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Assignment on PRAN JHAL MURI

Marketing Management BUS 314 Section: 1 Group Name THOUGHT BUBBLE Prepared for: Abul Khair Jyote Submission Date: 16 August 2011

Prepared by: Nusrat Sharmin Akter 082011122 Sirazun Najia O92011047 Md. Shahnewaz 092011043 Zahid Hasan 092011026

STP Segmentation We can segment Pran Jhal Muri into two ways. First one is Social Class. Pran Jhal Muri is not for all income level people. We assume that Middle Class people to Upper Upper Class people are the consumer of Pran Jhal Muri who is not interested to consume the open, unhealthy, road side jhal muri. Second criteria of segmentation is Life Style. Jhal muri is a famous food of our country. It s just releted to our life style. Everybody likes this food. But open roadside jhal muri is not hygienic. So people now tend to Pran Jhal Muri which is packed hygienically. Target Market We think Pran Jhal Muri is an undifferentiated product in the market. They are targeting the mass market. Because jhal muri is popular to everyone. So they are targeting the undifferentiated market segment. Positioning Pran Food Ltd is a renowned Bangladeshi company. They introduce the Pran Jhal Muri. So they are tried to make a position in consumer s mind that is Pran Jhal Muri is a Bangladeshi product (Bangladeshi ponno). Marketing Mix Product Pran Jhal Muri is puffed rice mixed with spices. They used combination of many ingredients like puffed rice, chickpeas flour, pea nut, mustard seed powder, red chilli powder, sodium chloride, turmeric powder, cinnamon powder, monosodium glutamate and mono sodium sulphate. Price Pran determined their jhal muri price at an affordable price that is 7 BDT for 35gm and 35 BDT for 200gm. Although it is packed and hygienic, they didn t charge for the product that much. Place Pran has a strong and big supply chain. So they can easily reach to the any place of the country. So Pran Jhal Muri is available everywhere in the country.

Promotion Pran is doing a huge promotion for their jhal Muri. They are using TV commercial, paper advertisement, billboard etc. So people are becoming aware about Pran Jhal Muri. Competitive Analysis Pran Jhal Muri has competitor in the market. Open roadside jhal muri is the main competitor of Pran Jhal MUri. There are some specified famous jhal muri shop in old Dhaka and Chittagong. They are also competitor of Pran Jahl Muri. Touch Point TVC, billboard, paper advertisement, product shelf of the super shop and delivery van are the main touch point of Pran Jhal Muri. Cultural Factor There are no cultural factors in Pran Jhal Muri consumption Social Factor There are some social factors in this product. This product is included in primary group which is a component of membership group. Friends are the reference group here. People are becoming aware and influenced by their friends and family and they are buying this product. Brand personality Pran is a reliable brand. It always offers a better quality and reliability. Pran Jhal Muri is offering from a successful brand. Types of Buying Behavior Pran Jhal Muri is a habitual buying behavior. It is a low involvement product. And it has low involvement for buying decision and choices are few. Brand Association Pran Jhal Muri is a unique product in the market. Pran is the only company who made this kind of product. When we think about quality jhal muri, first we think about Pran Jhal Muri. Because Pran is Strong brand and Pran Jahl Muri is the only packed jhal muri in the market.

Brand Elements Brand Name Pran is a memorable element. Pran is always in customers mind. Slogans Chotpote Shade Jhotpot Moja


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Symbols Pran Jhal Muri is using some symbol to depict the product. They are using a paper raped spicy puffed rice and some red chilli as their symbol. Branding decision When branding decision was made to launch the product Pran Jhalmuri the blanket family name of the Pran company was added to give the product competitive advantage of that company. Whenever consumers see this name Pran associated with this product they will perceive it more hygienic, and tastier than the open jhalmuri. Product Level Core Benefit Consumers usually want to have tasty, crispy, spicy jhalmuri. Pran Jhal Muri fulfilling the customers need.

Basic The very basic ingredients like: muri, chanachur, little bit spice, chilli. Expected product People will perceive Pran Jhalmuri as more hygienic, tastier, and flavored than the open roadside jhalmuri. Augmented Product We think in comparison to open jhal muri, Pran Jhal Muri is not much tastier as it is made without any human touch, with less spice and flavor. So it isn t worth to be an augmented product as it couldn t exceed customer satisfaction. Potential product One benefit can be added. Inside the Pran Jhal Muri packet, an extra hot spice packet can be given. So that people can mix this who wants more spice in jhal muri. Consumer Goods Classification As the consumer buy jhal muri frequently, quickly and with less effort, it is a convenience good. Again it can be called impulse good because it is purchased without any planning or search effort.