Beyond Default Human Behaviors


In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most Compassionate.


Default Human Behaviors


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To the only One. To the only One. Whether it’s pure or Jarvik heart. Who guides. Who glides the ships to the side. Who will be the end. Who was the beginning. To the only One. Who let you have a droplet from His sea. Who knows what’s inside our heart. Who has no fear. Who finds the grooms for the brides. To the only One.(Dedicated) To the only One To the only One. Asim! I know one thing for sure. Whatever name you give Him. 5 . Who sees through our eyes. Who will decide whether I will be in Heaven or Hell. Who listens through our ears. He is the only One. Who let you drink honey from His bee.

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version releases or service packs after words. Mateen and Abdulwadud for their encouragement to let me work on this book even during the time which I should had spent with them.Acknowledgements First. The only One who’s every release is a final release and no upgrades. I salute your sea of computational and engineering skills my Lord and your graciousness for letting me have a droplet from it. I really want to thank my father and mother for their wonderful support. Although my father is no more living but his exceptional sacrifices will never be forgotten … I like to thank Arshia. 7 . I am really thankful to God and I always remember Him as “Supreme Programmer”.

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47 Taking things for Granted ……..…………………….95 Accepting Something that Finally Happens ……….…………….13 Friendship of the Supreme Progneer ……………………………….……..……79 The Purpose of Life ………………...….Table of Contents Reducing the factor of making Wrong Decisions………………....101 9 .63 Default Human Behavior ……..

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..113 Matter of Zero Heaven Value .........…121 11 ...…………107 Why Respect Parents & Elders? ...........True Happiness …………...............................

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Reducing the factor of making WRONG DECISIONS 13 .

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The echo system and its programming in every aspects.There is a famous saying. there is still a chance that your decision will end up in a failure. 15 . “All is well that ends well. Some call it ‘fate’ or ‘luck’. everything within & beyond.” So even if I teach you the art of making wise decision.” and enchanting living ourselves. I used the word God just to make you understand but I personally remember Him as the ‘Supreme Progneer’ (Programmer Engineer): designer magnificent creations but not of & The this universe including limited to “Progneer: Programmer & Engineer of this Universe. some call it the embedded ‘uncertainty’ in nature but I call it ‘God factor’.

The brain is a wonderful design and at the time of child birth its like empty computer just arrived from the factory to your home. The development of human from microscopic level when sperm fertilizes egg to a point where it turns to a beauty and can write stuff and differ between good and evil. How the existence of one creature is the cause of existence of others e.g. The level where he/she is an independent person and can eat. when the lion kills someone and eat to his full. If you put this computer in a environment of scholars there is a great probability that it will get utilized for scholarly acts but if you place it in the environment of criminals or bad guys there is a great probability that it will get utilized for bad purposes. If I would had born in Einstein’s home there is a great probability that I would 16 . and above all can ‘think’. there are thousands others who live on the left over. the living things relates to each other. Let’s take this analogy to a child’s brain. walk.

irrespective of religion” there is one embedded fact that we should keep in the back of our brain i.have continued his research on ‘Unification of Forces’. and fuzziness in 17 . Again it comes down to what I say ‘Progneer Factor’. uncertainty. This fact basically took us to the world of probability.e. Natural processes are programmed and have been made ‘automated unattended’ processes but those processes can be over-ruled by the Progneer: the designer/programmer of those processes. So it but mostly in depends cases on if the the environment some “Progneer” gives you light provided you have asked for it then you can shine in mud too. Whenever we study stuff sciences processes relating or in to other nature “If you do good it will get reverted back to you.

natural processes as long as they are running That’s one automated. When He sends the uncertain situation.nature. As long as the process is running own its own. its running as programmed by the Progneer but when he wants something to happens. reasons so irrespective religion encounter any uncertain situation in life. of of the programmed and designed by the Progneer. He also sends the unpredictable solution and that’s why we 18 . He says and we in the world discuss that although but was it the very happened likelihood “Doing good falls under unattended automated process of Nature or Gods Design” unattended we that all we as pray don’t low but it happened! All the things we would be discussing in this book relates to the ‘High Probability’ stuff or like I said.

sometime say. In the beginning you may or may not feel drastic change but you will notice that the factor for you being 19 . It is “Adaptive” in nature. it was a miracle. The are model going we to “Adaptive Machines’ efficiency increases with time” present will help you in reducing the factor of making wrong decision. Adaptive in nature means that you have to adapt it in your life and gradually you will start seeing its results. Our job as human is to give the best we can and leave in rest to the is Supreme ultimate in Progneer as He Justice too. The art we are going to study will make you master in ‘High Probability’ area but remember the ‘Low Probability’ area which is although low but still there. We were not expecting this.

Regular machines are designed for specific environment but adaptive machines are designed for all environments. Any machine which is adaptive in nature will give you not much output in the beginning but with the passage of time its efficiency gradually increases to 100%. 20 . For example.ending up in a wrong decision is greatly reduced. A regular machine’s efficiency is ideally 100% and it deteriorates with the passage machines of time where is as the 0% adaptive and it efficiency ideally increases with the passage of time. in Electrical Engineering there is something called “Adaptive Filter” which a layman may consider as a machine having ideally zero efficiency the time it was designed but once you put that machine in a real working environment its efficiency will increase and a time will come when it would be working ideally at 100% efficiency.

On the same lines if you adapt the model we are going 21 . Time Graph Time Figure 1: Adaptive Machine’s Efficiency ~ Time Graph On the vertical axes it’s the efficiency of the adaptive machine whereas on the horizontal axes it shows the time. The time could be in hours or days. shows zero efficiency but with the passage of time it will be very efficient. Adaptive machines in the beginning.Efficiency vs.

The art is based on two things • • Adaptive-Decision-Making-Model (ADMM) Optimizing the working of Brain This art is applicable to every walk of life wherever decision involved the solution problem. it will definitely reduce the factor of your decisions to end up in failure. days. Contrary to this concept. to explain or most there is making getting optimal for a Before what’s Back we in “Bottom line: ADMM & Optimizing Working of Brain” meant school learnt with “optimal from every moving ahead I want solution”.to present. in real life one problem might be having numerous solutions. simplest example would be 2+2 is always equal to 4. that mathematics have problem has one answer (solution). 22 .

