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Wing - T Football Wing - T is an offense of deception based on angle blocking, multiple plays, and schemes. The Wing - T philosophy consists of a block at the hole, a block out at the hole, and someone leading through the hole. It is an offense that allows you to use many formations and backfield sets with shifting and motion. Some coaches say you should put your best running back at FullBack. Line splits VS 50 Defense are 2' - 2' - 3' Line splits VS 44 Defense are 3'6" - 1' - 5' to 6' The FB heels are at 4 Yards and 5 Yards in a one back set. Cadence Example: Color - Set - Go If you are shifting: Now - Color - Set - Go You can use various formation to shift from. Example:

Shift to Unbalanced

A Few Formations You May Use

4 2

2 2

Belly Cross Block (G Block) Wing influence end first then block the OLB HB Block #4 defender if he comes on a blitz QB Give to FB DEEP- Reverse Pivot HB 2 step motion

DOWN This play is the same as the Belly play only it hits quicker The FB aims at the outside leg of the tackle squaring his shoulders when he receives the ball. QB reverse pivots and goes FLAT down the LOS Run this play if the Tackle can handle the DT You run this play from wing right, slot left and send motion right

End inside

End head-up

BELLY KEEP PASS/DOWN PASS Run this when the third defender reacts or aligns back inside to stop the Belly HB leave early and get in front of the QB HB blocks #4 if on a blitz QB fake the Belly and read the OLB Belly Pass and Down Pass are the same.

seam 4-6 yards

DOWN OPTION Run when DE reacts to Down Play or aligns inside PSG- Pull and log or wall off ILB QB- Key #4 defender (pitch key) Reverse pivot FB - Find an opening and block safety HB Keep option relationship 5 yds front and 3 yds back Wing - Release outside and block corner

Run with Jet Sweep motion Wing is the pitch back after coming back at 45 degree angle to get pitch relationship

FB TRAP Good ro run when DT is reacting outside or upfield TE & W step down and release down field FB - First step is right foot to left leg of center LT - Shut off

If Safety and Corner man up on W, TE then mirror plays to weak side with Wing in three step motion QB TRAP QB Reverse pivot

BUCK SWEEP Run when DE reacts inside or aligns inside BSG - Pull and wall off ILB or Safety HB - Make a 90 Degree cut into hole

GUT PSG has inside LBer TE - Step to influence End and block OLB Wing - Block the Corner HB - Make the play look like Bucksweep- Cut off tackle QB - Reverse pivot to mid line

WAGGLE FB - Block the LBer on blitz QB - Fake Bucksweep Keep elbows out and do not fake Wing or HB should get an inside out angle on DE Sometimes you can not pull BSG due to blitz or defensive alignment Read FS 20 yds Flag

5-7 yds PSG pulls 21/2-3 YDS Deep

Waggle Crossfire QB - Fake the Waggle and pull up. Hit deep curl or HB down sideline TE - Run at corner

15 yards

Waggle Shuffle

QB - Run or Pass TE - 15yard seam

POWER Wingback - Influence DE with inside hand and block OLB FB - Cross over and aim to tail of PST HB - Run directly to hole QB - Reverse pivot- hand off & run bootleg The hole depends on alignment of the DE. If he is aligned inside, the End will block him and the hole will be wider.

Tackle Trap FB - Fill the inside leg of Tackle PSG - Step with left foot and keep an eye on the LBer HB - Rock-Lead -Crossover. Shoulders square when hitting the hole. Stay close to the double team. Tail of the center. QB reverse pivot

Line block aggressive on front side and cup on back side


Seam 15 yd

5-7 Yds

BOOT off Tackle Trap Tackle- Pull past double team and settle Wing - Get an inside out position 20 yards

5-7 yards

JET SWEEP Snap the ball when motion is in B Gap or 4 feet away. Work on timing. Hand off ball in frontside A Gap - 1 yard behind the QB QB - 180 degree pivot off the mid-line with his back to the LOS QB - Give the ball with right hand on Sweep left. Wing alignment is 1 by 1 yard Coach the runner to get 5 yards from sideline. His path is hash, numbers, sideline. Do not block anything inside 5 technique and do not allow #2 to penetrate upfield. QB - Fake the trap and carry out Boot


You can also run the Jet Sweep right or left from an empty set. FB slot left and trips right.

19 - QB Keep QB - Fake draw to FB Slot - Block the End if he is not taken vs 44 Defense

VEER OPTION HB - Run inside the tackle QB - Step at 9 o'clock with eye on HB Place the ball in his gut with both hands on second step and ride him on third step. Then eye #3 once the ball is in HB gut. If the End Closes - Pull on fourth step If the end doesn't attempt to tackle HB, push the ball into his gut and he knows he is the ball carrier. If QB Keeps, key #4 If his shoulders are square, keep. If he attacks the QB or the QB is able to see his outside shoulder - PITCH HB - If he doesn't get the ball, block second level pursuit. If none, then the third level SE - Stalk block and if possible, block the corner in.

LOAD OPTION Keep pitch relationship 5 yards in front and 3 yards back

FB ICE HB - Rock Out Rock IN


If DT is inside Make Switch Call


ICE with Jet Sweep Motion Right Slot goes between G & T to block LBer

SPEED OPTION Snap the ball behind the slot The SE can also crack back and wing blocks corner

GIVE TO WING Guard Playside - Pull 1 1/2 yards outside Tackle

If the End comes hard down the HB blocks the End and Guard pulls around to take the LB

Counter Trap FB - Fill inside leg of Tackle Tackle get on top shoulder of Guard

QB - Handoff to Slot Inside handoff to right wing Wing - DELAY

Criss Cross

Counter Trap to Slot with Jet Sweep Motion Criss Cross Play-QB to Wing to Slot inside handoff FB Blocks End

Jet Sweep Reverse

Scissors Ballcarrier - Drop step first- Follow Tackle Backside - Hindge and block out FB - Fill for Tackle TE - On wing side, Block the end if he squeezes you


DIVIDE Good VS 3 Deep Backside Cup

All Go





Waggle Left

Always had success-Look for HB Waggle blocking


Limit your offense to the basic Wing-T plays and formation. I will show blocking vs 6-2. I have already shown the 44 and 52 schemes. Below are plays you can run. I would start with the Swe Series and then progress to the Power Series. SWEEP FB DIVE






Tackle Trap


Youth Wing-T


QUICK PITCH HB Open belly step Shoulders parallel to LOS



Consider a HB Pass and Other Formations such as 2 tight ends and wing on each side

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