Antoine Ouellette.

Antoine, also known as Antoine Ratte, Ellette or Wallette was born on December 29,
1834 at St !rancois "a#ier, t$e son o% &ose'$ ()ellette (b 1*99) an+ ,$erese Eli-abet$
Daniels dite .o)le &ose'$ was t$e son o% &ose'$ ()ellette Sr (b1*/0) an+ An1eli2)e
(Assiniboine) ,$eresa .o)le (b 1830) was t$e +a)1$ter o% Antoine .o)le (b 1*81) an+
&ose'$te 4a)-on
Antoine5s %at$er &ose'$ 66 (c 1*99-1880) was t$e son o% &ose'$ ()ellet an+
An17li2)e, an Assiniboine woman .e marrie+ ,$7r8se Eli-abet$ .o)le an+ t$e9 $a+
t$irteen c$il+ren ,$e9 li#e+ at St :orbert an+ St !ran;ois "a#ier be%ore mo#in1 to St
4a)rent on t$e So)t$ Saskatc$ewan in 18*4 .owe#er, in 18*0 $e recei#e+ .al% <ree+
Scri' ')rs)ant to t$e 18/4 ,reat9 wit$ t$e Re+ 4ake an+ =embina <an+s o% >$i''ewa
6n+ians 6n 18*0 $e an+ $is sons recei#e+ scri' st)bs %or 1/3 acres eac$, Scri' ? 3*0 %or
&ose'$ Sr, Scri' ? 388 %or Antoine an+ ?3*/ %or $is son &ose'$ 6n 18/8, $e was li#in1
wit$ t$e ,)rtle @o)ntain <an+ an+ recei#e+ a A333 ann)it9 'a9ment %rom t$e American
1o#ernment &ose'$ 66 %o)1$t an+ +ie+ at <atoc$e +)rin1 t$e 1880 Resistance
Antoine ()ellette marrie+ An1eli2)e B(man)kweC <ottinea)
(b 1838), t$e
+a)1$ter o% &ose'$ <ottinea) (b 1810) an+ An1eli2)e >ar+inal (b 181/) on &)ne 10,
180* at =embina Antoine5s brot$ers were marrie+ to An1eli2)e5s sisters @arie
<ottinea), born in 1834 marrie+ 6si+ore ()ellette, born 1833 &ose'$te <ottinea), born in
183/ marrie+ !rancois ()ellette born 1832
Antoine an+ An1eli2)e $a+ t$e %ollowin1 c$il+renD
• &ose'$, b &an)ar9 29, 1809
• Rose, b A'ril 33, 18/1 S$e marrie+ :orman @arion, t$e son o% :arcisse @arion
an+ @arie <o)c$ar+ :orman also si1ne+ t$is 'etition ,9'ical o% $)ntin1
%amilies t$e9 $a+ c$il+ren across t$e 'rairies at Woo+ @o)ntain, 4ewistown,
4ebret an+ (ak 4ake
• @oise, b &)l9 2, 18/3 at 4ewistown .e marrie+ Elise 6sabella D)mont, t$e
+a)1$ter o% E+o)ar+ D)mont an+ So'$ie 4eten+re in 1888 at 4ewistown,
• >elina, bc 18/0
• !rancois B!rankC, b (ctober 14, 18/8 at De#il5s 4ake .e marrie+ @arie AleEina
Wels$ (Wells), t$e +a)1$ter o% E+o)ar+ (Wills) Wells an+ @arie Demonti1n9, in
1893 at 4ewistown, @ontana .is %at$er-in-law si1ne+ t$is 'etition
• @arie Elise, b c 18*3 at Woo+ @o)ntain
Scri' a%%i+a#it %or ()ellette, An1eli2)eF bornD 1838F $)sban+D Antoine ()elletteF %at$erD &ose'$ <otinea)F mot$erD An1eli2)e
>ar+inalF claim noD 2/03F scri' noD 12222F +ate o% iss)eD A'ril 23, 18**F amo)ntD A1/3
()ellette, !rancoisF $eir to $is +ecease+ c$il+renD &ean 6si+ore, bornD * !ebr)ar9, 1884, +ie+D A)1)st, 1884F &ean :a'oleon, bornD 21
@a9, 18*0 at >9'ress .ills, +ie+D December, 189/ at 4ewiston, @ontanaF !rancois, bornD 10 &)ne, 1883 at Woo+ @o)ntain, +ie+D 21
&)ne, 1883 at Woo+ @o)ntainF @arie >$ristian, bornD 1/ @a9, 1880 at >9'ress .illsF +ie+D &)ne, 189/ at 4ewiston, @ontanaF a++ressD
