Penalty Review Board Civic Compliance Victoria GPO Box 1916 Melbourne 3001 Dear Sir/Madam Re: Infringement

Notice xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Could I please ask that you review this infringement notice? I believed, mistakenly, that I was in an 80 zone and hence was doing 80. I realise that this is no excuse, but given my driving record I am asking for some leniency. This is my first infringement in five years, the last being for doing 113 in a 100 zone in about June 2003. From memory I also had one for 91 in an 80 zone in about January 2002. Between 1995 and 2002 I do not recall any infringements at all. In summary, this amounts to two minor infringements in 13 years. I am 46 years old, a responsible driver and parent, and have never had my licence cancelled or suspended. In addition I have never been involved in an at fault accident other than reversin into a g parked car at walking pace. My current infringement for exceeding the limit by 10 km/h is at the very lowest end of the 3 point infringements. My request is that is be reduced to a 1 point infringement, or should you choose to be extremely generous possibly withdraw the matter. Your consideration of this is appreciated. Yours Sincerely,

Jim Best.