and hold the skin taunt. It takes the basic 1 Step Work your brow look with strong eye makeup too – opt for a classic smokey eye. This helps the powder to hold and create depth. brows have even been bleached out completely to create an androgynous. l It is a myth that brows should never be shaped from above. taking off too much from the anchor to the arch. On the catwalk this season. the same principle applies as strong eyeshadow – go for nude lips. instead there is a finite number of times it will produce a hair. Off smudge brush. so you need to be patient if you’re waiting for them to grow back. $35. one of which is overplucking. top. . 6 Step A strong brow deserves strong eye make.79. along the line from the anchor to the arch and blend to exaggerate the stronger look. 4 Step Apply highlighter under the arch. but the overall look is still groomed. Other common influencers are genetics.up – complement with a smokey eye and nude lips. $36. L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes Extra-Black. bigger angles. Hints l Eyebrows are the slowest-growing hairs on our body. l When you’re wearing a strong brow. for more ready-to-wear brows.How To's Wow Brows are becoming an integral part of a woman’s look. 5 Step Using brow gel. the trend to bigger brows is taken one step further with the fierce brow. PHOTOGRAPHER Ian McRae MAKE UP Rebekah Banks BROW TECHNICIAN Ericka McQuinn-Taylor & Courtney Hunter @ Off Wax Brow Bar WRITING Nicky Shore @ Off Wax Brow Bar MODEL Victoria @ Red 11 Off dual-ended angled brow brush. 2 Step Conceal over the brow. more textured. lower. Taper the tail. However. $36. l There is no specific age when the hair follicle shuts up shop. Wayward hairs on the anchor (inside ends) are embraced and allowed to be a bit rugged. blending with a synthetic brush. or how much your rub your face. Create more depth using stronger lines underneath the brow and squaring off the anchor – think clean. Twilight-inspired Brows brow and makes it bolder.

We used M. so don’t give up if it’s not quite right the first time! Keep lashes in the box they came in. keeping eyes closed for about 30 seconds. but if you want a really drop-dead gorgeous lash. volume and effect.C’s Boot Black Liquid Eyeliner.A. We used M.A. $40.C Lashes #4. beginning from the base up. sometimes using a full set for drama. Check all corners are secure. We like M. curl your lashes with an eyelash curler to open up the eye.A.A. Apply evenly.C Prolash Mascara. M. Makeup artists swear by false lashes. try a half-size lash. M. $46. Hints 7 Step Then push both corners down.How To's False Modern mascaras can boost the intensity and length of lashes to amazing effect. so the false and natural lashes will bond together . starting from the outer end of the lashes. 9 Step l If you aren’t comfortable using a full lash. well-placed clusters for filling 1 Step Finish all eye makeup. $26. M. 2 Step Apply mascara. 10 Step Try to only use a small amount of mascara through the false lashes.A. PHOTOGRAPHER Ian McRae MAKEUP Amber D for M. First push the lash into the middle of your eyelid. You should be able to reuse false lashes two or three times. Always have mascara applied prior to affixing lashes.C Liquid Eyeliner in Boot Black.A. and should start where your natural lashes do. 8 Step Use liquid eyeliner along the glue line to ensure perfection – and hide any mistakes! We used M. Helpful l Remember that practice makes perfect and false lashes can be tricky. $28. Run a touch of mascara through the lashes.C Cosmetics MODEL Kirstin Davies @ Red 11 4 Step Now trim the lashes accordingly. tilt your head back and look down into the mirror.C #4 Lashes. M. 5 Step Place a touch of glue on your hand and use a cotton tip to run a small amount of glue along the filament of the lash.A. 3 Step Measure the lash to fit your eye – they shouldn’t touch the inner corner of your eye.C Jeanius Eye Shadow in Diva in Distress.C #20 half lashes and Duo Adhesive Lash Glue. Gently push the outer corner slightly up to open up the eye.C Pro Lash which is great for added volume. You need confidence and a steady hand to apply false eyelashes. You’ll even see them just dividing a lash into a few. paying special attention to outer corners. 6 Step Hold the lash in the centre with your fingertips.A. for protection before re-use. lashes thin patches or drawing the eye to (or away from) uneven features. you probably need some help.A. as they will be easier to apply to the outer half of the eye. Have a spare pair handy in case of disasters.