4500 or even 2000. An experienced programmer can achieve the same target by writing less lines of code e. you can do it by writing 5000 lines of code.Let me give you the analogy of computer programming. If you have to achieve certain target. And selecting the most optimal solution is called “wise decision making. So for every problem in real life there could be numerous solutions and our job is to pick the most “Optimal Solution”.” 23 .g.

he will. is important that’s would use down the target “Many times we start the project without having clear goal in mind” the word than down”. he will write down the target. On the other hand. an intellectual person will handle the problem in the following manner: • He will first Writing very and I to why like analyze/understand the problem. “engrave the target/goal on a 24 .Adaptive-Decision-MakingModel (ADMM) When a average person encounters a problem he will take the decision right at the spot utilizing the knowledge he has in his mind. “engrave” rather “write rock. Then.” So.

professors. the possible sources of input for him would his be: his Own Knowledge. etc. He will then follow the ADMM to end up in a “most optimal solution” during that time frame. if he is an Electrical Engineer and he has been given the task to design some circuit. Internet. • 25 . Books. for example. he/she has to “Analyze & Understand the problem on reception” • Next he will lay down all the possible sources he has to solve the problem. Classmates/Colleagues.• Then he will try to figure out which the the time frame during solve problem.

• Next. • The manager of each department will give him feedback regarding the progress. he will assign those modules & steps of implementation to related departments. As it is web based so no one has to move from his chair and it is universally accessible. 26 . For dividing the optimal solution into modules or steps of implementation he may follow the ADMM again. There are lots of web based project management tools using those the project director can watch the progress of the modules assigned to each department as the managers of those departments are constantly update the progress.Note that the following steps are optional: • Next he will divide the solution to modules and for each module he will write the steps of implementation.

I have also heard people saying. doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. if you are a solution provider. “That’s the best I can give possess. “There is no solution to this problem.” Or “That’s the only solution to this problem. These problems could be anything relating to any aspect of life. always add one statement at the end of your solution. The smiley faces as shown in the diagram (Figure 3) represent problems.” with the I knowledge “If You don’t know doesn’t mean its not possible” If you don’t want to write it down. at least keep this in mind. Lets suppose we got the first problem at time 27 . Moreover.” If you don’t know something. “There is no ‘No’ to anything.” I always explain to my students.

” “Lets see how the cat jumps.t1. As shown in the figure we are spending time (t1 to t2) in analyzing the problem. will be what you consider the optimal solution at t2. the next step is to write down the problem in words and the possible sources of input to the model. Once you have understood what the problem is. This duration could be 1 minute or 1 month depending upon the complexity of the problem. The first thing we have to do when we encounter a problem is to understand the problem.” “Let the time take the decision. How truly someone has said. At t2. “Let the ball rolling.” With the passage of time many options will appear redundant clearly. use your own knowledge to generate all possible solutions for that problem and give them preference. So at t4 the set of 28 . First.

Also note that the preference is not the same as it was in the beginning. Just before of t8.) sources (Colleagues. we will take the decision by selecting option 1 as “most optimal” for the solution problem. one of the etc. we would be having less number options and finally at t8. At t6. Internet “Let the time take the decision” which resulted in expansion of options and may bring change in the preference too.options will squeeze down to three. you got input from Books. Always remember the “Average person neglects the time factor in decision process” 29 . Again as the time pass many options will appear redundant clearly.

Following this model will help you in reducing the factor of ending up in a wrong decision. would be the best possible solution. utilizing all your mental power. ADMM –Adaptive Decision Making Model At t1 This is the time when you encounter the problem 30 .solution you will end up with at t8. time and available sources.

Give them preference. Write down all possible sources of Input to the model At t2 Start writing down all the possible solutions.t1 – t2 Analyze/Understand the problem Just Before t2 Engrave the “Target/Goal”. clearly t5 Preferences may change 31 . t2 – t3 Preferences may change t4 Some options will appear redundant.

ADMM (Adaptive Decision Making Model) 32 .

Give them preference. Books etc. t6 Start writing down all the possible solutions. t6 .Just Before t8 Squeeze the options by dropping the least preferred solutions t8 Most Optimal Solution 33 .t7 Preferences may change t7 .t5 – t6 May get input from other sources like Internet. Colleagues.

Optimal Solution Implementation 34 .Implementation of Optimal Solution Once you have the optimal solution. Usually we divide the solution into “modules” and for each module we write down the steps involving of all implementation project team collaboratively members. the next step is optional.

Physical Architecture of Human Brain 35 . Like I said.Depending upon the problem. you may have to follow ADMM again for each module. time line could be 1 hour or 1 year depending upon the complexity of problem.

• • Human supreme amongst creations creation “Physically our Brains look exactly the same. • Understanding the logical architecture of brain Working of brain Best Practices beings all of are the God. In the following lines we will be discussing three things.Optimizing Human Brain the working of To get the most out of ADMM we have to optimize the working of our brain and to do so we have to first understand the logical architecture of brain.” They are considered supreme because of the architecture or more precisely the logical architecture of the brain that we have. is different from His other 36 .

in short everything. Human Brain the center for emotions.creations. reactions.” picture with the best of the knowledge and experience I have in my mind. The physical architecture of all human beings resembles but its the logical architecture which makes one Einstein and other me. activities. anxieties. “A picture is better than thousand words. It’s just like microprocessor of the body. 37 . The following architecture Brain. is the central processing unit in a body. grief.” In the following lines I am going to explain the picture or in other words the logical architecture of brain. I picture of the this gives you the logical made “Logically our Brains differ & it’s the way we configure it. relations. happiness. I felt it necessary because someone was right when he said.

e. Database Inside Brain 2. On the other hand the logical architecture of brain can be divided into following three sections 1.Logical Architecture of Brain As I mentioned before. Processes 3. the physical architecture of all human brains resemble i. Sources of Input to Brain Figure 6: Logical Architecture of Human Brain 38 . two hemispheres packed with winding/curly tubes.

A person who is an electrical engineer. “Control your Brain and don’t let it control you” 39 . In this database the information is residing in the form of “Categories”.Every person has data/information residing in his/her brain and by the time child comes into the world its size is very small but with the passage of time the size increases. his category of electrical engineering information must be having lots of pages compared to his knowledge about medical stuff.

Figure 7: Logical Architecture of Human Brain 40 .

Similar if a person is a doctor, his category of medical information must be having lots of data in it compared to his knowledge electrical about stuff.

“Create one monitor process in Brain whose duty would be to make sure that Brain is following ADMM”

Similarly, we all have certain categories in common e.g. food categories. Every one has data relating to food in their mind like taste fruits, different of different smell of dishes,

deserts, recipes of making different food etc. One interesting category also in database we get is the

‘Experience’. There are many things we learn through experience; experiences from the life of other people.


