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Managing Sales Through Distributors

Learn what it takes to support your organizations distribution network by strengthening your distributor specialist link! In between the principal and the distributor is a person or a team responsible for keeping a dynamic and reliable link, ensuring a profitable equation on either side of the distribution fence, alignment of disparate goals, buy-ins on marketing, sales force and trade programs by both parties, smooth and accurate communication, synchronicity of collaborated actions and a responsive mechanism to resolve issues and problems. When this link fails, the whole arrangement can collapse to the detriment of both parties. The question that begs to be answered is how strong are your companys links? Generically, lets call this link the Distributor Specialist, whether its one person or a team. The seminar aims to provide the distributor specialist with critical frameworks, processes, skills and tools to effectively and efficiently handle the links responsibilities as well as to get the distributor to produce the intended companys results.

Program Concept
SELLING IS NOW LARGELY DONE THROUGH DISTRIBUTORS. This seminar recalls and explores the rationale for all these outsourcing moves in the last couple of decades. Various anatomies of distribution are viewed and benchmarked against their own strengths and weaknesses. The seminar then proceeds to discuss the perspectives of both the principal and the distributor in the critical game of finding each ones match. The distributor specialist has a multi-faceted role in the framework and this seminar helps identify competencies required to be effective and successful in fulfilling his or her responsibilities.

Key benefits for participants

Each participant will learn: sales and distribution outsourcing frameworks and processes the competencies required of a distributor specialist an understanding of how to set up and adjust sales and distribution territories skill seeds implants related to leading and handling issues and problems of 3rd-party sales and distribution set-ups confidence points

Key benefits for the company

The company will gain: from more strategically-conscious distributor specialists from better distributor buy-ins on your goals and directions from heightened cooperation from the distributors being handled by strengthened distributor specialists from more efficient cascades from the company to the distributor frontlines and backroom from a smoother and more accurate information feedback from the ground up from lesser upward delegation of issues and problems a strengthened organization by way of the more reliable link

Who Should Attend:

This seminar will largely benefit distributor specialists, teams handling distributors, national and regional sales managers with distributor specialists on their teams, entrepreneurs managing their own links with their distributors and any personnel about to assume a distributor specialists role should ideally undergo this training program before assuming the responsibility.

Case examples from

Advertising Automotive Agriculture Construction Consumer Durables Energy Food and Beverage Personal Care Professional Services Telecom

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Helping your marketing and sales teams soar!

Program Overview
Module 1 : Why Sell Through Distributors
The Rationale Of Selling Through Distributors Key Success Factors Of Selling Through Distributors Issues And Pitfalls Of Selling Through Distributors Anatomy Of Distribution Models

Case examples of the following scenarios shall be discussed:

Increasing reach Reducing risk Rightsizing Reduction of resources required Leveraging economies of scope Making the right match between principal and distributor Putting process to channel design Using national distributors, regional distributors and hybrids Working with exclusivities or riding with other principals Selecting, clarifying role, developing, coaching and injecting discipline into the distributor specialists Using parameters of territorial set-up Working with inexperienced distributors Managing reconfiguration issues (splitting, expanding and taking back a territory) Using different weighted distribution measures Securing financial documents from unwilling distributors Using ORGS when doing an organizational review of the distributor Improving principal-distributor relationship chemistry Efficiently selling to set smooth directions with the distributor Securing cooperation across the distributor organization Preventing distributor issues

Module 2 : What It Takes To Effectively Manage Distributors

Inventory Of Necessary Knowledge, Skills And Attitudes To Effectively Manage Distributors Identifying Areas Of Possible Professional Improvement

Module 3 : Setting Up/Correcting Set-Up Of A Sales Territory

Establishing/Reviewing Numerical, Weighted, And Other Distribution Objectives Conducting Financial Performance Review Of The Set-Up Guidelines On Conducting Operational Reviews Distributor Organizational And Human Resource Review

Module 4: Leading Your Distributor To Your Mutual Success

Tips On How To Establish A Productive Relationship With Your Distributor How To Set And "Sell" Clear Directions How To Secure Cooperation And Commitment To Directions Importance Of Coming Through On Your Support Commitments And Managing Expectations Tips On How To Coach Distributor Personnel Processes Involved In Monitoring And Controlling Your Distributors Performance

Module 5: Handling Distributor Issues And Performance Related Problems Proactive Issue Prevention Systematic Approach To Handling Issues Techniques In Handling Issues

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Helping your marketing and sales teams soar!

What our past participants said:

"The seminar has enlightened me in so many ways. But what really struck me most is the crucial role a distributor specialist has to play in leading its distributor and employer to mutual success. Angelico L. Escobar,

Past participants include:

General Manager of Integrated Marketing and Distributor Services General Manager of Health Menu Nutraceuticals District Sales Manager- General Trade, Abbott Vice President of Nestle Laboratories (Phils), Inc. Vice President of Unilab Vice President of Splash Corporation This seminar was highly informative Vice President of Golden ABC as it enhanced my skills in Managing Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Distributors. Some of the topics can ADD Research Paints and Chemicals also be applied to my sales force. AVP of Technolux Equipment AVP of Aboitiz One Distribution Lastly, the speaker did a very good Marketing Manager of Herbs & Nature Corp. job in handling the seminar, no dull Marketing Manager of Philusa Corporation moment was experienced. Cesar Sales Manager of 3M Philippines Reyes, National Sales Manager, Zuellig Pharma Sales Manager of Cheng Ban Yek Sales Manager of WD Characters Retail Sales Manager of Siemens, Inc. Trade Marketing Manager of Ajinomoto Regional Sales Manager of Abbott Laboratories Regional Sales Manager of BP Philippines Technical Services Manager of HBC, Inc. Sales Manager of W.R. Grace Sales Distribution Manager of JT International Philippines Channel Sales Manager of Infocom District Manager of Ecolab Senior Account Manager of Globe Telecom Distribution Manager of Pfizer Phils. BU Head of Unilab Junior Account Manager of Siemens Caption describing picture or graphic. Sales Engineer of Phelps Dodge Team Head of Merck, Inc.

14 Ilang Ilang, Waters Center, New Manila, Quezon City | Telefax 7222318 727412 41200034 |


Helping your marketing and sales teams soar!