Grasslan+, @ontanaF %at$erD !rancois ()ellette (@7tis an+ +e'onent)F mot$erD Elise <er1er (@7tis)F &ean 6si+ore, scri' certD %orm D,
no 1393F &ean :a'oleon, scri' certD %orm D, no 1392F !rancois &r, scri' certD %orm D, no 1394F @arie >$ristine, scri' iss)e+ %or
243 acresF %ile re% 33803AF claim no 13*/
• @arie =$ilomene, b !ebr)ar9 20, 18*2 at 4ebret S$e marrie+ &o$n Wills, t$e son
o% E+o)ra+ Wells (Wills) an+ 6sabelle @cGillis in 188*
• &ose'$ &ean @arie, b !ebr)ar9 4, 18*4 at Woo+ @o)ntain .e +ie+ &an)ar9
• Albert, b &an)ar9 14, 18*/ at Woo+ @o)ntain .e +ie+ in 18** at !ort Wals$
• &ean <a'tiste, b !ebr)ar9 2, 18*8 at >9'ress .ills
• @arie Eli-abet$, b @arc$ 19, 1883 at 4ewistown S$e marrie+ &ose'$
Domini2)e D)c$arme, t$e son o% !rancois >$arron +it D)c$arme an+ &ose'$te
• (+ilon, b 1884 .e marrie+ Eli-a A-)re, t$e +a)1$ter o% &ose'$ A-)re an+
Eli-abet$ >$am'a1ne in 1923
Antoine was an in+e'en+ent @etis tra+er o'eratin1 back an+ %ort$ to St =a)l in t$e
@innesota ,erritor9 an+ was $ea#il9 in#ol#e+ in t$e @etis-DakotaH4akota tra+e Wit$
t$e a+#ent o% t$e :ort$ West @o)nte+ =olice $e became a sco)t an+ 1)i+e %or t$em
W$en Sittin1 <)ll came )' to Woo+ @o)ntain in 18*3 $e was reliant )'on tra+e wit$
Antoine ()ellette an+ 4o)is 4e1are w$o was workin1 %or ()ellette o)t o% Willow <)nc$
(,alle +e Sa)les) as well as &ose'$ @cIa9 &ose'$ @cIa9 was tra+in1 o)t o% !ort Ellice
an+ <a'tiste <o)rassa w$o was workin1 %or $im was relie#e+ o% t$eir w$ole tra+in1
o)t%it b9 t$e Sio)E near t$e @ilk Ri#er 6saac >owie re'orte+ t$at Antoine was tra+in1
li2)or to t$e 6n+ians at Woo+ @o)ntain, =into .orse <)tte an+ Ea1le J)ills
6n 18**, to)rists =erc9 .eber an+ $is wi%e $ire+ Antoine BWallettC as t$eir sco)t an+
,$e9 $a+ t$ree carts %o)r men incl)+in1 Antoine an+ t$irteen $orses ,$e9
+escribe t$e !renc$ s'eakin1 @etis as Antoine t$eir 1)i+e, Geor1e, a cook, an+
Killene)#e, 'l)s an En1lis$ s'eakin1 Sio)E
,$e %irst 'ermanent settlers in S'rin1 >reek, w$at is now 4ewistown, @ontana were
t$e @etis 6n 18*9 t$ree ban+s com'risin1 o% abo)t %ort9 %amilies came in t$eir Re+ Ri#er
>arts A %ew o% t$e names t$at became #er9 %amiliar to all were <er1er, Wells,
4a#er+)re, ()ellette, an+ <en Iline w$o +own t$ro)1$ t$e 9ears was looke+ )'on as
t$eir s'okesman an+ lea+er ,$e9 imme+iatel9 %ile+ on $omestea+s ,$e ()ellette
a++ition to t$e cit9, %or eEam'le, locate+ near t$e Gar%iel+ Sc$ool, an+ known as
B<)ckskin !lats,C was Antoine ()ellette5s ori1inal $omestea+
6n 18*8, Antoine an+ ot$er @etis b)%%alo $)nters at >9'ress .ills wrote a 'etition
askin1 %or a s'ecial @etis reser#e o% lan+ .is %at$er, &ose'$ Sr, an+ brot$ers, &ose'$ &r
()ellette, AntoineF %or $is +a)1$ter, =$ilom7ne, wi%e o% &o$n WellF a++ressD 4ewiston, @ontanaF bornD 18*4 at Woo+ @o)ntain
=ostF %at$erD Antoine ()ellette (@7tis an+ +e'onent)F mot$erD An17li2)e <ottinea) (@7tis)F %ile re% 12382AF claim no 233
