February 18, 2010 Dear Active Transportation Advocate: Streets are an important part of the livability of our communities.

Citizens and organizations across Michigan recognize this fact and are beginning to demand complete streets - roads that are safer, more livable, and welcoming to everyone. A broad coalition of advocates and transportation professionals are working to enact complete streets policies across the state of Michigan. We invite your organization to make a commitment to this statewide effort and join the Michigan Complete Streets Coalition. We were created in 2009 to ensure our state’s roadways are built to accommodate all users of all ages and abilities, including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users and those with disabilities, in addition to automobiles. More than 100 jurisdictions across the nation have adopted Complete Streets policies – that is, policies that direct transportation planners to accommodate all users when transportation investments are made. Here in Michigan a number of communities, including Lansing, Flint and Jackson, have adopted Complete Streets policies of their own. The mission of the Michigan Complete Streets Coalition is to see complete streets policies adopted by transportation agencies in jurisdictions across Michigan. We are actively pursuing legislation to ensure that all future transportation projects in Michigan safely accommodate everyone. We also serve as a resource to advocates and officials seeking to adopt policies or resolutions at the local and regional levels. The Coalition is a project spearheaded by the League of Michigan Bicyclists, Michigan Environmental Council and AARP. Join us in building on the exciting efforts already underway. Learn more about the coalition and see a full list of partners at: www.micompletestreets.org/partners. How does your organization become a Coalition member? Becoming a member of the Michigan Complete Streets Coalition is easy. We simply ask that you agree to do the following things: • • • • • • Endorse the Michigan Complete Streets Coalition’s mission by returning the sign-up form; Collaborate with the Michigan Complete Streets Coalition’s state and local partners; Share information with Coalition partners on your organization’s efforts; Share information with your members/supporters about Coalition efforts; Participate in our new Michigan Complete Streets Google Group; If applicable, provide a link to the Michigan Complete Streets Coalition on your website.

Please let us know whether we can count your organization as a member of this exciting new coalition. We are both available should you have any questions. Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to joining forces to secure a safer, cleaner, more vibrant future for Michigan communities. Sincerely,

John Lindenmayer - Co-Chair League of Michigan Bicyclists

Tim Fischer - Co-Chair Michigan Environmental Council

Karen Kafantaris - Co-Chair AARP

A Few Benefits of Complete Streets

• • • •

Complete Streets are sustainable streets. They encourage uses that don’t contribute to pollution, global warming and congestion. Complete Streets direct a better use of taxpayer dollars. Experience has shown that roads built to safely accommodate all users are less costly than fixing dangerous roads after the fact. Complete Streets make our towns and cities more attractive by improving safety and encouraging healthier, active lifestyles. Complete Streets improve pedestrian and cyclist safety by designing infrastructure with these users in mind – bike lanes, sidewalks, raised medians, better bus stop placement, traffic-calming measures, and treatments for the disabled. Complete Streets encourage healthy and active lifestyles. Complete Streets improve transportation equity. About one-third of Americans do not drive. Complete Streets can help reduce congestion.

• • •

Sign the Michigan Complete Streets Petition

In addition to joining the Michigan Complete Streets Coalition, please sign our petition in support of statewide Complete Streets policies that require state and local road agencies to design and maintain roadways for all users, of all ages and abilities. www.michigancompletestreets.wordpress.com/take-action/sign-on-letter We thank you in advance for sharing the above petition link with your individual members/supporters.

More Information / Questions
Please visit www.michigancompletstreets.org for more information. You may direct questions to: • • • John Lindenmayer - League of Michigan Bicyclists, john@LMB.org (517) 334-9100 Tim Fischer - Michigan Environmental Council, tim@environmentalcouncil.org (517) 487-9539 Karen Kafantaris - AARP, kkafantaris@aarp.org (517) 267-8916

Michigan Complete Streets Coalition Sign-On Form
NOTE: Double click the check boxes and click “checked” to put a check mark in the boxes below. Yes, my organization would like to join the Michigan Complete Streets Coalition! Organization Name: Contact Person: Title: Email: Website: Phone: Address:

Yes, please add my email address to the Michigan Complete Streets Google Group so I can communicate with other Coalition members. Yes, I have emailed a digital version of my logo to john@LMB.org for inclusion on the Michigan Complete Streets Coalition website. Yes, I will post a Michigan Complete Streets Coalition Member badge on my website. (We will email you the graphic) Please return this form by email to john@LMB.org or by mail to: League of Michigan Bicyclists John Lindenmayer 416 S. Cedar St., Suite A. Lansing, MI 48912

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