but when I first saw ‘Subway Art’ it just confirmed everything for me. Kak. I didn’t care who done it I just wanted to see more of it. this is a tough one as there is so much talent out there and you just keep finding more and more… Right now I’m really feeling Smug. DMV….BOMBING SCIENCE BOMBING SCIENCE Bonzai interview by Cian walker BombingScience: A quick introduction.graffiti and otherwise? Bonzai: Yeah. Askew. Aroe and HA Crew. For me something just seemed to click! I know it’s been said a thousand times over.What do you write ? I’m Bonzai. Lovepusher. MSK. like any major city. I started seeing graffiti more and more at that stage. Sofles. Dead. It wasn’t until a couple of years later when I was around 14/15 that I picked up a can. Aryz. LoveLetters. The scene here in London is pretty big. I think there was a bit of a dip in activity for a while but it seems to be picking up again. BombingScience: Where are you from and what’s the scene like where you live? Bonzai: I’m originally from the south coast of the UK but have lived and worked in London for quite a few years now. but I really think the ones to watch out for and are at the top of my list right now are the Ghetto Farceur guys. BombingScience: deal painting experience? Bonzai: For me it would have to be a long weekend with all expenses paid in a nice hot country. This list could go on for ages. BombingScience: Tough question I know but who are some of your favourite artists. Epok. BombingScience: Are there any particular goals you’d like to achieve in your graffiti career? BOMBING SCIENCE BOMBING SCIENCE . Solo One. Sobekcis. BombingScience: What was your introduction to the world of Graffiti? Bonzai: I got into graffiti with the first wave of hip hop that hit the UK.

BombingScience: What is your opinion on the current state of graffiti. Bonzai: Not really. as I don’t feel I did it justice last time. I just try and give my work as much visual impact as I can.. Any other gems such as this? Bonzai: I get influences for fills from loads of things. I enjoy painting characters but there are so many great character writers out there and that is why I wouldn’t try and make characters my main thing. But my main goal is to push myself as far as I can. Amsterdam in 91 was pretty dope but for me the French scene has to be the one that really stands out.ect. there work looked to BOMBING SCIENCE BOMBING SCIENCE . the Paradox video is fantastic and I still want to do another piece influenced by it…when the weather gets better and I can put in the hours. BombingScience: What are your strongest influences outside of graffiti and do they in turn influence your work? I mean stuff like this is amazing. a pattern on a stone ect. which I’d never seen . Also the internet is a great place to find influence/reference.http://vimeo. so I didn’t get out of London to much. I think the French have a natural artistic flare. both locally and internationally? Bonzai: I think Graffiti is in a good place right now. but this year I’m planning to get out and do as much as possible in different places. For me. I first went to Paris in 1990 and the scene there was crazy. BombingScience: Do you inject any narrative into your work? For example. But yeah. you just type in what you want and there it is. Me. I also think it’s really important to be yourself when you paint and if that means sending out a message that you strongly believe in. last year was to paint a new style and do as much as possible. but I think it’s great what they do. It was people like Skki and Lokiss that really caught my attention in the way they were not scared to try something different. I’m never 100% happy with my work once it’s finished and I can always see major faults in it. BombingScience: You seem to have travelled to and painted in many places. the way that Lovepusher or Solo One implement thematic ideas into their work that they feel are important.. I try and ignore all the bullshit that goes on and concentrate on where I’m there anywhere in particular whose scene has blown you away? Any particularly memorable incidents? Bonzai: I’m lucky to be able to get about a bit. BombingScience: Do you prefer to paint letters or characters? Bonzai: I’m really enjoying painting letters right now. This year I want to try and paint in as many cities in the UK as I can.. and it seems to be encouraged. nature plays a big part. especially over the past couple of years I have just wanted to challenge myself. but I do like to sneak the odd character into my pieces from time to time. you don’t have to be a professional photographer to get it. I try and photograph as many things I see as possible these days and document the photos so I can refer back to them when I’m painting..BOMBING SCIENCE BOMBING SCIENCE Bonzai: Over the past few years I have set myself goals at the beginning of each year. whether it be the bark of a tree. last year was about developing a style. There are always going to be good things and bad things in the scene. Also. and the Ghetto Farceur stuff. really inspiring. say for instance I want to paint a strange pattern. then go for it. best it has been in some time. don’t be deterred by what others think because the moment you start to worry about that and not do what is in your heart it will affect your work. As soon as I’ve finished a piece and look at the photos I always want to go straight back out and better it.


Peace.BOMBING SCIENCE BOMBING SCIENCE me like it was from the future. I’m working on a few at the moment and will continue to produce them throughout the year. you all know who you are. where can we see some gallery work? Bonzai: I used to find canvases hard in terms of not really knowing what to put on BOMBING SCIENCE BOMBING SCIENCE . For updates on Bonzai please check www.bonzaione. BombingScience: What future plans do you have for your work? Bonzai: Push myself as far as I can. BombingScience: Any upcoming gallery shows? How do you feel about painting canvas as opposed to concrete? Also. Recently I have become more relaxed painting them and just treat it as I would when I paint a wall. com) soon. I was struggling to squash everything into a small space. Shouts to everyone I know. Painting a wall with Blade was pretty big! But main thing from that week was the chance to paint with and learn from Nash. they will be available on my site (www. Any shouts… Thanks to you guys at bombingScience for interviewing me. Also the Mode2 walls out there were crazy. I am working on getting a show together in Ireland towards the end of the year. it was a really big turning point for me. BombingScience: Have you worked any particularly rewarding commissions? Bonzai: I guess the most rewarding commission for me was spending a week painting the Breaking Convention at Sadlers Wells a few years back with Nash and Tumki (LoveLetters) and Blade.bonzaione. As for up coming shows.

