Title: Study of procurement strategy and system of««« (your company

Submission Format: A Professional Report Component to be covered (only indicative, and not in sequence):
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About the company: History, products¶ profiles, sale history, future plans. Importance of raw materials for the company? Value of raw material in the final cost of the product. What are the raw materials for different products? How does company decide about the volume and quality of raw materials? Minimum raw materials requirement per year (at the peak of the processing capacity) and how much it is managing since last three years? Processing plant operation ± days in years / throughout the year? Same raw materials or different at different duration of the year? What are the different quality parameters (must, and preferred) which company follow for the procurement of various raw materials? What are the considerations they make about places from where to procure / mode of procurement / duration of procurement / payment to the sellers«.? How the raw materials get transported to the place of processing? Company has its own transportation / it hires the services / suppliers supply till the factory gate. What is the cost of transportation? Storage facilities ± yes or no / Own or hired / Types of storage facilities. Minimum raw materials in buffer / storage to meet any exigencies. Average days for storage and average volume area of storage required every year. Cost on storage? Different types of losses of raw materials and average quantity of losses under each type? What is ration (wt / vol / unit) of raw material and processed output. What are different types of costs in procurement? Calculate at every level. Explain the process in the form of a model. What do they do to keep their supplier loyal to them? And if the company is directly procuring from farmers, what extension activities they undertake ? Future planning for the procurement? SWOT Analysis of strategy and process«and your recommendations

Some suggestions based on past experiences: Form your own group. Group size 4- 5 students in one group.

***** Names and addresses (may have moved / changed) of some suggested companies: (you can select any other company also) Sl.. Your seniors have done similar excercises in past ! (please resist. Major Name of the Contact Address . However. You can develop your own mechanism to select the company. You may be expected to submit the report to the concerned company. (Seek prior appointments«and give the detailed contact details of your respondents at every level. and meet all concerned to get the information. The study will require many visits to the company and to the places which are the parts of the procurement process of the company. Plan your project well. You need to physically follow the process and meet the individuals / institutions at each level to know the exact process and cost at the respective level. Start your work in time«.. Contact the right person.plagiarism). Make sure. Remember: You have limited days to complete the assignment. After you have decided the company inform your instructor name of the comapany along with the name of the students in group.No. your group can select any other company also.Decide your own company. (time is most crucial factor for this project work). Names of some of the company is given below. Not more than one group can work on one company. you have identified the contact persons and have established contacts well in advance. Cross check the information from various sources to verify the veracity of statements given by one respondent. You will be required to observe the event on your own. If you are not able to do so look for some other company. Give the actual figures in the report. Always take photographs / videograph to substantiate your report findings.

171. Cuttack. Jagatsingpur Cuttack. Phone No: 0674-2544576. Zone-D. Industrial Estate. Saheed Nagar. Cattle feed) Mangaturam Saralia Foods Mancheswar. OMFED Bhubaneswar-751007. OMFED Cooperative Milk Bhubaneswar-751007. Bhubaneswar Celesty Pvt. (Organic products and Producers' Federation Ltd. A andB Chandaka Industrial Estate. Phone No: 0674-2544576. Sajitha Bhubaneswar . Bhubaneswar 4975. Bhubaneswar. Sector-A. Saheed Nagar. 2546030. No. Cuttack 2 3 4 5 Essar Ruchi Elephant Essar Bakery Om Oil and Flour Mills Ltd 6 7 8 9 10 11 Eastern Food Private Ltd. 2546121. 2546121.2585823 exporter Falcon Marine Exports Patia 50. Bhubaneswar Type II. Pvt. Orissa .751010 Ph: 0674 . Cuttack. Rishta Zone.A Mancheswar. Industrial Estate.33.Brand 1 Prime Company SB International Plot no 59. New Industrial Estate. Sector A. .751010 . 8. Rameswarpatna. (Horticultural Cooperative Milk Producers' Federation Ltd. only) The Orissa State D-2. Mancheswar. Orissa 751024 0674 3291569 The Orissa State D-2. Kunj Roller Flour Mill Plot no. Bhubaneswar Kamdhenu Kamdhenu Dairy Products New Industrial Estate. Products 2546030.754021 Sajitha Bakery B . Ltd Jagat Pur. Ltd.

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