It’s because of this category that a person who did PhD in any field might end up in a wrong decision compared to his father who did just BS but has experience more than the PhD guy’s age. This reminds me something, once an author said, “By the time a man realizes that his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks that he is wrong.” Always that ADMM would remember in one be of the of the the

“Learn from your elders’ experiences not just ignore them”


great sources of input old/experienced people around you.

Processes on the other hand helps in the improvement/update, addition & deletion of information in the database inside the brain based on all the sources of inputs that are


coming to the brain from all these five sense mentioned in the diagram e.g. experience process helps in the improvement and addition of information in the ‘Experience’ category in the brain. Now let’s have a look on best practices. One of which is to increase the size of this database by consuming all the inputs we have, my suggestion would be to make the most use of “ear” and “eyes” than “tongue”. The cause of many problems is “tongue” and once an author said, “The tongue says: you take me out of mouth and I will take you out of xyz.” If you are married and if your wife owns the home

“Some folks learn the Hard way, don’t be amongst them”

in which you are living then you can replace ‘xyz’ with the word ‘home’. 43

You should “listen/observe” more and speak only when it’s extremely required. Further Information (Mathematical Aspect) If you want to learn the mathematical aspect to making decision.Conclusion Create a new process in your brain whose job would be to make sure that: 1. if you have large number of options and each option has factors associated with it. Other processes are performing well as far as increasing and improving the data inside the database 3. Your brain should always follow ADMM 2. the key word is AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process). There is lot new 44 .

45 . the code follows AHP algorithms. There are companies who have software that helps you in making decision. At the back of those softwares.mathematical processes developed but AHP is the place to begin with. You can make a search @ Google to see the list of those companies.

46 .

The Friendship of the Supreme progneer 47 .

48 .

To be friend of Supreme Progneer there are following four criterions. No matter how many hardships you get. Lets one i. From your hand & tongue other humans should be safe 2. 1. but from your hands and tongue 49 . start from the your “Bottom-line: 4 Key things. Patience.e. no matter how extreme the injustice could be. Extreme Humbleness 4. Humbleness & Dzkir” discussion with point hands and tongue every human should be safe. Extreme Patience 3. Not Hurting. Dzkir (Remembrance of God) We will be following the order as described above in explaining each of these points and why they are essential.

Your hands and tongue should get utilized for the benefit of others. achieve a patience level that even the Supreme Progneer could not resist saying in the gathering of His angels. On the other hand show extreme patience.” Dzkir: a very special way of meditation.other human should be safe. "What a person he is?" I have sent him so many climates and still he is busy doing my Dzkir. Thank you God You are the Creator Your are the All-Merciful You are the Absolute Ruler You are the Pure One You are the Source of Peace You are the Guardian 50 . calling Supreme Progneer in heart all the time. Like.

You are the Victorious You are the Greatest You are the Shaper of Beauty You are the Forgiving You are the Giver of All You are the Knower of All You are the Exalter You are the Bestower of Honors You are the Hearer of All You are the Seer of All You are the Judge You are the Just You are the Subtle One You are the All-Aware You are the Magnificent You are the Rewarder of Thankfulness You are the Highest You are the Preserver You are the Nourisher You are the Accounter You are the Mighty You are the Generous You are the Watchful One 51 .

You are the Responder to Prayer You are the Perfectly Wise You are the Loving One You are the Majestic one You are the Resurrector You are the Witness You are the Truth You are the Trustee You are the Possessor of All Strength You are the Forceful One You are the Praised One You are the Originator You are the Restorer You are the Giver of Life You are the Taker of Life You are the Ever Living One You are the Self-Existing One You are the Finder You are the Glorious You are the Only One You are the One You are the Satisfier of All Needs You are the All Powerful 52 .

You are the Creator of All Power You are the Expediter You are the Delayer You are the First You are the Last You are the Manifest One You are the Hidden One You are the Protecting Friend You are the Supreme One You are the Doer of Good You are the Guide to Repentance You are the Avenger You are the Forgiver You are the Clement You are the Owner of All You are the Lord of Majesty & Bounty You are the Equitable One You are the Gatherer You are the Rich One You are the Enricher You are the Preventer of Harm You are the Creator of the Harmful You are the Creater of Good 53 .

Remember Me I will remember you … 54 . The Supreme Progneer says.” Calling the Supreme Progneer with such beautiful names just like as if one fell in extreme love with someone and wants to be with him/her always. all the time. “Oh! my Designer.You are the Light You are the Guide You are the Everlasting One You are the Righteous Teacher You are the Patient one and one of my favorite Dzkir (prayer). Only You give the power to good deeds and only you give the strength to refrain from badness.

Some call it coincident but I call it that’s how Supreme Progneer talks with His friends. Let me give you one example. I was writing a email. 55 . It’s just the one incident out of hundreds. Thinking about the spelling of a difficult word. His Dzkir has lot of power. how you can see Him talking with you. one of my colleague came to me. I flipped the first page and that word was on the first line. within a second.You will believe it or not. gave me some documents. One day I was in my office. If you are following all these 4 criterions you will extremely see Him “Zkir is the remembrance of God” talking with you in your surroundings.

As its not possible or more precisely very difficult to say all the Praises/God’s Names mentioned above all the time. only He gives the strength to refrain from badness” You God’. 56 . I dedicate one day for the statement. I take one per day. with repeating His praises in my heart. ‘Thank “Only He gives the power to do good deed. each breath I exhale and inhale. each step that I take. The way I do Dzkir is as follows. I try my very best to say this statement. While doing tooth brush all the way up to my office. For example. I put my self back on track. While in a meeting or writing something as soon as my mind gets free. I ‘try’ to say this statement as soon as I wake up in my heart. This process goes until I reach at home.

Next day. The same concept applies to education and beauty too. A richest man of the world who is about to die because of illness is poorer than the poorest but healthy man of the world. So one should be humble without having 57 . imagine as if you received a call from your doctor that you are suffering from terrible disease and you know that you will be dead “Helping someone with His thought in mind is Dzkir” within days. I am not prefect but I try my very best and always pray and asks my Creator to indulge me in Your remembrance all the time. I take the next statement. As far as extreme humbleness is concern you must be asking yourself what is extreme level of humbleness? And my response is when few you moments meet ago anyone. I hope you got the essence of what Dzkir is.

