You are on page 1of 3 1. disavow Correct Answer: disavow: To disclaim responsibility for. loathe: To abominate.

annotate: To make explanatory or critical notes on or upon. prolong: To extend in time or duration. 2. inchmeal Correct Answer: inchmeal: Piecemeal. therefor: For that or this. whereupon: After which. outright: Entirely.


3. arboretum Correct Answer: arboretum: A botanical garden or place devoted to the cultivation of trees or shrubs. Your Answer: purgatory: An intermediate state where souls are made fit for paradise or heaven byexpiatory suffering. inversion: Change of order so that the first shall become last and the last first. imitation: That which is made as a likeness or copy. 4. ordinal pupilage: The state or period of being a student. Correct Answer: ordinal: That form of the numeral that shows the order of anything in a series, asfirst, second, third. mongrel: The progeny resulting from the crossing of different breeds or varieties. anachronism: Anything occurring or existing out of its proper time. 5. pastoral Your Answer: squalid: Having a dirty, mean, poverty protective: Sheltering. Correct Answer: pastoral: Having the spirit or sentiment of rural life. semiannual: Recurring at intervals of six months. 6. muster Your Answer: material: That of which anything is composed or may be constructed. Correct Answer: muster: An assemblage or review of troops for parade or inspection, or for numberingoff. euphemism: A figure of speech by which a phrase less offensive is substituted. replica: A duplicate executed by the artist himself, and regarded, equally with thefirst, as an original. 7. working-man aide: de cosmology: The general science of the universe. working: man inkling: A hint.

buttressing 8. Calvinize Your Answer: liberate: To set free or release from bondage. Correct Answer: Calvinize: To teach or imbue with the doctrines of Calvinism. designate: To select or appoint, as by authority. impair: To cause to become less or worse. 9. hemorrhage sinuosity: The quality of curving in and out. Your Answer: immersion: The act of plunging or dipping entirely under water or another fluid. generality: The principal portion. Correct Answer: hemorrhage: Discharge of blood from a ruptured or wounded blood 10. abbey decagram: A weight of 10 grams. reprisal: Any infliction or act by way of retaliation on an enemy. Correct Answer: abbey: The group of buildings which collectively form the dwelling witchcraft: Sorcery.

1. succumb Correct Answer: succumb: To cease to resist. lave: To wash or bathe. contuse: To bruise by a blow, either with or without the breaking of the skin. detrude: To push down forcibly. 2. nectarine symmetry: Relative proportion and harmony. presumption: That which may be logically assumed to be true until disproved. Correct Answer: nectarine: A variety of the peach. esquire: A title of dignity, office, or courtesy. 3. primitive Your Answer: superb: Sumptuously elegant. Correct Answer: primitive: Pertaining to the beginning or early times. regnant: Exercising royal authority in one's own right. infirm: Lacking in bodily or mental strength. 4. proselyte pact: A covenant. Correct Answer: proselyte: One who has been won over from one religious belief to another. ordnance: A general name for all kinds of weapons and their appliances used in war. felony: One of the highest class of offenses, and punishable with death or imprisonment. 5. susceptible incontrovertible: Indisputable. proficient: Possessing ample and ready knowledge or of skill in any art, science, orindustry.

Correct Answer: susceptible: Easily under a specified power or influence. Your Answer: proportionate: Being in proportion. 6. granule Correct Answer: granule: A small grain or particle. Your Answer: nucleus: A central point or part about which matter is aggregated. incentive: That which moves the mind or inflames the passions. suspension: A hanging from a support. 7. curtail negotiable: To bargain with others for an agreement, as for a treaty or transfer ofproperty. equalize: To render uniform. emerge: To come into view or into existence. Correct Answer: curtail: To cut off or cut short. 8. deviltry florist: A dealer in flowers. Correct Answer: deviltry: Wanton and malicious mischief. Your Answer: gyroscope: An instrument for illustrating the laws of rotation. hesitancy: A pausing to consider. 9. encompass obstruct: To fill with impediments so as to prevent passage, either wholly or in part. mete: To apportion. Correct Answer: encompass: To encircle. Your Answer: enlighten: To cause to see clearly. 10. legging psychiatry: The branch of medicine that relates to mental disease. Correct Answer: legging: A covering for the leg. rookery: A place where crows congregate to breed. Your Answer: epode: A species of lyric poems. Deferred