AIMIE Fiebig is a makeup artist who is back home in Auckland after living in Sydney for nine years. especially if you have sensitive skin that reacts to harsh cleansers. It is a mild cleanser though. it doesn’t stay on your face for more than a couple of minutes – but it left my skin clean and happy. Love the instant foam. 150ml. My skin felt soft and clean. This product did not feel drying at all.” PHOTOGRAPHY Ian McRae and supplied . you’ll love this product. I am a fan of natural skincare and would recommend this product to someone who is looking for a natural beauty regime. I was concerned a balm might leave my skin feeling greasy. I love that all of the product’s plant ingredients are certified organic and they are also Cradle to Cradle gold-certified. especially for travel . they’re there to get rid of makeup.” Jurlique Balancing Foaming Cleanser 200ml $63 LUCY: “As is often the case with green products the smell took a little getting used to. It felt creamy yet gentle enough around my eye area. pores unclogged. The smell is really mild. After using this product on it. Washed off easily. Not the case with this – it barely smudged my makeup and left an oily residue on my skin even after through rinsing. “After all. packaging and in the energy used to produce them. We set our girls to do this task. I did require a double cleanse to completely get rid of waterproof mascara. It wasn’t as moisturising as the other products. it contains rosemary essential oil.” AIMIE: “I love the no mess pump and a little goes a long way with this product. 125ml. Which is good – clearly it’s not laden with sodium lauryl sulphate. Her industry perspective is useful for seeing through the hype as she tests our products to decide which cleansing products should make the cut. Its sensitive formula left my skin clean and relaxed. but I will definitely be keeping this balm on hand for removing more stubborn makeup from eyes and lips. but everyday makeup disappeared like magic and the massaging required made my skin plump. but that’s the only thing to recommend it. orange fruit water and lavender. but this wasn’t the case at all. I’ve never used a balm before and I really love this product – it’s fantastic. sunscreen and dirt – they’re not on your face long enough to soak right into your pores or get rid of pigmentation so as long as it removes your makeup without stinging or irritation.” KATE: “Usually milky cleansers like this are effective at dissolving dirt and makeup. It left my face feeling clean and doesn’t leave a feeling of residue that heavier cleansers can. I love Clinique for it’s fragrance-free ranges and this balm is no exception. It felt light on the skin and easily washed off. It also smells delicious. where she worked on all the glossies. “ AIMIE: “I found it was great size. but it still felt I needed to apply moisturiser straight away. but don’t always rinse clean. but still highly recommended. I instantly loved this product. This cleanser left my skin feeling clean and tight but didn’t work well on eye makeup. soft and hydrated.” Skinfood. removed makeup and left my skin feeling velvety. Cleans All 100ml $12. it’s done its job well. Russh and Harpers Bazaar. “I would use this cleanser after a makeup remover as I felt it worked well on a makeup free face. I still like to have a cream cleanser in the shower for days when I have only applied minimal makeup. LUCY Sparks works in advertising in the Auckland market. but a double cleanse does the trick to get rid of everything. I like the antioxidant formula and trust that it does work to protect skin from the pollutants our skin is exposed to every day. Don’t be put off by its greasiness – it dissolves makeup and grime and rinses almost perfectly clean. $66 LUCY: “If you are a fan of Kiehl’s. I’ve used other Jurlique cleansers regularly and love them. Clinique. Take the Day off Cleansing Balm. but still soft without any build-up. It washes off nicely and my skin felt hydrated. $64 LUCY: “The balm is so smooth and creamy it glides on and takes makeup off without any rubbing. This cleanser is easy to apply and works into a light lather on your skin. This product does exactly what it sets out to do and it’s a dream to use. My skin felt deeply cleansed. It removed all my makeup. while foamy enough to spread easily and get rid of the day.” KATE: “It pays not to be a price snob when it comes to cleansers. I have used foaming cleansers before but the squirt pump doesn’t dispense the product as a foam so it takes a moment to get to work on your skin. Needs to be applied to a damp face to spread it out. but this pump-delivered mousse is