Activity 3 For this activity, teachers will be asked to group themselves in a group of 3.

Teachers are given the autonomy to pick their own member. Each group will be given a handout: contained one journal entry written by a young teacher, two school reports and two articles. The first article is by Paul C. Grant and it summarized the problem-solving model in multicultural education. The second article is an article that summarized Howard Gardner s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. From this handout, teachers are asked to work together to create one activity, in classroom or outside classroom context to help the teacher in the journal entry. The teachers also need to justify their activities and what is/are expected outcome(s) of the activities that they have come up with. This activity is created for teachers to not only understand the vital role that multicultural knowledge is needed among teachers but also to make teachers to be able to combine the multicultural knowledge with the educational philosophy that they have learnt before. That is why Gardner s Theory of Multiple Intelligences is also incorporated into this activity. We believe by combining these two forces, not only we cater the students needs for better communication in social settings but also to be able to cater their educational and intellectual needs.

To make things worse. I found out that their hatred towards each other is not just an inch deep. I was beyond shock and I racked my brain to recall all my 5 years of training to help me to get through it. How are those going to help me with them? . But things are not as pretty or smooth sailing as I want or hope to be. since I m a guy. In other words. robbing people blind. I noticed the students have segregated themselves according to the race. the Malays who are dominant will sit at the back. or unheard and unacknowledged. Because if I can achieve this. Mamat started to taunt the Chinese. eager to impart the knowledge and to do everything to help my students. seemed to give me the cold shoulders. The more I recall. Here I was. the Malay students are relived. the principle seems to give me hints to promote me to be the discipline teacher. As for the Indians. Mamat has to take care of the family because his father ran away from the loan sharks leader. I have not been given any training on how to handle this. arriving at the school. Mamat has always been the leader in the clan so his words and actions become law and pretty soon. Infuriated by the incident. the Chinese will enclose tightly at front and there s four Indians sitting at the left corners of the class. it is more than as thick as an iceberg. the more it dawns on me. Someone who walks into the class and becomes the light of the room and there s no students that will be abandoned. instructional tools and National Education Philosophy. When I walked into the room. I wanted to be the model teacher. they are not going to take a beating without a fight. And I also realized then when I entered the classroom. Huan Yo s nephew. everyone else follows. to see the new teacher is one of their clan and they quickly tried to established rapport to me and the other races. the Chinese. Huan Yo. Well. eye contact. you can group all of them and their number will not be qualified as a class. When I asked around. I believe that I will go to bed every night knowing that I have fulfilled the duties that god has bestowed upon me. When I found out about this. All I remember are lesson plans. The tension that is not going to melt like ice at desert but it was so intense that I feel like I could cut it with a knife. Lee Yaw retaliated by beating Mamat and some of his friends outside school after school hours.Handout 1: Young teacher s journal I am a young teacher who just been sent here 1 year ago. The minute I stepped into the classroom (form 4 Azam) for the first time. It happened 6 months ago when one of the students. they were simply out casted because they are the minority in this school. I noticed the tension in the class. and said that they were robbers and hooligans.

. I was new in here and there s no one in particular I could confide to help me with this. I feel helpless and in dark in what am I supposed to do with them. but so far the efforts are futile and it usually ended up with a trip down to the principal s office. Now I am stuck and clueless. I ve tried once or twice mixing them together in a group. Now teaching has become something that I just tolerate and not passionate anymore.Two months into teaching and this situation has turned me to become a kind of teacher that I desperately do not want.

Science and Geography are average. 4 silver and 1 bronze for the house team. Muhammad prefers activity that involves movement and gestures. usually takes charge as an effective leader. Commander in training for Kadet Remaja Sekolah and regular member of science club and society. Captain for school football. Homework is satisfactory. handball and volleyball team.Handout 2: Class report Class report: Name: Muhammad Mastor bin Rawa Class: 2 Berkat Report: Academic: An average student that needs to be prompted to join the classroom activities. Easily bored with chalk and talk method. He fared very well in Mathematics and Kemahiran Hidup but fared poorly in Islamic studies and History. He works well in a group. Co-curricular: Very active in sports activities. English. Bahasa Melayu. He had won the cross country run for school level and 5th place for district level. . Represent red house for the school Games and won 5 gold medals. with cases of absence and late submission every now and then.

Commander in training for Pengakap sekolah and represent Yellow house for long jump competition. His greatest asset is his artistic side of viewing things differently and that fared him greatly in debate and art activities. Science and Moral studies are average. . He had represented school s English debate team and granted the district s best debater. Co-curricular: Very active in clubs activities. Has high retention of attention and can multitask in classroom. Kemahiran Hidup. He works well in a group but can exhibit disappointment if being paired with incompetent partners. English and Geography but fared poorly in Bahasa Melayu. He fared very well in Mathematics. with cases of absence and late submission is rare. Homework is satisfactory. Won 2nd place for poster making competition zone level and script writer for the drama during the Hari Guru celebration.Class report: Name: Lee Yaw Ho Class: 2 Azam Report: Academic: A very active student that has tendency to be very curious in the classroom.

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