BOMBING SCIENCE BOMBING SCIENCE vizie_miami art basel 2010 broker_athens sCien_san diego BOMBING SCIENCE BOMBING SCIENCE .

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eeks. vinyl.NZ has some of the best writers in the world.. but the Wellington scene is total horse shit. I think its because of the small city everybody is fighting for space but nobody is pushing themselves to progress. Everybody hates on everybody. We would smoke bongs and draw for hours. no outside influences and no internet. Bombing Science: Where are you from and what’s the scene like where you live? Cast: I was born and raised in South Africa but I’ve been living in Wellington New Zealand for almost 3 years now. bros. yelz. We used to fuck around trying to do pieces with local hardwarestore paint. drypnz. Bombing Science: What other writers are involved in Pirates and CPK? Cast: editor. You see assholes do the same shitty tags and throwies for years.. Its only after living in NZ that i realised the possibilities. Crews I represent are Pirates and CPK. a rather diverse group of people. Bombing Science: What does a typical day’s painting involve? Cast: This is how it usually pans out .. nektar. I write cast and soweto. quews.BOMBING SCIENCE BOMBING SCIENCE Soweto Cast interview by Cian walker Bombing Science: So a quick introduction What do you write and what crew(s) do you rep? Cast: Hey.. whisky.. You get hated on for having a different style. pntr. You get hated on for succeeding and therefor progression is very slow. dont reallly remember who started doin letters and such but soon after that i started taking a can with on my morning newspaper run. Bombing Science: What was your introduction to Graffiti? Cast: It started way back in high school when me and some mates would skip school to hang out in a little shed we called ‘the keg’.wake up BOMBING SCIENCE BOMBING SCIENCE . In my opinion ..

Last Words? check out www. All of DTR from Christchurch for their awesome productions and defnitely Zes for all the freights he smashes.. Cast: I dont mind aye.. thanks. «vandals» are more hated on than parkingmeter attedants. so many good diverse writers. It’s way bigger though. 40HK crew. Get drunk. at this point. signature cans etc. Bombing Science: Speaking of sponsorship.. disk and sure. BOMBING SCIENCE BOMBING SCIENCE . but equally any opportunity to make money doing what you love.. Give credit where credit is due and too each his own. way more room to play in. internet boom. Dare i say blogspot. doesn’t translate to a strong scene though) Cast: I havnt been to SA in about 4 years but what ive seen on the net it’s getting pretty intense. We then head down to the trendy skateshop where we select our three ironlaks out of a range of about 10 colours.. What is your opinion on graf as a profession? A lot of people hate on that. paint. kem5 & ges.. Cros. RTR crew.. Exist from Auckland. I usually dont have enough cans to do characters.. Sure and heaps more. Wall searching takes about 3 hours and still ends in frustration so we head to the only wall where we can paint and drink beer in peace. trendy.. for me.really killing it at the moment.BML! Bombing Science: You mention strong scenes in Auckland and Christchurch. A good few years ago the classic style in cape town was way more wildstyle orientated.oh yea.any writers in particular that stand out for you? Cast: I always been a fan of 2tone. Bombing Science: Favourite artists? Cast: My brother .. but these days the styles have simplified and become way more bold. which usually turns out to be some poo brown. or pieces.. Bombing Science: What is your opinion on the current state of graffiti..Wellington is shit.. still searching for a wall. making money while doing what you love cant be hated on. it’d be a waste not to pounce on that. but always bigger risk of getting shot at or something dumb like that. trendy. you can start thinking about your colour scheme for the day. signature cans. and I can understand to a degree. Dues. Internationally? alot of weird shit happening. Awesome. funky...then upload on flickr. heaps of awesome styles.... and heaps more including DEVO Bombing Science: Do you prefer to paint letters or characters? Cast: I get bored of letters then i paint characters..BOMBING SCIENCE BOMBING SCIENCE extremely hungover. every kid with a sharpie thinks hes cope2. I dislike the current scene in wellington but the scene constantly changes with people coming and going. No doubt heaps of good dudes . Auckland and Christchurch is awesome. I guess I just base that from meeting quite a few great dudes from there. Bombing Science: Do the NZ authorities take a hard-line approach to graf? Cast: Yeah i think its getting tougher everywhere. Meet up with whoever is keen and head into town searching for background roller paint. Hit the town and do shit u regret the next day. Disk..people getn sponsored.Editor. Guys like Toe. Bombing Science: How would you compare the scene in SA as opposed to NZ? (it surprises me that the wellington scene is weak. Bigger train system.. But with the new by-law (making legal walls difficult to paint) people are surely just gonna bomb more i suppose.deadbeatmeat. both locally and internationally? Cast: In NZ.



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