airy and soft.” AIMIE: “Another great pump and size. it was not unpleasant but a strong herb-y scent. Perfect for in the shower and on the go. The smell is very herby and is a refreshing change from the fruity or florally products we generally see. I’m not convinced the touted antioxidant properties deliver – after all. my skin felt clean and soothed. The smell is mild and barely there. including Marie Claire. You can smell the essential oils. worthy experience. but needed more than just the one application. “The aloe and manuka honey are soothing properties which I really love. yet clean. You’d want to use an eye makeup remover in conjunction with this cleanser. removing eye makeup. Which it does. I found it the best for removing eye makeup. It’s not the best makeup removing cleanser ever. so if your beauty regime involves heavier products this product may be too gentle for you. It’s rich and moisturising. Kate is a beauty junkie who has an in-depth knowledge of products and is up with the latest in skincare developments. but this was a complete disappointment. This means that they are eco-friendly: with minimal impact on creating the products with environmentally safe ingredients.” AIMIE: “Being a huge fan of anything oily. in addition to Acai extract. Its scent is fairly subtle and lavender-ish. which made this product enjoyable to use.” KATE: “It might seem weird to put a cleanser’s texture as its best trait. It smells great. as it seemed to disappear quite quickly. I applied to a damp face and lathered the product with warm water. but struggled with mascara.99 LUCY: “I was pleasantly surprised by this – I had thought that a cheaper supermarket brand wasn’t as effective or nice to use as other brands.” KATE: “This balm is incredibly luxe – swiping it out of the pot and massaging it in is a spa- Kiehl’s Damage Minimizing Cleanser. It felt surprisingly soothing on the skin for a foaming cleanser.” KATE Montgomery is a former beauty editor and public relations consultant.Women on Trial WOmEN ON tRIAL It’s one of the most important steps in your daily grooming routine – cleansing. This cleansed without being drying and worked a treat to remove longlasting makeup. Which this did. aloe vera juice. using the right cleanser for your skin type is just as important as finding a good moisturizer.

I prefer moisturisers to be very mild when it comes to smell. for sure! When I had a flat-top and lived in Hamilton I used to rock out to the clubs with my fresh clay-do. but I will have to buy some now. The bonus is that it has SPF15! Even though I’m pretty good at applying sunblock. I really liked it – until it went missing… hmm. as I find they can make me get all hot and sweaty. but give it a try! This is not too thick and not too oily and it sets with a matte finish. It seemed to work. It helps to reduce inflammation. but there’s a pleasant lack of any greasy after-feel. PHOTOGRAPHY supplied STEVE: “It feels watery and easy to apply. I’ve never had the need to use it in the past. which is good. Mine isn’t! It has a low scent. I put it on every night before I hit the town! ” MARC: “Yeah. MARC: “Applying it is cool. watch out!” MARC spells his name with a C. I personally love having a ‘kina’ as they call it. $5. Nowadays my hair is a little longer and I tend to let it do it’s own thing but this was good for securing down frizzy ends. 150ml. there are some days that I might forget so it’s good to know you’ve got coverage regardless of applying it additionally. yummy smell and its thick texture makes it a joy to put on after a long day or a big workout at the gym. and the next looking at cattle in Southland for a client. This sounds like a cure for a hangover. and hosts some of Auckland’s best parties. it is important to protect your skin from those damaging UVA and UVB rays that cause skin to burn and dehydrate.” STEVE: “It had a great putty feel to it. seems to apply very well. I had never before tried a natural after-shave balm so I was intrigued. producing events. When you are 17 and this is a constant problem it is not to good for your self-esteem. This wonderful product to me smells like ginger. and is one half of DJ duo People Of Paris. Now. Steve has a background in board sports and surfs as much as he can. $32. It gave a gentle fizzing sensation as it touched my skin and fended off break-outs. I have used an array of face moisturisers in my time and this thick. It’s a great must-have for men!” MARC: “This face cream is quite thick but once applied it felt pretty nice. The results were fantastic. This L’Oréal one was nice and light. I’ve never used a spray deodorant before