()ellette, AntoineF $eir to $is +ecease+ c$il+renD &ean @arie, bornD @arc$, 18*4 at Woo+ @o)ntain =ost, +ie+D &an)ar9, 18*0F
Albert, bornD (ctober 18*/ at Woo+ @o)ntain =ostF +ie+D December, 18** at !ort Wals$F a++ressD 4ewiston, !er1)s >o, @ontanaF
%at$erD Antoine ()ellette (@7tis an+ +e'onent)F mot$erD An17li2)e <ottinea) (@7tis)F 2 scri' iss)e+ %or 243 acresF %ile re% 94*449F
claim no 221
()ellette, &o$nF a++ressD 4ewiston, @ontanF bornD 2 !ebr)ar9, 18*8 at >9'ress .illsF %at$erD Antoine ()ellette (@7tis)F mot$erD
An1eli2)e <ottinea) (@7tis)F scri' iss)e+ %or 243 acresF %ile re% 94*44*F claim no 1448
6saac >owie The Company of Adventurers.TorontoD William <ri11s, 1913D 433
=erc9 .eber, Journal of two Excursions in the Brittiish North West Territory of North America, !"", !!! @arket Dra9ton,
En1lan+D <ennion L .orne, 18*9D 4 ,$e9 retaine+ Antoine t$ro)1$ &ames @cIa9 at Sil#er .ei1$ts
an+ &ean <a'tiste also si1ne+ t$is 'etition ,$is 'etition re2)este+ a re-o'enin1 o% t$e
b)%%alo $)nt between :o#ember 14
an+ !ebr)ar9 10
eac$ 9ear an+ t$e 1rantin1 o%
@etis Breser#eC lan+ (A stri' o% lan+ 103 miles lon1 alon1 t$e American bor+er
be1innin1 w$ere t$e =embina Ri#er crosses t$e bor+er) ,$is stri' was to be %i%t9 miles
%rom so)t$ to nort$ .is brot$er &ean <a'tiste ()ellette also si1ne+ t$is 'etition
Antoine an+ $is brot$er @oise also si1ne+ t$e 'etition %or a @etis reser#e in
@ontana, sent b9 4o)is Riel to General :elson A @iles on A)1)st /, 1883
Antoine5s brot$er @oMse ()ellette (1843-1911) $as 1one +own in $istor9 as one o%
t$e men w$o accom'anie+ Gabriel D)mont to @ontana in 1884 to brin1 4o)is Riel back
to >ana+a Riel sta9e+ %or a time wit$ t$e ()ellette5s on $is ret)rn to >ana+a @oMse
()ellette was marrie+ to 6sabelle D)mont, t$e sister o% Gabriel D)mont .er 'arents
were 6si+ore D)mont Sr an+ 4o)ise 4a%ramboise A++itionall9, Gabriel D)mont5s
brot$er Elie was marrie+ to ()ellette5s sister !ran;oise ()ellette
&ose'$ ()ellette &r (1824-1899) was t$e ol+er brot$er o% Antoine 6n 18/8, $e
mo#e+ %rom Re+ Ri#er to Woo+ @o)ntain %or two 9ears, t$en to >)t Arm >reek (one
9ear), t$en back to Woo+ @o)ntain an+ >9'ress .ills (8 9ears) t$en 'ermanentl9 to
D)ck 4ake 6n 18*4, &ose'$ was iss)e+ Scri' ? 3*0 (1/3 acres) )n+er t$e Re+ 4ake an+
=embina ,reat9 6n 18*8, &ose'$ an+ ot$er @etis b)%%alo $)nters at >9'ress .ills wrote a
'etition askin1 %or a s'ecial @etis reser#e o% lan+ 6n 1800, at W$ite .orse =lains, $e
marrie+ @a+eleine =a)lF t$e9 $a+ siE s)r#i#in1 c$il+ren ,wo o% t$eir bo9s, &)lien an+
&ose'$ were acti#e in t$e Resistance alon1 wit$ t$eir %at$er &ose'$5s niece Keroni2)e
was marrie+ to @ic$el D)mas, t$e %arm instr)ctor at (ne Arrow Reser#e
E+ite+ an+ >om'ile+ b9 4awrence <arkwell
>oor+inator o% @etis .erita1e an+ .istor9 Researc$
4o)is Riel 6nstit)te

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