Configuration Support Manager can prepopulate a Service Request with configuration data? a)True (*) b)False


Maintenance Wizard is which of the following? a)A Powerful Diagnostic Tool b)An Automated SR Writer c)RDA d)A Powerful Upgrade Assistance Tool (*)


Configuration Support Manager can reduce time to log a Service Request by how much time? a)0.1 b)0.75 c)0.3 (*) d)0.05 e)0.5


Maintenance Wizard is a support tool for Siebel based products? a)True b)False (*)


A Value of running HealthChecks is/are? (Choose all correct answers) a)Reduced Cost (*) b)Optimized System Performance (*) c)Increased Risk d)Active Problem Avoidance e)None of the Above

Lifetime Support (Answer all questions in this section) 6. Lifetime Support Supports you at Every Stage of the Applications Life Cycle a)True (*) b)False 7. While in Sustaining Support, the pricing is equal to pricing as if in Premier Support a)True (*) b)False 8. In Applications Unlimited, Customer Driven Product Roadmaps represent more of what to our customers? a)More Choice

you can also choose to send documents for the attendees to review prior to the conference as part of the invite. In scheduled conferences. Which of the following are modules of Oracle Premier Support? (Choose all correct answers) a)Product Enhancement and Updates (*) b)Global Support Outerstructure c)Lifetime Support (*) d)Proactive Automated Support (*) e)Ecosystem Support (*) 10. In scheduled conferences attendees may join the conference directly from an email invitation. The Personal Materials Repository can be used to store which of the following? a)Documents b)Bookmarks c)Messages d)Polls e)All of the above (*) 13. a)True (*) b)False 14. a)True (*) b)False 15.b)More Value c)More Visibility (*) d)More Time e)All of the above 9. Certifications New Oracle Products is covered under which level(s) of support? a)Premier Support b)Extended Support c)Lifetime Support d)Premier & Extended Support (*) e)None of the Above 11. To get to Materials Management section of OWC you would do which of the following? . The Messages feature is used for which of the following? a)To actively communicate with individual participants b)To submit service requests c)To send information to conference attendees (*) d)None of These 12.

What does Secure Enterprise Search enable you to do? a)SES allows you to open secure forums to communicate issues b)SES puts you in direct contact with Oracle support c)SES enables you to filter incoming messages d)SES enables you to search a subset of Oracle Product Documentation. Which of the following would not be a valid reason to escalate the SR? a)Dissatisfied with response b)Project deadline is within 10 days c)SR was raised at wrong severity (*) d)Encountered critical roadblock 18. d)They are run through the concurrent manager from the SYSADMIN responsibility e)Download from Metalink & run according to the instructions.a)Click on the Upload Documents Button b)Filter by the material you wish to manage c)Type 'Materials' in the Search Bar d)Click on the Archive Tab e)Click on the Materials Tab (*) Working Effectively With Support . and .EBS (Answer all questions in this section) 16. How do you run standalone tests? a)They are available through the Diagnostics responsibility. What is the most effective way to escalate a SR? a)Update Metalink b)Via your Oracle Account Manager c)Call into Support d)Update Metalink and then call into Support (*) 21. (*) 17. b)They are run through the concurrent manager from the GL SuperUser responsibility c)They can only be run by Oracle Support engineers. OTN. Which of the following status codes means the action is with Oracle? a)Awaiting customer (CUS) b)Work in Progress (WIP) (*) c)Sleep (SLP) d)Waiting for Customer to Apply Patch (WCP) 20. True or False? Escalating a SR and raising the severity of a SR have exactly the same impact a)True b)False (*) 19.

com from within MetaLink. How far back can you search for Service Requests? a)90 Days b)365 Days (*) c)30 Days d)7 Days e)5 Years 23. (*) b)Submit a Metalink Service Request c)Press the 'Push' button d)Enter preference info into Email Matrix e)None of these Support Diagnostics (Answer all questions in this section) 26. What is the master MetaLink note to reference that contains Support Diagnostics information? a)MetaLink Note 7000. preferences. How often are updates released for Support Diagnostics? a)Bi-Monthly (*) b)Quarterly c)Weekly d)Yearly e)Monthly 27.and click on Show hyperlink next to your Support Identifier a)True (*) b)False 25.Oracle.1 28. You can find out when your CSI license expires by Navigating to Profile . How do you set up your preferences to "PUSH" information to yourself? a)Navigate to Profile. add and personalize your settings. What types of Support Diagnostic tests are available?(Choose all correct answers) .Licenses . (*) 22.1 b)MetaLink Note 167000.1 (*) d)MetaLink Note 168000.5 c)MetaLink Note 167000. What is the maximum number of SR profiles can you set up? a)50 b)25 c)5 d)1 e)10 (*) 24.

a)Impact b)Activity (*) c)Assessment d)Collection (*) e)Setup (*) 29. Support Diagnostics are a set of tests that gather information about the technical environment. which Forum should you use on MetaLink to pose your question? a)Oracle General Support Forum b)Support Diagnostics Project forum (*) c)Oracle Direct Support Forum d)Production Diagnostics Project Forum . and application data a)True (*) b)False 30. configuration. If you have a Support Diagnostics related question.

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