58 . organization etc. if for example. Now I am going to tell you very important stuff. what's the benefit of doing such un-natural stuff like someone ruined your life and you are showing him/her extreme humbleness. the only thing that makes one man superior than other is the ‘deeds’. you are out of the game. In eyes of Supreme Progneer. if God accepts you as a friend and if someone hurts you then its between God and him/her. You must be thinking at this moment.) accepts you as his/her best friend and if someone hurts you. patience and you are not doing any harm to him/her in return using your hands and tongue even with a good thought of just stopping him. he/she will be in trouble.any proud in the heart because of these worldly things. Just imagine. President level person (country.

g. said.. them and "God they brutality but at the end prayed for those who “Discussing Supreme Progneer’s Artworks is Dzkir” forgive with don't know". if you say.. "Oh! God forgive these people & guide them to righteousness". "By the order of God. faced extreme did hardships it. This is the mental level only very few people can reach. angel Gabriel came to him and said. Prophet Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him). Similarly Prophet (Peace Mohammad Be Upon Him).All the prophets that God sent were having these qualities e. I can minced this valley in between these mountains" and He (PBUH) responded back with a prayer. 59 .

Oh the only One who gives strength to refrain from badness. Oh the only One who live so close to me. 60 . I become their hand “Having Patience & Humbleness irrespective of life events requires very high mentallevel” when they write and I become their tongue when they speak. Oh the only One who gives live. Oh the only One who live in my heart.God says. "There are very few people who reaches a level in worship & deeds that I become their feet with they walk." Oh my Lord. Oh the only One who give power to do good deeds. Oh the only One who confers death.

Ameen 61 .With deep inside me heart I ask immensely to forgive me and put me on the path of true glory for success here and after. May God forgive us all.

62 .

Taking Things for Granted Taking Things For Granted (TTFG) Intensity Control 63 .

64 .

All praises are to its Designer only. what a marvelous design and color combination it is. Its none other but “Taking things for granted.” Its because of this property that I pass by a charming flower without saying.The property which has been embedded into our systems is basically the cause which is making us not to think about our Designer a lot and which results we getting involved more and more into the glitters of the world. Just Imagine for a second that this property has 65 .

I think. our face. Once I will look into the mirror. Check greatness. embedding out His by this “Once TTFG Intensity Decreases. we will be in great astonishment. its design etc. So what’s really the reason behind having this property embedded into our systems? What really God wants? The answer comes from. Everyone will ‘see’ (not believe) that God is watching them no matter wherever they are or what ever they do. by asking our self another question. 66 . Love for God increases” quality in us He has basically freed ourselves. But He also says. What if God shows himself to the world? Then there would not be any crime or any thing bad. then it doesn’t really make any sense to have a world. then it’s really hard to even go to the office.been deleted from out system.

are having ‘Virtual Taking Things For Granted Taking Things For Granted (TTFG) Intensity Control For those who fell in great love with Him. He starts making this property weaker and weaker and we all sometimes this process feels like as if Intensity Control’ unit in our souls.We have opened the doors for those who seek … Those who search for Him. It does not really mean that they forget the world 67 . are actually having this control at Zero level.

He said. I consider Progneer’s that design someone as Supreme where he made this control at zero level. no feelings & humanity” single breath went leaving my body without taking “Thank 68 . all the senses.e. eyes. From hair. Having this control at zero level means that such folks never leaves a single moment in praising to the Supreme Progneer for whatever He has bestowed them. millions of systems running inside our body in such coherence fashion to all the things that pass before their eyes and all the matters they do from dawn to dusk. I consider my any that “A person with Max TTFG will be a machine i.and their duties towards humans. animals etc. Let me put this thing in someone words who came across me and shared his thoughts.

life is indulge yourself in the glitters Remember short and all the glitters will leave behind. Although you can control this “TTFG Intensity Level Control” in your soul but also do pray to the Supreme Progneer to make it as low as possible. The only deeds. How something. which we. Once you have this control at the minimum level then you will be remembering Him all the time. But if it’s at the Max level then you of will the the totally world. one time invisible turned into a 69 .you God” (or His discussion) with it as if that moment of life was spent in “Sin”. thing that will accompany you is your If we just look at ourselves when we were born and what we are now.

Human. How something which was so small turned into so many systems like Nervous system. Whatever I want to write my brain sends the signals and my fingers press the keys of the computer. development after eventually People come into this 70 . If something is happening from years and years or from to generation “A person with Zero TTFG will be someone in great love of God” generation we don’t think about it or pay any attention to it. which work coherently in a great synchronization. For example the birth of a child year and its year and dead. Reproductive system. Respiratory system. excretory system etc. Look at the fingers how wonderfully they are attached with the brain. The process is so fast that we don’t even pay attention to it.

world and they die. Those who are not. When they die. In response you want all the employees to be loyal with you and to your company. we say what’s a big deal about it. Everyone has a baby. others say what’s a big deal about it. Everyone dies. you would like to give them a chance but if they remain not sincere you definitely would not like to keep them in your company. When they come. Now lets take this analogy to God and Humans case. We have been bestowed with thousands of blessing of the Supreme Progneer and still we say what’s a big deal about it. Just imagine for a second that you hava a company and you are having 100 employees and you are taking good care of them. Everyone can 71 .

the Spider Man says at the end.” 72 . Should they be thankful to God? Its really makes sense for an extremely rich person to be thankful to God but it doesn’t make any sense for a extremely poor person thanking God all the time or one having no legs thanking/praising God all the times.walk why I feel astonished that I can walk or praise Him for having this quality. Why there is such an inequality in God’s world? In the Spider Man part one movie. What people thankful about who to those can’t God? “Exam will be even harder for Rich than for Poor” walk. Should they be What about those people who are extremely poor that they don’t know from where the next meal will come from. Comes the Great Responsibility. “With Great Power.

Life is not but a test. In the Supreme eyes. In front of Him. those who are rich and who are having legs are at more pitiable level than those who were poor or having no legs. Take it as a test to be successful.Remember if you have been bestowed with great powers its not a moment of joy. all one Progneer’s thing “CEO will be having much harder exam than worker with no one underneath” humans are equal the which makes superior than others is the ‘deeds’. If you should have granted legs and the ability to walk. its not a moment of pleasure that 73 . It’s a moment of extremely great fear. it means your test will be extremely hard at the end of the day. If you see a elder than you standing in the bus while you are sitting. those legs should move towards places to help others.

the hard accept. Asim. That’s the beauty of my were lucky and you got the seat. questions things for that me All I to such always can’t prove. my mother said. 74 . If you belive me or not. God is very big and He knows everything? This question was a big trouble for me. not a single act gets unnoticed. No doubt it’s a test. with great power comes the great responsibility” remain in the back of my mind until I proved it or more precisely He showed the light and answers to those questions got revealed to me. It’s a test. I remember when I was a kid. my Creator. it was “Spiderman was right when he said. Since the beginning.

