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Combat Rifles
Burst-fire Assault Rifles Rifle Cobra Stomper Pounder The Sentinel Legendary: Dahl Raven Tediore Guardian Hyperion Destroyer Pearlescent: Tediore Avenger Balanced but basic; there are better assault rifles. Highly accurate without sacrificing firepower. Extremely powerful but half bullet velocity; very good against Crimson Lance Defenders. Small mag-capacity, high power, semiautomatic Unique quest reward from Jack's Other Eye Five round bursts instead of three. Ammo regeneration. Full auto while zoomed. High zoom, +50% Critical Hit Damage, single shot, slow ammo regeneration

Fully Automatic Machineguns Machine Gun Basic but still useful and with a relatively quick reload. Mauler Very high damage per bullet (stronger than either a Havoc or a Massacre but usually less accurate). Havoc Fast fire rate coupled with a hard per-bullet hit, rarely scoped but manageably accurate when sighted. Massacre Very accurate machine gun with moderate fire rates. The Meat Grinder The Meat Grinder is a unique weapon guaranteed to drop when you kill Jaynis Kobb. Ajax's Spear A unique item drop from Ajax in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. The Chopper Unique weapon that can drop off of Motorhead in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. Legendary: S&S Draco Incendiary. Atlas Ogre Explosive. Torgue Bastard Damage. Vladof Revolution Huge magazine. Pearlescent: S&S Serpens Very high corrosive damage and bullets travel in waves.

Repeaters Lacerator Needler Raptor Repeater Swatter Lady Finger The Dove Krom's Sidearm Chiquito Amigo Athena's Wisdom Legendary: Atlas Troll Dahl Hornet Hyperion Invader Maliwan Firehawk S&S Gemini Tediore Protector Torgue Violator Vladof Rebel Pearlescent: Hyperion Nemesis Machine Pistols Fury Machine Pistol Rage Torment The Clipper Legendary: Hyperion Reaper S&S Thanatos Vladof Vengeance Pearlescent: Vladof Stalker +200% Melee Damage. Increased fire rate. Increased damage, higher recoil. Balanced, closest to default stats. Increased accuracy, lower fire rate. Unique quest item. Found in the gravestone en route to killing Nine-Toes. Increased critical damage. Unique quest item. No ammo usage. Unique drop from Krom. 3 round bursts & shock elemental. Unique quest item. Fast reload, large magazine. The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC only. Received from Thirsty the Midget after completing the mission, "Purple Juice!". Unique quest item. Increased zoom & accuracy. The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC only. Regenerated health. 2 round bursts & corrosive. Fully automatic while zoomed. Incendiary, splash damage. 2 round burst x 2 bullets per shot. Ammo regeneration. 3 round burst x 3 bullets per shot. Large magazine. Additionally to the chance of a shock-explosion, there is also a chance to deal corrosive damage. Higher rate of fire; sometimes an 18 fire rate. +20% magazine size. 5 shot burst fire. Usually comes with a high rate of fire as well, +20 in some cases. Extreme fire rate and usually good damage bonus. Unique drop. Incendiary elemental and increased melee damage. Increased melee damage. Vampiric. Large magazine. Chance to ignore shields. bullets ricochet several times.

Varieties Patton Justice Law Masher Madjack Razor Revolver Viper Legendary: Atlas Chimera Dahl Anaconda Jakobs Unforgiven Maliwan Defiler Tediore Equalizer Pearlescent: Atlas Aries Unique quest reward. Increased damage. Higher fire rate. Shoots multiple projectiles like Shotguns do. Usually feature decreased accuracy. Unique drop. Increased melee damage. Balanced stats. Higher accuracy. Each bullet will randomly deal fire, lightning, or corrosive damage. Increased accuracy and power. +200% critical hit damage. 100% chance to corrode the enemy. (Will always have "Pestilent" prefix.) Ammo regeneration. Has chance to steal enemy health with every shot (The tendrils of health might heal your teammates instead of you.)

