Bulle Shah was a Saint, Faqir, Faqr and man of the God.

He wrote a lot, but all in the Praise of god. He was the one to write the “Kamli”, which is Extremely Popular amongst who love the Sufi Genre. The Sufi was sung by Bullah who wore the Cloth of a Woman. Ancient People do say that Bulleh Shah Himself also wore the clothe s of a Woman and used to Dance at the Roadside but never thought of Shame, He thought that he is the Peasant of God which neither people at that time thought. At last, he loved his Kamal Murshid “Shah Inayat”. He was said to be born in Pakistan the ancient Indian State, which after the Independence took sole Love for him, Although Pakistan had produced many great Sufi Saints, but the Love for Bulleh Shah in India is at par with that of Pakistan. India is a country of Pride and Culture with its divine roots and Pure Essence of Tradition. One More Scientific reason to state this thing is that all his works are written himself in Gurumukhi which is the Script of Present day Punjabi. Even today Pakistan shares the border with Punjab, the State of Gurus, and Peers. The People here has a vast divine Tradition for Various Flavors of Dances, and Folk Songs, Not to mention the Cuisine which has flavored and Tempted even the Most Arrogant people for the Taste and Smell of the Mouth Watering Food.

Dedicated to the Almighty Saint working through Day and Night in Praising the God, The Allah. Sai Bulleh Shah at whose lotus feet the writer imbibed sweet elixir of Kalam

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