The word. then indeed He says for it: 'Be' and it 'becomes. ‘Serendipity’: the art of looking for something great and ending up finding something else great. I discovered it. So when my mother said.' How truly. Its simply wonderful. “Not a single act gets unnoticed from Him” 75 . As I grew older the question was still there and it was getting matured and I didn’t accept it in a true sense unless the answer got revealed as I always prayed to the God to show me light. I didn’t invent Penicillin. Alexander Fleming said. “Asim God knows every thing.” I was in big trouble and started thinking about it.So when He decides for something. Like I said. All it requires is ‘seeking’ and leave the rest on God. before.

a moment came when I said to myself I can store all the 76 . In short. to learn and I never attended Electrical school Computer all my Databases stuff. The school I attended was a Engineering school classmates are Electrical Engineers but I went into the Database subject so deep that I ended up not only being a Database Instructor for many years but wrote a book too on Oracle: The biggest and most powerful/complex database management systems in the world so far.This is how a Electrical Engineer got turned into a Database any Administrator.

information world. create can the also of the the “Bottom-line: Keep TTFG as low as possible. She was perfectly right. their I can a the in a they such pull database. ALL. Humbleness & Dzkir” means faces. If I want I information out from database of matter seconds about anyone I am looking for. If I can do this then surely my Creator can at a much extremely higher level. do. Asim God is watching and He knows everything. This is how the question got answered. All Their information whatever whatever information. Remember. It helps in acting on 4 key things: Not Hurting. Patience. So when my mother said. the very important 77 .

experience of my life and you can engrave it in your heart. Dzkir (Remembrance of God) And always pray to the Supreme Progneer that You are the One who give me power to do good deed and You are the only One who give me the strength to refrain from badness. i. He speaks provided you follow the four things. This is what I say. Extreme Humbleness 4. 78 . From your hand & tongue other humans should be safe 2. “Not a single act gets unnoticed from Him” If you do the good deeds and be kind to others. Extreme Patience 3. 1.e. the nature will revert your stuff back.

HUMAN Behavior Default 79 .

80 .

We have been programmed in a fashion that once something happens we give a response back.” “He/she called me with names and I did the same with him/her. this is known as Default Human Behavior” “He/she slapped me first back.” “He/she treated me badly and I was waiting for a suitable time and when it came I screwed his/her life. 81 .” I hope you got the feeling of what I and then I slapped him/her mean with “Default Human Behavior”.“He/she hit me first that’s why I hit him/her back. Like Newton’s third law of motion.” “He hit me I will hit him back.

” But this is certainly not the pursuit of people who want to be friends of the Supreme Progneer. If someone adopts this . managing billions of people (His creations). no matter whatever the input is” 82 you and you are still praying for him/her. He is sitting on the top.“For every action there is equal and opposite reaction. Let’s see how? harm If did to someone extremely “Make yourself a machine whose output is always good. God forgive him and put him on path of righteousness. He has intentionally made this property as a default thing in humans so that it would be easy for Him to differentiate between those who love Him and those who don’t.

it’s a very unusual situation and gets flagged in Supreme Progneer’s system for human management. 83 . no matter whatever the input to that machine. you may come cross folks who would be difficult to communicate with and they may go off track in communication but one who has successfully killed the default human behavior in him/her will never follow and will never go off track but rather he/she would always remain polite and humble under all circumstances.pursuit. In other words make yourself a machine whose output is always good. For example if you are a customer support specialist. That’s the machine I am talking about even if the machine hears bad words but will always response in good words.

it may help you earn reward points or it may bring trouble or no reward points” share with you the receptionists (over the phone or face to face) were all there. ‘Five Star Customer Service’ and related problems. etc. When I come 84 . support “Watch your tongue. People who were in this business along with folks who deal with public every day like customer specialist. They pointed sometimes it’s really hard to deal Let with me customers.Once I got the opportunity to be in a meeting having the agenda. wonderful concept.

He was so caring There enormous deposited and will into helpful. But if he/she leaves with bad thoughts about me or if my words hurted 85 . what a Man he was. be my ‘rewards’ account in “The Bank of Supreme Progneer” (imagine as The Bank of America or any other bank in world).across over face any the to I human or get face. If he/she leaves his/her with joy me heart and with filled good thoughts. phone “In the Bank of God. our tongue is like God’s gifted free VISA card. We can use it to earn rewards points while dealing with other humans” internally extremely scared only because he can either bring ‘rewards’ for me or no rewards rather bad credits.

was showing us the PS II (Play Station II).000 reward points which was equivalent to buying a PS II (Play .her/his feelings then its going to be bad credits to my account or no rewards. One day one of my friends. that He he mentioned “Only ‘reward points’ will work in Heaven everything else will leave behind when soul gets separated from body” 86 has been using the VISA card for years and for there every was up purchase ended ‘reward points’ and I accumulating 31. He said that he got this for free. We all got astonished and asked him how you can get this free.

but the ‘reward points’ you had earned before your soul got separated from your body will help you buy stuff in heaven as there is only one bank over there. The Bank of the Supreme Progneer (imagine it as The Bank of America). you can earn with your ‘tongue’. The ‘reward points’ I am talking about.Station 2 Video Game) and couple of other stuff. Remember all the VISA card rewards will remain in this word. Compare it with the VISA card and ‘Swipe Machine’ (where you swipe VISA card to earn rewards) is basically humans. 87 .

“I will make this guy leave me with wonderful thoughts about me.” 88 . that whenever you come across someone be very careful from inside and make your mission by saying explicitly in your heart.VISA Card Hands & Tongue Swipe Machine Human As mentioned earlier.

Once your you make it “Each humble. Whether the person face words. Imagine a situation where a ant says to the lion. someone mission. kind. And the lion responds back. caring word which pleases others brings reward points ” mission is he then once on doesn’t remember. 89 . Whether the person is like ant and you are like Lion or vise versa. the mission should end in success. or hits you you in bad with should not work against your mission. I will kick you out of the jungle if you make such a horrible scream again. The mission should get executed with success. care about whether he lives or dies.

