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Specialized Radiation Safety Training Courses for:

Nurses Orientation H ou sek ee pin g S taff M ain ten an ce a nd En gin ee ring Sta ff Police Department Fire Department Oc cup atio na l M ed ical S erv ice S taff Animal Studies Personnel M PW Han dlers Construction W orkers You may request these training courses by contacting the Radiation Safety Training Office at 496-2255.

Frequently Accessed Radiation Safety Websites Registration

Training Procedures

Dosimeter Evaluation Form

Radiation Safety Training Courses

Requirements for Minors

Declared Pregnancy Form Radiation Safety for Clinical Center Em ployees

A great introduction to radiation and radioactive material for new Clinical Ce nte r staff not directly handling radioactive material. Training is located online at:

Monthly Contamination Form

Area H ealth Physicists

Radioactive Decay Calculator

Special Clinical Staff Training

Materials Available from DRS:

Radionu clide Facts (Nuclide Specific) Our Radioactive World Informing Research Subjects About Radiation Instructions Concerning Risks from Occupational Radiation Exposure Reg. Guide 8.29 Instruction Concerning Prenatal Radiation Exposure Reg. Guide 8.13

The courses below are mandatory for those directly involved with the specialized procedures. Contact your Area H ealth Phy sicist at 496-5774 to arrange for these classes. I-13 1 T he rap y fo r P atie nt C are Sta ff H DR Se lect ron Th era py Sta ff Co-60 Irradiator U sers

Radiation Safety Training Office Division of Radiation Safety Building 21, Room 236 21 Wilson Drive Bethesda, MD 20892-6780 Training 301-496-2255 General 301-496-5774
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Office of Research Services National Institutes of Health

Introduction & Registration

Welcome to Radiation Safety Training at the NIH! The Radiation Safety Training Office has numerous tailored courses available to help you understand how radiation and radioa ctive mate rials are handled at the NIH. The majority of our cou rses are offere d via our w ebsite while others are presented in a classroom setting by our pro fessional staff of Hea lth Ph ysicists. Each radiation user is required to register with the Division of Rad iation Safety so we can maintain records of your training, exposures, and radioactive material handled while at the NIH. You will be given a Radiation Safety identification number. You may contact the Radiation Safety Training O ffice at 496-225 5 to register and arrange to attend the next available course or you may register on the website:

not required. The RSO R is online at:

Radiation Safety in the Laboratory (RSL)

The R SL course is mandatory for those planning to use radioactive materials at the N IH an d is offered frequently each month. The class is 3 hours long and includes a short quiz on the top ics addre ssed such as meth ods of internal & external prote ction, handling spills, purchasing radioactive m aterials, completing surveys, maintaining records of m ate rial use, w aste disposal, & maintaining exposures A LA RA . Registering for this course is possible by calling the Training Office or via the registration page:

Scientific Director. T he class is 3 full days & includes a 4 hour final exam. The Autho rization process takes abou t 6 week s from course com pletion to approval. Final Authorization is granted by the NIH Ra diation Safety Co mmittee.

Radiation Safety for Irradiator Users (RSIU)

For those planning to use irradiators at NIH, this online course is mandatory. Additional training is also required from the Irradiator Custodian or designee specific to the ope ration and em ergency procedure s for the irradiator you plan to opera te. R SIU training is available online at: ww /rsiuh ome.htm.

Annual Refresher Courses

Refresher courses are man datory for those individuals who are likely to receive greater than 100 mrem annually. You will be contacted by the Radiation Safety Training office if you are required to attend annual refresher. The following Radiation Sa fety Refresher cou rses are offered online: PE T S taff X-ray U sers N ucle ar M ed icine Sta ff Department of Laboratory Medicine Authorized User Review In order to obtain credit for completing the online refresher courses, you must have a radiation safety num ber.

Radiation Safety for Authorized Users (RSAU)

RSA U is offered twice a ye ar for those who wish to order radioactive material and supervise the handling of the mate rials in the research labs. Individuals interested in taking the RSAU must be nominated by the ir

Radiation Safety Orientation (RSOR)

This course is available and required for new employees who want to start working with radioactive mate rials right aw ay! Upon co mpletion you will autom atically be registered w ith a Radiation Safety ID number and scheduled for the next available Radiation Safety in the Laboratory (RSL) course. If you do not plan to use radioactive mate rials before tak ing the next R SL cou rse, the RSOR is