Rocket Launchers
Varieties Rocket Launcher Destructor Harpoon Leviathan The Roaster Legendary: Vladof Mongol Hyperion Nidhogg Maliwan Rhino Torgue Redemption Pearlescent: Torgue Undertaker Balanced. Increase damage. Increased accuracy and rocket travel speed. Unique quest reward from Wanted: Fresh Fish. Unique drop from Taylor Kobb. Large rocket that shoots rockets in all directions that will explode if not hitting solid ground or an NPC; uses 3 ammunition to fire a single rocket. Shoots out Airburst rockets at a specific distance. Repeatedly explodes midair at intervals. Slow, large explosion radius; uses 4 ammunition to fire a single rocket. Increased magazine capacity, large blast radius, only consumes one ammo per shot. Can contain all types of element damage as well as helix type shot.

Combat Shotguns Shotgun Scattergun, Shredder Matador Carnage T.K.'s Wave Boom Stick Sledge's Shotgun The Blister Legendary: Atlas Hydra Torgue Friendly Fire Dahl Bulldog Tediore Defender Jakobs Striker Pearlescent: Dahl Jackal Assault Shotguns Brute Sweeper Death Legendary: Hyperion Butcher S&S Crux Vladof Hammer Maliwan Crux Balanced, 9 projectiles. More projectiles, wider spread, 12 in total. Single small rocket instead of projectiles. Unique quest reward from T.K.'s Life and Limb. Unique drop from Baron Flynt. Unique drop from Sledge. Unique quest reward from Like A Moth To Flame. 5 sprays in a horizontal line. Incendiary, usually x 2 and sometimes x 3. Smiley-face spread pattern. Extended magazine. Ammo regeneration. Can have higher accuracy and pellets cluster very close together instead of the typical wide spread. Fires a grenade, can have elemental effects. High damage. High spread. High accuracy. 5 round burst and very high fire rate. Explosive, usually x 2 or x 3. Cross-shaped spread pattern. Explosive, usually x 2 or x 3. Hammer-shaped spread pattern. High corrosive damage, usually x 4. Developer fumble: was meant to be Maliwan Plague.

Sniper Rifles
Repeating and Semi-Automatic Sniper Balanced. Lance Increased accuracy, lower recoil. Thunder Extra damage, slightly higher recoil. Repeating Gamble Hawkeye Whitting's Elephant Gun Legendary: Atlas Cyclops Vladof Surkov Maliwan Volcano Jakobs Skullmasher Pearlescent: Jakobs Bessie Semi-Automatic Wrath Nailer Reaver's Edge Rider Kyros' Power Legendary: S&S Orion Dahl Penetrator Torgue Cobra Hyperion Invader Lowered accuracy, 250% critical hit damage (as opposed to 200%). Higher accuracy. Unique weapon quest reward for Big Game Hunter. Extreme zoom at 5.2x (mislabled as 3.2) and double bullet velocity. Fast reload speed. 100% chance to ignite enemy. Chance to deal splash fire damage. Reduced damage but fires 6 projectiles. +500% critical hit damage, 2.8x weapon zoom, 100% accuracy when zoomed. Always elemental and mostly x 3. Unique weapon quest reward from House Hunting. Unique weapon that drops when you kill Reaver. Unique weapon found in the Hidden Basement in New Haven. Unique weapon drop from Kyros in DLC3. Misses richochet and split in three, sometimes four pieces. Fully automatic. 100% chance of explosion, splash damage. 5 round burst.

Submachine Guns
Varieties SMG Stinger Thumper Bruiser Anarchy Bone Shredder The Spy Typhoon Legendary: Dahl Wildcat Hyperion Bitch Maliwan Hellfire Tediore Savior Torgue Gasher Pearlescent: Maliwan Tsunami Balanced. Increased fire rate. Increased damage, low fire rate. Increased damage. 4 bullets per shot, uses 2 ammo. Unique drop from Bone Head. Unique quest reward from King Tossing. Unique drop from Typhon. Increased recoil reduction. The Sercret Armory of General Knoxx DLC only. Very large magazine, low accuracy. Increased critical damage. Prefixes cause amusing names. 100% chance to ignite enemy. Ammo regeneration. 3 round burst. Bullets ricochet and deal both shock and corrosive damage.