After sometime. I will say. there is nothing wrong with your programming and engineering.Please forgive me. the Programmer of this universe and everything within and beyond. 90 . If I would be at God place (Please forgive us our Lord. we are trying to visualize your realm). Gabriel will come and say. why is he behaving like this. What the heck going wrong with my programming… Who this Lion is? Is he crazy? Or what. Wouldn’t this be a astonishing and alarming situation for God and His team of angles. I will make sure next time when I scream. I will be having straws in my mouth. Oh! No. Gabriel (angel) go and ask him. Oh! The Designer.

We have opened the doors for those who seek…) has decoded my programming and do take good care of him and let Me know if he gets into some big trouble. Then my I will say. Gabriel he is one of exceptional creations which with the power of ‘seeking’ & utilizing one of my empirical formula (in other words my promise i.When I asked the lion. he said. 91 . For him You are the only Lion and he considers himself as the ant. from ants to the tallest giraffe animals in the “Not a single act gets unnoticed from Him ” like jungle.e. he has discovered You and Your presence and he sees You all-around as he has also turned ‘TTFG Virtual Intensity control at zero level’. That’s why he started making sure that no one gets hurt from him.

Either he/she talks with me nicely or not I will make sure my words don’t hurt his/her feelings and I will try with the best of my abilities to help him/her” Why? Only because of God: The Supreme Progneer. It would only because I was having lot of ‘reward points’ in my account which helped me convert them towards luxuries e. don’t get astonished. never did any charity but talked nicely only once with someone then after death you may have 200 reward points in The Bank of God. if in the world you were extremely rich but you never cared about others. If you see me driving BMW in heaven while you are on a bicycle. always have the mission. always treated everyone badly. “I will make this person leave me with joy and good thoughts about me.g. 92 .So if someone calls you for help or you come across some one.

never hurted anyone.. The story is 93 .1 or Less Points = Big Trouble 0 Reward Points = Home in Heaven facing Hell 100 Reward Points = 1 Small Pack of M&Ms (candy) 200 Reward Points = 1 Bicycle (With 1 Year Limited Warranty & Free Air) 100. respected his/her parents etc.On the other hand there was a guy who was poor but who always cared for others.000 Reward Points = BMW plus Miss South-East Heaven 200. that person will be having 150. .000 Reward Points = Luxurious Home in Mid Heaven with Auto Adjustable Outdoor Weather So on and so forth That’s the only reason you will be on bicycle and I will be in BMW in Heaven. this is how you can utilize your reward points.000 reward points after death.000. If God declare that here is the conversion chart.

Here is how my brain responded you have back. All these things and similar may bring constant reward points for you even after the death.not over yet. 94 . God) in Remembrance diligently. the tool-box hospital where poor folks are treated for free or planted a tree underneath its shadow people sit to save them from the intense heat of summer. Asim there must be some way where you can bring rewards even after death to your account. made if a “Pious children are one of such sources for earning reward points even after death ” Humbleness. Raised pious kids who are on the righteous Not path and are practicing the 4 tools (I mentioned earlier: hurting. of Patience. My greediness once asked me.

The Purpose Of Life 95 .

96 .

” If you look deep into the matter and ask yourself what are these duties. Duties towards God are His and our matter and He is ultimate in Mercy. Then my answer would be that there are two types of duties 1. Neighbors etc. “Life is all about discharging duties to the best of our abilities and strength ” 2.“The Purpose of life is to fully discharge our duties to the fullest extent of our abilities. Our duties towards the Supreme Progneer: Worship. Our duties towards Humans: Relatives. Prayers etc. strength of body and mind. There is a greater possibility that He may forgive our duties 97 .

our Parents.towards Him.e. Wife. our duties towards other humans e. The thing which He will never forgive is the first one i. Remember that if you want God to be happy with you then make sure that the people around you are happy from you. Always show compromise and tolerance just to win other person’s heart because the sole mission is to win the Supreme Progneer’s happiness and His happiness lies in the happiness of people 98 . Brother. Neighbors etc. If you have hurted someone then the only way to get away from that sin would be if that person will forgive you. Kids.g. Sister. If you see anyone is unhappy with you then try to talk with that person and see his/her point of view and try to explain “Two duties: Duties towards God and Duties towards His creations ” yours.

No One Should Get Hurt from your hands and tongue 2. Extreme Humbleness 4. It could be your parents. I think you would be good. Extreme Patience 3. colleagues etc. Those four things are: 1. sisters. Dzkir (Remembrance of God) 99 .surrounding you. If you keep the tool-box that I have given you containing four tools. brothers.

100 .

Accepting Something That Finally Happens 101 .

102 .

We make plans and time tables but something else happens. 103 . Whenever something happens which was not according to your desire or wish then don’t disappointed depressed. is the very of small bigger portion see. picture what God can Not accepting something that finally happens. It may lead you to depression and the overall mission or struggle will end in a failure. give you more harm than anything else. get or Always “Our job as humans is: keep seeking & keep running even if the results are not coming as desired” keep in mind that the stuff we can look at. How truly Thomas Edison said. This is what I refer to as the “God Factor” or some call it “fate” or “luck”.

” This is the pursuit of champions. “We have opened the doors for those who seek …” There was one exceptional scholar. Supreme Progneer says. 104 . For them the mission is “keep running” and “keep seeking”. The way Nature has been programmed is that who how it helps the those That’s word The “seek”. “You are never a looser unless you quit trying” Serendipity came into existence. They leave the rest on the Supreme Progneer. who described this matter as.“Behind my every invention there were thousand failure.

He is no more living but was bestowed with God’s light to look deep into matters.“You are never a looser unless you quit trying” Champions like Edison know that the failures can’t shatter their determination. He mentioned that same stuff by 105 .” Whenever you are struggling to achieve some goal there is great probability that between the start point and the final destination you may encounter undesired results or failure but the true seeker knows that his job is just keep running towards the destination and leaving the rest on the Supreme Progneer. Like what a famous author has said. There was one exceptional scholar named Isfaq Ahmed in his book “Zavia” or in English you can call it as “Angle” has described this using ‘marriage’ as a scenario. “The difference between possible and impossible lies in person’s determination.