because I prefer a roll-on. It went missing.Men on Trial mEN ON tRIAL Men. Dove Men Care Clean Comfort Deodorant. which is good. which can make for some slippery sliding. It has made my skin less oily and it’s so effective that it has very similar results to using a toner. It smells fantastic and has a ‘force-5’ rating on its effectiveness. It smells relatively odourless. so some moisturisers can make my skin a bit red and inflamed. Literally. I clean-shaved. contemporary and stylish packaging alone would make l’oréal paris Hydra energetic Moisturising lotion. $16. $27 SARGE: “Just last year I decided to shave my head for the first time. We enjoyed their responses. When you do this trick. dried it and then applied this miracle medicine. I would certainly recommend it to a friend. with a passion for people. it stops your short hair from becoming frizzy and keeps it strong. really subtle. but I prefer odourless deodorant and to use fragrance for scent. $115 SARGE: “Wow! This product is in a league of its own. but I’d only recommend it if you don’t want to use a nice fragrance and you like the smell. claiming to be French when in fact he is not. because to me the brand-name lends itself to a chick’s product. but this product has changed the way I will live forever! I would tell all my blokey mates to make sure they use this for their “20-second l’oréal professionel Homme Clay. but this balm def makes a huge difference after shaving with an electric shaver. I had always just trimmed my facial hair since I was a teenager as I would always break out badly after I cleanshaved. It might sound silly. I don’t want it to conflict with other smells I might apply later. but not every day. almost soothing. This would be one of my favourite products to review this issue as I have noticed great results from using it. it was a challenge to work out how to get into it through the packaging. I have used this type of product before. Ladies. in fact at all times of the year. I’ve never used this type of product before but I may consider it now. washed my face and neck. They should use their own! We found three guys to road-test a selection of men’s products to see what they thought. Its incredible. but your hands stay greasy for a while afterwards. I knew that Trilogy Natural Actives For Men After Shave Balm was for me. He could be in downtown Auckland one day.” SARGE: “If there’s one thing that gets me. smooth cream is an absolute delight to apply to my face. do I have the product for you… L’Oréal Professional Homme 5 Force Clay. It smells sexy and masculine.” SARGE: “During the summer months. SARGE is a communications specialist. I shaved for the first time in quite some time last week.” . Not only does this product protect your skin from the harshness of everyday exposure. Our skin is such a precious and sensitive part of the face. 100ml. just when your fro gets out of control to tame it down a bit. My skin can take a hammering from being in the surf and sun and this has a cool and refreshing feeling. It has a very subtle. not too bad. 50ml. which I like.” SARGE: “From the moment I read ‘advanced natural skincare’.90 MARC: “I use a Dermalogica balm usually. It seems to function well.. Marc?! “It’s a great product. My magnificent hairdresser Natalie Jensen at Hamilton Books Hairdressing told me about this trick. I almost cut my finger off! It’s got a strong odour. I have to admit that I am definitely a ‘roll-on’ man.… They say they’re not too fazed about using beauty products. In fact. dark and thick on your head. it’s when you apply spray-on deodorant and it burns… But Dove Clean Comfort Deodorant not once has managed to give me that horrid sensation. Maybe they should rebrand and call it something tough like Eagle! I’d def buy Eagle deodorant. This worked great. His hair is looking pretty flash these days. if you ask me! “But it really does work. This was definitely an effective product. I applied it morning and night for a week with great success! If you have that problem you must try this product. It’s soft and gentle on my skin no stinging. I have used this product before and I like it and would definitely recommend it to a friend. I haven’t tried Dove before either. and has a very organic or herby smell. He also co-owns fashion label Stolen Girlfriends Club. as Marc has mine. I’m an ambassador for natural products. No one wants to get burnt while having a latte at their local. And I noticed the hydration lasted a lot longer than other products I’ve used.” you pick it up off the store counter.” STEVE: “Well. He’s the other half of People of Paris. It helped me to look 10 years’ younger (although I think the actual shaving may have a big part to play there). and it is so soothing on your skin. The fragrance was supernice. lightly towel-dry and apply some product into it.99 MARC: “I quite liked this moisuriser. At the time of writing he was also ‘very single’.” Trilogy After Shave Balm. Age-less Face Cream. but I will now because I like the cooling effect. like a deodorant should. It definitely worked.” lab Series. The moisturiser itself is a funky blue colour that matches the vibrant packaging! It’s very easy to apply and rubs effortlessly into the skin! This is a must-have for Kiwi men as it’s a lifesaver for your skin. I love ginger. I believe.” STEVE: “It feels very cooling. 50ml.41 shower in a can”. fitness – and having a good time. plus my skin is quite sensitive. Even in the height of summer it kept me smelling fresh. actually! I like that it has an SPF built in too. yet they’re happy to reach for ours. it is always helpful to wet your hair. There’s no smell. but it also has vitamin C and antioxidants in it. I am super-fussy with moisturisers. and I have suspicion that Marc Moore has stolen it! [Steve and Marc live together]. STEVE is the co-founder of clothing brand Huffer. that’d be bad-ass. When you have a shaved head like mine which is cut down to around a size 2 blade..I guess at least it kept nasty body odour at bay.” STEVE: “It feels buttery at first.

He says the best thing you can do is keep your hair in amazing condition.” . Sonia Rykiel. But most of all… “Have fun with your hair. Richard Kavanagh. Rag and Bone.Hair Name Article Article Name pHoToGRApHeR: Marissa Findlay STylIST: Justine Hunter HAIR: Richard Kavanagh MAKeup: Aimie Fiebig MoDelS: Alexus @ Monarch Nicole @ 62 Models Inspired by the catwalks of paris. Marc Jacobs and Jil Sander. Milan & New york Here are the latest hair trends. Alexander McQueen. Bottega Veneta. use the best products and always see your salon professional. from backstage to our pages. who worked with Guido Palau’s team at the international collections. recreates some of his favourite looks from Prada.

gold. Superfine Bow Necklace gold. $836. $1713. $630. Inspired by… Jil Sander.Inspired by… Bottega veneta Huffer Soft Pink dress. . Scattered Star necklace. Reed Krakoff up-do Karen Walker dress. $199.

Stolen Girlfriends Club Circle ring. $460. $240. $290. . $389. $795. Tenderizer ring $350. Inspired by… Rag and Bone Trelise Cooper Compatibility dress. Balloon necklace. and Rose Stem necklace. $170.Inspired by… McQueen Cybele velvet dress. Tenderizer bracelet.

Iain used Makeup Me products. manufactured in New York and soon to be distributed to outlets throughout the country. coated with a copper lip gloss. then styled her hair using her natural curls. He gave hair a conditioning boost with L’Oréal Powerdose conditioning mask. more vibrant texture. Iain finished off with a fleshy toned lipstick. C mE OvER He suggestes using a brush before applying your straighteners for a more polished look. decided Claire looked great blonde and introduced multi-shades of pastel. which illuminates the skin. He then ran his ghd Gold Styler through the ends. afterwards Iain used ghd Thermal Protection spray and smoothed the hair out with a medium round brush. Natural-level lowlights had to be intermixed to avoid a severe regrowth. Colour Director of Me Salon. Beach Fizz Playball was sprayed in to enhance the curl and movement. iridescent and clean blondes. Sandra Riach. Iain chose terracotta and coppers to bring out the intensity of her eye colour. . A little brush of bronzer helped connect her face with her late-summer skin colour. so Me Salon owner Iain Smith made the decision to cut it off – up to the jaw line – something Claire had never done before. The summer holidays had stripped her hair of moisture and left it dry and fluffy.Makeover mAkE HAIR/MAKeup/pHoToGRApHy: Iain Smith ColouRIST: Sandra Riach ASSISTANT: Andy Grant MoDel: Claire Sullivan laire is a 46-year-old mum who had been wearing her hair longer and was ready for a total revamp. Lush mascara helped plump out her lashes. Smith always uses Sheer Veil. but still feminine. Then for makeup. giving a healthy. Iain explained a graduated nape area falling into softness and length around the face would be flattering for her. then gently diffused with a dryer. He always uses a lip liner on older women to bring back definition to the lip line. Claire admitted she had been wearing her hair up anyway. again drawing focus to her eyes. soft and chic. Mineral PhotoTouch Foundation gave Claire’s skin a fresh palette to work on. During the consultation. To change the look.

but you definitely need to and give us your details.beautyhqmag. If you’d like the chance to star on the pages of BeautyHQ Magazine. BeautyHQmag. simply visit .NEW FRESh FACE Could it be you? PHOTOGRAPHY Guy Coombes MODEL Caitlin @ Red 11 We’re searching for our You’ll never know unless you enter. We’re looking for fresh new faces for our fashion and beauty shoots. You don’t have to be a model to enter.

a process which can make us look younger. The findings explain for the first time why life-long exercisers age more gracefully. dry skin and curly. Big-boned. forgiving. pitta and kapha. Ayurvedic wisdom decrees that each person is a unique combination of the three fundamental biological principles or “doshas”: vata. In the study. Pittas are of medium height and build. This little fishy is also good for your waistline. free-radical fighting blueberries and antioxidant megabrew green tea. iStock and supplied a decline in cognitive abilities. and patient and are often drawn towards caring professions such as nursing and social work. manuka for regeneration and letting go of old thought patterns. fight the hands of time on your own terms by hitting the gym or the pavement and raising a sweat on a regular basis. so it’s also ideal for inflammatory skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis. But here are a few to add to the list that may surprise you: One of the first plants to be cultivated by It contains sweet almond oil. Vatas usually have a thin frame with prominent bones and joints. If you need a helping hand to hit the hay. helping soothe the itch and improve the look of flaky skin. New Zealand company Emotional Rescue Skincare has created a range of body lotions which harness the tried and true therapeutic benefits of flower essences – to care for the skin while they relieve stress and restore emotional balance. There was an eight per cent decrease in the chance of caesarean delivery for every inch increase in a woman’s height. healthy muscles – and hold our aging bones in place. obesity. and cool. diabetes and cardiovascular diseases – not to mention Balance your doshas with a nice cuppa Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old healing system that hails from India. you could find your sleep patterns a bit out of kilter. Go for darkskinned figs – they contain more nutrients. with none of that nasty artery-clogging trans-fat. lemon balm and magnesium. Skincare with emotional benefits Stow away a tube of this in your handbag to help keep your emotions in check during times of stress. PHOTOGRAPHY Ian McRae. to improve confidence in shy people. highly organised and intelligent. the hazy days of summer are behind us for another year. Among the flower essences included are begonia. but we humans have a lot to thank our furry four-legged friends for. Rosemary may grow like a weed. Sleep and Relax Rescue. Teeming with selenium. we are more likely to suffer from diseases such as osteoporosis. These delicious little fruits can also help lower blood-sugar and insulin levels. each designed to correct an imbalance in the dosha to “reinvent the body. It is said that every one of us has all three energies – but we can easily get out of balance. Lullaby Baby Rescue. Their skin is thick. but this aromatic herb contains an acid (carnosic) that seems to spark a process that helps protect the brain from damage rom free radicals. smooth. oily warm skin that burns easily. or if you’re a worrier it can allay unwarranted fears and anxiety while helping to put things into perspective. which helps the body lower cholesterol and process fat. and mind”. Antioxidant selenium helps preserve elastin and may also shield the skin against damage from UV exposure – but a tuna sandwich for lunch doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen. these forms of exercise also appeared to improve the levels of “spontaneous locomotion” – the feeling that tells our bodies to just get up and dance! If we are sedentary as we age. resurrect the mind and eliminate the disconnect between the body. The range includes three new teas. Relaxing Tea and Soothing Tea. but plenty of niacin. They can be assertive. Shorter mums-to-be are more likely to end up giving birth via c-section than their taller counterparts. . kapha’s hair is thick and wavy. soul. including Invigorating Tea. it could encourage the performance of young. with Animals can boost kids’ immune systems They don’t ask much from us. The key to holding back the clock lies in our muscles Tel Aviv University researchers have just discovered that endurance exercise – such as running or those gruelling spin classes – increases the number of muscle stem cells and enhances their ability to rejuvenate old muscles. Welsh men have something to thank their national emblem for – studies show that