106 . anything that finally happens just accept it with true heart otherwise you will end up creating more trouble for yourself and others. The sole purpose is to save our souls in getting into depression which usually follows failure and which is really not the pursuit of champions. He rounded the discussion with the bottom line. So this concept is not just limited to science and research but to other areas in life too.referring to women and men that if you wanted to have your marriage at some place but something happens and you ended up having marriage somewhere else. Never get depressed. Be happy and thankful to what you have and keep running.

Happiness True 107 .

108 .

” Surely this is what true happiness is. Don’t let the opportunity go way just by ignoring it. Be the first to help others e. jump in the 109 . Happy is not he.g. If you see some old lady trying to cross the road and having difficulty doing so. Whenever you see anyone needy consider yourself lucky that the Supreme Progneer has given you the opportunity to earn good deeds or in other words reward points.Some wonderful author while writing in honor of Alexander Flemings the discoverer of Penicillin said. True happiness is in doing something for others. having a muscular body or one having riches of the world or having a very beautiful wife. “Happy is he who already belongs to history in his own life time. You may see people around her but no one would be helping.

situation and be the first one in helping her cross the road. If you have played Mario Brothers video game or similar, you must have noticed one thing that on his way to destination there are numerous places where Mario catch or hit reward objects to energizer himself. It’s a similar situation when you leave your home if you see or come across 100 needy, try to gain all the 100 rewards irrespective of the place you are, irrespective of time, irrespective of color or religion of the person you are trying to help because you would not be helping to gain anything from that person but the sole thought would be to gain God’s happiness and His happiness creations. How truly John Wesley has said; I heard this very first time from my father (May God bless his soul and give him higher ranks in Heaven). lies in the happiness of His


“Do all the good you can By all the means you can In all the ways you can In all the places you can At all the times you can To all the people you can As long as ever you can...”



Parents & Elders? Why Respect 113 .

114 .

You can use these tools in any environment or in other words in any culture or faith. “Charity begins at home. Extreme Humbleness 4. Dzkir (Remembrance of God) All these four tools are adaptive in nature. Extreme Patience 3. From your hand & tongue other humans should be safe 2. “Keep the tool-box with you all time and all the places you visit” 115 . 1. You will see the fruits coming to your life.There is a famous saying.” I have given you a tool-box having four tools in it.

It’s a precious gift and its importance is very hard to describe in words. It’s their duty. Many times we take this gift for granted. Everyone has parents and they are obligated to help us whenever we need.” 116 . How truly someone has said.Parents are God’s gift for new comers to the world.” In words of someone else. he usually has a son who thinks that he is wrong. “You will realize the value of something only once you have it than you loose it. “By the time a man realizes that his father was right.

Talk with them in such humbleness and respect that they get amazed and your mother couldn’t resist saying to your father. From today start implementing the tool-box to your parents and elders around you. increases “You will realize the importance of something once you have it then you loose it” 117 . the reward points enormously.Like I mentioned before. Remember programmed that in the a Nature has been fashion that if you do good stuff it will get reverted back to you. whenever you help others or show you humbleness & kindness to others your reward points increases and if you take this case to parent’s and elders scenario.

Asim. humble and caring. 118 . He is so kind. if someone buys your tool-box and if that person implements it or further sells it. Jean. for past couple of days I have seen him reading some book entitled: The Supreme Progneer. He was never like this. Do you know why I share the good stuff for all the people that I come across irrespective of faith or culture? I have signed a business proposition with the Supreme Progneer. I will give you equal ‘reward points’ what he/she will earn. Our neighbors said this too. He said.What happened to David? John.

You do good and surely there are reward points associated with your every good act” 119 . It’s a kind of pyramid model where everyone gets their share but my share will be multiple of all those who will implement the tool box.So I am having my own greediness hidden inbetween the lines. “Doing good is all about doing business with God.

120 .

Heaven Value Matters of Zero 121 .

122 .

e. waste their precious developing discussing products having zero or no market value. the time we spend doing such argument will be considered as waste of time and energy as well.The concept of Matters of Zero Heaven Value states that we will shun / drop all matters which are of having zero heaven value i. On the same lines if we start analyzing our each life matter 123 . if we are arguing with someone on some matter having no potential to get us closer to God or in other words having no potential to help us earn good deeds. This concept is “Don’t waste time discussing or arguing on matters having zero heaven value.” basically Companies time even extracted don’t or from “Market Value”.

Patience. Remember the goal is still the same. It will not only help you win the heart of the people surrounding but will also get you closer to God.that we come across from dawn to dust and make a rule inside our brain that we will not waste time discussing or arguing any matter which is of having zero heaven value then soon the life will turn from very complex to very peaceful and simple.” things mentioned earlier i.e. 4 “The Life is nothing but preparation for the exam i. It’s a very powerful concept. 124 . Not Hurting.e. This is also known as living a life with the concept of God in mind all the time. Judgment Day. Humbleness and Zikr. The time and energy you save as a result of this principle should be spent on earning good deeds.

125 . judgment day. On the other hand if you come across a good deed or a matter of very great heaven value then just jump on it. Satan will always try his best not to let you earn good deed and to keep you involved in matters having zero heaven value.e.The life is nothing but preparation for exam i. My men. they just jump on it… It means that God's men don't even think about anything once the come across an opportunity to do good deed they act on it. when they come across a good deed. When some one is preparing for the exam then he/she doesn’t waste time discussing things which will never be asked in exam. God says.

126 .

The Book Extract
Your decisions should be according to ADMM and you should optimize the working of the brain. Control your brain but not let the brain control you by defining guidelines and then making sure the brain follows those guideless.


Tool-Box having four tools: 1. From your hands and tongue everyone should be safe 2. Extreme Patience 3. Extreme Humbleness 4. Dzkir (Remembrance of God) Like what John Wesley has said:

“Do all the good you can By all the means you can In all the ways you can In all the places you can At all the times you can To all the people you can As long as ever you can...” Don’t waste time discussing or arguing on matters having zero heaven value.


Taking Things For Granted (TTFG) Intensity Control

Logical Architecture of Brain


130 .

he usually has a son who thinks that he is wrong.” “There is no ‘No’ to anything.” “A picture is better than thousand words. Only You give the power to good deeds and only you give the strength to refrain from badness.” “Oh! My Designer. If you don’t know something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.” “Let the time take the decision.” “Let the ball rolling.” “By the time a man realizes that his father was right.” “Let’s see how the cat jumps.” 131 .Quotations Used “All is well that ends well.