leeks can reduce the risk of prostate cancer and support sexual functioning. www. Blackmores may have the answer with the new Sleep Sound Formula. The long and the short of caesarean births The latest obstetrics research on caesarean deliveries has shown up an unusual trend. Children who grow up around animals – farm animals or household pets – are not only less likely to develop allergies.Health health News health News Good Good by Tania Malone George Discover the lesser-known ‘superfoods’ We hear a lot about ‘superfoods’ such as lycopen-loaded cooked tomatoes. These cousins of onion and garlic are also packed with potassium. loving. calcium and B vitamin folic acid. If you’ve enjoyed a full social calendar of nights out over the past few months. Personality-wise they are creative. which will help keep kids healthy as they get older. aggressive. Researcher Professor Dafna Benayahu says. and forget-me-not for remembering yourself and your worthiness. figs help the body maintain ideal pH levels making it harder for pathogens to invade. insecure and anxious. “With this advance. The original Emotional Rescue Body Lotion may help calm the body’s initial reaction to stress. we can let ourselves dream about creating a new drug for humans – one that could increase muscle mass and ameliorate the negative effects of aging. Now the Chopra Center has brought the knowledge and wisdom of ayurveda to customers of Harney and Sons Fine Teas. Weight Rescue and Mr Emotional Rescue for Men are also available in this unique range. If researchers can discover a way to pep up these cells in our muscles. They have fragile. They are compassionate. strong kaphas have a tendency to be overweight. artistic. tuna should be as important to your skincare regime as your most trusted moisturiser. pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E. Natural option for a good night’s sleep It’s sad but true. This natural herbal alternative to pharmaceuticals supports the body’s natural ability to sleep soundly and deeply – and contains valerian.” Or better still. This prolific little plant also appears to guard against degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.harneyteas. coarse hair. but certain immune system chemicals indicate stronger immune system activation.

the skin is dissected off the platysma bands in the neck to the mid-line where. It takes around five hours and is done as a day case under a general anaesthetic. Nurse Angela Frazer at Prescription Skincare has been administering Botox for the past 13 years. usually augmented by fat injections to restore lost youthful volume. The result is improved definition. framed by arching brows. We neglect our necks. Tightening the platysma backwards behind the ear and removing excess skin will further enhance a smooth result. which is the strong fibrous layer lying in the face between the skin and the muscles of facial expression and extending into the neck as the platysma bands – looseness gives the ‘turkey gobbler’ look in older age. This results in the two planes and two directions of the ‘biplanar’ lift. We remedy that area constantly.” PHOTOGRAPHY iStock and supplied . or you might have surgery or liposuction. the platysma muscle bands are brought together to give a snug fit. because Nefertiti’s long neck is perfectly balanced by her high widening crown. “In those. this is not a lunchtime procedure. by Tamsin Marshall was once told. the scars migrate forwards and the skin stretches again. such as a plastic surgeon or very well qualified medical professional who has been approved for applying advanced Botox techniques. one that creates a more subtle result. crow’s feet and forehead lines) in adults. We lose collagen and elastin. She describes this non-surgical treatment as minimally invasive. just like Nefertiti and the real patient shown in this article. Patients are seated upright. Similarly the jaw line is injected at specific sites along the jaw. through a separate short transverse incision under the point of the chin. The ‘Smas’ lift Dr Gilbert highly recommends a neck and face-lift operation he performed recently on But there are limits to what a surgeon can achieve. The skin is cleansed and once the platysmal bands are identified Botox is injected deep into the dermis along the band. safe and effective. and is the only international board member on the American Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists. The deep layer is in this way moved upwards in the face and the skin is moved backwards in the face and neck without tension. you must have the deep facial tissues (smas) lifted surgically. “In the longer-necked patient. Plastic surgeon Dr Stephen Gilbert FRCS. slender neck with small chin. His patients find it often works in their favour in business: “Younger people who took you for granted before now want to be your friend – and employ you. even with hair tied back. “Simple ‘weekend’ skin lifts and ‘S’ lifts cannot possibly give this result. Dr Gilbert recommends the High Extended Biplanar smas lift. or who consider themselves too young for surgery. She is recognised internationally for her services to skin care and injecting technique.” Instead. by an appearance medicine insider. complications are minimal. elegant.” he explains. The long vertical muscle bands (platysma) in the front of your neck need to be sewn together and loose skin and platysma smoothed out and removed behind your ears. The second requires more downtime – it’s at least 10 days before you’d want to be seen in public and even then the true results aren’t fully visible until a few months have passed. “It’s very good for those wanting to treat just this area. it’s the downward pull of the platysma muscle and the ptosis (drooping) of the facial portion of the muscle that creates jowls. and we notice mini-chins and loose skin. because it gives a longer lasting and more natural result.” says Dr Gilbert.Article Name Cosmedics Fit for a Queen The Nefertiti Neck lift This procedure is named after the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. he says. “There’s a beautiful contemporary limestone bust in the Egyptian section of the Berlin museum which shows why.” Let’s be clear. It’s that sagging under the chin that drives our desire to hitch it back skyward. a straight well proportioned slightly turned-up nose. You’ll need looking after that night by a responsible adult. It is not indicated for use in the lower face. “Of course you cannot expect a long elegant neck after a face and neck lift if your anatomy is short and stumpy.” says Dr Gilbert. To get the best out of a neck lift and. “The ‘smas’ stands for superficial musculoaponeurotic system. known as a High Extended Bi-Planar ‘smas’ lift. This I loss of volume and the subsequent hollowing out under the eyes and around the mouth makes the face look less youthful. Dr Gilbert says the operation improves both patients’ physical appearance and their confidence. There are two ways to create a more youthful neckline – as a first step you might consider using Botox to soften the platysmal bands (the Nefertiti Neck Lift). if done correctly. but many professionals suggest Botox to help reduce both wrinkles and prominent band-like lines. but what isn’t so easy to fix is the lower half of the face. The problem with age is that everything travels south. mascara-edged eyes. with a resulting loss of definition of the chin and jaw line.” she advises.” Non-surgical treatment of the neck and bands with Botox can re-contour the jaw line and soften the platysmal bands. Technically speaking. this will give a stunning result – like Nefertiti. Ultimately surgery has the best outcome. It’s not a widely known treatment due to restrictions around the prescribed use of Botox. that no one ever gets a facelift because of their forehead. Here’s how to revive an older neck. because it helps clients look better quickly and with very little downtime. tension in the skin gives a tight look. who three thousand years ago was considered the most beautiful woman in the world. if you have the right anatomy. high cheek bones and wide.” The skin is separated off the smas to about mid-cheek and then the smas is dissected and pulled upwards and backwards to be anchored securely to deeper tissue in the front of the top of the ear. especially for older clients or those who have undergone significant weight loss. Clearly the first is the most temporary option. The skin is opened up behind the front part of the ear (tragus) and in the crease behind the ear so the scar should not show. the result lasting little more than the week after the weekend. in front of your ears to make the area under your chin snug. which is the key to creating a natural. or perhaps what’s fairer to say is that suddenly time catches up with us. possibly something like Nefertiti’s. says Dr Gilbert. or the more contemporary example – Audrey Hepburn. but under section 29 of the Act it is allowed to be used at the discretion of the prescribing doctor. If you are in skilled hands. near-vertically. “She was famous for a long. FRACS (Plastic) says those same features are still the hallmarks of female beauty today. creating a ‘mini’ lift. skin cell renewal turns over more slowly. non-stretched look. Working from behind the ear. A slender neck is the ultimate beauty ideal. a lift and elevation to the corners of the mouth. a 50-year-old patient. trained and skilled is a must. Using someone trustworthy. Botox is approved for use in temporary improvement in the appearance of upper facial rhytides (glabellar lines.

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