“Remember Me I will remember you …” “We have opened the doors for those who seek …” “With Great Power. Comes the Great Responsibility.” 132 .” “Not a single act gets unnoticed from Him” “For every action there is equal and opposite reaction. strength of body and mind.” “Happy is he who already belongs to history in his own life time.” “The Purpose of life is to fully discharge our duties to the fullest extent of our abilities.” “Behind my every invention there were thousands failure.

..” “Do all the good you can By all the means you can In all the ways you can In all the places you can At all the times you can To all the people you can As long as ever you can.” -*- 133 .“You will realize the value of something only once you have it than you loose it.” “Charity begins at home.

134 .

133 Clement · 53 climates · 50 Creater of Good · 53 Creator · 50 Creator of All Power · 53 Creator of the Harmful · 53 D Database Inside Brain · 38 Default Human Behavior · 81 Delayer · 53 depression · 103 Designer · 74 discharge our duties · 97.INDEX bicycle · 92 BMW · 92 breath · 68 business proposition · 118 A A picture is better than thousand words · 37. 132 Do all the good you can · 111. 133 doctor · 41 Doer of Good · 53 duties towards Humans · 97 B beautiful names · 54 Behind my every invention there were thousands failure · 104. 131 Absolute Ruler · 50 accepting something that finally happens · 103 Accounter · 51 Adaptive · 19 ADMM · 22 AHP · 44 All is well that ends well · 15. 132 Best Practices · 36 Bestower of Honors · 51 135 . 131 All Powerful · 52 All Strength · 52 All-Merciful · 50 Analytic Hierarchy Process · 44 Angle · 105 ant · 89 anxieties · 37 At t1 · 30 At t2 · 31 Avenger · 53 C Categories · 39 Champions · 105 charity · 92 Charity begins at home · 115.

132 Forceful One · 52 Forgiver · 53 four tools · 115 I I become their hand when they write · 60 I will make this guy leave me with wonderful thoughts about me · 88 Isfaq Ahmed · 105 J John Wesley · 110 Just Before t2 · 31 G Gabriel · 91 Gatherer · 53 Generous · 51 giraffe · 91 136 . 56 E Einstein · 37 electrical engineer · 39 embedded into our systems · 66 emotions · 37 empirical formula · 91 engrave the target · 24 enormous ‘rewards’ · 85 Enricher · 53 Equitable One · 53 Ever Living One · 52 Everlasting One · 54 Exalter · 51 excretory system · 70 Expediter · 53 Experience’ · 43 Extreme Humbleness · 78 Extreme Patience · 78 eyes · 68 Giver of All · 51 Giver of Life · 52 Glorious · 52 God Factor · 103 God know every thing · 75 Google · 45 Greatest · 51 Guardian · 50 Guide · 54 H hair · 68 hand & tongue · 49 Happy is he who already belongs to history in his own life time · 109.duties towards the Supreme Progneer · 97 Dzkir · 49. 132 Hearer of All · 51 heart · 106 Heaven Value · 121 Hidden One · 53 High Probability · 19 Highest · 51 Home in Heaven facing Hell · 93 hospital · 94 Humbleness · 49 F face to face · 84 fate · 103 Finder · 52 Five Star Customer Service · 84 For every action there is equal and opposite reaction · 82.

K kindness · 117 Knower of All · 51 Owner of All · 53 P Patience · 49 Perfectly Wise · 52 physical architecture · 37 Play Station 2 · 87 power to do good deed · 78 Praised One · 52 Preserver · 51 President level · 58 Preventer of Harm · 53 Processes · 38 Progneer Factor’ · 17 prophets · 59 Protecting Friend · 53 Pure One · 50 pursuit · 82 pyramid model · 119 L Let the time take the decision · 28. 131 Lets see how the cat jumps · 28. 82 N Nervous system · 70 Newton · 81 Nourisher · 51 O observe · 44 optimal solution · 25 Originator · 52 over the phone · 84 S Satisfier of All Needs · 52 scream · 90 seeking · 91 Self-Existing One · 52 137 . 131 Light · 54 Lion · 89 listen · 44 logical architecture of brain · 36 Lord of Majesty & Bounty · 53 Loving One · 52 luck · 103 M Majestic one · 52 Manifest One · 53 Mario Brothers · 110 marriage · 106 medical stuff · 39 microprocessor · 37 Mighty · 51 mission · 89 muscular body · 109 R Regular machines · 20 Remember Me I will remember you … · 54 Remembrance of God · 78 Repentance · 53 Reproductive system · 70 Responder to Prayer · 52 Restorer · 52 Resurrector · 52 reward points · 86. 87 Rewarder of Thankfulness · 51 rewards · 85 Rich One · 53 Righteous Teacher · 54 righteousness · 59.

129 TTFG Intensity Level Control · 69 V Victorious · 51 VISA card · 86 T t1 – t2 · 31 t2 – t3 · 31 t4 · 31 t5 · 31 t5 – t6 · 33 t6 · 33 t6 . · 78 Supreme One · 53 Supreme Progneer · 15 synchronization · 70 tool-box · 99.Just Before t8 · 33 t8 · 33 Taker of Life · 52 Taking things for granted · 65 The Bank of America · 87 The difference between possible and impossible lies in person’s determination · 105 the First · 53 the Forgiving · 51 the Last · 53 the One · 52 the Only One · 52 the Patient one · 54 There is no ‘No’ to anything · 27. Comes the Great Responsibility · 72. 91.Serendipity · 104 Shaper of Beauty · 51 soul · 87 Source of Peace · 50 Sources of Input to Brain · 38 strength to refrain from badness. 115 Trustee · 52 Truth · 52 TTFG · 63. 131 Thomas Edison · 103 time factor · 29 tongue · 87 W Watchful One · 51 We have opened the doors for those who seek · 67. 133 Z Zavia · 105 Zero level · 67 138 .t7 · 33 t7 . 132 Witness · 52 Y You are never a looser unless you quit trying · 105 You will realize the value of something only once you have it than you loose it · 116. 132 With Great Power.

139 .

140 .

141 .

142 .

143 .

now can master it. 144 .Takveen's published book: "Oracle Database Administration CONCEPTS & IMPLEMENTATION Made Simple" has presented Oracle architecture & implementation in such a analogically simple manner that anyone who used to fear from the word Oracle. Free Oracle Guidance/Support Ask Asim Oracle related questions on "Oracle Made Simple" Google Oracle Made Simple Browse Archives at 145 .ISBN: 0-9770739-0-4 Buy from or www.lulu.